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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ninja is thankful for:

11:22 PM Posted by ninja 10 comments
Dear Drama-God, 

I am thankful:
 For the drama Lovers (2006) with Lee Sung Jin that opened my eyes to the awesome K-drama land.

For my early obsession with Takuya Kimura that has allowed me to keep the faith even when the Japanese TV industry developed an aversion to anything romantic. 

From Marry Me or Not?
For Taiwanese drama's awe inspiring skills in coming up with fan service scenes. 
For my guilty pleasure in watching addicting makjang filled K-dramas. 

For if you just live long enough you will see every Asian country make their own version of Itazura na kiss... sort of like you can figure out how old you are by how many remakes of Spiderman you've seen. 

For the impending world peace if they could just figure out a way to get all the countries to produce lots of dramas/movies together.  

Most of all, I am grateful to all of you who has been kind enough to let me share my drama addiction with you!!! ps. An extra big "Thank You!" to those who leaves me comments. I do read every comment and they always make my day even if time doesn't allow me to reply to most comments. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 


  1. I've been enjoying your concise recaps, they are a joy to read. My guilty pleasure lately is Bromance :-) Honestly, it's super cheesy but who cares when the male lead can burn holes into you with his stares - gender be damned!

    Anyway I'm grateful for all the dramas that keep me entertained all the time.

    Thanks for the recaps and reviews!

  2. Thank you for always posting on this blog. I don't comment often but I enjoy reading your reviews, recaps, especially Friday drama round up.

    Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!

  3. Im your avid follower! So, thank God for ninja's recaps and posts!

  4. Ninja, I just found your blog and I eagerly anticipate your posts, especially for I HAVE A LOVER and now, OH, MY VENUS. I do hope that the ratings have improved with IHAL as, after having suffered through the first 12 episodes, it has seemed to have found its way to a more realistic and mature story line, as close to that theme as K-dramas can get. You have helped me, through your recaps and interpretations, enjoy these escapes into Fantasy Land. Happy Thanksgiving and keep up the good work!

  5. Always thankful to you for recommending great dramas to watch. Always love your recaps.
    Happy Thanks Giving to you & your family.

    Please recap, Oh My Venus Thanks x

  6. I'm almost late, but Happy Thanksgiving greetings to you and to your Mom, Ninja. I hope you have had a great day today. Thank you most sincerely for sharing your love for dramas.

  7. started reading your blog when i was looking for IHAL recaps. your take on that drama is spot-on! thank you:)

  8. Always thankful for your posts! Although I am an avid reader, I have never posted a comment. Your blog is very entertaining. Thanks once again!

  9. Thanks for you fun blog, enjoy your comment post especially friday drama round up and IHAL...