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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Taste of Love Episode 3-7 Second Impression

Taste of Love Episode 3-7 Really Quick Summary
Knowing full well that every day he doesn't find his mother's secret sauce recipe is another day his family's world famous restaurant takes another step closer towards closing down, Chris is hopeless as he and Xiao He (heroine) keep hitting dead end everywhere they go. 

Through their many misadventures together, our two leads' relationship has improved quite a bit even though they still fight constantly. In fact, it's obvious that while Chris jeers at Xiao He's innocence he has come to care about her and worries about her in spite of himself. 

By episode 7 our two leads are still pretty clueless about their own feelings with each other but there are sure plenty of obstacles presenting themselves already. 

Obstacle #1: Hero's ex-girlfriend, Charlie who is determined to get Chris back no matter what. Her danger sense blaring whenever she sees the way Chris act with Xiao He, Charlie vows to succeed in both her career and love. 
Obstacle #2 Xiao He thinks Chris still likes Charlie and that they have gotten back together because she accidentally saw a half naked Chris in Charlie's hotel room. He was half naked because a sick Charlie had spilt some food on him. 
Not bothering to correct Xiao He's false assumption that she and Chris is dating again, Charlie happily encourages Xiao He to bravely pursue her long time crush, Jun Hao (the second male lead). Of course Charlie's encouragement is easier said than done since the one Jun Hao loves is actually Charlie herself. 
Obstacle #3 Xiao He has decided to pursue Jun Hao and has even asked Chris for help (but he turned her down). In the mean time, Jun Hao himself is determined to hold onto his one side crush on Charlie even if she has clearly told him that she only sees him as a friend. 
Obstacle #4 Xiao He's cheating ex-boyfriend is trying to get back with her and has even purposed to her publicly. 
Definitely unhappy to know that Xiao He's cheating ex-boyfriend is back in the picture, Chris accuses Xiao He of being too soft to let go of the things she doesn't want (the ex-boyfriend) and too chicken to go for the thing she has always wanted (Jun Hao). In anger, Xiao He vows to Chris that she will make Jun Hao fall in love with her. 
Sigh! So by the end of episode 7, Charlie and Xiao He are both preparing to go head to head on a cooking competition. Charlie turns to Chris for cooking help while Xiao He turns to Jun Hao. Warning: This show really likes cooking competition.  

Second Impression:

I am afraid my quick summary made the story sound like a never ending merry-go-around but the plot really didn't feel like that while I was watching it. In fact, the two leads' romance is probably at the fun point where their feelings for each other are just growing so neither know what to do about it and both have instead chosen to just outright ignore it. 

I find the two leads' interaction quite cute and that's pretty much the whole reason why I am still following this one despite one fatal flaw this show has - too many side stories that may or may not have legit reasons to be included in the show but all of them feel rather disconnected. 
 For example, there was a lot of screen time devoted to the plight of the restaurant where Jun Hao worked at. Thanks to a ruthless food critic, the restaurant's business was dismal but after using some of Xiao He's suggestions the restaurant owner was able to finally win a good review from the food critic. This side story pretty much spanned the whole seven episodes (Xiao He's involvement in it was only about five minutes) and instead of adding to the plot it felt more like a lesson on why food critics should just be nicer. 

At the end of episode seven, we are back to this restaurant again but this time another crisis has arisen because the restaurant owner is insisting that the kitchen use powder flavoring instead of relaying on the natural flavoring of a broth... sigh! Really show? Give me back my leads! 
Glaring fatal flaw aside, I am planning to still check in on this show and as long as the cute out weigh the weird side tangents than I will stick around. 


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