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Monday, December 14, 2015

Bromance Episode 9 Recap

Bromance Episode 9 Recap By Ninja 
Just when Zi Feng stares at Ya Nuo with disbelief, Xiao Jing shows up and introduces her cousin as Ya Nuo's sister... Ya Qi. Ha! My guess was totally wrong last week. 

Naturally attributing any familiar vibe he has with Ya Qi to her "twin" status to Ya Nuo, Zi Feng laughs that both siblings seems so shy.

Waving goodbye to Zi Feng after he drops her off at home, a flustered Ya Nuo complains to Xiao Jing of leaving her alone with Zi Feng but her cousin just nags at her for not cherishing the golden opportunity to pursue her man as a woman.
The next day at the amusement park Zhe Rui is caught off guard when in the middle of asking Ya Nuo what her sister's favorite foods are, Zi Feng turns to him and asks "You know Ya Nuo's twin sister right? Since you guys were childhood friends."

After a moment of confusion, Zhe Rui quickly claims knowledge of Ya Nuo's imaginary twin sister much to Ya Nuo's relief.
Too distracted by the thought that Zhe Rui's crush is probably Ya Nuo, Zi Feng doesn't notice the nervous tension between the two.
Puzzled why Zhe Rui would cover for her lie when he knows full well that she doesn't have a sister, Ya Nuo is moved when Zhe Rui assures her that he will unconditionally trust her and wait for her explanation.
Leaving her "brother" home to attend a dinner at Zi Feng's house with Xiao Jing, Ya Nuo (as Ya Qi) tries to act as naturally as possible despite the fact that Mama Du is already eyeing her as her daughter-in-law.
I had to include the picture on the right. I thought it was hilarious that they had Guang Chao stand facing the wall as his punishment for losing Zi Han's car. 
Thanks to the combined efforts of Xiao Jing and Mama Du, Ya Nuo and Zi Feng are pushed out after dinner to release floating wish candles down the river. Making their silent wishes as they stand next to each other, Ya Nuo wishes "I wish the one I love will one day also fall in love with me," while Zi Feng makes a similar wish "I wish Ya Nuo will know my feelings for him one day."
While walking past the amusement park's water fountain with Ya Nuo, Zi Feng suddenly stops to stare at a man playing in the water in disbelief. Racing to the man, Zi Feng throws his arms around the stranger and calls out "Father!" Dismayed when the man pushes him away and looks at him with no recognition in his eyes, Zi Feng rushes towards the man again but Ya Nuo stops him in time to be the voice of reason.

It turns out that the stranger is really Daddy Du but has lost all his past memories after he was rescued from the ocean. Unable to convince his father to go back home with him, Zi Feng doesn't have the heart to tell Mama Du about his shocking news and decides to keep silent for now.
Despite being happy that his father is still alive, Zi Feng can't help but be frustrated and sad that Daddy Du still insists that they are complete strangers. Her heart breaking to see Zi Feng in so much pain, Ya Nu tells Zi Feng "You don't ever have to hide your emotions in front of me" then wraps her arms around him.
Making a trip to Zhe Rui's veterinary hospital to check on her puppy, Ya Nuo is stunned when she accidentally finds a birthday card Zhe Rui has written to her. Holding out the pair of high heels she found along with the birthday card, Ya Nuo numbly asks "What does this birthday card mean? And why are you giving me a pair of high heels?"

Knowing full well he is caught, Zhe Rui confesses to Ya Nuo that he has known her secret since they were kids. Realization dawning as she thinks back to all the timely help Zhe Rui has given her to keep her secret, Ya Nuo promises to explain the whole mess to Zhe Rui soon.
Fed up with watching Zi Feng stressing over his father's amnesia, Ya Nuo drags Zi Feng to a basketball court and forces him to vent out some of his frustration. Noticeably more calm after a ball game and a heart felt speech from Ya Nuo, Zi Feng is finally able to go visit his father with a relaxed attitude.  
Glad to hear Zi Feng's desire to buy Daddy Du some winter clothes, Ya Nuo happily helps him pick out a sweater which promptly ended in another one of my favorite awkward but very sizzling pose for our two leads.

A phone call from Daddy Du's house alerts Zi Feng to the fact that he has left his house keys at his father's place. At first a bit hesitant when Zi Feng declares that he wants to stay at her house for the night, Ya Nuo quickly relents when Zi Feng puts on a pitiful face and mutters "I guess I should just go stay at a hotel..."
Wondering into Ya Nuo's room and teasing her about finding "suspicious feminine things again", Zi Feng is overjoyed when he accidentally finds out that Ya Nuo is very ticklish. What begins as a tickling fight quickly turns into a dreamy pillow fight... yap, the kind with feather flying everywhere.
Both laughing hard from their pillow fight, neither of our leads are aware of how close they are to each other...until...
Ya Nuo starts picking feathers off Zi Feng's face...
And leans closer and closer... then nothing, that's the end of the episode. NOOOOOO! I totally started cursing the writer until the preview came on! 


I have no idea if the pillow fight will actually end in a kiss, BUT judging from the preview we were so generously given, a kiss should at least happen sometime in episode 10... unless the writer is REALLY cruel and it's a dream sequence or something.

I do love this scene though. In the preview, Zi Feng starts to lean into Ya Nuo for a kiss but turns away at the last second with a sigh.
Not about to miss out on the kiss, Ya Nuo grabs Zi Feng and plants a kiss on him. Don't be a dream sequence. Don't be a dream sequence. Don't be a dream sequence! Please show?!

I am a bit torn on how I personally want episode 10 to go. Our two leads have essentially acted like they are a couple for the last bit without admitting their actions are way past your usual brotherhood so it seems logical that they would be forced to be honest about their feelings soon. However, with the introduction of Ya Qi - the twin sister, I am wondering what the writer has in mind and if Zi Feng is suppose to start getting confused about his own feelings toward the two siblings. It seems a bit too predicable to go the route of having Zi Feng fall in love with Ya Qi but on the other hand, it seems such a shame to waste the set up now that our writer has introduced the existence of a twin sister.
So what did you guys think about Daddy Du being alive? While I wasn't too incredibly surprised by Daddy Du's appearance I was very surprised by the timing of it. I thought for sure Daddy Du would show up later when Zi Feng is facing more pressure from the baddies but I guess if we are going the amnesia route then he is going to need some time to recover his memories.

In case you are curious about that other show: 
Things are progressing pretty well on Nana's side. Despite her determination to not forgive her father, Nana is visibly softening thanks to her friends' encouragements and Daddy Nan's unceasing effort. 


  1. Thanks. Just finished watching Ep9 and browsed around to satisfy my Bromance addiction. Your "In case you are curious about 'that' other show:" tickles me like crazy hahaha.

    1. My reaction exactly! Lol. Thanks for the recap, Ninja.

  2. I think it is not a dream but if the writer is so generous on that kiss, then the ending of the ep. will be a fake one. Maybe either Ya nuo or Zi feng will sneeze coz of feather.

  3. There's a lot of comedy material in Ya Nuo switching back and forth between her male and female personas. I'd like to see them keep that going for a few episodes. I'd like Zi Feng to experience a bit of angst over Ya Qi. She has all the traits he likes in Ya Nuo and a female body (which is what he's always been attracted to before). I think that he has to react to that or acknowledge that in some way, though it doesn't necessarily have to be falling in love with her.

    As much as I like the two leads acting like a couple (a really strong, emotionally supportive couple!), I think that it's probably best for the story (and the next 10 episodes) if that gets disrupted from time to time.