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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Marry Me or Not? Episode 8 Recap

Marry Me or Not? Episode 8 Recap By Ninja
This week's voice over is actually by Sheng Nan for a change. Walking through flash backs of the epic demise of her friendship with Vivienne and her despair as she bids Qian Yao goodbye at the airport, the one thing Sheng Nan has regretted the most through out all these years is that she never confessed her feelings to her crush.

Back to the current time line, Sheng Nan pays her old school a visit because of her work and ends up getting smacked by Qian Yao's basketball ...again. Ignoring Sheng Nan's protest, Qian Yao picks her up in his arms and wonders out loud "The same basketball court, the same person in the same position...this sure is a familiar feeling. You seem to get hit by basketballs rather easily?"
Sitting across from Justin, Vivienne can hardily believe it when Justin keeps all of their conversation on the lawsuit at hand. Dropping heavy hints that Justin should talk about something else, Vivienne convinces herself that she would forgive him if he just apologizes. Much to Vivienne's frustration, Justin simply ends their meeting with a warning that she has to pick up his phone calls...even if she is in the bathroom.
At first dismayed to realize that the lawyer her boss hired for Vivienne is none other than her brother, Sheng Nan is soon trying to give Justin tips on how to get back with Vivienne. Assuring her brother that she only has his best interest in mind, Sheng Nan walks away while happily patting herself on the back since their mother would never allow him to marry Vivienne and this also ensures Vivienne would be too preoccupied to go after Qian Yao at the same time.
Trying to come up with any excuse to see Vivienne, Justin insists on driving his assistant home...all the way to Vivienne's house. Not giving his assistant to finish his sentence of "Boss. I thought you were taking me home, but this is not..." Justin quickly sends the poor guy on his way.
Turning to face Vivienne's expectant expression, Justin tries to eek out his apology but could only spit out "I am sor....sor..." Relived when Vivienne's phone suddenly rings, Justin tries to get Vivienne to pick up the phone while she tries to get him to finish his apology. Backed into the corner by Vivienne, Justin fights back and says "Who said I was going to apologize to you. What I was going to say was that I am not interested in who you go out with." Sigh...our two leads sure have a talent in making things worse. 
Completely frustrated with herself for having foolish expectations of Justin, Vivienne storms off to meet with Qian Yao at the mall ...with Justin following close behind. Dismayed to realize that Vivienne is really meeting with some man, Justin loses control when he sees Qian Yao forces a kiss on Vivienne.
Yanking a surprised Qian Yao away from Vivienne, Justin delivers a solid punch to Qian Yao's face. Barely suppressing his fury, Justin hands Qian Yao his business card and tells him "This is my business card. It has my number on it. If you want to sue me or fight, I will be waiting for you." Fan girl squeal!
Keenly aware of Justin's silent anger the whole car ride home, Vivienne finally explodes and yells "You won't even ask me about that man? Fine, I'll say it for you. You think I am just some easy woman. I broke off my engagement easily. I dated you to seek revenge on Sheng Nan. So an easy woman like me deserved to have a kiss forced on me. So there is no point asking right?!"

Vivienne's self deprecating words finally pushed Justin into action. Standing in front of Vivienne, Justin softly says "I don't think of you that way." Tears forming in her eyes, Vivienne insists "You do think of me that way." Pulling Vivienne into his arms, Justin mutters "When I saw someone else kissing you...I felt like you were being snatched away. But I don't want you to be taken away from me."

Taking Vivienne by the shoulders, Justin continues "And I don't know what I should do."
Tears falling as she watches Justin slowly walks back to his car and drives away, Vivienne starts to run after Justin's car but finally stops when Justin disappeared from her sight.
Desperately pounding on Justin's door, Vivienne slumps down in hopelessness when only silence greeted her. A dejected Vivienne drags herself home without realizing she just walked past Justin who is drowning his sorrow in a bar.
While our two leads are busy destroying their relationship, CEO Jin (I am thinking he is Qian Yao's half brother or something) has just received pictures of Qian Yao kissing Vivienne. Sneering, CEO Jin mutters to himself "No relationship eh? My father forbid me to mess with you but I can mess with your woman right?"

Unbeknownst to CEO Jin, Qian Yao has already caught the photographer that has been spying on him and after deleting all of Sheng Nan's pictures, Qian Yao bribes the photographer to take pictures of him kissing Vivienne instead.
Unsuspecting of the pictures he has been given, CEO Jin is immensely satisfied when Qian Yao all but pleas with him to not do anything to Vivienne. Smirking as he watches CEO Jin leaves with complete confidence of Vivienne's "importance" to him, Qian Yao smiles.
Waking up in a daze after his night of drinking, Justin's eyes snap open when he gets a phone call from a disgruntled man vowing to destroy the person that is most precious to him. Calling Vivienne frantically, Justin barely had time to confirm Vivienne's whereabouts before a screams pierced his ears.

In the mean time, while Vivienne has arrived at Qian Yao's company for a meeting, Sheng Nan has finished her tearful confession to Qian Yao and has just walked out to the lobby as well. Chasing Sheng Nan all the way to the lobby, Qian Yao arrives in time to see the crazy man pouring gasoline on Vivienne and igniting a lighter. Springing into action as Sheng Nan covers Vivienne with her own body, Qian Yao throws himself at the man and the fire thankfully goes out as it falls to the floor.
Relieved when he runs into the building to see Vivienne safe, Justin freezes when the detective asks for his specific relationship with Vivienne. After a moment of silence, Justin calmly replies "She is my client, I am her lawyer. And at the same time... we are just friends."

Hiding her disappointment as Justin reiterate again to the detective that he is just friends with her, Vivienne accepts Qian Yao's offer to drive her home.
Regretting the moment Vivienne walks away with Qian Yao, Justin asks Sheng Nan about Qian Yao's identity. In a pretty bad mood herself, Sheng Nan explains to her brother how Qian Yao was the cause of her issues with Vivienne. Not taking a pity on Justin, Sheng Nan continues "So in essence, Qian Yao is also Vivienne's ex-boyfriend. And judging by what happened today, the ex is about to become the current boyfriend."
Parked not too far away from Vivienne's house, Justin and Sheng Nan looks on with a sinking feeling as Qian Yao talks to Vivienne. Unbeknownst to the two siblings, the conversation between Vivienne and Qian Yao is anything but sweet.

Ignoring Vivienne's assessment that he must be trying to use her in some way, Qian Yao assures a very doubtful Vivienne that he only wants to keep their relationship on a pure professional level.
Shocked to find out from the news that their daughter narrowly escaped death, Vivienne is inundated with questions from her parents the moment she walks into the door. 

Suddenly remembering she has been forgetting something very important, Mama Cai rushes out to the peach blossom tree and to her great dismay she realizes that her daughter's life might still be in danger. Something about the peach blossom tree giving it's life energy to the cactus...and the cactus growing two extra shoots...I didn't get it but that's why I am not the peach blossom goddess.   
Shutting herself in her room after a rather eventful day, Vivienne mutters "Friends? Is that it? Could it be..." Walking out to her balcony, Vivienne looks down and sure enough, Justin is standing by his car looking up at her from below.  

Ahh!!! All the denial! So painful. It's like the perpetual dance of two steps forward and three steps back. As frustrating as the push and pull between our two leads is, in a way I do think it's very logical. Both Vivienne and Justin harbor a lot of self doubt and scars from their past and it seems only natural for two people who are so skilled at wearing masks to protect themselves that it would be incredibly hard to expose their own vulnerability.  
In a scene from next week's preview, Justin says to Vivienne "I really dislike the feeling of liking you. I have become unlike myself." I think that sentence pretty much summed up the biggest problem between our two leads. They are obviously in love with each other but they dislike how weak it has made them become so they take turns pushing each other away even as their hearts refuse to let them simply end it. 
Speaking of problems... I would really like to know what Qian Yao's deal is. Based on his expression while Sheng Nan was confessing her feelings to him, Qian Yao obviously likes Sheng Nan as well but for reasons unknown has been too afraid to approach her. I am guessing Qian Yao's problem probably involves CEO Jin somehow but I sure hope the issue will be more serious than his career considerations or else I will be pretty disappointed in him. 
By the way, remember I said that I wasn't sure I like Sheng Nan last week? I definitely like her after this week's episode. How can you dislike a girl who is willing to jump into harms way to protect her nemesis?  


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