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Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Drama Roundup #58

2:28 PM Posted by ninja 4 comments
Oh My Venus (Korean Drama)
So squeal worthy! I am exited to report that I am officially addicted to this one.

She is 200 Years Old / Never Die (Korea Drama, Short Series)
This one has a fun premise of a young man's life being turned up side down when he realizes the girl that "died" to save him is actually an immortal who is 200 years old. 

There has been a lot of short series out lately but none has stuck for me. However, based on the first two episodes of She is 200 Years Old I am hoping this one might actually be a winner for once. 
Woman on the Breadfruit Tree (Chinese Drama, New) 
Yet another drama with Tiffany Tang. I guess anymore it would actually feels weird if there isn't a Tiffany Tang drama airing. Woman on the Breadfruit Tree is actually filmed back in 2012 but it is finally airing now. 

The story follows three best friends as each of the girls walks along the path of love they have chosen ... be it happiness or pain. 

Love Me If You Dare (Chinese Drama)
I am SO behind on this one, but I am completely committed to finishing this one...if not just to get my weekly dose of Wallace Huo . 
5 ji Kara 9 ji Made (Japanese Drama)
Thanks to a reader's recommendation I checked this one out again and it really is a pretty cute show. I am up to episode 6, so I am two episodes behind but thus far I am enjoying it. My only complaint is that it seems almost every guy in the show has fallen in love with the heroine and that's one of my personal pet peeves when the writer does that.  
Still... Any complaint I may have is quickly forgotten when the director is nice enough to insert scenes like this from time to time. 

My Little Lover/ Minami kun no Koibito (Japanese Drama)
For some strange reason I really wanted this one to be good, so despite a somewhat lackluster first couple episodes I kept watching it. By episode four, My Little Lover is not exactly bad but really not that great either. I rather like the hero in this one but the heroine's acting is kind of uneven. The actress playing the heroine really fits the role in terms of her appearance but her acting comes off very intentional at times and that's unfortunate since she is THE star of the show after all. 

Oldies but Goodies 
Waking Love Up (Chinese Drama, 2011, 40 episodes)
This one is a Chinese remake on the Taiwanese drama A Prince Turned Into A Frog (2005), but it also reminds me of Save The Last Dance (K-drama, 2004) as well. 

The story should be familiar to most of you. Heroine saves the hero. Hero suffers amnesia and happily lives his life in a village with the heroine. Hero regains his memory and goes back to his chaebol life but promptly loses all of the memories of the heroine.
I am a sucker for this kind of story so as expected I obediently watched this one after working my way through the T-drama and K-drama versions. You would think on the third go with the same plot line I would be tired of it, but I actually enjoyed Waking Up Love quite a bit. I thought Tiffany Tany and Roy Chiu had good chemistry together and while the longer episode count meant there were some necessary draggy parts but I don't remember them being too painful. 


  1. Hi Ninja, glad you checked out 5 to 9. Yes, the part where the three guys seem to all be in love with the heroine is a bit too much but after episode 6 they start to sort themselves out...LOL! The relationships are handled in a nice matter-of-fact way as how jdramas tend to do quite well. I like that there's no super angst and crazy crap when relationship stuff happens in jdramas unlike korean and taiwan dramas.

    Anyways, there's something about Yamapi that is so compelling and the female lead and him are adorable enough for me to watch this. Also, it's probably only 11 episodes or something.

    Enjoy the show and as always, thanks for the blog :-)

  2. I have the same pet peeve about all the guys liking the leading lady.

  3. Oh My Venus, and Love Me If You Dare are in my topmost favorites, 5 ji Kara 9 ji Made is creeping close now that the hero is making more of his fleeting smiles. The last two dramas I started watching because of your first impressions, Ninja. Thank you.

  4. Tiffany and Roy dated when they were filming Waking Love Up and there were tons of articles when they broke up. It's most likely Roy cheating on Tiffany or something like that. I might marathon it real quick since there are so many fillers.

    Thanks for including old dramas as usual.