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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oh My Venus Episode 1 & 2 First Impression

Drama: Oh My Venus (오 마이 비너스)
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Airs: Monday & Tuesday
Episodes: 16

Oh My Venus Episode 1 & 2 Quick Overview 
As her school's famous beauty that turns heads everywhere she goes, Shin Min Ah's life goal is to become a lawyer that fights for justice. Min Ah does achieve her goal... sort of. At 33, Min Ah has become a lawyer but has also realized the harsh reality that justice usually leans on the side of the rich. 

In contrast to the smooth sailing life she led during her youth, Min Ah is finding adult life a while lot more challenging - especially her weight. Despite her conviction that she can do everything she sets her mind on, Min Ah can't seem to win against her own body. 
Trying every diet there is, Min Ah suffers countless setbacks and with each defeat her confidence in herself also wanes. 
The only bright light in Min Ah's depressing life is her famous swim athlete boyfriend whom she has been dating since her high school days. Excited for her 15th anniversary with her boyfriend Gyeo Woon, Min Ah is stunned when instead of a marriage proposal Gyeo Woon asks for a breakup instead. 
Scarcely having any time to mourn for her breakup, Min Ah's pays little attention to her increasingly bodily discomfort until she doubles over in pain on an airplane. Fortunately, our hero, Kim Yong Ho is also on the plane and was able to use his doctor skills to help her. 
Min Ah wakes up to the curios stare of Young Ho who asks her "I am just asking because I am really curious, but why are you taking strange diet pills?" Even more embarrassed when she realized that Young Ho had personally cut off her belly belt in order to help her, Min Ah gruffly thank him and hope to never see the man ever again. 
Knowing full well that his grandmother probably had sent all her men out to catch him right at the airport, Young Ho decides that the best way Min Ah could repay him is to let him ride along with her on the ambulance to the hospital. 

Convinced that Gyeo Woon must wants to get back together if he is sending her numerous texts asking to meet, Min Ah runs out of the emergency room at the first opportunity. Noticing Min Ah standing in the pouring rain outside of the hospital, Young Ho convinces Min Ah to let him give her a ride. 
Not noticing the rain at all as she stares at Gyeo Woon smiling intimately at another woman, Min Ah realizes that her 15 year relationship has really ended.

Stumbling away from the heart breaking scene, Min Ah wonders the street alone until she all the sudden notices that someone is following her. 
Scared out of her mind, Min Ah walks faster and faster but finally a hand grabs her. Letting out a scream, Min Ah pleas "Help! Don't kill me." Holding an umbrella over Min Ah, Young Ho dryly asks "I am asking this because I am really curious. Why do always say "Help!" when you see me?"  
Waiting impatiently at Young Ho's hotel to get her cellphone back from him, Min Ah is stunned when she sees Gyeo Woon putting his arm around In Young - her high school friend/new boss right now. Unable to process the shock, Min Ah takes a step back when Gyeo Woon tries to approach her and says "Don't come any closer". 
A flustered Min Ah turns to leave... and runs right into the glass wall and falls to the floor. Wanting to die of embarrassment as she lies on the floor while all of the passerby including her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend stare at her, Min Ah desperately hope someone would come rescue her. 

After a stunned moment, Gyeo Woon finally takes a step towards Min Ah but stops when Young Ho shows up out of no where and holds up a hand as he says "Didn't she say not to come any closer?" SQUEAL!! Someone scrape me off the floor. 
Looking at Min Ah who is still hoping the earth would just swallow her up, Young Ho says "I am asking because I am really curious. Why are you always asking for help when I see you?" Ha, I love that he keeps saying that line. 

Grasping Young Ho's pants, Min Ah pitifully asks him to just take her away. Helping Min Ah to her feet, Young Ho puts his arms firmly around her and walks Min Ah past her ex-boyfriend. 
Despite Young Ho's help, Min Ah is forced to admit that she has not only lost her boyfriend but as she confronts her ex-best friend In Young with her betrayal, Min Ah has no choice but to admit that while In Young has become the shinning swan she once was but she herself has become the ugly duckling. 

In the depth of her self loathing, Min Ah accidentally discovers that she just might know John Kim, the world famous body trainer that has transformed many Hollywood celebrities. Rushing to Young Ho's hotel room, Min Ah mistakenly assumes one of Young Ho's friend is John Kim. In a move that utterly stunned his two friends, Young Ho comes to the door and freely admits "I am John Kim." 

First Impression
I LOVED episode one of Oh My Venus. LOVED LOVED the first 25 minutes of episode 2... but then the pacing got surprisingly slow. I haven't lost hope though. Since most of the first two episodes were great I am hoping now that the story has finished with the set ups the pacing won't be so slow in the subsequent episodes. Worst case scenario... I'll just skip to any parts that has So Ji Sub. 
I find So Ji Sub's character just simply awesome. Instead of a cold jaded hero, Young Ho's character has a lot of warmth but one could sense that he is no pushover or naive to the harshness of the world. There seems to be a lot of backstory to Young Ho and I am quite eager to see that story play out as we go along. By the way, can I just say how glad I am that someone has realized from Master's Sun how great So Ji Sub is in comedy and how thankful I am that So Ji Sub himself has decided to keep making romantic comedies instead of going back to those cry feast dramas? 
As for our heroine Min Ah... can I first say "Holy Cow!! They sure have improved a lot on those fat suits." 

I think any woman would have a hard time not to cheer for Kang Joo Eun's character since Min Ah is fighting a battle that just about every woman would know first hand. I also love the fact that Min Ah is such a spunky fighter which makes her disappointment in herself that much more poignant. 
ps. The set up of the 2nd female lead In Young as one who used to be in the shadow of Min Ah but now outshines her is a bit predicable but I think the contrast is rather well used and adds to the richness of the story. 
All in all, I am super excited for Oh My Venus and I am crossing my fingers that this one would become an addicting one! 


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