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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 33 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 33
Discouraged that Hae Gang has even refused to tell her own mother where she lives in order to avoid him, Jin Eon resorts to missing Hae Gang as he revisits the path he once took her to.

Catching sight of woman walking forlornly not too far ahead of him, Jin Eon stares at the familiar figure until the woman turns her head.

Lost in her own moment of missing Jin Eon, Hae Gang is clueless that all her hard work to convince Jin Eon to give up her has just become moot. Breaking out in a slow smile, Jin Eon asks silently with tears in his eyes "I though you didn't remember? I thought you didn't love me anymore Do Hae Gang?"
So at this point Jin Eon is not completely certain Hae Gang remembers the past four years yet, but he becomes more certain as he eavesdrops Hae Gang's phone conversation with Baek Seok and hears the familiar way she address him as "Seok".  
Sliding right back into his stalker mode ...but a happy stalker this time, Jin Eon follows Hae Gang all the way to a bath house and suffers the suffocating heat just to be close to her. So this is the scene where it proves once for all (at least to me) that while Hae Gang has recovered her memory but she is still more "Yong Gi" than the cold stuck up Hae Gang of the past. 
Glaring as he spies on Hae Gang laughing merrily together with Baek Seok, Jin Eon sighs in frustration as he realizes that Hae Gang is still determined to end things with him.
Sending Baek Seok home after having a simple dinner of jajangmyeon, Hae Gang shakes her head knowingly when her door bell rings and she spots the gloves Baek Seok left behind. Fully expecting Baek Seok to be at the door, Hae Gang is shocked when Jin Eon walks in instead. Obviously flustered, Hae Gang goes on the offensive and accuses Jin Eon of having her followed. Still trying to convince Jin Eon that she is that same cruel Hae Gang of the past, Hae Gang declares that she can't stand Jin Eon anymore and that he is starting to creep her out.

Calmly letting Hae Gang finish her speech about wanting him to leave her alone, Jin Eon finally speaks "I am sorry I can't keep my promise to you. I said this time I wouldn't get tired but I am a bit worn down. All right. I will let you go. I will give up. I am sorry for suffocating you. I am sorry for making you sick of me."
Walking out of Hae Gang's apartment in a rather chipper mood after convincing Hae Gang that he is not going to love her anymore, Jin Eon declares to the light in Hae Gang's window "I am not going anywhere. So turn off the lights and go to sleep. I am going to stick to you like a wad of gum. I love you, Do Hae Gang."

Definitely not in the mood to go to sleep, Hae Gang sits in a stunned silence as she realizes that she has achieved her goal of getting Jin Eon to give up on her...and sobs.
Accompanying President Choi for her first day as the Vice President, Hae Gang is in her full glory as President Choi summons the whole company to welcome her. Unable to contain his anger when President Choi makes it obvious to all the employees of the fact that Jin Eon and Hae Gang are his chosen successors, Tae Seok tries to join the trio in the elevator. Publicly humiliated when President Choi calmly tells Tae Seok that he can't get on the president's private elevator with them, a furious Tae Seok tells his wife that they will tell Yong Gi about President Choi's secret so Hae Gang would realize that she is working for her family's mortal enemy.
Wanting to drive a wedge between Hae Gang and President Choi anyway he can, Tae Seok informs President Choi that Hae Gang's boyfriend Baek Seok is the very same lawyer that is suing their company over the Pudoxin case.

Her loyalty called into question by Tae Seok, Hae Gang's calm protest doesn't seems to be assuaging President's rising suspicion. With a deriding voice, Jin Eon dryly reminds Tae Seok that Hae Gang had stolen the damning evidence from her own sister and gave it to him (Tae Seok) out of her selfish desire for power. Seeming assured by his son's bitter announcement of "I was the only one deluded. Put your mind at ease. She hasn't changed one bit. She is still Do Hae Gang.", President Choi orders a reluctant Hae Gang to be the defense counsel to represent Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical so she could prove to everyone where her loyalty lies.
Keeping to his promise of giving up on Hae Gang, Jin Eon has become exact in making sure his interaction with Hae Gang is polite and professional. Trying hard to hide her yearning gaze as she stares at Jin Eon while he reports on the lawsuit to her, Hae Gang panics when Jin Eon turns to leave and quickly asks him to have a cup of tea with her. Hiding a small smile before he turns around, Jin Eon cordially refuses the invitation.
Missing Jin Eon like crazy as she stares at her phone record devoid of any calls from Jin Eon, Hae Gang complains "It hasn't even been that long. You don't call, you don't even text. There is no sight of you anywhere." Chiding herself for being foolish after she tells her secretary to get Jin Eon's department to send someone to her to answer some questions, Hae Gang nonetheless quickly fusses with her hair when a knock at the door came. Unfortunately, instead of Jin Eon's face she so desperately wanted to see, Hae Gang is greeted by Hyun Woo's grinning face.
Not missing the disappointed look on Hae Gang's face when he politely greeted her and left her alone to eat her dinner, Jin Eon smiles and mutters to himself "I'll see you tonight. I will stay with you until tomorrow morning."
Resigned to another lonesome night of missing Jin Eon, Hae Gang walks out to the parking lot only to be shocked when when Shil Il Sang (the guy that accidentally killed her daughter) suddenly showed up in front of her. Forcing herself to be calm when Il Sang asks to have a talk with her, Hae Gang suggests that they leave in her car. 
Stepping out to stand by Hae Gang, Jin Eon greets Shil Il Sang and declares that he will be joining in the meeting. Moved to tears by Jin Eon's unexpected appearance, Hae Gang mutters "Honey (or husband in straight translation)." Amazed to hear that once familiar term of endearment from Hae Gang's lips, Jin Eon turns around to stare at Hae Gang in disbelief.

 Wow, does this mean Hae Gang is going to find out Jin Eon's little pretense as well? I hope so. While it has been pretty amusing to see the cat and mouse game Jin Eon has been playing with Hae Gang, I don't think Hae Gang is as versed in the art of stalking as Jin Eon so it seems a bit unfair. But then it was refreshing to see Hae Gang being the one pining after Jin Eon for once so I guess I wouldn't mind another episode or two if the writer decides to keep Hae Gang in the dark for a little longer.

Couples things that didn't make it into the recap:
 Things might be going slowly for Yong Gi and Kyu Seok's romance but I actually really enjoy the steady pace their relationship is developing. I was a bit worried before that this show would start to shift too much attention on Yong Gi (although I do find her romance very cute) so I am happy that the writer has been able to focus on our two leads while making steady progress with Yong Gi's character. 
 Of course, it might take nothing short of a miracle to get Kyu Seok to realize his own feelings, but judging by how he is breaking every self made rules for the mother and daughter I am hoping we won't have to wait too long.
 Seol Li finally finds out from Jin Li about Pudoxin and it doesn't take much for her to realize the real reason why Baek Seok insisted on dragging her to the hospital for a full body check up. 
We are not told yet if Seol Ri is suffering from the Pudoxin side affects but there seems little point for the writer to set this whole mess up if Seol Ri's health is not going to become a problem. 


  1. Enjoy reading your recap, as always. Some cute moments, but otherwise an uneventful episode. feels like "the calm before the storm", I think.

  2. Fico sempre esperando seu resumo...e mais ainda seus pensamentos finais...Obrigada.
    Feliz Ano Novo!!!

  3. Fico sempre esperando seu resumo...e mais ainda seus pensamentos finais...Obrigada.
    Feliz Ano Novo!!!

  4. You are the best!!!! Thank you for all the recaps. It takes a lot of the but so appreciated!!!!