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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 31-32 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 31 By Ninja
Enlisted by Hae Gang to help her get rid of Jin Eon, Baek Suk picks up Hae Gang's phone and informs a furious Jin Eon that Hae Gang is with him.

Obviously having the worst birthday ever, Jin Eon rushes to the law firm and accuses Hae Gang of purposefully avoiding him on his birthday. Sneering, Hae Gang replies that Jin Eon is nobody to her anymore and besides, she was too lost in Baek Seok's loving gaze to think of him anyway.

Standing up in disbelief when Hae Gang affably agrees to let Baek Seok take her home, Jin Eon grabs her hand to stop her. Taking Jin Eon's hand off Hae Gang, Baek Seok warns "Don't come between us. Don't lay a hand on Miss Do Hae Gang." Ouch that "Don't come between us" is something Jin Eon used to throw in Baek Seok's face. 
Frantically looking for her missing USB and files, Yong Gi charges into Kyu Seok's room and demands to know if he has taken her stuff for her brother's sake. Firing off questions nonstop, Yong Gi asks "Didn't you ask me to trust you? Didn't you ask me to live together? Didn't you say to stick by you? What's your real intention?!"

Calmly putting on his socks, Kyu Seok replies "My intention is that I've come to like Dok Go Woo Joo. The thoughts I have had in my head the most these days are Dok Go Woo Joo and Do Ko Yong Gi. Of course...nice thoughts for the former and bad thoughts for the latter." Why does those words sound so romantic to me?? 

Logically walking through likely suspects for Yong Gi, Kyu Seok assures her that he will ask his brother about her missing files.

Showing Tae Seok the USB and the file she stole from Yong Gi's luggage, Hae Gang calmly demands to know how Tae Seok's written document on how to get rid of Yong Gi's husband has mysteriously become her work. Reminding Tae Seok of the many evidences in her hands, Hae Gang tells Tae Seok to kick Jin Eon back to the research department as soon as possible.
Trapped between our two leads, Hyun Woo ignores the icy atmosphere in the elevator and tells Jin Eon that he has invited Hae Gang to have lunch with them. In a sullen voice, Jin Eon tells Hyun Woo that Hae Gang wouldn't want to eat with him and turns down the invitation.
Walking away forlornly on his own, Jin Eon is too lost in his own thoughts to realize Hae Gang is following him around. Ha, that's what Jin Eon used to do to the amnesia Hae Gang. 
Finding himself in front of Hae Gang's old apartment, Jin Eon looks around with fondness as he remembers his younger self standing right underneath the apartment window pestering Hae Gang. In a flash back we see a young Hae Gang tossing a paper airplane out of her window. Eagerly picking up the paper airplane, Jin Eon excitedly reads"If one day I get tired out from studying and decides to to date, that person is probably you. If I get too depressed from not passing my test and decides to drink all night with someone, that person is probably you. If I suddenly think of someone while studying then that person is probably you, because every probability in Do Hae Gang's life leads to Choi Jin Eon."

Hiding not too far away, an expression of sadness crosses Hae Gang's face as she stares at Jin Eon and vows "I won't forget. The short blissful time with you. I won't forget all the precious memories we shared."
Thanks to Tae Seok's belief that Jin Eon is just an emotional weakling that he can control, Jin Eon was able to successfully gather embezzlement evidence against Tae Seok without too much trouble. Completely stunned that someone like Jin Eon could fight dirty, Tae Seok stares at Jin Eon as he makes the demand that Tae Seok would do all he can to prevent Hae Gang from coming back to the company.

Jin Eon's showdown with Tae Seok is interrupted when Kyu Seok shows up with Woo Joo to demand some answers from his brother concerning Yong Gi's missing USB.
Glad to see Woo Joo, Jin Eon volunteers to watch the little girl while Kyu Seok is talking to his brother. Thinking nothing of it when Woo Joo confesses that she shares a secret with Hae Gang, Jin Eon is dismayed when Kyu Seok shows up and gruffly tells him that Hae Gang was the one that stole the USB from Yong Gi.
Rushing to Hae Gang's hotel to talk to her, Jin Eon is paralyzed when he sees Hae Gang cheerfully welcomes Baek Seok right into her room.

While Jin Eon is standing outside of the door imagining all the worst possibilities, Hae Gang is actually just conferring with Baek Seok about their Pudoxin lawsuit against Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical. Having no way of knowing that the bouquet of flower Baek Seok brought was for the expressed purpose of deceiving him, Jin Eon is being eaten alive with jealousy and starts to bang his head on the door. Okay, that sentence sounded weird but the scene looked a lot more romantic than it sounded. 

I Have A Lover Episode 32
Guessing right away from what must've been a familiar sound to her, Hae Gang informs a puzzled Bae Seok that the mysterious noise is the sound of Choi Jin Eon banging his head on the wall. Quickly hiding all of the evidences of the lawsuit, Hae Gang puts out two wine glasses to set up the scene of a romantic randevĂș.

Sending Baek Seok to open the door for Jin Eon, Hae Gang nonchalantly puts on her lipstick as Jin Eon charges into the bedroom. Declaring to Jin Eon that she has already decided to be with Baek Seok, Hae Gang shows Jin Eon her intertwined hands with Baek Seok to prove her point. .
Burned by the sight of another man touching Hae Gang, Jin Eon tries to forcefully separate the offending clasped hands but ends up watching hopelessly as Hae Gang leaves the room while Baek Seok stops him from going after her.

Losing her calm mask the moment she closed the door behind her, Hae Gang picks up Jin Eon's forgotten jacket in the hallway and allows herself the briefest moment of weakness as she nuzzle her face against the fabric.
Back to being the cold and unforgiving Hae Gang when she shows up for her meeting with President Choi, Hae Gang calmly refuses President Choi's plea that she get back together with his son. Giving President Choi an ultimatum, Hae Gang asks President Choi to choose between his son and her. To Hae Gang's surprise, President Choi tells her that he is choosing Jin Eon over her so there is no reason for Hae Gang to go back to the company anymore. 

Apparently there must be some more conversation between Hae Gang and President Choi that we are unaware of because despite what President Choi said in the study, he announces during dinner that Hae Gang will be taking over the position of Vice President. Dismayed by his father's decision, Jin Eon vehemently tells President Choi that Hae Gang can not come back to the company. Ignoring his son's opinion, President Choi merely replies "If you want to fight, fight at the company."
Her heart aching for Jin Eon after she finds out from President Choi about Madam Choi's illness, Hae Gang uncharacteristically agrees to have a private talk with Jin Eon in his room. Left alone in Jin Eon's study while he rushes off to get some pain medication for her headache, Hae Gang is overwhelmed with emotions as she looks through old pictures of her smiling self on Jin Eon's camera. 

Stepping away after Jin Eon gently wipes her tears away, Hae Gang says "It's a lie. Pictures are all lies. Do you know the difference between the two of us? The reason we can't be together? You only remember me as the one in those happy pictures, but I remember the pain and suffering that you didn't capture on camera. Do you know how many times I've stare at you as you were sleeping and imagined slapping you and choking you? I have even served you toilet water with a lemon wedge in it." I really wish the writer didn't go there with the toilet water...it grossed me out so much that it took me out of the moment. 
Not denying Hae Gang's words, Jin Eon relents and pleas with Hae Gang to not go back to Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical. If fact Jin Eon promises to leave her alone if she will stay far away from the company. Disappointed when Hae Gang assures him that she will become the master over Cheon Nyeon, Jin Eon promises that he will fight her for it. 

So at this point both leads is trying to keep the other from the dirty mess but Hae Gang is trying to disguise her concern with greed. 
Yong Gi finally finds out from Woo Joo that Hae Gang is the one that stole her USB and immediately declares to Mama Do that she is going to the police. Her heart breaking in pieces when Mama Do begs her to at least give Hae Gang a chance to explain, Yong Gi yells "So you are my mom now? To stop me from going to the police then suddenly she is my older sister and you are my mom?" Escaping back into her room, Yong Gi breaks down in sobs. 
Feeling like she is quickly running out of time, Hae Gang meets with Kyu Seok and makes the suggestion that they send Woo Joo overseas for the best medical care. Shaking off his own melancholy at the thought of sending Yong Gi and her daughter away, Kyu Seok promises to write the necessary recommendation letter to the hospital overseas if Hae Gang arrange things with Yong Gi.   
Is that a sign of love I see?! 
Showing up at Jin Eon's office, a gleeful Tae Seok informs Jin Eon that Baek Seok is the lawyer handling the Pudoxin case and he is planning to appoint Hae Gang as the defense lawyer. Suspicious right away, Jin Eon asks his best friend "They are dating each other but now Baek Seok wants to be in charge of the Pudoxin lawsuit... Is that possible?" 

Racing off to Hae Gang's hotel room to get some answers, Jin Eon arrives to find that Hae Gang has already checked out. 

 Looks like Jin Eon is going to see through Hae Gang's little pretense soon...am I mean that I am almost a little bit disappointed?? 

I do find Hae Gang's speech about how much resentment she had towards Jin Eon to be rather intriguing. Up to this point, Jin Eon has always seemed like the innocent good spouse while Hae Gang was the cold and power hungry one in their marriage. Other than the huge glaring mistake of the ill fated affair, there didn't seem to be much indication that Jin Eon was a bad husband. But judging by Hae Gang's words about wanting to slap him or secretly serving him toilet water, I am assuming there are more to the story.
One thing that didn't make it into the recap is the side story that Seol Ri was one of Pudoxin's test subject. Concerned when Hae Gang informed him of the fact, Baek Seok sets up a "family physical testing day" in order to secretly make sure Seol Ri's health wasn't adversely affected. I am a bit curious what the writer is planning to go with Seol Ri's storyline. It seems certain that Seol Ri's doctor visit will probably reveal something very unpleasant so is this going to give Seol Ri a claim on Jin Eon again?? I sure hope not, because I am getting pretty tired of her infatuation on a romance that should've ended years ago. 

My favorite scene from last week's episodes was when Woo Joo was in the hospital getting treatment and asks Kyu Seok to sing her to sleep. Agreeing after realizing Woo Joo is asking for a lullaby, Kyu Seok breaks up into an epic sounding opera piece. After a moment of stunned silence as their ears are assaulted by Kyu Seok's brand of lullaby, the mother and daughter break out if muffled laughter. What's even more hilarious is that Kyu Seok was completely lost in his own performance. 


  1. Thank you again for a wonderful recap. I was pretty grossed out when HK prepared that "Toilet Lemonade" too. I have to wonder where the Writer heard of that trick? Things are moving so fast now. What a great story teller the writr is! Keeps us in suspense EVERY week! Wish we would have a chance to see a woman suitable for Baek Seok enter the drama before it's over. I'm really curious to see who the Writer will create for him --- Should be a very unique, warm, fun loving woman--- Not like HK, SR, and not even YK (HS version nor 2015 version).

  2. KS can be so mean sometimes haha. But him admitting that he loves the daughter so much is also an indication of how much he likes the mother. Other men will see the daughter as additional baggage. Not him I guess. Thank you for the recaps! I have been skip watching this show so it's refreshing to get a more in depth perspective.

  3. So im actually overthinking this and got myself very confused.
    Is the current Haegang the amnesia Haegang and she's just pretending to be the orgininal Haegang to protect Jinon?
    Or is the current Haegang the original (premamnesia) Haegang and is pretending to be Seok's friend to get his help?

    1. Hae Gang has all of her memories at this point (the pre-amnesia part and the post amnesia part as well.) According to what she has told Baek Seok, Hae Gang herself is still struggling with all the resentment that has been bubbling up inside her now that she remembers everything but at the end of the day, she hasn't forgotten the new way of living Baek Seok has taught her for the last four years and she wants to fix all the wrongs she did before. So, right now she is pretending to be original Hae Gang to protect Jin Eon.

    2. Thank you so much! That clears it up for me :)