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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Marry Me or Not? Episode 5

Marry Me or Not? Episode 5
At the start of the episode, in a voice over, both of our two leads take turn describing the kind of love they want. A love that is an accumulation of the life's simplest gestures such as a morning kiss, cooking together, or a playful banter as a couple brush their teeth together.

Ignoring his assistant's questioning of why he had been sitting staring into space all morning, Justin puts a hand over his heart and wonders why he would have the dream he did that morning. The title on the right scene says #5 The thing I am most afraid of is to dream a dream with you but to wake up alone. 

Furious after Vivienne gleefully informs her that her precious "boyfriend" had not only taken her to a hot spring but had also texted her all night, Sheng Nan demands some answers from Justin. Worried that his sister would spoil all his lovely plans to get his mom off his back, Justin assures Sheng Nan that he is dating Vivienne with a strategy in mind.

In the middle of their arguing, Sheng Nan and Justin are dismayed to see that Vivienne had also shown up at the same restaurant.
Infuriated that her brother is so insistent on carrying out his own plan that he is willing to "break-up" with her right in front of her arch enemy, Sheng Nan throws a glass of water at Vivienne. Completely shocked when Justin plays the hero and becomes Vivienne's shield, Sheng Nan runs away to finish her act as the "brokenhearted" ex-girlfriend.
Surrounded by all of her concerned co-worker, Sheng Nan milks all the pity that is coming her way and successfully casts Vivienne as the villainous evil woman who steals other people's boyfriend.
Guessing right away that she has become the evil villain of the office the minute she goes back to work, Vivienne calmly informs a triumphant Sheng Nan "You will meet a man soon. A man who seems to be just perfect for you. A man who somehow knows your likes and dislikes... just like how well I know you. You better not fall in love ever again because you will have to pray that the man you have fallen in love with is not the one sent by me." Dang, that's mean... it's almost an art. 
True to Vivienne's prediction, poor Sheng Nan becomes so suspicious of falling into her nemesis' trap that she ends up running away screaming when any man even comes close to her.
Putting her great acting skill to use again, Vivienne convinces Sheng Nan's co-worker that Justin was only using herself as a way to make Sheng Nan jealous but as everyone in the office could see, instead of being upset Sheng Nan has been busily accepting flowers from various suitors. (The flowers were actually sent by Vivienne.)

Outraged how she has suddenly turned from a pitiful ex-girlfriend to a cruel woman who ignored her loving boyfriend, Sheng Nan throws down the gauntlet and makes a bet with Vivienne that if she can make Justin comes back to her in a month then Vivienne not only has to resign from the company but she will need to leave the travel industry for good and never show up in front of Sheng Nan again.
Disturbed by a so called "peach blossom goddess" who has somehow convinced many of his clients to not to get a divorce anymore, Justin shows up at Mama Cai's house to meet his competition. Overjoyed to see the man she has pinned as her future son-in-law at her door, Mama Cai goes all out and tries to convince Justin that he must marry within the year.

Unfortunately for Mama Cai's scheme, Vivienne walks in the door and the jig is up.
Shocked and dismayed to see each other unexpectedly, our two leads put on their smiling masks as Justin pretends to believe Vivienne's lame excuses of why her house is not the same house he dropped her of at just a couple of nights ago.

In a voice over we hear our two leads' real thoughts.
Justin: "You liar. You must have been afraid that I will come seek revenge at your house once the truth is revealed."
Vivienne: "Patience! Just a while more. Just until I finished using him to get my revenge on Hao Sheng Nan then I can get rid of this troublesome guy."
Justin: "You are planning to get rid of me aren't you? Now that the game has started you don't call the shots anymore. Just you wait."
Vivienne follows Justin home to help him with unpacking at his new apartment but gets flustered when Justin tries to push her for a definite answer on how she feels about him.

As always, Justin's temporary upper hand is gone the moment Vivienne fights back and he is left a fluttering mess when Vivienne shows her "sincerity" but holding his hand to her chest.
Justin and Vivienne get into a tug of war over a box of Sheng Nan's things when each of them is determined to be the one to dispose of the box. (Vivienne is afraid Justin would use the box as an excuse to see Sheng Nan, while Justin himself knows that his sister would kill him if he dared to throw her stuff away.)

In the chaos of the tug of war, Vivienne falls against a shelf and Justin saves her just in time from a falling potted plant. Switching into her crisis mode when she realized that Justin has gotten hurt from protecting her, Vivienne rushes him to the hospital...after running the car right into a truck fall of cardboard boxes and Justin faints from saving her yet again
How hilarious is that the same cop keeps showing up...

Despite getting a ticket for dangerous driving, Vivienne manages to get Justin to the hospital but ends up hanging her head in shame when the doctor informs her that Justin's arm wouldn't have been hurt so badly if he didn't hurt it once again during the precarious car ride.

Not about to leave her daughter's happiness to chance, Mama Cai is eagerly exercising her "talent" to tie Vivienne and Justine's fate to one another. Overjoyed when she gets a phone call from Vivienne informing her that she is going to spend the night at Justin's, Mama Cai yells triumphantly "I am so amazed by my own skills!!!"
An atmosphere of slight awkwardness with a thread of strange familiarity fills Justin's kitchen as he watches Vivienne busily cooking dinner for him.

Staring at Vivienne, Justin remarks that Vivienne's presence feels so unreal. Bending close to Justin, Vivienne asks "So what do I need to do to make it feel real?" Staring at each other intently, our two leads wonder "Is he/she expecting a kiss now??"
Mistakenly assuming the silent stares from the other person must be a sign that a kiss is expected, both Justin and Vivienne move in for the kill... kiss.
Ha, I love the way both of them is like "Wait...what's this feeling..." 
While washing Justin's hair, Vivienne confesses to him that since this is the first time that a man has gotten hurt to protect her, she is selfishly happy that this is also the first time Justin has gotten hurt for a woman.
Still in a good mood, Vivienne dries Justin's hair and demands "Boyfriend, promise me that from now on you will only protect me and no one else."
After a moment of pause, just when Vivienne thought Justin is not going to answer her, a reply finally comes "Alright. I will only protect you." 
Vivienne notices a bottle of sleeping pill on the counter and tries to convince Justin to use other natural methods to fall asleep but Justin assures her that he has tries all of the methods and none of them has worked. Curious, Vivienne asks for an example and promptly falls asleep when Justin starts to recite the law code from memory. 
The morning comes, a stunned Justin wakes up to the realization that he was able to fall asleep the night before without any medication. Warned by Vivienne's stirring, Justin quickly pretends to be asleep while Vivienne wakes up and sneaks away after taking a breath check. 
Cue a few moment of frantic freshening up by both of our leads before Justin jumps back to the sofa in time for Vivienne to gingerly sneaks back and places his arm around her again. 
Exchanging dazzling smiles with each other after they "wake up" together, our two leads' sweet moment is interrupted...
with an untimely phone call from Sheng Nan. 

Following Vivienne around like a puppy as she bang the pans around in the kitchen, Justin for some strange reason doesn't believe Vivienne's repeated declaration of "I am not angry!" 
After a short explosion at Justin to stop explaining, Vivienne confesses that she has always prided herself to not be one of those women who gets jealous easily...but maybe she is susceptible when the competition is the woman she dislikes the most.

Holding his house key out to Vivienne, Justin slowly tells her "I told you last night that it was my first time to get hurt while protecting a girl. But that's not my only first. Yesterday, it was my first time to watch a girl cook for me, the first time I let a girl wash my hair, the first time I fell asleep while listening to another person's breathing, and right now... this is the first time I am so agitated over a girl being angry at me that the only thing I can think about is how to comfort - the you that is in front of me." 

Taking a deep breath, Justin asks "Would you be willing to exchange my many first times with your first time of getting jealous?" Not waiting for an answer, Justin continues "I am giving you my house key now. Anytime you feel unsettled, please feel free to come check."  
Needless to say, Justin's little speech worked miracles and soon a smiling Vivienne is bidding him goodbye at the door. 

While assuring Vivienne that he is fine on his own, Justin all the sudden jumps at the sight of his sister and quickly pulls Vivienne into a hug. Telling Vivienne that he can't bare to let her go yet, Justin frantically tries to stop Sheng Nan from revealing herself. Ha, I love Sheng Nan's expression. 

Sigh... I need to go hug a pillow. This show sure has a talent in shooting sweet scenes that just makes you crave for that ordinary bliss. 
I do like the way the writer has been able to show that the two leads actually share the same ideology and maybe even frequency when it comes to love and marriage, so much so that no amount of logic is going to help them when their hearts start to react.
By the way, I still think it's hilarious the way our hero freezes every time Vivienne pulls out her sexy charm. 
Plus, the poor guy really has no hope when the heroine has a mom that can enlist the help of a peach blossom goddess. 


  1. That peach blossom goddess really nailed it! Thanks for the recap!

  2. Awesome recap yet again. I will marathon this and maybe do a recap after the holidays.