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Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #60

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Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #60
Be With Me (Taiwanese Drama, New)
Hmm... Did they run out of English names? Why would the producers name this show exactly the same name as the T-daily Bobby Dou was in back in April?? 

Synopsis: At the height of their careers, a boy band is torn apart when their band leader falls in love with the manager's daughter. Ten years later, everyone has since moved on but now that their paths has crossed again how will their lives be changed?

I am planning to check this out tomorrow. 

Thirty Something (Taiwanese Show, New)

Synopsis: As our heroine steps into her thirties, her life is thrown into chaos when her father suddenly landed himself in an astronomical amount of debt. Fired from her job, our heroine decides to embark on a new journey with the help from our two male leads but then things gets complicated when she has to decided which of the two man is her true love.   

I did checked out the first episode and while the story itself seems interesting, the heroine's character is dangerously close to being annoying. I am going to give this show at least another couple weeks though since the writer has purposefully given the heroine some pretty glaring flaws I am curious what the writer has in mind. 
Taste of Love (Taiwanese Drama)
Things are starting to move rather quickly between our two leads now that the hero is starting to get a clue on his own feelings. By the way, I have complained before the show seems to incorporate random side tangents into the story but I am happy to report that the writer is starting to tie all those side stories to the main plot so they don't seem so out of place anymore. 
Go Princess Go (Chinese Drama, New)
Thanks to my EXTREMELY low expectation on this one, I actually enjoyed the first two episodes of Go Princess Go. 

Synopsis: Our playboy hero falls into a pool after being chased by his ex-girlfriends and gloriously wakes up in the olden days ...as a princess. High jinks ensue as our hero turned heroine spends his time trying to commit suicide (to go back to his old body and the modern day) and ogling the crown prince's (his/her husband) concubines. 
The Dearest Lady (K-Daily) 
I am up to episode 6 on this one...and I still can't decide if I want to follow it or not. The two leads are pretty cute together but the villains are so dumb and annoying I am afraid all the cute in the world might not save it. 
Kari Kare (J-Drama, Ending Soon)
Remember my vow to not watch this one until it ended? In a moment of weakness I checked out episode 6 and promptly kicked myself for not waiting until next Tuesday for the last episode. I still think my ship is going to sink but hey, this is J-drama after all so an open ending is all together possible. 
Tomorrow Victory or Victory For Tomorrow (Korean Daily, New) 
I all but jumped with surprise when I realized Jeon So Min AND Song Won Geun are the two leads in this K-daily. For those who were unfortunate enough to watch Princess Aurora (2013) you would understand why I gave a huge sigh of relieve when I realized Tomorrow Victory has a different writer than Princess Aurora had. Jeon So Min and Song Won Geun were both in Princess Aurora together but Song Won Geun was only a very small character in that show. 

I checked out the first three episodes but since we are still in the back story stage I can't make a judgement on this one yet.  

Glamorous Temptation (Korean Drama)
I am really behind on this one and am not exactly following it faithfully but whenever I turn to it I do find the story quite engaging and easy to just keep watching. 

Marry Me or Not? (Taiwanese Drama)
The second male lead has officially entered into the story and it sure looks like he is about to create more trouble in an already turbulent water for our three leads.  
By the way, where do these Taiwanese shows keep finding these super cute dogs?

Oldies but Goodies 
Unruly Qiao Physican (刁蛮俏御医, 2012)
Since I recommended Jang Na Ra's Bratty Princes last week I thought I should also mention that show's spin off: Unruly Qiao Physican. 

Synopsis: Disguising herself as a man, our heroine makes a name for herself as the miracle doctor. Freely expressing her opinion to her new found friend, our heroine starts mouthing off about the emperor without a clue that she is talking to the emperor himself. Instead of being angry though, the emperor (hero) decides to become best friends with the heroine...not knowing she is a girl of course. 

 As a spin off, Unruly Qiao Physician was obviously trying to capture all the same audience that made Bratty Princess so popular therefore it reuses a lot of the same plot components such as the heroine disguising herself as a man, the emperor hiding his true identity, and the heroine caught between the love of two men.  
Despite the overwhelming similarities between the two shows, there were some differences. Unruly Qiao Physician focused quite a bit more on its comedic feel and if I remembered right, the show also had less melo elements compared to Bratty Princess. 


  1. I get lots of ideas for dramas to watch from your round-up posts.

  2. Whenever "dumb" and "annoying" are used to describe anything about a drama. more likely than not, watching it is a waste of time. Thanks for the heads up, Ninja. Merry Christmas!