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Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #59

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Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #59
The Dearest Lady (Korean Daily, New)
I know it doesn't seem like it judging from this particular poster, but this show actually has a pretty large cast. I was kinda of worried that the show would start off by trying to introduce too many characters at once, but luckily episode one focused mostly on the heroine. I am still pretty clueless on what the show is about after just one episode but I am hoping to write a first impression by the end of next week.
Remember (Korean Drama, New)
I was interested in this show at first because of the cast...until I read the synopsis. 

Synopsis: Making it his life's goal to prove that his father is not a murder, our hero's Hyperthymesia condition becomes a great advantage as it allows him to remember his life in almost perfect detail...until he starts suffering from Alzheimer like his father. 
She Is 200 Years Old (Korean Short Series, Finished)
Yeah! I actually finished a short series for once! At 10 minutes per episode and only five episodes long this was super short and cute. 

Sweet Savage Family (Korean Drama)
This show is actually pretty funny with the gangster father all macho when he is "working" but turns to a yes-man the moment his wife shows up. Unfortunately, as funny as I find the premise to be I wasn't intrigued enough to keep following this one after watching the first two episodes. 
Gisou No Fuufu (Japanese Drama, Just Finished)
This one has such an interesting premise. Within the first episode we find out that our hero is actually gay despite the fact that he dated the heroine years ago. Feeling the pressure from his mom, the hero convinces the heroine to enter into a fake marriage with him. To make things even more complicated, a mother and daughter has also entered the mess by "confessing" their feelings to the heroine (yap, the little girl wants the heroine to be her daddy). Before you think this is a show all about coming out of the closet and facing social pressure... well, we are talking about J-drama here so we are already past that point. The central issue in Gisou No Fuufu is more about the heroine's journey to stop repressing her inner voice AND the question "Can our two leads make their relationship work even if the hero is not attracted to the heroine physically?"  
Love Me If You Dare (Chinese Drama)
This is just a picture to prove that I am getting my weekly dose of Wallace Huo. 
I Have A Lover (Korean Drama) 
We still have 22 more episodes to go on this one but it sure feels like we have come a long way. I am still enjoying this one immensely and it sure helps that besides the two leads I am loving the second leads' romance as well. 

Woman On The Breadfruit Tree (Chinese Drama, New) 
I didn't have high expectation on this one but it is actually a pretty easy watch. Don't go into this one expecting a light comedy though. 

I will be posting a first impression on this one tomorrow. 
Oh My Venus (Korean Drama) 
Still very swoon worthy... 
Oldies But Goodies 
 The Mischievous Princess/ My Bratty Princess / 刁蛮公主(Chinese Drama, 2005)
You guys probably couldn't tell that I actually like historical dramas since it has been a while I have followed one faithfully. The problem of course is usually that I get scared off by the epic nature of a lot of the historical dramas lately and since epic usually equals bad endings for me so that's why I avoid them like the plaque.  

The Mischievous Princess is as far from an epic historical drama as one could get. It is still a C-drama though so it likes to dip into the melo territory towards the end but if memory serves me right, the show was pretty fun overall. 
 Synopsis: Having no clue that she is actually a princess (Jang Na Ra) from the former dynasty, our tomboy heroine spends her day dressed up as a boy to champion for the weak while she roams the street. The wheel of fate starts when our heroine meets the emperor (Alec Su) and the two become friends without knowing each other's real identity. 
The melo parts start when the palace intrigues come into play but since I remember this show fondly I am assuming the ending must've been a happy one. 

By the way, I totally didn't connect Jang Na Ra to a couple of C-dramas I have seen in the past, but I guess she really has done a number of them when I started reading her bio. 


  1. I love love LOVE The Mischievous Princess! The ending is a happy one. They have 2 babies a boy and a girl at the end and it was so funny if you remember why LOL

  2. I watched the first two episodes of Remember and it seems like a pretty good storyline.

    1. It really looks like it would be a well made drama with a good story... I am just too scared to watch it. Drop me a line if the ending is good though! Then maybe I'll go watch it.

  3. wow jang na ra was so pretty back then. she definitely doesn't look aged now but she was so beautiful. Does anyone think that that the pic of her in the poster looks like barbie hsu?

    1. I didn't think it at the time. But now you mentioned Barbie Hsu's name I can see some similarities. I have always thought Jang Na Ra more of the cute instead of the beautiful type in K-dramas but she is actually really very pretty in C-dramas.