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Monday, December 14, 2015

Megan Lai's Manly Charm at Sanlih Award

Sanlih Drama Award Ceremony Fun Pictures By Ninja
I am really suppose to be working on my Marry Me or Not recap... but I got distracted by the Sanlih Drama Award clips and just had to share the cute.

Baron Chen and Megan Lai attended Sanlih Drama Award Ceremony together as the presenter for the best kisser award. Before announcing the winners, Baron Chen and Megan Lai had a hilarious exchange as seen below:

Baron "Hi, Pi Ya Nuo. As a man I have to be honest. Short hair or long hair, you are attractive no matter what." 
Megan "Thank you. You too. You are attractive no matter if you are dry or wet."
Baron "Ok! I like it. Skipping over award talk.
Megan "Skipping over more award blah blah"
Baron "We have known each other for a long time, can I ask you a personal question?" 
Megan "Go ahead."
Baron "Do you like dry kisses or wet kisses?" 
Pretending to be shy, Megan replies "I don't know. Because we haven't kissed in the drama yet. Even that accidentally kiss was because someone pushed me from the back." 
Putting a hand on Megan's shoulder, Baron says "Since we are presenting the kissing award...then..." 
Megan "I don't mind." 
Skipping over more award stuff...
Megan "So... Do you like dry or wet? Pointing to the screen. We have wet and dry, which kind do you like?"
Baron "Um... Uh... Don't you have to present an award?"
What follows is Megan and the other two hosts joking about the merits of wet and dry kisses. 

In case you are curious, Danson Tang and Ivelyn Lee from Murphy's Law of Love won the kissing award.  

Here is a few fun pictures from the award:
 Guo Shu Yao was the presenter for the best male actor award and the audience laughed when she complains Pi Ya Nuo (from Bromance) is not on the nomination list. Since Guo Shu Yao also publicly declares that she would love to kiss Pi Ya Nuo that's how we got these after the award fun sizzling photos.  I really thought Magan looked really attractive as a man in Bromance already but she is positively out shinning even the male actors here. 

Megan has jokingly complained that she is a little afraid that her chest will become permanently flat from all the wrapping she has to do lately but since they the fan seems to love it then she has decided to show up as Ya Nuo. 
By the way, Megan won the best female actress award while Lego Lee won the best male actor award for Love Cuisine. 


  1. thanx ninja for sharing this.Megan surely deserves this award,i think she must get best actor award.

  2. Thanks for this. The fans surely enjoy Megan's transformation.

    1. Speaking of Marry me, or not, I'm waiting for the recap. Hahaha.

  3. Baron and especially Megan have been working so hard to promote the show. Having her styled as Ya Nou works really well, especially the outfit for this awards show.

  4. Pi Ya Nuo and Guo Shu Yao look great. They would make a cutie couple too. lol

    I agree Megan look so attractive as a man in "Bromance." Also when she became a woman she was super pretty too. I haven't see Megan in any of her other drama and "Bromance" is the only show so when I saw her as a woman I was wow. She gorgeous as woman. 5555

    The photo of Megan and Lego look cutie. Would like to see those two together in a drama.

    1. Megan and Lego had worked together before in a drama entitled Because of You..Together with Baron.. :)

  5. Love their chemistry. Megan did a great job. I was shocked at how pretty she is when she's back to being a woman.

  6. Love their chemistry. Megan did a great job. I was shocked at how pretty she is when she's back to being a woman.