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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Marry Me or Not Episode 4 Recap

Marry Me or Not Episode 4
This hour starts off with a lesson on the difference between men and women when it comes to seeking revenge. Men has always chosen more direct routs such as physical confrontation for their revenge while women ...lets just say while they seem more peaceful on the surface their battle are no less fierce. 

Of course a woman's battle often involves a man and this time it's no different. Planning and plotting, Vivienne decides that in order to satisfy her thirst for revenge she is going to take 1. Money 2. Food 3. Man away from Sheng Nan. 
Her battle plans made, Vivienne shows up at Sheng Nan's company as the new assistant manager. Hardily believing her eyes as her boss joyfully welcome her nemesis as the "Queen of tourism", it doesn't take much for Sheng Nan to figure out that Vivienne hasn't shown up to revive their friendship.

Not hiding her intention at all, Vivienne freely admits to Sheng Nan her plan to take everything she cares about from her. 
Booted out of the house by his mother (because he messed up the marriage meet during ep. 3), Justin decides to use the opportunity to find a place of his own. Showing up unannounced, Sheng Nan convinces her brother to give her one of his rooms in the apartment so she would have a place to go whenever she gets tired of their parents' fighting. 

Complaining to her brother of how far Vivienne is going to seek revenge on her, Sheng Nan is somewhat assured when Justin half heartily promises that he hasn't had any contact with Vivienne since the wedding.   
Soliciting her mother's help, Vivienne takes Mama Cai to her work so she could place little trinkets that is suppose to bring bad karma on Sheng Nan. 
Between Vivienne's superb PR talent and Mama Cai's "skills", Sheng Nan's work life becomes one giant up hill battle... especially when she sees how easily Vivienne wins over her subordinates whom just a moment ago had sworn their utmost loyalty to her.  
While working on a case, Justin comes across a surveillance tape from a camera secretly placed in a hotel room. As fate would have it, the camera was placed in none other than the hotel room Justin and Vivienne was in. Laughing hysterically as they realized Justin was never the "wolf", Justin's friend and assistant couldn't get over the fact that the one they thought to be the poor damsel was actually the big bad wolf after all. 
Knowing full well that he had never done the "deed" with Vivienne after watching the surveillance tape, Justin asks Vivienne a series of questions about that fateful night but Vivienne insists on keeping to her story. 
Playing along with Vivienne's game, Justin admits his interest in Vivienne and even agrees to her request that he breaks up with Sheng Nan. 

And thus the battle between our two leads begins!
Using his new status as Vivienne's boyfriend, Justin ignores Vivienne's obvious show of reluctance and takes her to a hot spring. Freaking out as Justin prepares to take a dip in a private hot spring with her, Vivienne starts to wonder if she should just run away. 

Making up her mind to make a run for it, Vivienne's escape route is suddenly cut off when Justin comes out in a robe and wonders why she is still all dressed. Gritting her teeth, Vivienne decides to just bet everything and takes off her dress right in front of Justin. Completely stunned, a flustered Justin turns his head and covers Vivienne with a robe. 
1st Scrimmage: Vivinne 1  - Justin 0 
Sitting together rather awkwardly in the hot spring together, Justin starts to use his lawyer skills to get Vivienne to admit that since they have done the "deed" that fateful night then there really is 
no holding back for them anymore. 

Her fighting spirit in full force, Vivienne slowly backs Justin to the corner as she uses her sexy charm to tell Justin that she wants to take things slow because she is afraid he would think of her as an easy woman. Unable to form a coherent thought after Vivienne's almost kiss, Justin could only watch hopelessly as Vivienne triumphantly gets out of the tub.  
No where nearly as cool as she appeared in front of Justin, Vivienne leans against the door and exclaims "Scared me to death!" 

Second Scrimmage:  Vivienne 2- Justin 0
Not wanting Justin to know where she lives, Vivienne waves goodbye after she gets Justin to let her off at a random building. 

Hiding until Justin drives off, Vivienne happily starts her walk home. Unbeknownst to Vivienne, Justin is actually parked not too far away and is watching her with a thoughtful expression. 
In a flash back, we see that Justin's friend has actually suggested to him that Vivienne would be the perfect fake girlfriend for him since there is no way Mama Hao would approve of Vivienne and it would be just the way to get Mama Hao to stop forcing him to go on marriage meets. 
True to his friend's prediction, in a conversation with Justin, Mama Hao vehemently tells her son that she would never accept someone like Vivienne as her daughter in law. In fact, Mama Hao stresses that she would rather Justin remain single if he was going to marry someone like Vivienne. His eyes bright with excitement, Justin listens to Mama Hao's lecture with eagerness. 
Spending the whole night texting Vivienne back and forth, Justin looks at the selfie Vivienne sent him and murmurs "pretentious!" Despite his comment though, Justin seems unable to stop staring at Vivienne's pretentious picture. 
Falling asleep while thinking of each other, our two leads slowly wakes up the next morning feeling each other's presence. 
Sitting upright in bed, Vivienne looks at Justin's coat in her hand while Justin holds a hand to his chest as they both wonder at the strange feeling within them.  
Despite being a bit distracted by her dream the night before of Justin, Vivienne nonetheless is back to her sharp self once she sees Sheng Nan. Gleefully listening to Sheng Nan's lie about spending all night with "her boyfriend", Vivienne shows Sheng Nan the many texts she had exchanged with Justin the night before. 

What a hilarious episode. I certainly enjoyed our two leads' battle of wits... or is it more accurate to say a battle of calling each other bluff. 
It is so intriguing to me that I personally find Vivienne's character quite likable. Based on how petty Vivienne is one would think she would be a hard heroine to cheer for but I think the writer has been very skillful in showing Vivienne's vulnerable side and that makes her character that much more personable. 
I was pretty surprised that our hero would find out Vivienne's revenge plan so early on... but I like it! Now that both of our leads are playing the game on an even playing field then they could fall in love with their eyes wide open. 


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    i just can't wait to see both justin and her falling in love for real. i bet its going to be heartbreaking one, since mama hao already send us the forecasting.

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