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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Beautiful Secret Episode 1-4 Overview & First Impression

Beautiful Secret Episode 1-4 By Ninja
Drama: Beautiful Secret (美丽的秘密)
Country: China
Episodes: 45

Synopsis: The secret child of a famous singer, our heroine Mei Li loses her memory as a child and ends up getting adopted. Completely unaware that she has a birth secret, Mei Li's path to self discovery is set in motion when she accompanies her sister to a singing competition and ends up accidentally winning it.

Beautiful Secret Episode 1-4 Quick Overview:
At the pinnacle of her career as a famous singer, Wang Xuan seems to be in want of nothing, especially as her wedding date to her immensely rich fiancee approaches. However, instead of being blissfully happy, Wang Xuan's heart is in constant turmoil over her desire to reveal her biggest secret- her five year old daughter Mei Li. Despite Wang Xuan's intense desire to simply tell the world about the existence of her daughter, Wang Xuan's manager convinces her that instead of subjecting her daughter to the judgement of the world she should give Mei Li up for adoption. 
Forcing herself to act happy on the day of her wedding, Wang Xuan finally loses control when her manger tells her that Mei Li is leaving with her adopted parents on the next train. Unbeknownst to Wang Xuan, her manager has actually lost Mei Li by accident and has resorted to lying when he couldn't find the little girl. 

Ready to abandon everything in her life, a tearful Wang Xuan confesses her secret to President Xu (her fiancee). Surprisingly, after his initial shock, President Xu assures Wang Xuan that if she could accept his five year old daughter then there is no reason why he couldn't accept hers. Overjoyed, Wang Xuan searches high and low for her manager and daughter but by this time her manager has already disappeared without a trace leaving no clues for Wang Xuan to find Mei Li. 
In the mean time, little Mei Li is rescued by a couple but before they could take her to the police station Mei Li loses her memory after suffering a sever fever. Grateful to Mei Li because the little girl braced the rain to seek help for her and her unborn baby when she almost died, Mama Jiang convinces her reluctant husband to raise Mei Li as their own. 
Time jump! Twenty years later, our heroine Mei Li has grown up to be a bright and hardworking young lady. 
Despite being smarter than her younger sister Mei Yan, Mei Li has given up her chance of higher education in order to work and support her family with the money she earns as a delivery girl. A doting older sister, Mei Li doesn't have the heart to discourage Mei Yan from her dream of becoming a famous singer ...even if she really can't sing at all. 

Freely admitting to herself that she is sorely lacking when it comes to her voice, Mei Yan decides to secretly record Mei Li's singing and puts it out on the web as her own voice. As luck would have it, Guan Yi's assistant comes across the recording and by episode four has already brought it to Guan Yi's attention. 
Time to introduce our hero who makes his grand entrance in episode two. A famous producer in the entertainment industry with the golden touch, Guan Yi (Peter Ho) is much hated for his impossible high standard and blunt words. However, in the face of the continual success and money Guan Yi's name all but guarantees on any project, everyone around our hero has no choice but to bow to his will...and ignore his eccentric obsession on model figures.  
While Guan Yi's fate is about to collide with our heroine's, Guan Yi's ex-girlfriend, Ruo Lin is also about to force her way back into his life. Not happy to see Ruo Lin at one of his filming project, Guan Yi still vividly remembers how she had abandoned him on the day of their wedding a year ago to pursue her stardom dream in Hollywood. 

Guan Yi is the second female lead and more than just Guan Yi's ex-girlfriend she is also President Xu's daughter so that makes her Wong Xuan's (heroine's birth mother) step daughter.  
Racing all the way to Guan Yi's company to deliver one of his precious model character to him, Mei Li jumps with excitement when Guan Yi suddenly offers her $1000 yuan (about $150 US Dollars) just to listen to a song and name it. Unaware that she has offended several high level executives as she proves Guan Yi's point that the demo song was simply a very bad plagiarism effort, Mei Li is caught completely by surprised when Guan Yi's company cancels their delivery contract with her work.   
Appalled when her angry boss punishes her by taking half of her paycheck, Mei Li tracks Guan Yi down to ask for his help in renewing the delivery contract. Unwilling to lower himself to interfere with delivery contracts, Guan Yi tells Mei Li that she is only suffering the consequences of her own greed and refuses to help her.

Infuriated by Guan Yi's rude manner, Mei Li ends up getting into a tug of war with Guan Yi and promptly destroys a very limited edition model Guan Yi just bought. 
Obviously unsuccessful in getting Guan Yi's help, Mei Li not only has to still worry about her family's living expense but also has to informed her very disappointed sister that she couldn't pay for her voice lesson. 

Ecstatic when he suddenly gets the notification that someone is selling the VERY limited model character he had given up hope on (the same model as the one that broke during the tug of war), Guan Yi drops everything and forces the seller to meet with him immediately. Upset when he realizes the seller is none other than Mei Li, Guan Yi is about to walk away when Mei Li reminds him how very very rare the model is. 

First Impression
Not bad! While Beautiful Secret doesn't necessary have a refreshing plot line but I am strangely not too bothered by the familiar story set up. I will admit that I am a bit nervous that the show will dwindle into a sobbing melo mess that C-Drama sometimes tend to do but I am intrigued enough that I think I will take the chance anyway. 
It is too early at this point I think to make a judgment on our two leads' chemistry since they really haven't interacted all that much but at least they do look good together...despite Peter Ho's weird make up. I generally consider Peter Ho to be very attractive in whatever show he is in, but the random eye liner is really kinda throwing me off in this one. Still...It is Peter Ho after all, so I'll just try harder to look past the eye liner. 


  1. i've watched this drama up to ep 17 and like it so far. i especially like that song by wang xuan but who is the real singer? do you know who this singer is by any chance because i tried to google it and youtube it but nothing is popping up besides victoria's song and peter's song.

  2. I've finished this drama just last week! More like force myself to finish it. I initially watched because I wanted to see Victoria sing more but the show revolved more around the birth secret how Meili was Wang Xuan's daughter but Meili thinks it's a lie. Not to mention the random character death the show decided to throw in during the penultimate episode. And the hanging love line for Shasha?

  3. Hey jenn can you tell me what episode she finds out her mother is wang xuan. I am struggling to get through this thing some of the episodes are painfully boring; and I just want to see how she comes to find out. So I don't feel like my time hasn't been completely wasted. Also when does peters character realize he loves Victoria's character I have watched up to a point but am now exasperated.

  4. What is shasha real name?