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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Marry Me or Not Episode 7 Recap

Marry Me or Not Episode 7 by Ninja
The usual voice over bit before we actually get into the story:
Having always encouraged herself with the words "the next time will be better" after a painful breakup, Vivienne thought she is past the age of thinking the end of a relationship means the end of the world...

Except this time. In a voice over, Vivienne asks "But why am I afraid when I turned my back on you? I have just realized that maybe I could get over the pain of ending a relationship, but I can't handle the fact that the next man I like... is not you."
Back to our regular programming. Their feelings finally confirmed with each other, Justin and Vivienne stumble into house completely lost in their passion. Hardly able to keep their hands off each other, the night promises to be sizzling hot...
until our two leads finally notices the dumbfounded Sheng Nan.
Shaking with fury, Vivienne can hardly believe it when she finds out that not only does Sheng Nan still has Justin's house key but apparently Justin even told Sheng Nan that he wouldn't fall in love with her. Completely flustered, Justin tries to explain the whole mess but ends up getting slapped by Vivienne when his sister gleefully declares "Justin and I are dating again!"
Refusing to give Justin a chance to explain, Vivienne runs out of Justin's house and cries silently as she walks home.
Determined to erase Justin from her life, Vivienne ignores his phone calls while she focuses on her book "How to Get Rid of That Jerk From Your Life!"

Staring at his silent cell phone as he thinks back to Vivienne's tearful accusing words, Justin wonders to himself "What's wrong with me? Why am I so upset when I see her in pain?"
The next morning, Justin shows up at his scheduled doctor appointment to see the result of his heart monitor. Handing a Justin a chart, the doctor points out all the various times the monitor had recorder heart beat irregularities and warns Justin that they should keep an eye on him.

Staring at the chart, Justin slowly realizes that all of the recorded time of the heart irregularity occurrences happened while he is with Vivienne. Finally admitting that Vivienne means more to him than he ever guessed, Justin asks his own heart "If you knew things were going to end up like this...why didn't you tell me earlier." I am assuming he is talking about falling in love with Vivienne. 
Still under the impression that her son is dating Vivienne, Mama Hao calls Justin home and loudly declares that she would never accept a woman like Vivienne as her daughter-in-law. Frustrated that both his mother and sister is insisting that he breaks up with Vivienne, Justin calmly looks at Sheng Nan and says "I don't care if she is using me. No matter what the two of you says, I am not going to change my mind."

Determined to win her chosen son-in-law back for her daughter, Mama Cai shows up at Justin's office and successfully convinces him to come home with her after she gives a big sob story of how miserable Vivienne is.
Shocked to suddenly find Justin at her house...again, Vivienne glares at her mother and drags Justin out of the house.
Laughing angrily when Justin tells her the incredulous story about him being Sheng Nan's brother, Vivienne's eyes widen in disbelief when Justin pulls out his ID.

Wincing in pain as a furious Vivienne bites his arm, Justin tries to calm her down by saying "Just think! If this didn't happen then I wouldn't like you and you wouldn't like me!" Unfortunately, while Justin's words did calm Vivienne down but it didn't melt her anger.
Not wanting to believe when Vivienne declares that she has never liked him and everything was just an act to exact revenge on Sheng Nan, Justin asks "So everything was just an act? Everything that happened between us was fake? Is that so?"

Sneering, Vivienne replies "Of course! Would someone really like a man who is so prejudiced against women, a man who can only talk about environment protection, energy conservation and boring legal topics? I was only patient because your qualification wasn't too bad. Do you know how painful it was for me to be with you?!"
Ignoring the flash of pain on Justin's face, Vivienne quickly fires back her agreement when Justin replies that he was also acting the whole time and it pains him even more to act with her. Pointing a finger at Justin, Vivienne says "I just want to make one thing clear. We broke up today because you were dumped by me" before turning around to leave. His voice devoid of emotion now, Justin replies "Let's just be clear on the situation. I have never liked you, so how can I be dumped."

Taking a deep breath, Vivienne turns around "No matter what, we broke up. I feel very happy about that because we can both stop acting. So get out of my life." Ouch... That didn't end well... 
Definitely feeling pricks of guilt as it dawns on her that Justin and Vivienne might be serious about each other, Sheng Nan tries to patch things up with Vivienne. However, still seething with anger, Vivienne tells Sheng Nan that she will not let things go so easily.
Her fighting spirit on full blast after her confrontation with Vivienne, Sheng Nan excitedly shows up for a meeting that could potentially give her the decided win over her nemesis...only to turn around and make for the door when she realizes the director is none other than her high school crush.

Smiling at Sheng Nan's habitual urge to run away whenever she sees him, Qian Yao reaches out a hand and stops Sheng Nan from leaving.
Decidedly much more relaxed after having a friendly lunch with Qian Yao, Sheng Nan tosses Vivienne's warning of "Don't trust someone like Qian Yao" aside and triumphantly tells her "I won't lose to you this time!"
Left alone after Sheng Nan stumps off, an expression of hurt crosses Vivienne's face as she mutters "Hao Sheng Nan! No matter what, I won't be your shield this time!"
Walking into his office, Qian Yao hides his displeasure when he finds CEO Jin waiting already. Teasing Qian Yao in a creepy way, CEO Jin asks "Who is this Hao Sheng Nan? And why are you recommending her proposal instead of Vivienne's? Are you dating Vivienne? You always hide what's important to you, is that why you are hiding her?"

Denying any involvement with Vivienne, Qian Yao plays the obedient subordinate and tells CEO Jin that he will give the travel contract to Vivienne instead. Still suspicious, CEO Jin waits until Qian Yao leaves the office and orders someone to find out who Qian Yao has been spending time with...especially women.
Trying to numb himself with work, Justin all the sudden perks up when he reads the new case file his assistant has just handed him.

Incensed that her previous employer is trying to sue her over a ridiculous claim of embezzlement ($457 so about $15 US dollars), Vivienne is about to storm off to battle when her boss stops her and introduces the lawyer the company has already hired to defend her. Acting like a complete stranger, Justin extends his hand and introduces himself "Hi, I am your defense lawyer."

Guess we are back to acting again?? However, judging from next week's preview our two leads are going to have to go through more misunderstandings (thanks to Qian Ya) before they can actually be honest with their feelings again. One scene I didn't recap that looks like will play a vital role next week is the one where a very disgruntled husband warns Justin that he will get his just dues one day. I am taking a guess that maybe the disgruntled man will go after Vivienne in order to get back at Justin?? I am a terrible guesser but hey I have never let that stopped me.
Speaking of Qian Yao and guesses, anyone wants to venture a theory now on what happened between the three leads back in their school days?

My personal theory is this: Creepy CEO Jin has this morbid need to prove that he is better than Qian Yao especially when it comes to women. Knowing full well that any woman he is actually interested in would attract CEO Jin's attention, Qian Yao has always made sure to play the act of a being a playboy even if he actually does have a crush on Sheng Nan back in their school days. Fearful that Sheng Nan would be hurt if CEO Jin ever notices her, Qian Yao uses Vivienne to not only divert CEO Jin's attention but to discourage Sheng Nan?? What do you guys think??
I am actually quite interested in Sheng Nan's romance with Qian Yao even if both of these characters are not the most endearing sort at this point. Sheng Nan's character often comes off immature and plain petty most of the time but I can't help but smile whenever she reverts back to that uncertain young girl that runs away in embarrassment in front of her crush. Qian Yao on the other hand... we don't know much about him yet and I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt just for Sheng Nan's sake but I am already kinda peeved off at him for destroying the two girls' friendship. 


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