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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Marry Me or Not Episode 6 Recap

Marry Me or Not Episode 6 Recap By Ninja
Episode 5 Recap: HERE
Episode 6 starts off with a brief lesson from Vivienne about how jealousy could become the spice that sweetens a romance.

Instead of being angry when Shu Hong (ex-fiancee) hesitantly tells her that he wants to go comfort his crying ex-girlfriend, Vivienne lovingly picks out an outfit for him (while gritting her teeth in secret) and assures Shu Hong of her trust in him.

Completed moved by Vivienne's trust, Shu Hong decides not to meet with his ex-girlfriend and becomes even more convinced that Vivienne is the best girlfriend in the world.

Smiling triumphantly, Vivienne declares (to the audience) that a girl as smart as her would never lose to such thing as jealousy.
Back to where we left off at the end of episode 5. After some quick thinking, Justin narrowly prevents Vivienne from realizing Sheng Nan is standing right behind her and sends her out of the door completely convinced that he is counting the minutes until they see each other again.

Coming out of her hiding place the moment Vivienne is gone, Sheng Nan vents her disbelief that her brother actually spent the night with her arch enemy.
Somewhat assured when Justin insists that nothing happened the night before (he chose to change the subject when she asked about kissing), Sheng Nan tells her brother about the bet and warns that Vivienne will do everything she can to make him fall in love with her.  The Bet: Sheng Nan and Vivienne has a bet going that whoever doesn't win Justin in a month's time will not only have to resign but to leave the travel industry. 

While her nemesis is working hard to debunk her, a rather dazed Vivienne is wondering why she got so jealous over Sheng Nan the night before and what is that bubbling happiness when Justin gave her his house key.

Her mind full of plans to defeat Vivienne, Sheng Nan's world is suddenly thrown into chaos when she runs into Qian Yao - her high school crush that caused her friendship with Vivienne to sour.

Completely taken off guard by Qian Yao's unexpected appearance, Sheng Nan's body jumps into action before she can stop herself. Belatedly realizing that she has just ran away... yet again (she did this before during her high school days), Sheng Nan smacks herself in embarrassment.
Determined to win the big contract that would secure both her promotion AND Sheng Nan's defeat, Vivienne is ready to put on her charm face...until Zian Yao walks in. Not bothered by the obviously displeased expression on Vivienne's face, Qiao Yao says "I was curious to meet my junior that I dated before." Not amused, Vivienne replies "You are funny. How come I don't remember us ever dated before?" Smiling, Qian Yao asks "Are you still mad at me after so much time has passed?"

Qian Yao and Vivienne's word play is interrupted when CEO Jin walks in. His interest definitely piqued as he bids Vivienne goodbye, CEO Jin patronizingly orders Qian Yao to arrange a dinner with Vivienne.
Unable to stop thinking about Sheng Nan's warning that Vivienne is only using him to win a bet, Justin is decidedly cold and distant when he picks a phone call from Vivienne. Hanging up the phone after making an excuse that he has to work, Justin holds his head in frustration.
Speechless that Justin calls him out just to stew over a glass of orange juice (his arm is still in a cast so no beer), Jin Fa (hero's resident therapist/friend) pleads with Justin to tell him how far things has progressed between him and Vivienne. Instead of talking about Vivienne though, Justin starts talking about the first girl he liked. Not realizing Justin is really talking about the young Vivienne, Jin Fa is amazed as Justin tells him that he didn't pursue the girl at that time because "she was different then I imaged. She wanted to steal and fight over everything. She is willing to use anything and anyone to achieve her desire. She wouldn't even give up the boy her best friend liked."
Arriving home to find Vivienne asleep on his couch, Justin's inner turmoil becomes even worse as he wonders (in an voice over) "If everything you (Vivienne) are doing right now, is just so I'll fall in love with you, then you are a truly great actress. Even I can't tell if you are acting or not."
All but booting Vivienne out of his house the moment she wakes up, Justin ignores Vivienne's heavy hints for him to say something and sends her home on a taxi.
Walking back into his empty house, Justin stares at the dinner Vivienne had prepared for him and smiles as he imagines her busy in the kitchen cooking for him. Taking a tour of his own house, Justin takes note of the many little things Vivienne had done for him such as laying out his pajamas, watering the plants and squeezing toothpaste onto his toothbrush.
Throwing herself on the bed, Vivienne for the life of her can't figure out why Justin has suddenly gone from being unwilling to let her go that morning to pushing her out of the door that night. Jumping with excitement to pick up her ringing phone, Vivienne smiles with happiness when Justin blames his unusual attitude on work and invites her to dinner the next night.
Unfortunately just when our hero has decided to toss his doubt to the wind, it is our heroine's turn to start back paddling especially when Sheng Nan purposefully wears Justin's perfume to mislead Vivienne into thinking that Justin has met with his ex-girlfriend behind her back.
Unable to deny Sheng Nan's jeering declaration that her status as Justin's ex-girlfriend will always be an obstacle between her and Justin, Vivienne stands right outside of Justin's door but can't seems to make herself ring the doorbell.

Totally ignorant that his sister has just sabotaged his relationship, Justin is disappointed when Vivienne cancels their date with the excuse of having to work.
The next morning, Vivienne sits pondering in her room and just as she finally makes the decision to ask for a break up Justin shows up in front of her house with a limousine. Unbeknownst to both of our leads who is getting ready to go on a date Justin has carefully prepared, Mama Hao is hiding not too far away and is stunned to realize that her son's secret girlfriend is none other than Vivienne.
Despite her determination to break up just a few moments ago, Vivienne is deeply moved that Justin has arranged a whole date based on a casual joke she made about wanting a man to show up in a limousine and take her to a far away planet. I love Justin's explanation that he taking her on a more "energy efficient = bike ride" sort of date. 
Taking Vivienne home after their wonderful romantic date, Justin belatedly remembers something Vivienne had said that morning and asks "You said you wanted to talk to me about something."
Flustered, Vivienne replies "Um... I forgot. It was probably something unimportant. You just need to remember that I was really happy today."

Bidding each other goodbye, our two leads' lovely day sudden takes a drastic dive when both of them notice Shu Hong standing in front of Vivienne's home. Angry and frustrated after a short argument with Shu Hong (who is trying to get her to take him back), Vivienne gets back into the limousine and doesn't notice how panicked Justin was. He was afraid Shu Hong would see him and his real identity as Sheng Nan's brother would be out. 
Taking the limousine driver's timely advise that a man's should always make his woman happy, Justin takes Vivienne to ride on a carousel in hopes that she would feel better after her fight with Shu Hong.

While Justine's goal of comforting Vivienne did work to an extent but it actually did a better job in freaking Vivienne out as she realizes her plan of revenge has gone awry and she has grown attached to Justin.
Unable to stop the tears that are coming, Vivienne makes the difficult decision that she has to stop this foolish relationship so she could start searching for a real love that belongs to her.

Stunned when Vivienne asks for a break up, Justin demands to know what Vivienne's reasons are. Admitting freely that she is consumed by jealousy over his relationship with Sheng Nan, Vivienne tells Justin "I had always thought it was about Sheng Nan, but I was wrong. It was really about you. If I keep going like this, I am afraid one day I might really fall in love with you."

In a very quiet voice, Justin asks "Why would you be afraid to fall in love with me."
Taking a deep breath, Vivienne replies "Because I feel that you've never really liked me."
Pulling Vivienne to him, Justin declares "Who says I have never liked you?" Softly kissing Vivienne, Justin mutters "Not only do I like you, but I have already started to fall in love with you."

The camera pulls back as the carousel starts to twirl again while our two leads kiss.


Question of the hour: How steady can you be if you have to kiss on a moving carousel?? I just can't help it but wonder...

Compare to the previous episodes this hour is more lacking on the heart pounding scenes but I rather liked it because our two leads are finally taking off their masks. My favorite part in episode 6 is probably when Justin talked about his high school crush on Vivienne and his obvious puzzlement on his own mental state when he finds himself falling in love with a "bad" woman not just once but twice.  
Which of course just makes me REALLY curious about what exactly happened between Qian Yao and Vivienne since it seems obvious Sheng Nan must've made the wrong assumption during her high school days that both lost herself a best friend but also a girlfriend for her brother. .


  1. At last she revealed the truth! But will Justin admit that Sheng Nan is his sister? That would be quite hard.

  2. Thanks for the awesome recap! I'm definitely gonna be watching this drama once finals are over