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Monday, December 7, 2015

Bromance Episode 8 Recap

Bromance Episode 8 Recap By Ninja
Episode 7 Recap:HERE
Screaming with glee when Ya Nuo tells her that she has confessed her feelings to Zi Feng, Xiao Jin's joyful scream turns to dismay when Ya Nuo continues on to tell her that Zi Feng had taken her confession as a brotherly love declaration.

While bemoaning the fact that she still has a month and half left before she can start living as a girl, Ya Nuo admits her fear of losing her chance with Zi Feng when Xiao Jin reminds her of his recent marriage date.

Striking up a conversation with Zi Feng by the amusement park's water fountain, Zhe Rui sheepishly admits to Zi Feng that he has someone he liked since he was young and he is waiting for the right time to confess his feelings to her. At first amused by Zhe Rui's confession of his crush, Zi Feng's friendly feeling towards the vet soon took a dive as he watches Zhe Rui fawning all over Ya Nuo when she cough a few times.
Eagerly showing up at Zi Feng's office with a lunch for him, Ya Nuo shyly obeys when Zi Feng insists on giving her some of his food. Dumbfounded when Zi Feng nonchalantly starts eating out of the same spoon she just ate from, Ya Nuo's face turns red as she wonders "Is this the infamous indirect kiss?!"
Perhaps remembering her cousin's encouragement to be more brave when it comes to pursuing her man, Ya Nuo bashfully puts her face forward for Zi Feng to wipe for her when he tells her that something is on her face. Reminded of the exact same way Ya Nuo had allowed Zhe Rui to wipe her face for her, a huffy Zi Feng chides Ya Nuo for being unable to clean up after herself.

Provoked by Zi Feng's words, Ya Nuo tries unsuccessfully to wipe her own face and is immediately gratified when Zi Feng takes the tissue from her hand to wipe the offending stain himself. In a somewhat awkward coy manner, Ya Nuo turns her head slightly and asks "Is there anywhere else that needs to be wiped?" Ha!
Thanks to Han Sheng (the villain), an article comes out with an exposé with the tittle "Famous amusement park chairman's forbidden love!" Faced with the hoard of reporters that has surrounded them, Zi Feng tries to deny that there is any truth to the article but falls silent when a reporter shoves a picture of him leaning over a sleeping Ya Nuo and asks for an explanation.
Remember the scene when Zi Feng takes a sleeping Ya Nuo home and he leans close to her trying to figure out his own feelings towards her? Yap, That picture. 

Just when neither Zi Feng nor Ya Nuo's denial seem to be doing any good, Zhe Rui suddenly comes forward and declares that he is the one that likes Ya Nuo but Ya Nuo has turned him down.

Sitting in Zi Feng's office, Zhe Rui's embarrassment over Zi Feng's expression of gratitude turns to shock when Zi Feng all the sudden asks "You were telling the truth in front of the reporters right? Would the person you want to confess to, the one you've liked since you were young happen to be Ya Nuo?"

Stammering for an answer, Zhe Rui is saved by the arrival of a very grateful Ya Nuo and quickly makes an excuse to leave so he doesn't have to face Zi Feng's burning questions.
Angry and worried that her daughter is involved in yet another trouble because of Zi Feng, Mama Pi forbids Ya Nuo from going to work. Despite being frustrated at her mother's demand, Ya Nuo nonetheless decides to obey when even Zi Feng tells her to take a few days off.
At first thinking she would just take a short unexpected holiday, Ya Nuo starts wondering if she should make it permanent when she catches a paparazzi following her and realizes the scandal will not go away as long as she is around. 

Concerned when he receives a resignation letter from Ya Nuo via Guang Chao's hand, Zi Feng becomes frantic when Guang Chao hesitantly informs him that Ya Nuo is on her way to Japan.  
With a heavy heart, Ya Nuo sits at the airport all alone and forces herself to not accept Zi Feng's phone calls. Racing into the airport, Zi Feng lets out a sigh of relief when he finds Ya Nuo sitting on a bench. Surprised to see Zi Feng showing up out of nowhere, Ya Nuo lets out a yelp of dismay when Zi Feng grabs her plane ticket and rips it up after declaring "I won't allow you to leave me". 
Dragged out of the airport by Zi Feng, Ya Nuo shyly pulls her hand out of Zi Feng's grasp when she realizes that Qing Yang has also participated in the "Catch Ya Nuo!" mission. With one glance at Ya Nuo and Zi Feng's clasped hands, Qing Yang quickly excuses himself and leaves our two leads alone. 
Not feeling guilty at all as he watches his best friend leaving to take a taxi home, Zi Feng pulls Ya Nuo close to him and says "If you dare to disappear on me again, I... can't promise what I'll do then."
Wanting to make up to Ya Nuo for ripping up her plane ticket, Zi Feng takes her to a private room in a teppanyaki restaurant. Surprised when Zi Feng suddenly holds out his arms to her, Ya Nuo smiles sheepishly then walks into what she assumes to be an embrace. Speechless as he looks down at Ya Nuo's head on his chest, Zi Feng informs an embarrassed Ya Nuo that he simply wanted her to tie an apron on him.  
Cue sexy apron tying. 
Happily eating the delicious dishes Zi Feng had personally cooked for her, Ya Nuo is amazed how Zi Feng seems to be good at everything he does. Her smile waning when she notices the solemn look on Zi Feng's face, Ya Nuo is moved when Zi Feng confesses "I can't bear losing another person that is close to me. So, please don't leave me, not even for a minute. 
Moved almost to tears as Zi Feng continues to divulge how scared he was by the thought that he might not be able to catch her before she leaves on the plane, Ya Nuo pulls Zi Feng to her and promises "I will not disappear on you ever again. I am sorry." 
Suffering patiently as Xiao Jing vents her anger that Ya Nuo almost got on a plane and abandoned her, Ya Nuo agrees readily as Xiao Jing asks to have her birthday dinner with her girl cousin. 
What follows of course is a bunch of painfully close encounters as our two leads narrowly miss seeing each other first at the restaurant, then again and again as they walk around the outside to admire the Christmas decorations.
I am usually so annoyed when the writer does these near misses but this scene was kinda cool when our two leads both confess their feelings for each other at the same time without realizing they are so close to each other.  
Walking back to the canopy that is suppose to make wishes come true, Ya Nuo decides to try one more time and prays "Let me see Du Zi Feng. Let me see Du Zi Feng. Let me see Du Zi Feng."
Gingerly opening her eyes, Ya Nuo freezes as she and Zi Feng stare at each other. 

Oh My! Any guesses on what Ya Nuo is going to say to Zi Feng?! Judging by our two leads' interaction on the preview for next week I am guessing Ya Nuo probably blamed her appearance on her cousin's birthday wish and thanks to Ya Nuo's last minute princess gig at the amusement park a while ago, I think Zi Feng would have no problem believing her. 
By the way, anyone else was betting on Zi Feng NOT finding Ya Nuo in time like I was? I was totally preparing myself for a time jump but alas it looks like we are not at that point yet. I used the word yet because I am still convinced that a time jump will happen in the future. The sweet heart pounding suggestive scenes are great and all but I really don't think I am patient enough to watch our two leads suffer through the next 47 days (before our heroine can show her true gender) one episode at a time. 

False time jump expectation aside, I did love Zi Feng's declaration of "You are not allowed to leave me" though. It is pretty funny that our two leads are totally acting like a couple and everyone else can see it but themselves. 
I usually don't include Guang Chao and Zi Han's scenes in the recap but I actually like this paring a lot and find Guang Chao's infatuation with Zi Han simply hilarious. 

In this scene Zi Han is very put off that the feet massage therapist she wanted is not available. Volunteering himself, Guang Chao assures Zi Han that his "Golden Left and Right Hands" are up to the job. 
Here is the obligatory bit on Na Na. Meeting with her father, Na Na drops the bomb that if Daddy Nan wants her to not sue him then he needs to pay her $20000000 NT. Stepping forward to pay the money for Daddy Nan, Zi Feng gives the money to Na Na on the condition that she moves in to live with her father for a month. 

After a brief hesitation, Na Na agrees to Zi Feng's condition and takes the money. Thoughtful after Na Na leaves, Qing Yang assures Zi Feng and Ya Nuo that Na Na must have a good reason for the money. Exchanging a knowing gaze with each other, Zi Feng and Ya Nuo teases Qing Yang. 
Na Na moves into the room her father has carefully prepared for her, but much to Qing Yang's disappointment, Na Na obviously still harbors a lot of resentment towards Daddy Nan. 

Some of the readers commented on the hilarious BTS so I thought I would share my favorite BTS from this week.

As a spoof, Ya Nuo is crowned the emperor while Qing Yang, Zhe Rui, Zi Feng and Guang Chao are all lined up as her concubines.  
Going down the line one by one, Ya Nuo gives each of the guys a generous fake smack on the face...except Guang Chao because Zi Han volunteers herself to do the deed herself... with her hands. 


  1. Thanks, Ninja. As usual, I only have positive words for your recap. On the other hand, about " the obligatory bit on Na Na..." Seriously, it has been 8 episodes already and I still have no idea why we need to follow her life. What are those drama creators thinking?

    1. I'm really glad you mentioned the whole Na na thing. I'm really trying to understand the connection and importance of her subplot. Usually subplots reveal something about people's characters. We already know about Quing Yang from his interactions with our leads, and she doesn't really any more. I'd rather see more of everyone else rather than to have them have to spend time on her. And think about it--here is a character who has(had) cancer and was abandoned as a child--things that most people would find sympathetic, but somehow the writers have made her and her story into someone no viewer seems to care about. I wouldn't think it possible if I wasn't watching myself.

  2. Thanks for the recap, Ninja. There are still some pretty cute parts going on and Ya Nuo really looks pretty as a woman. The BTS where she turned up for that scene dressed as a woman had all the crew and the director surprised because they were so used to seeing her male persona.

    I think there will be some angst ahead as Zi Feng hates people who lie and who disappear. I hope the writer doesn't put in some noble idiocy where Ya Nuo leaves without a word!

    Lastly, seriously, what does Nana's side plot have to do with this story? Perhaps her father has a hand in the missing parents? At this late juncture, it's a bit hard to relate.....

  3. Dear Ninja, thanks a bunch for the recaps :D
    I found the drama 2days ago and after Ep.1 was hooked that I half-marathon 7eps. Around 3 hours ago, found Ep.8 subbed and I was 'screaming with glee' :D Oh my, waiting for next week is already a torture.

    And then, was it a fated encounter? LoL, I found your site and have been reading your Bromance posts silently screaming with giddiness at our OTP's overload hot&cuteness (not wanting to wake my mom up, it's past midnight here).

    You're very perceptive. I'm struck with awe with your ability to pick up the most important parts of each episode and deliver it smoothly. I'm so jelly for that(always been told I'm long-winded in writing AND orally by people around me, haha. I can't get straight to the point when talking/writing and can't catch the main point of something at the first/second read/hear. Oh, my life).

    Anyway, I love it that you included Guang Chao and Zi Han's scenes in this ep recap. They're just adorably hilarious! :) Xiao Jing is so pleasant :) As for Nana... let's say I'm invested enough in Qing Yang to put some effort to invest my feelings in her. Hope they'll have a happy ending too ;)

    A trivial scene I like in this ep: Lil sis lost her wallet, big bro came to the rescue. Too cute :)

    Lastly, where can I find the BTS? The sites I visit don't include the BTS in their uploads. At first I thought, until next week, I was gonna try to be satisfied with just watching (and re-watching the episodes I downloaded). Then, I found your site and I told myself to be satisfied with watching and reading (and re-reading) your posts, but then, I got to know there were actually some BTS and now I'm greedy :'(
    Like, the one when Zihan cried on Yanuo's shoulder and now, THIS one.

    I... have... to... get... a... life *long sigh*

    1. Quite a few of the BTS are on youtube, and they are generally posted in the Soompi thread for the show. But they are mostly not subtitled.

      kiraning has started to subtitle pieces of some

    2. Dear Christine, thank youuuu :) I've been searching some BTS on youtube and found some like 愛上哥們幕後花絮 Men's Talk 第01集 (there are 5 parts I can find) and then got some from you.. uhuhuu,, lalala,, ahaha... I'm sooo happy :D <3 Of course it'd be nice to understand what they're saying (and thank kiraning for that :D) but even if they're not subbed, I still can just stare at their faces and watch their interactions happily ;)

  4. This is one of my fav site. I love Ninja's thoughts on each episode of Bromance. I hope you continue to recap all the episodes.
    another fav site of mine is reading the soompi thread on Bromance. I just alternate between this 2 sites , waiting for the next episode of Bromance.

  5. is it me or the opponent gangster guy is hawt

  6. Is that the same Mall that the lead in Someone Like You owns?!?! Did I miss this before?

  7. Thanks for another awesome recap! I was totally unaware of the existence of this drama but I will definitely be watching it once I'm done with exams

  8. The further this drama progresses, the more I'm shipping the OTP. How are they always so cute and supportive of each other? It's so sweet to watch. And I can't wait till they can finally get together and have an official real first kiss (heck they can even make out to release all that tension between them hehe).
    On a side note, the more I look at Zi Feng, the more he looks like he came out of a manga or anime lol

  9. Wow! I love your recaps. Keep it coming. Megan and Baron sizzle together. Sometime it makes me curious if they have feelings for each other, for real especially after watching their BTS.