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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 25-26 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 25
Finally accepting her identity, Hae Gang faces a new conundrum as she tries to figure out what to call Jin Eon. Admitting that there are indeed some obvious awkwardness between them since he sees Hae Gang as his wife while Hae Gang still has almost no memory of their past, Jin Eon tries to get Hae Gang to yell out his name until she gets used to it.

What started out as a fun gesture turns painful though when Hae Gang yells out her fear that when she recovers her memory she might come to hate Jin Eon.

Putting his arms around Hae Gang, Jin Eon admits "I am afraid you will hate me as well. I have no idea what to do about you. But I can't seem to budge even an inch from you."
Walking with her arms around Jin Eon's, Hae Gang tells him "Don't get exhausted by love this time. Or by me... or when my memory comes back."

With a look of determination, Jin Eon replies "I won't get exhausted. I will protect you until the end this time."
Overwhelmed with guilt when she walks into Kyu Seok's room to see her sleeping daughter , Yong Gi tearfully apologizes to Woo Joo for not realizing how much she wanted a father in her life. Jerking back with surprise when she sees that Kyu Seok has actually been awake through her little speech, Yong Gi agrees when Kyu Seok asks her to tell him the reason why she is on the run.

Piecing together that the Yong Gi look alike in the hospital must've been Hae Gang, Kyu Seok tells Yong Gi of the law firm where Hae Gang works. He remembered from Hae Gang's business card.
Surprised to realize that Hae Gang has been working for Baek Seok all this time, Yong Gi visits Baek Seok at work and finally gets the whole story from him. (Except the twin sister part.)

Horrified that Hae Gang has suffered so much because of the identity mixed up, Yong Gi is both thankful to Hae Gang yet apprehensive that as the lawyer for Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical, the role Hae Gang might have played in her husband's death.
Unfortunately, it is starting to be very apparent that as President Choi's trusted help, the pre-amnesia Hae Gang certainly was neck deep in Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical's unsavory dealings.

Stunned when a confused Madam Choi starts yelling about how Hae Gang had helped President Choi to frame the man who eventually killed Eun Sol (Hae Gang's daughter), Seol Ri regains her composure when a rather calm President Choi thank her for taking care of his wife. I guess President Choi really doesn't care about himself anymore since he had plenty of time to stop his wife from rambling all those top secrets but had chosen instead to just let her talk. 
Looking through the stack of court records that show an almost perfect winning streak of her old self, Hae Gang numbly asks Bae Seok "What kind of lawyer has an almost 100% winning rate? What kind of life was I living? According to all these records, it looks like I was a Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical's hunting dog. A devoted hunting dog... I am afraid of who I am. I am so scared."
Tae Seok finds out by accident from his wife that Yong Gi is actually working at Mama Do's house and shows up that very day to confirm for himself. Grabbing her daughter in horror when she sees Tae Seok, Yong Gi runs away as fast as she could. Fully intending to chase after Yong Gi, Tae Seok freezes in apprehension when Kyu Seok stops him and asks for an explanation.

I Have A Lover Episode 26 Recap
Her hackles fully raised after a brief meeting with Hae Gang where she almost loses her composure to know that her husband has become a killer, Jin Li decides to join hands with Seol Ri in order to stop Hae Gang and Jin Eon from getting back together. Convinced by Seol Li that they just need to remind our two leads' of their past, Jin Li laughs "Yes, Hae Gang has you and Jin Eon has Eun Sol. Since they seem to have forgotten, let's make sure they remember."

Showing up in front of Jin Eon's work, Hae Gang gives in to her desire to see Jin Eon and calls him down to meet her. Rushing out of his company to meet with Hae Gang, Jin Eon is astounded when he is greeted by a weeping Hae Gang.
Concerned, Jin Eon walks towards Hae Gang, but immediately stops when Hae Gang takes a step back when he takes a step forward. Overwhelmed by memories of Jin Eon's infidelity after Seol Ri forwards intimate pictures of herself with a smiling Jin Eon, Hae Gang cries in the pouring rain as all the feelings of betrayal and loneliness come rushing back to her.
Looking at Hae Gang intently, Jin Eon pleads "I don't know what you remembered, but that is me, this is me too. I won't try to avoid anything. If you punish me then I will take the punishment and wait for you. Until you forgive me. I will stay right by your side."

Looking like a lost puppy, Hae Gang asks Jin Eon "What do I do about you? This is probably only the beginning. Something worse is probably waiting for us in the future. What do I do? What do we do?"

Gritting his teeth, Jin Eon replies "We just don't lose. We just don't let go of each other. We don't give up. That's all. I am so sad... so sad right now. But I am also very happy... because you are here. Because I am right next to you. I love you. You love me. We love each other."
Rushing back into his office with bags full of clothes for Hae Gang to change into, Jin Eon doesn't seem to notice Hae Gang's discomfort as he tries to unhook the new bra he bought for Hae Gang.
Finally catching a clue when Hae Gang snatches the bra out of his hands, Jin Eon mutters "I have seen everything already..." HA! 
Stopping a grumpy Jin Eon from leaving, Hae Gang ignores his protest and wipes his face with a towel. All but running out of his office to give Hae Gang some privacy to change her clothes, Jin Eon puts a hand over his thumping heart and mutters "Stop, Stop! She just dried my face. That was nothing."  
Sitting together over a dinner of Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles), Jin Eon gets jealous when Hae Gang shakes the noodle bowls the way Baek Seok had shown her. Jin Eon's mood takes another dip when he offers to eat the pork in Hae Gang's Janjangmyeon since she has always disliked it, but Hae Gang informs him that she eats them now.
Walking over to a still sullen Jin Eon, Hae Gang plants a soft kiss on him after he mutters "I am going crazy... because of you."
Encouraged by Hae Gang's kiss, Jin Eon plants a ... let's just say a much bigger kiss on her.
Despite a moment of awkwardness between our three leads when Baek Seok runs into Jin Eon and Hae Gang in front of his house, Baek Seok nonetheless in an almost friendly atmosphere invites Jin Eon out for a drink.

Exchanging information on what they've found out so far, both men are horrified when they figured out that Hae Gang was actually the one that suggested the plan to frame Yong Gi's husband. Petrified to even imagine how Hae Gang would feel once she finds out that she had almost single handily destroyed her sister's life, Baek Seok urgently tells Jin Eon that they must stop Hae Gang from meeting Yong Gi.

A mildly drunk Baek Seok comes home to meet Hae Gang on her way out of the door. Scared sober the moment he realizes that Hae Gang is actually planning to go meet Yong Gi, Baek Seok tries to convince Hae Gang that there is no hurry in meeting her sister. Not quite convinced, Hae Gang tells Baek Seok that she keeps having this nagging feeling that if she doesn't meet Yong Gi soon, then she might lose the chance forever once her memory returns.
Chided once again the next morning for drinking too much by Daddy Baek, Baek Seok takes the chance to tell his father that he doesn't have the confidence to keep being a lawyer anymore. Having overheard the whole conversation, Hae Gang guessed right away that Baek Seok's decision has to do with her. Charging right into the room, Hae Gang tells Baek Seok that she is going to take on the Pudoxin case even if Baek Seok chooses to back out.
Despite knowing full well that he can easily get rid of Tae Seok if he just find Yong Gi and reveals the sordid mess to the public, Jin Eon is unable to do anything now that he knows taking Tae Seok down would also mean sending Hae Gang to prison. 

Smiling with smug satisfaction when he hears from Jin Eon's own mouth saying he is going to cover up the whole thing, Tae Seok mutters "I knew you would be like this..." Tae Seok had Jin Eon's secretary wiretap his office. 
Unable to stop thinking about the way Yong Gi had ran away from Tae Seok, Kyu Seok shows up at Yong Gi's house and pointedly asks "Were you running away from my brother because of who he is? Or because he works for Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical?" 

After a moment of utter shock once she confirms Tae Seok is really Kyu Seok's brother, Yong Gi ekes out "Because he worked for Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical" then casts a hopeless glance at her daughter. Poor Yong Gi. She can't even avoid Kyu Seok because of her daughter's illness.  
Gathering up her courage, Hae Gang finally shows up at her own house and rings the door bell. Rushing up to the intercom, Yong Gi stifles a gasp as she sees Hae Gang's face on the screen. 

Boy... this is not going to be pretty. Our heroine's path in finding out that her pre-amnesia self is the poster child of everything her current self detests is going to be one bumpy ride. 

These last two episodes were just the beginning of our two leads facing up to their past and in a way in also forces me as the viewer to admit that despite Hae Gang's heroine status, she is going to have to pay a price for what she has done in the past...no matter what her reasons were. 
We've hit the "trial" part of our two leads' romance but unlike most shows where the villains come up with various ways to create trouble for the leads, here the villains are really mostly creating the kind of troubles that are necessary for our leads to overcome.

Of course most of that is because our villains truly believe that if Hae Gang and Jin Eon can go right back to who they were at the point of their divorce then everything would be solved. It doesn't help that even Hae Gang herself is not sure what would happen to her relationship with Jin Eon once her memory comes back. 
One thing I am puzzled of is what exactly Seol Ri is hoping for at this point. Is she just sticking around out of vengeance because she wants to see Hae Gang and Jin Eon in pain once Hae Gang "returns to who she was"? It seems silly to me that she could at this point fool herself into thinking Jin Eon would come back to her. Jin Eon certainly didn't suffer amnesia and if he wasn't able to make himself fall in love with her all those years when he was still so angry at Hae Gang then what would change now that he has experienced the hell of believing Hae Gang to be dead? 
ps. Angsty romance aside ... wait... I guess having the guy's brother trying to kill you is pretty angsty as well... oh well, it doesn't stop me from swooning over Kyu Seok anyway.  


  1. she acts so well i had forgotten the sisters are played by the same actress which means she has 3 male leads...ah some women have all the luck. In my next life let me be a korean actress

  2. She played five characters. 1. The original bitch hae gang. 2. Her twin. 3. The amnesiac fake dokgo yonggi. 4.the overboard bitch returned memory hae gang. 5.the hae gang w total admission of returned memory.

  3. She played five characters. 1. The original bitch hae gang. 2. Her twin. 3. The amnesiac fake dokgo yonggi. 4.the overboard bitch returned memory hae gang. 5.the hae gang w total admission of returned memory.