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Monday, December 28, 2015

Bromance Episode 11 Recap

Bromance Episode 11 Recap By Ninja
Stunned by Zhe Rui's unexpected confession that he is the one that set the press on Zi Feng, Ya Nuo nonetheless jumps to Zhe Rui's defense when Han Sheng (villain) tries to beat Zhe Rui up in the name of "helping" Zi Feng out.

Angry and probably slightly embarrassed after Ya Nuo loosen her choke hold on him, Han Sheng vents his resentment towards Zi Feng "It's always like this. Whatever I do is bad but any small achievement you make just proves to the elders that you are a true leader!" There were some readers that commented that Han Sheng might be threatening Zhe Rui with Ya Nuo's secret and I myself wondered the same thing. However, don't you guys think Han Sheng would be A LOT more embarrassed being taken out so easily by Ya Nuo if he knew she is a girl? 

Still convinced that Zhe Rui is not someone that would hurt her, Ya Nuo goes to the pet hospital to find him but Zhe Rui is no where to be found and is even refusing to pick up Ya Nuo's phone calls. 
While walking around with Ya Nuo in the amusement park, Daddy Du smiles when he notices Guang Chao (Ya Nuo's friend) laughing with Zi Han not too far away. Smiling as he watches Guang Chao carefully escort a woman into a car, Daddy Du's amusement turns to shock when Ya Nuo tells him that the young lady he just saw was none other than his own daughter. Sensing Daddy Du's dismay that he would forget his own daughter, Ya Nuo jumps on the perfect opportunity and convinces Daddy Du to let her take him to the hospital for a full check up.

Completely astonished when he suddenly sees Daddy Du standing at a bus stop, Han Sheng races from where he is to where he last saw Daddy Du but by the time he got there Daddy Du is no where to be seen. Shocked by the realization that Daddy Du is back from the dead, Han Sheng immediately wonders if Zi Feng knows about Daddy Du's existence.
Showing up at Zi Feng's office with the excuse of borrowing some spending money, Han Sheng tries to ask several probing questions to figures out if Zi Feng knows about Daddy Du. Calmly deflecting Han Sheng's questions, Zi Feng becomes thoughtful after Han Sheng leaves. 
Finding himself softening despite his initial aversion to Zi Feng, Daddy Du finally tells Zi Feng to refer to him as father. Is it just my imagination or is Daddy Du starting to have moments where he is acting with the "gang boss" mannerism? 
Time for just random cute moments between our two leads. Ya Nuo follows Zi Feng to a custom suit store and shyly holds up her arms when Zi Feng insists on taking her measurements for a new suit. Holding her breath when Zi Feng suddenly looks at her intently after measuring her chest, Ya Nuo lets out a yelp of complaint when Zi Feng simply remarks "Wow, not only do you look like a girl but your body measurements are like a girl too."
Wondering around in a night market after dinner, Zi Feng proves his underworld prince status when he nonchalantly aims an air gun and proceeds to hit every balloon in sight. 
Unable to find Zhe Rui after that fateful night at Han Sheng's place, Ya Nuo is relieved when she sees that Zhe Rui has reopened his pet hospital. Pleading with Zhe Rui, Ya Nuo begs him to tell her what Han Sheng is threatening him with. 
Turning to face Ya Nuo in frustration, Zhe Rui yells that no one is forcing him to do anything. Staring at Zhe Rui in shock, Ya Nuo takes a step back in fear as Zhe Rui starts venting his jealousy over Zi Feng's existence and even blames Ya Nuo for being too selfish to notice his feelings. 
Running out of Zhe Rui's hospital, an overwhelmed Ya Nuo finally just squats down right on the walkway and sobs her heart out. Silently showing up in front of Ya Nuo, Zi Feng gently comforts her and wraps his arms around Ya Nuo as she cries. 
Taking Ya Nuo to his secret cliff side, Zi Feng threatens to tickle Ya Nuo until she quickly agrees to do several yells to cheer herself up. 
Obediently yelling whatever Zi Feng tells her to say, Ya Nuo suddenly pause is puzzlement when Zi Feng yells "And you will never cry over another man ever again!" A bit sheepish, Zi Feng explains "um... You are my blood brother so you shouldn't cry over another man other than me." Smiling in happiness, Ya Nuo loudly promises "I will not cry over another man other than Du Zi Feng ever again!" 

Quite satisfied with Ya Nuo's answer, Zi Feng silently reaches over and holds Ya Nuo's hand. Giving Zi Feng a shy glance, Ya Nuo wraps her own hand around Zi Feng's. Is a confession even necessary at this point?? 
Remembering Ya Nuo's casual remark a while ago about how cool motorcycles are, Zi Feng promptly shows up in front of Ya Nuo one morning with a brand new ride to take her out for the day. Squealing with joy when she realizes the motorcycle she has been eyeing with envy is actually Zi Feng's, Ya Nuo throws her arms around Zi Feng in excitement.  
Sigh... I have a thing for good looking motorcycles... 
After a exhilarating ride on Zi Feng's motorcycle to another one of his secret place, Ya Nuo shyly asks "In a bit...can I try..." Placing himself very close to Ya Nuo, Zi Feng whispers "What?" The suggestive mood dashed when Ya Nuo replies "The motorcycle", Zi Feng mutters under his breath in frustration "motorcycle!" then in a loud voice says "We don't have to wait to ride. Come on!" 
Of course what follows is yet another blush worthy lesson on bike riding. 
Content at the end of an amazing outing with Zi Feng, Ya Nuo thank him for becoming that one more person other than Xiao Jing she can share her troubles with. Assuring Ya Nuo that he will always be with her no matter what, Zi Feng tells Ya Nuo that he trusts her unconditionally. Feeling jabs of guilt in the face of Zi Feng's trust, Ya Nuo confesses "But I have a secret I haven't told you." Taking Ya Nuo's confession in strides, Zi Feng simply asks "So are you going to tell me your secret now?" After a short pause, Ya Nuo extends a hand towards Zi Feng and says "This secret..." 

Ahh!!! Stupid cliff hangers! 

Any bets on if Ya Nuo will actually tell Zi Feng the truth in episode 12? The preview sure made it seem like Zi Feng will find out about Ya Nuo's gender but that just seems way too easy of a way for the BIG secret to be revealed. So I am personally betting Zi Feng wouldn't find out next week...but I wouldn't mind at all if I am wrong! 

I enjoyed this week's episode quite a bit but it was kind of obvious that the story was pretty choppy and jumping all over the place to cover the various plot lines the writer is trying cram in. Still, there were plenty of cute even for the secondary characters so I really didn't mind the choppiness too much. 
This episode was a BIG one for our secondary characters. Nana confessed her feelings to Qing Yang in a very straight forward manner while the usually cool Qing Yang freezes in shock. Smiling slyly at the rather flustered Qing Yang, Nana remarks "Didn't you know that I like you? I thought I was pretty obvious." 

Ignoring Qing Yang's awkward effort to escape, Nana tricks him and plants a kiss on his face.
Things are also progressing very nicely for Guang Chao since Zi Han is finally starting to see him as a man...albeit it happened hilariously while they were running away from two thugs. 
Showing forth his manliness for once, Guang Chao slaps his hand on the wall and tells Zi Han "Yes, I wasn't manly enough when I chose not to stand up to those two guys but that was because I knew I wouldn't be able to take them on. What if I lost the fight? What if you got hurt? I don't want to see you hurt...and I don't want to lose you." 

Judging by the way Zi Han put her head on Guag Chao's shoulder when he picked her up to carry her to the car (because her shoe broke), Guag Chao's one sided crush is going to have a happy ending. 


  1. Haha....thanks so much for the recap. I think the story is really struggling at this point but who cares when there's plenty of blush worthy moments like you said. That bike riding lesson made me blush too! Looks like will have to stick this out to the end just for such moments.

  2. Oooh I forgot. There were some BTS stills of them kissing after the bike ride but it was not shown in the episode. What a pity!

  3. This drama has chemistry in spades but...
    Really wondering who they are kidding by thinking they aren't really dating, the hugs,backhugs,handholding,near kisses say otherwise. Bro's don't do that.
    I saw this hilarious tweet about how in splash splash love, the king could tell immediately after hugging he knew she was a girl but Du Zifeng has hugged and even measured her chest but cant tell yanuo is a girl.

  4. now that's why he's the king and zifeng is just an underworld prince lol..This drama is dragging..i've been friendly wth d fast forward button.