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Monday, December 21, 2015

Bromance Episode 10 Recap

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Bromance Episode 10 By Ninja
We pick up from the kiss that is about to happen as Ya Nuo slowly leans in...

and sadly tragically miserably... you get the idea, the would be kiss is interrupted by Daddy Pi.

Ya Nuo successfully convinces Daddy Pi that there is nothing "weird" going on and after much pleading also persuades Mama Pi to let Zi Feng stay the night.
Vehemently turning down Zi Feng's hopeful suggestion that he can just sleep with Ya Nuo, Mama Pi ends up sleeping in her daughter's room herself. Her heart breaking when Ya Nuo shyly refute her question of "Do you like Zi Feng?", Mama Pi assures her daughter "Dummy, I am not against you dating. In fact, after you turn 26 you can date as much as you want. We just need to be careful of not letting your secret out before your birthday okay?"
Getting up in the middle of night, Ya Nuo notices Zi Feng standing outside in the cold. Wrapping a blanket around Zi Feng's shoulders, Ya Nuo tries provide some comforting words, knowing that Zi Feng is still sad over his father's amnesia. Turning around to enclose Ya Nuo in his warmth, Zi Fang listens as Ya Nuo assures him that there are something the heart will never forget and that his father's memory will return one day. 
Waking up to find Ya Nuo missing, Mama Pi instinctively hides when she sees Zi Feng gently covers her sleeping daughter with a blanket. Instead of storming out in anger, Mama Pi surprisingly just closes the bedroom door quietly. 
Still really guarded when it comes to Zi Feng, Daddy Du becomes grumpy when Zi Feng tries to talk him out of standing in the rain. Pulling Zi Feng aside, Ya Nuo tells Zi Feng "The rain reminds your father of the fountain he built with you in the amusement park. This is how his heart is remembering you." 
Stunned to see Zi Feng joining him in the rain, Daddy Du looks at him with a mixed expression...and maybe a spark of something?? 
After listening to a moving story about how Daddy Du used to secretly buy Zi Feng candied yams during his youth, Ya Nuo searches high and low for the yams. Moved as he savor the once familiar taste in his mouth, Zi Feng opens his arm wide to Ya Nuo. Reminded of her embarrassment the last time Zi Feng opened his arms, Ya Nuo stares at Zi Feng and asks "What? There are no aprons around here."  Ha! I love the fact Ya Nuo couldn't help but smile her shy grin first before she's like "Wait, I am not getting tricked like last time!" 
Pulling Ya Nuo into an embrace, Zi Feng mutters "Ya Nuo, It's so great to have you by my side." 
Spending the night together at Daddy Du's place, there are finally no Mama Pi around to stop our two leads from sleeping in the same bed. 
After a few awkward tossing and turning, Ya Nuo finally falls asleep. Definitely not asleep, Zi Feng takes out the pink hair clip and gingerly clips it on Ya Nuo's hair. Leaning over, Zi Feng whispers "Good night" and gently kisses her on the forehead.  
Suffering from amnesia but not blindness, Daddy Du soon realizes something fishy is going on between Ya Nuo and Zi Feng. While Ya Nuo is gone to buy some drinks, Daddy Duo tells Zi Feng that he is really lucky to have such a good friend by him. Admitting freely that he really likes Ya Nuo, Zi Feng continues "I can't be without him. I hope he can stay by me without any pressure, so I will protect him... I don't care even if it's for life."

Slightly surprised by Zi Feng's words, Daddy Du asks "Wait, going by what you are saying, you don't just like him. Are you in love with him?!"  
Before Zi Feng can answer his father's question, Ya Nuo comes back with the drinks and Daddy Duo immediately points at Zi Feng "Ya Nuo. He said he loves you!"

Springing to his feet Zi Feng protests "That's not what I..." but before he can finishes his sentence, Ya Nuo puts her arm around him and tells Daddy Duo "I love him too." After a brief moment of stunned silence, Daddy Duo nods "You love him too? Well, that's good then." I can't figure out if he is actually okay with it or not...
Laughing with glee when she sees Zi Feng in his full body apron cooking sweet and sour fish, Ya Nuo asks Zi Feng to teach her how to cook the dish. Distracted when she gets a bunch of texts from Zhe Rui with pictures of their puppy, Ya Nuo doesn't notice the obvious jealousy on Zi Feng's face. Decidedly in a grumpy mood as Ya Nuo sequels over the world's cutest puppy, Zi Feng dumps a whole bowl of sugar into the wok.  
Playing Jenga with the father and son, Ya Nuo triumphantly pulls out a lipstick when Zi Feng loses the game.  
Breaking out in laughter with Daddy Du when Zi Feng is given a unibrow by his father, Ya Nuo ignores Zi Feng's glare and mumbles that she hasn't had her turn to draw on him yet. 
Still doubling over in laughter after the game has ended, Ya Nuo can hardily stop smiling as she wipes the lipstick off Zi Feng's face. The character on Zi Feng's forehead is Nuo as in Ya Nuo. 

Despite being a little huffy at all the joy Ya Nuo is getting at his expense, Zi Feng nonetheless turns serious and thank Ya Nuo for everything she has done to let him bond with his father. 
The next morning, Daddy Du's place is filled as a host of people shows up to pay him a visit. Noticing the obvious awkward vibe that is in the air, Xiao Jing decides to liven things up by suggesting a game... which to everyone's glee ended with Ya Nuo and Zi Feng having to share a kiss. 
Very much aware of the many pairs of eyes/camera on them, Zi Feng slowly leans in for a kiss...but pulls away at the last second. 
Not about to be denied her kiss again, Ya Nuo pulls Zi Feng back to her and kisses him...
amidst her friends' happy gasps. I love the expressions.  
In a rather abrupt turn from the sweet kissing mood, Ya Nuo forces Zi Feng to take her along when he pays Han Sheng (villain) a visit. Guessing right away that Zi Feng has shown up to demand an explanation for the newspaper scandal, Han Sheng quickly declares that he has caught the real culprit.  
Stunned when Han Sheng's men pulls Zhe Rui out as the culprit, Ya Nuo insists that there is no way Zhe Rui would've done such a thing. Ya Nuo and Zi Feng tries to figure out if Zhe Rui has been threatened into submission but Zhe Rui yells "It's me. It was me who did it." Tears falling as she listens to Zhe Rui's explanation that he was afraid to lose her to Zi Feng, the hope in Ya Nuo's eyes turn to disappointment. 

Hmm... I am pretty sure Zhe Rui is being pressured to take the fall for Han Sheng. I just wonder what Han Sheng has on Zhe Rui that he feels like he has no choice but to break Ya Nuo's heart. 

Of course the more obvious question is ... why are these mobsters so civilized?? I still don't understand why Han Sheng wouldn't just take Zi Feng out. I am sure Zi Feng still has some influence left but it sure doesn't look like it would be too hard for Han Sheng to get rid of him for good. Am I being the bloodthirsty one here? 
Oh well, at least the kiss was real and not a dream sequence. By the way, anyone else got that uncomfortable feeling when Ya Nuo gave that big long speech about some emotions will not be forgotten by the heart? I really hope that wasn't a foreshadowing that one of our two leads will lose their memories. I am not always oppose to amnesia but since Daddy Du has already lost his memory I wouldn't be too happy if the writer use the amnesia card again. 
Sigh... I am not even sure what to say here. Qing Yang painted Na Na's room and she in turn took him to fly a kite to comfort him about his missing parents. I was actually kinda hoping for some miracle that Qing Yang's parents would be alive with Daddy Du, but now that we have found Daddy Du I am afraid Qing Yang's parents are probably gone for good. 


  1. KYAAAAAAAAA �� Finally �� �� ��
    Thanks Ninja

  2. I predicted that Zhe Rui is protecting Ya Nuo. I don't know why but maybe someone else found out she is a girl and he is protecting her???? Well thanks for the recap!! Always love reading these after watching the Drama myself.

    1. That's exactly what I thought too. I don't think it impossible for Han Sheng to find that out.

      But one thing I've been wondering since Ep.1, do you know if believing a fortune-teller (and the likes) to the-T like Ya Nuo's parents do is a cultural thing in Taiwan or it's just a plot device (an effective one here, I'd say) The latter is is how I've thought of it ever since I began watching the series, though.

      Happy watching, anyway :) xD

    2. While it is kind of far fetching that someone like Ya Nuo could hide her gender for 26 years, it is unfortunately a bit common that people would do illogical things because of fortune teller/soothsayers' "predictions". Most often the things the soothsayers don't usually ask for something so outrageous as hiding a child's gender but more like change your name to change your luck or get your wayward lover to drink this water to bring them back sort of things.

      So to answer your question, it's definitely a plot device but sadly it's not as ridiculous as one would hope.

  3. Thanks for the recap!! :) maybe he's protecting her for not revealing her identity? Just a guess..

  4. Cheese Heaven! The cheesiness continues in the show and I'm still watching LOL!! The story is getting pretty bogged down in these late episodes which I expected from Tdrama. But somehow, like Oh My Venus, I keep watching just to see our OTP doing cheesy, flirty stuff. Du ZiFeng's electrifying stares are so intense, phew!

  5. I absolutely loved ep 9 when the show focused on building the relationship between YaNuo and ZiFeng! I was digging this ep too with the many scenes of sizzling chemistry between the two leads. Then when the show mentioned HanFeng again I was like "HE'S STILL AROUND?!" Like c'mon just throw him to the curb already. I'm tired of this jealous big baby's problems with ZiFeng.
    But director did a fine job on the kiss scene between ZiFeng and YaNuo!!!! XD Seriously I wouldn't mind watching this drama still if the show decided to just drop ZiFeng's dad who has amnesia and the jealous big baby (the main problems of the show) because I'm just waiting for ZiFeng to find out YaNuo is a girl already! That's the main issue here!! And then we can have him stare at her some more with his love-sick eyes.

  6. Thanks for the recap, Ninja. Throughout the episode ZiFeng was treating YaNou as a girlfriend, not as a blood brother, and YaNou's shy and girlie reactions at those tender moments were a pleasure to watch. You will not believe the number of times I re-watched episode 10. But Of course I fast forwarded the Nana scene. (My apology to the fans of the actress and Bii's)