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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 29-30 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 29 Recap By Ninja
Surprisingly calm after passing out then waking up to an onslaught of memories, Hae Gang shows up for her appointment with Daddy Choi. Nodding gracefully when Daddy Choi asks her to go back to Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical, Hae Gang replies "Of course I have to."

All his excitement of actually getting solid evidence that Tae Seok has framed Hae Gang fleeing away the moment Hae Gang turns her cold gaze on him, Jin Eon frantically tries to convince Hae Gang that they have fallen in love again.
Incredulous, Hae Gang replies "Was I on drugs? After getting divorced from Choi Jin Eon, why would I tell a jerk like that I love him." Ouch. 
Stunned when her daughter walks into the house and starts talking about packing for her China trip, Mama Do quickly realizes that Hae Gang has no clue that four years has passed. Sitting Hae Gang down gingerly, Mama Do starts to tell her about Yong Gi and the accident four years ago.
Following Hae Gang all the way home, Jin Eon storms into her room and tries to convince her again that they have fallen in love with each other. Furious, Hae Gang asks "What you did to me. What you did to me and Kang Seol Ri. Did you tell me all that before before falling back in love with me? You didn't did you? Why did you let me fall in love with you? Choi Jin Eon, you can't do that to me! That's not love! How's that love!"

Numb as he lets Hae Gang drag him out of her room, Jin Eon stands frozen to the spot as she throws the familiar words back to him "Didn't you say let's live and die separately?! Go! Go and live well."
Unable to sleep despite her effort, Hae Gang walks out of her room to find Yong Gi half drunk with Soju. Already bothered when Hae Gang coldly orders her to change her hairstyle and her wardrobe because she looks dumb in it, Yong Gi finally loses her temper when Hae Gang picks up a call from Baek Seok and tells him that he is a complete stranger to her. Not fazed at all by Yong Gi's accusations, Hae Gang just calmly tells her "Call me unni".
While the two girls are hashing it out in the house, both of our male leads are suffering mightily as Jin Eon and Baek Seok try to process the fact that the amnesia Hae Gang is no more.
Showing up at Daddy Baek's house bright and early the next morning, Hae Gang coldly looks over her stuff and tells Baek Seok to throw everything away. Politely thanking Daddy Baek and promising to pay them compensation money for their troubles, Hae Gang turns to leave but stops briefly when sounds of Baek Seok's heart breaking sobs filled the room.
Not surprised to find Jin Eon sitting outside of Baek Seok's house, Hae Gang tells him "They said I lived in that house for four years. The man I lived with is crying. He is sobbing. He must be crying because of me. Even I am bothered. That man's tears. The light in that man's eyes pierce my heart. That man must love me. The hatred I have for you...I might be able to erase it sooner than I thought. Why do you think I am more concerned about that man than my husband that's in front of me? I want to start a new life. Please help me. Choi Jin Eon, please get yourself away from my life."
The pain! I think I pretty much cried my way through this episode. 

I Have A Lover Episode 30 Recap
Walking confidently into Tae Seok's office, Hae Gang nonchalantly informs him that she is coming back to the company and her goal is to kick Jin Eon to the research department so she can take over his position. Pleasantly surprised, Tae Seok asks Hae Gang for her reasons and is immediately satisfied when Hae Gang vows to seek revenge for all the shame Jin Eon has put her through.
Trying to force himself to accept the new/old Hae Gang, Baek Seok offers to help Hae Gang to clean up her stuff at the office. Losing his forced calm with each item Hae Gang methodically categorizes as trash, Baek Seok finally explodes when Hae Gang insists on throwing away the stack of thank you letters from her old clients. Not moved by the tears in Baek Seok's eyes, Hae Gang agrees to Baek Seok's request for her to leave but reminds him again that he needs to throw everything out.
Proving once again that he really is the heart melting light house Hae Gang claimed him to be, Baek Seok suddenly shows up at the top of the stair case and stops Hae Gang from leaving by yelling "Hey! You jerk over there! You stop there for a second and turn around."

Standing in front of Hae Gang, Baek Seok points out the obvious fact that Hae Gang doesn't have a single friend. Proclaiming his responsibility to reform a person that makes people lose their appetite on sight such as Hae Gang, Baek Seok declares to her "From now on when someone ask for the name of your close friend, you can loudly tell them Baek Seok!" Ignoring Baek Seok's extended hand to shake on their friendship, Hae Gang turns and walks away.
Thanks to Mama Do's help, Jin Eon finds his way to Hae Gang's hotel room and pours out his heart to her as he kneels on the ground. Tearfully apologizing to Hae Gang for not realizing in the past that she was also suffering from their daughter's death, Jin Eon pleas with Hae Gang to let them mourn together and start over.
Not moved, Hae Gang coldly asks "Why are you not mentioning Kang Seol Ri at all?"
Hanging his head, Jin Eon replies "Because I am ashamed. To you and to Seol Ri." Admitting that he was cruel to both women, Jin Eon explains that he was so desperate at that point he was ready to use anything to hurt Hae Gang, to let her know that he was hurting.

Still not moved, Hae Gang looks at Jin Eon and tells him "I only remember the day I jumped into the river. I can't forget the way you looked at her, your laugh and the way you moved her hair to the side with your finger. I can't forget that. We are over. It's all over. I am done with Choi Jin Eon. I can't forgive Choi Jin Eon at all."
Showing Hae Gang that he really was not kidding when he declared that he was going to stick to her like gum, Jin Eon tricks Hae Gang into opening her door the next morning by ordering room service. Physically stopping Hae Gang from leaving, Jin Eon assures her that he is willing to confine her the whole day if she doesn't eat breakfast with him. Wrapping his arms around Hae Gang, Jin Eon pleas "I will love you no matter what. So go ahead and hate me because I will still love you."

Stunned when Hae Gang softly tells him that she will eat breakfast with him, Jin Eon quickly releases her but the next moment Hae Gang just gives him a sounding slap and leaves him behind.
Sitting in Hae Gang's hotel room, Jin Eon jumps up with happiness when a knock sounds at the door. Instead of finding Hae Gang at the door though, two policeman greet Jin Eon and inform him that someone has accused him of stalking and he needs to go to the station with them.

Completely speechless when he shows up at the police station to get Jin Eon, Hyun Woo complains loudly that Hae Gang has gone too far and that she has over reacted. Stopping in mid stride, Jin Eon mutters "Over reacted... she is not someone that over reacts."
Excited as she lays out all the new clothes and accessories Hae Gang has bought for her, Yong Gi is filled with disappointment after she tries on the clothes and realizes that they don't look good on her at all. Fired up when she catches a slight smile on Kyu Seok when he walks into the room, Yong Gi complains that she doesn't understand why she doesn't look good in her new clothes even though she looks exactly the same as Hae Gang.

Captain tactful as usual, Kyu Seok says to Woo Joo (the two are hilariously having a conversation in the name of talking to Woo Joo) "Tell her that no matter what she does there is no hope. She will look more tacky the more she tries."
Having not watched enough k-drama to know that bantering between a man and a woman is ALWAYS a good thing, little Woo Joo asks Kyu Seok to treat her mother better because she is going to be his mother-in-law after all. (Ha, Woo Joo is totally set on marrying Kyu Seok.) 
His face showing a tiny clue of his concern when Woo Joo confesses that her mother always sings when she is sad, Kyu Seok promises Woo Joo to treat her mother better as Yong Gi sings in the background.
Remembering Tae Seok's demand for Yong Gi's flash drive (the one that has her husband's confession) when she comes home to find the house empty, Hae Gang is speechless when she successfully opens the lock on Yong Gi's luggage on the first try. Sneering that Yong Gi is naive enough to use her birthday for the luggage lock, Hae Gang quickly finds the flash drive.

Freezing in mid-action when Woo Joo all the sudden comes into the room, Hae Gang convinces her niece that she is taking the flash drive to protect Yong Gi from the bad guys and extracts a promise of silence from Woo Joo.
Calling Hae Gang out for a meeting, Seol Ri triumphantly reminds Hae Gang how her amnesia self was in love with Jin Eon just days ago and asks "Are you in pain now that you've remember everything?"

Freely admitting that she is so angry that her anger threatens to consume herself, Seol Ri and Jin Eon, Hae Gang fights back with her own questioning "What have you done in the last four years? What have you done after taking him away from me? Why is that man still coming to me and begging on his knee for love? Why is he is still bothering me, tormenting me? You can have him. I will throw him away to you."

Unable to say anything as Hae Gang points out that she has never once possessed Jin Eon's heart, Seol Ri cries as Hae Gang continues "I warned you once to not waste your youth on something that won't happen. To not let your youth stuck in a trash can. But you answered back then that rather than dying without doing anything you would rather die wearing yourself out. Well, you are right. You are dying away from wearing yourself out. You are only a shell. Rather than a love that doesn't exist, I think finding yourself is your priority, Kang Seol Ri."
Mildly surprised when Hae Gang walks into his office and helps herself to a can of beer, Baek Seok confesses that Seol Ri must've called him to the cafe to witness the whole exchange so he could throw his feelings away cleanly...just like he is planning to do as soon as he finishes all the beer.

Glancing at all of her stuff that is still there, Hae Gang asks "Why haven't you throw these away like I asked you to?"
Looking past Hae Gang at her old desk, Baek Seok replies "But what if the owner wants to come back one day."
Not answering Baek Seok's question, Hae Gang asks instead "Aren't you sick of me? Not being able to stand me would be the normal thing. Isn't?"
Giving a slight laugh, Baek Seok replies "Four years ago I got tire and sick of you. I did those already. I have already experienced Do Hae Gang. I think things would be a lot easier this time around since I have my own secret manual already."
Staring down at the beer in his hand, Baek Seok starts to recite Hae Gang's favorite poem. Without warning, Hae Gang softly finishes reciting the rest of the poem. Looking at Baek Seok with tears on her face, Hae Gang says "It's me, Seok. I said it's me."

Staring at a stunned Baek Seok, Hae Gang pleas "Help me out, Seok. So I can at least turn my life around even now. So I can cleaned up all the sins I've committed. So I can protect my pitiful sister...and so that I can part with that man. Please."

Too overwhelmed with emotion to get any words out, a tearful Baek Seok nods.
Not knowing his wife has just asked her lighthouse to get rid of him, Jin Eon waits outside of Hae Gang's hotel room and stares at his cell phone fiercely hoping that she would answer his text of "Wish me a happy birthday." The text was suppose to remind Hae Gang of a sweet memory back when she (amnesia Hae Gang) still loved him. That was also probably a way to test his suspicion that maybe Hae Gang still remembers the last four years. 


There! The love triangle is officially back in full force. Let me just say first that I am really glad Hae Gang was just pretending the whole time. I was mighty afraid the writer would actually make Hae Gang revert right back to her old self. While I was crying my way through the last two episodes I was harboring a tiny hope that she was faking it but I was mostly afraid that we might be stuck with the "Jerk Hae Gang" as Baek Seok likes to refer to her.
Judging by Hae Gang's plea in the last scene it looks like she is completely serious about ending her relationship with Jin Eon. I personally could think of plenty of good reasons why our two leads shouldn't get back together but I am very curious what Hae Gang's reasons are. Hae Gang's plan to get rid of Jin Eon from the company is obviously just another way to insure he doesn't get his hands dirty so it makes me wonder if she doesn't consider herself worthy of his love after all her past deeds.

Sigh... I know it's way too much to ask but I really hope the writer find Baek Seok his own true love. Baek Seok's character has been so awesome these last few episodes that it's sure is getting harder and harder to remember why our heroine shouldn't just stick with her lighthouse.

But then I melt immediately when our hero comes on the screen with his "look how handsome I am when I am suffering from heart ache" that I remember "Oh, sorry. Yap, you are the hero." 

In all seriousness, I think the only reason I haven't jumped from Jin Eon's ship is because Jin Eon simply can't exist without Hae Gang. I am not completely confident that Baek Seok can actually move on from Hae Gang either but it seems obvious that after four years of fooling himself that he can carve out a new life without Hae Gang, Jin Eon has proven to himself already that he can't live without her. Of course there is also that minor thing that the one Hae Gang loves has always been Jin Eon, not Baek Seok. Women! We sure love our bad boys...as long as they are good looking, honest, and only has eyes for us.  
The other thing I found interesting in this episode was the fact that Seol Ri really doesn't care about Jin Eon anymore at this point. She doesn't even care if Jin Eon would be hurt as long as Hae Gang doesn't end up with him. As annoying as Jin Li is, I do always find her observance to be right on the money and agreed whole heartily when she said Seol Ri is so focused on Hae Gang that she has become Hae Gang's slave. As ironic as it is, Hae Gang is probably the person that gave Seol Ri the best advise when she told her to move on from a dead end romance and focus on finding herself instead.
 On Yong Gi's front, her romance is sure coming along fairly slowly but I am actually liking the slow pacing. I love this scene where Yong Gi barges into Kyu Seok's room despite the fact that he has specifically told her not to come in. She has complained that he always said no so she figured she will go in anyway. Obviously not the forgiving kind, Kyu Seok later goes into Yong Gi's room when she tells him not to come in. 

Surprised to find Kyu Seok in the middle of changing his clothes, Yong Gi hilariously just takes off her glasses and proceeds to ask him if her hair and clothes really make her look dumb. Not surprisingly, Kyu Seok answered in the affirmative.
By the way, I thought those drapes were really pretty...


  1. Love you recaps, as always. You are accurate, concise, and so very funny on top of it all. "Captain Tactful", indeed. And the "Tit-for-tat" with Yong Gi --- barging full steam ahead into HER room! And I noticed nothing but the drapes, myself. (snicker-snicker!). Yes, Baek Seok is the guy our mothers WISH we would marry. But Jin Eon (thanks to JJH) has just got that "Bad boy". handsome, oh so sexy guy charm patented! Soon we'll get the next two episodes and what will the writer have in store for us next?

  2. I can't be bothered to watch the drama anymore. I get aay too frustrated. Your recaps are awesome and they let me continue to read on the story without investing too much time and emotion. Thanks!

  3. So glad I found your recaps!! Pretty great!
    I am loving this show!!!

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