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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 27 & 28 Recap

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I Have A Lover Episode 27 by Ninja
I Have A Lover Episode 25-26: HERE
Backtracking a bit from where we ended last week, so these happened before Young Gi finds Hae Gang at the door.

Already surprised to find Kyu Seok at her house, Yong Gi is stunned when Kyu Seok all but orders her to trust him and to start living with him. Giving up when Kyu Seok walks out of the house with Woo Joo in his arms, Yong Gi obediently starts packing.

Despite being amazed to find Yong Gi at Mama Do's house, Hae Gang nonetheless is glad to finally meet her little sister face to face. In contrast to Hae Gang's friendly manner though, Yong Gi can't stop thinking about Seol Ri's insistence that Hae Gang is directly responsible for her husband's death and ends up venting out all her anger.
Perhaps feeling guilty when she comes home to see Mama Do's smiling face, Yong Gi finally tells Mama Do the shocking news that her daughter is still alive. Hallelujah! Someone finally told the poor woman. 
Almost cheerful when Hae Gang pays him a visit at the office, Tae Seok watches with satisfaction as horror fills Hae Gang's whole being when she reads the document that points to herself as the one that destroyed her sister's life.

Fortunately, while Hae Gang is being traumatized Jin Eon is starting to find clues that Tae Seok had actually made up the document in order to frame Hae Gang for his evil deeds. Puzzled why Jin Eon would want to talk out on the freezing balcony, Hyun Woo is astounded when Jin Eon explains that Tae Seok had put a listening bug in the office and his previous declaration that he was going to cover up everything for Hae Gang's sake was simply a way to fool Tae Seok.
Rushing out of the office when his secretary informs him that a very dazed Hae Gang has just left the company, Jin Eon watches with a heavy heart as Hae Gang refuses to pick up his call.

After texting Hae Gang "It's my birthday. Wish me happy birthday", Jin Eon yells silently for Hae Gang to turn around even as she keeps walking away.
His face breaking out in a happy smile when Hae Gang suddenly comes walking back towards him and hands him a birthday gift, Jin Eon teases her "I told you to wish me a happy birthday but I didn't say it was today."
Confessing her recent trip to Tae Seok's office and the damning document she was shown, Hae Gang asks Jin Eon "Who was I exactly? Was I even human? How did you live with me. How did you... that kind of monster..."

Grabbing Hae Gang's hand in earnest, Jin Eon assures her that the document she saw was something Tae Seok made up. Almost frantic when Hae Gang keeps wondering what kind of horrible deeds she must've committed in the past, Jin Eon pleads with Hae Gang to not make any assumptions until her memories come back.
Hae Gang goes home to find her mom already sitting in her room after waiting all day to see her. Overwhelmed with emotion to finally confirm for herself that her daughter is back from the dead, Mama Do sobs out her relief as Hae Gang awkwardly tries to comfort her.

Hardily believing her eyes when her once picky daughter looks completely at home as she cleans and cooks for the many kids in Daddy Baek's house, Mama Do explodes in anger when a clueless Baek Seok walking in.
Raging at Baek Seok, Mama Do slaps him then yells "How dare you do this to my daughter. My daughter! You knew, you knew who she was. Did you hide the truth because you wanted her to clean and cook for you?!" Finding no words to defend himself, Baek Seok mutters his apology and accepts Mama Do's unending fury.

Tearing up as she watches her own mother attacking Baek Seok, Hae Gang yells back at Mama Do "Stop it! I don't know how you see my life right now, but I am happy. Baek Seok is the one that saved me. He gave me these precious four years. If it wasn't for these four years I don't know how I would survive right now."

I Have A Lover Episode 28
A bit apprehensive when Jin Eon shows up at the house, Yong Gi sneers when Jin Eon promises that he is going to dig up the truth and expose everything in order to make things right for Yong Gi and her daughter. Demanding to know why Jin Eon would do all that for her when the truth would jeopardize his own company, Yong Gi is stunned when Jin Eon tells her that he is doing this for Hae Gang - her twin sister.
Waiting until Mama Do comes home, Yong Gi finally snaps out of her shock and vents her bitterness to Mama Do that unlike Hae Gang who still has memories to recover about her mother, she only has memories of being abandoned.

Walking into Yong Gi's room to lay down a sleeping Woo Joo, Kyu Seok almost ignored the sobbing Yong Gi but ends up walking back and silently wiping away her tears.
Convinced that she couldn't possibly keep staying at Mama Do's house now that she knows the truth, Yong Gi carries her sleeping daughter on her back and tries to sneak out in the middle of the night. Jumping with surprise when Kyu Seok all the sudden shows up, Yong Gi tells him not to stop her from leaving. Dryly replying that he has no such intentions, Kyu Seok simply takes the sleeping Woo Joo and assures a speechless Yong Gi that while she is welcome to leave, his patient has to stay with him.
Defeated as she walks back into her room to find Woo Joo sleeping in Kyu Seok's arms, Yong Gi confesses "The house lady turns out to be my mother. Do Hae Gang is my twin older sister."
With his eyes still closed, Kyu Seok replies "Is that so. That sure is a hard to accept fact." At first nodding her agreement to hear Kyu Seok's understanding words, Yong Gi is soon huffy when Kyu Seok continues "Just going by appearance Miss Yong Gi seems more like the older sister. It looks like Miss Young Gi is aging a bit fast." Ha! I LOVE this guy.  
Thanks to the annoying Seol Li who outright ignored Jin Eon's warning to not create trouble,  Shil Il Sang, the man who accidentally killed Eun Sol is informed the very second he gets out of jail of the fact Hae Gang has lost her memory and is living free from the pain of her past. 

Waiting in front of Baek Seok's office, Shil Il Sang is stunned when Hae Gang not only treats him like a total stranger but gives him a lecture about not throwing cigarette butts on the ground. 
Handing Hae Gang a desk plaque with her name on it to celebrate her reinstatement as a lawyer, Baek Seok is distraught when Hae Gang informs him of her intention to keeping digging into the Pudoxin case. Pleading with Hae Gang to just let it go, Baek Seok yells out his frustration when Hae Gang tells him that he is not the kind of lawyer that can ignore an injustice "I don't need anything. As long as you are okay, I can give up everything. I don't need to be a lawyer. I don't need morals. I don't need ideology. I don't need my soul. I can give it all up." 

Moved to tears when Baek Seok finally relents at her insistence that she wants to keep going even if in the end she will be turning herself to the law, Hae Gang cries as Baek Seok tells her "Leave it to me. Let me catch you. So don't try to catch yourself." 

Excitedly showing up at Hae Gang's office with a desk plaque, Jin Eon leaves in anger when he sees Hae Gang has already received a similar plaque from Baek Seok and is currently crying in another man's arms. 
Pleased to see Jin Eon when she walks out of her office, Hae Gang is puzzled when a huffy Jin Eon childishly locks the car door when she tries to get in. Realization dawning on Hae Gang when Jin Eon makes several pointed remarks such as "You should go have lunch with your lighthouse", an equally annoyed Hae Gang gets out of the car after telling Jin Eon "I am going to find my lighthouse now." 
Fortunately, our couple's little tiff doesn't last more than a five minutes before they are smiling at each other like silly fools again. Confessing that he is crazy with desire to be with her, Jin Eon proposes to Hae Gang. After thinking for a moment, Hae Gang replies "Next time. Let's get married after this is over. For sure." Accepting Hae Gang's answer, Jin Eon affirms "For sure?!" Nodding, Hae Gang replies again "For sure."

Turning to get back in the car, Jin Eon is stunned when Hae Gang quietly mutters "I love you." Puzzled by Jin Eon's dazed and disbelieving expression, Hae Gang is surprised when Jin Eon tells her that she has never once said those three words to him even when they were married. Sighing, Hae Gang asks "Why did you even live with me?" With tears in his eyes, Jin Eon replies "To hear those words. To hear you tell me that you love me." Looking deep into Jin Eon's eyes as she cups his face with her hands, Hae Gang says "I love you." 
After making sure that Hae Gang is out of the office, Yong Gi meets with Baek Seok to show him the video her husband had made to expose the true side affect of Pudoxin. Concerned for Yong Gi's safety, Baek Seok tells her that she should leave the USB drive with him. Slightly frustrated when Yong Gi complains that he can't be trusted to not destroy the USB for Hae Gang's sake, Baek Seok tells Yong Gi that Hae Gang is determined to win the Pudoxin case not just for herself but for her little sister. 
Perhaps softened by Baek Seok's words, despite being snappy at first when Hae Gang calls on the phone, Yong Gi is soon yelling with indignation that Hae Gang, her sister would be crazy enough to consider marrying the jerk that cheated on her before. Listening to Yong Gi as she rattles on about how once a cheater is always a cheater, Hae Gang smiles with contentment. 
Hae Gang's most painful past finally shows up in front of her as Shil Il Sang's vehemently recounts the hellish four years he spent in prison as he tries to pay for his sin of killing an innocent child. Screaming as she remembers the pain of losing Eun Sol, Hae Gang pleads for her daughter's forgiveness as she mutters "I was wrong, Mama was wrong." 

Panicking when Hae Gang passes out from her grief, Shil Il Sang runs away leaving Hae Gang unconscious on the floor. 
Not moving a muscle as she opens her eyes, Hae Gang stares blankly as memories of her past comes flooding back. We are only shown the bad memories between her and Jin Eon so I am not sure if she has recovered ALL of her memories or still just pieces of her past. 

Ah, poor Baek Seok. If there was ever a time I was tempted to be on Baek Seok's ship than episode 28 was it when he screams that as long as Hae Gang was okay he was willing to lose even his soul. How can you not fall for a guy like that?! 

I was also cheering for Baek Seok when he chided Hae Gang for her fear that once she recovers her memory she would somehow wipe away her last four years and turn back into a monster. Giving Hae Gang the speech she sorely needed, Baek Seok tells her that she just need to make sure she remain true to her current self. 
One scene I was rather grateful for in these last week's episodes was the one between Jin Eon and Seol Ri where our hero finally answers the big question of why the affair happened in the first place.

Frustrated that Jin Eon not only does not accept her assertion that he would leave Hae Gang once she turns back to her former self but his insistence that pre-amnesia Hae Gang and the post-amnesia Hae Gang is the same woman he loves, Seol Ri tearfully asks "Why did you treat me the way you did then? Why the shoes? Why the umbrella? Why worry about me?"

Stabbing Seol Ri to the heart, Jin Eon answers her question with "You were bright, confidant, a fighter ...just like Hae Gang was. You were pitiful because you didn't care about anything else but only had eyes for me... just like how I was toward Hae Gang." So essentially, since Jin Eon felt like he couldn't love Hae Gang at that point anymore he was attracted to Seol Ri because she reminded him of the good parts of himself and Hae Gang. Sigh... this still doesn't excuse the affair but at least it explains why in heaven someone so deeply in love with Hae Gang such as Jin Eon could get himself in such a mess.
ps. Poor poor Baek Seok. Once upon a time I was hoping maybe Baek Seok could be paired up with Yong Gi, but I like our doctor too much now. 


  1. we all love the doctor! :)

  2. I always enjoy your recaps. I lose my comments somehow via Google --- I don't use that email acct really & its messed me uup twice now. But I love reading these and other of your rcaps. Thanks for your hard work and a good job!