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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Return of Happiness Episode 1-3 First Impression

Drama: Return of Happiness (幸福归来)
Episodes: 48
Country: China

Return Of Happiness Episode 1-3 Quick Summary
The story opens with a little girl running excitedly to a cliff despite the obvious warning of the dangers ahead. As expected, the little girl ends up falling off the cliff and soon an extensive search team is dispatched to rescue her.
At first overjoyed to hear that her niece might be dead, our villain Ding Chi's hope of getting all of the inheritance disappears when she overhears President Ding is planning to donate all of his money since Ding Chi is not of his blood line anyway.

Realizing that she needs her niece alive now, Ding Chi convinces the family that rescued her niece to let her take the family's sick daughter in exchange for a promise that her niece will never show up in front of her. So the villain takes the girl who resembles her niece back to President Ding so she can have full control of President Ding's fake granddaughter. Yes, it's full of plot holes ... but that's just go with it. 
The little girl finally wakes up and of course suffers from amnesia with no memory of her past. Looking at the strange man who insists that her name is Yu You Wei and he is her father, the little girl instinctively feels something is not right especially when she looks at the stoic woman that is supposedly her mother and a rather angry little boy that is supposedly her brother. 

Yu Wei (that's not her real name of course, but we are going to refer to the heroine by this name for now) runs away from her supposedly family but is finally convinced that Daddy Yu must be her father when he throws himself in front of a car to save her. Daddy Yu was actually just worried that if something happened to Yu Wei than he won't be able to get money from Ding Chi. 
 Reared by Mama Yu alone after Daddy Yu landed himself in jail, Yu Wei grows up with a heavy burden of trying to make money in any way she can. Full of energy and spunk, Yu Wei has several rather unpleasant run-ins with our hero Han Ming.
Bumping into each other at every turn, You Wei and Han Ming's relationship goes from bad to worse especially once they realize they are competitors in a boat race together. 
Already nervous after President Ding personally chose Yu Wei to be the boat controller for their company, Ding Chi personally sabotages the boat to make sure that President Ding's boating team wouldn't win.
Despite Ding Chi's sabotage, You Wei was able to use her great talent and determination to win the race. Unable to deny that You Wei's talent and hard work, Han Ming smiles as You Wei gloats her victory.
After winning the boat race, You Wei's dream of being a boat controller seems to be within her reach ... but of course the villain AND the the girl who is using You Wei's real identity are not about to let her achieve her dram so easily. 

First Impression
The hero and the heroine when they were young.
Surprise, surprise! I went into Return of Happiness with extremely low expectation but was pleasantly surprised. The plot is a pretty typical C-drama of birth secrets and a hard working heroine fighting her way through her trials but those two things doesn't stop Return of Happiness from being an really easy watch. 
I credit most of the show's success so far to the two leads' great chemistry together and the heroine's gumption that makes it easy to cheer her on. So while this particular show is pretty predicable in terms of plot and even some character set ups but I still find myself following it anyway. 
 By the way, just be warned, the director apparently LOVES split screens... a LOT

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  1. Watched up to episode 14 unsubbed, thats how much I liked it. I dislike fakey AJ, she is so annoying.
    so love the OTP, he still likes her personality now same as when they were younger. Although suffering from amnesia, YW real AJ love for the sea and being able to predict the change in wind stays with her. She is such a determined heroine, its realistic that she gets upset, she feels responsible for her fake family. Hate the greedy father, the mother although is kind, is still using YW and preventing her to find her true self just because they want their selfish daughter to inherit the Ting company. The brotehr is the only one that really appreciates all her hard work and sacrifice for that family, but I have a feeloing he is some what kinda in love with her too.

    Thanks miss Ninja for your Post.