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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Me or Not? Episode 9 Recap

Merry Me or Not? Episode 9 Recap by Ninja
This week is Justin's turn to have his voice over moment. Growing up with a dream to become a environmental lawyer to fight for the injustice of the world, Justin starts his professional life full of hope ...only to end everything with a disenchanted heart and an enormous debt. (So this must be the debt that Daddy Hao was referring to in ep.1)

Taking us back to where we left off in episode 8, Justin's voice over continues as he stares at Vivienne's balcony "I lost my dream of being a superhero and turned back to an ordinary person...until I met you and found my dream once again. But this time, the thing I want to protect is not this world but...you."

Hiding his true feelings to the bitter end, Justin tells a very frustrated Vivienne that he is only at her house because he feels responsible for her being attacked.
Going on full alert when they notice Justin fumbling with the security camera, Vivienne's parents start to suspect that maybe Justin was the jerk that hurt their precious daughter. Watching Justin's every move, Justin's parents follow him around until Mama Cai realizes that Justin is actually working nonstop to make sure Vivienne is safe.
Her heart softening when she looks over her balcony and sees Justin still standing guard in front of her house, Vivienne decides to take a late night dinner to him. Ignoring Vivienne's assurance that she is plenty safe at home, Justin devours the food but has no intention of budging from Vivienne's front door.

No less frustrated with her own brother's unwillingness to just tell Vivienne his true feelings, Sheng Nan tries to convince Justin to put aside his own pride. Sighing when she sees Justin's expressionless face, Sheng Nan confesses that she is in no position to be giving love advise since she has just failed miserably that very day with her 10 year crush. Guessing right away that Qian Yao is the crush, Justin muses "Hard to believe that both of us lost to the same person. We both lost to our other self, the self that likes someone so much."
The next morning, Vivienne smiles shyly when she walks out of her house to see Justin already waiting with breakfast for her. Just when Vivienne is about to walk towards Justin, a car suddenly comes screeching by and Vivienne is dismayed when she sees Qian Yao jumping out to greet her. Casting a longing glance at Justin's direction, Vivienne reluctantly agrees to leave with Qian Yao when he tells her that he has arrange an important meeting just for Vivienne to present her travel contract to his company directors.

Both siblings distracted the whole morning after watching Vivienne leaving in Qian Yao's car, Justin and Sheng Nan snap to attention when they overhears Vivienne telling her boss that she has a lunch appointment with Qian Yao. Vivienne has gone back to her company after her presentation and Justin was visiting Sheng Nan at her work since he couldn't stop thinking about Vivienne. 
Following Vivienne all the way to the restaurant, the two siblings are eaten alive with jealous rage as they watch the "loving" romantic interaction between Vivienne and Qian Yao. Plastering on a polite smile despite her displeasure, Vivienne reminds Qian Yao that she has no interest in him beyond a professional working relationship. Not bothered by Vivienne's repeated rejection at all, Qian Yao assures her that he is only giving her a bouquet of flower purely out of politeness.
His anger boiling over as he follows Vivienne and Qian Yao into a hotel, Justin finally loses control when Vivienne is about to step into a hotel room. Surprised when Justin suddenly comes out of no where to grab her arm, it doesn't take much for Vivienne to figure out why he is so angry. Freezing in dread when a female assistant steps out of the hotel room to tell Qian Yao that all the directors are waiting for him, Justin quickly realizes that he has just acted like a jealous husband for nothing.
Staring with disbelief as Vivienne drags her brother away, Sheng Nan turns with a sinking feeling to face Qian Yao. With laughter in his voice, Qian Yao asks Sheng Nan "So why are you here?" Completely flustered...as always when she is in front of Qian Yao, Sheng Nan ekes out "Um..." before she turns around and run.
Valiantly still trying to hold onto his pride, Justin tells Vivienne that he was not following her. In fact, Justine declares once again that he only considers Vivienne as a friend so he has no interest in her relationship with Qian Yao.

Giving a slight laugh of disbelief, Vivienne asks "Friends? Would a friend drop everything and rush over when something bad happens to me? Would a friend worry about putting me in danger and avoid me? Would a friend loses control to the extent of hitting someone when he sees a guy kissing me? Would a friend come drag me away when he sees me walk into a hotel with a man? What kind of friend is this? Couldn't you just admit it...that you like me? Is your pride so important?"
Pushed to the brink by Vivienne's questions, Justin finally explodes "I will admit it. I admit that I was worry about you. I blame myself for putting you in danger. I am furious at myself for letting some other man protect you. You are my girlfriend, why is someone else protecting you. That's why I lost control when I saw you walk into a hotel with him. If all these out of control feelings are what it means to like you, then I dislike these feelings very much. You've made me into someone I am not and I will no longer allow myself to keeping going this way."
Her heart breaking with each word Justin speaks, Vivienne tearful yells "Did you know the day you told me that you were afraid I would be taken from you, I actually chased after you? I wanted to tell you that I like you. I kept trying to hold on to my pride, but I finally realized that you were more important than everything else. But after listening to what you just said, I feel like a fool now."

Wincing as he listens to Vivienne's tearful confession, Justin turns around and says "That's not what I meant..."

Too hurt to let Justin finish his sentence, Vivienne makes the final declaration "If liking me is really such a distasteful thing to you, then let's not see each other anymore."
Despondent as he wonders the street with Vivienne's tearful accusations ringing in his ears, Justin suddenly freezes when a stranger bumps into him...just like the way the crazy attacker did once before. 
Frantically searching for Vivienne, Justin thankfully arrives in time to throw himself over Vivienne just as the attacker throws a bottle of gasoline on her. Laughing gleefully that he could kill both Vivienne and Justin together, the would be killer throws the lighter towards Justin. Pushed out of the harms way by Justine, Vivienne jumps up and knocks the lighter away at the last second with her purse. Furious, the attacker pulls out a knife and wounds Justin in a fight. Fortunately for our two leads, the police arrives to end the dangerous stand off and apprehend the crazy attacker. 
Relieved after making sure Vivienne is unharmed, Justine softly kisses her hair.    
Understandably angry once he finds out from the police that they had convinced Vivienne to be a bait to catch the attacker, Justin demands to know who was going to take responsibility if Vivienne was hurt in the process. In a dry tone, the detective reminds Justine that they would've caught the attacker already if it wasn't for the fact Justine had single handily scared the guy away after he fixed all the surveillance camera in front of Vivienne's house and camped out all night there. Surprised to hear everything Justin had done, Vivienne looks at a sheepish "friend" with her "Gotcha" smile. 
Bolstered up by the knowledge of everything Justin has done for her, Vivienne decides to open herself up one last time "I am one of those woman that hate losing even in love. So that's why I will never admit to liking someone until they admit it first. Also, I will not allow myself to like someone more than they like me. But this time I just want to be honest with my feelings. I like you. I want to keep being with you." 

After several moment of very awkward silence, Vivienne finally mutters "Say something. Don't just sit there."
Infuriated by Justin's continual silence, Vivienne warns "Don't take this too far! Whether or not you want to be my boyfriend you should still express something." 
To answer Vivienne's question, Justin wordlessly leans over and kisses her. Breathless, Vivienne asks "What does that mean?" Looking at Vivienne intently, Justine replies "Didn't you want me to express something." 
Uttering a slight protest of "You really are too much," Vivienne pulls Justin back for more kissing. Yeah!!!
The next morning, Vivienne wakes up to a phone call from Justin inviting her to have breakfast together before he takes her to work. Sweetly calling Justine "My boyfriend", Vivienne happily prepares for her morning date. 
Sitting across from Vivienne, Justin flashes the brightest smile at her...and proceeds to start talking about the law suit he is working on Vivienne's behalf. 
Taking deep breathes to calm herself down when she realizes that Justin is really going to use their very first official date to talk about a dumb law suit, Vivienne surprisingly decides to simply admire a hardworking Justine instead of getting angry. 
In a voice over, Vivienne narrates that while her morning date didn't quite match what she expected but as long as the person sitting in front of her is Justin than the minor imperfection becomes their own brand of perfection. 
Basking in her joy of her wonderful new romance, Vivienne goes to work and promptly remembers that she still needs to patch things up with Sheng Nan. Not surprised to see her brother dropping Vivienne off at work, a dispirited Sheng Nan gets more depressed when her boss announces to the whole company that since Vivienne won the coveted contract from Qian Yao's company then the promotion will be going to Vivienne instead of Sheng Nan. 
Nervous when she realizes that Sheng Nan really is going to resign from the company due to the condition of their previous bet, Vivienne decides to tell Sheng Nan the truth about what really went on between her and Qian Yao so many years ago.  
In a flash back we see a young Qian Yao expressing interest when his friend tells him that one of Vivienne's disgruntled suitor has offered a prized pair of running shoes to whoever can successfully date Vivienne. Her ears perking up when she hears her own name being discussed, Vivienne could hardily believe it when Qian Yao tells his friends that he will use Sheng Nan to get close to Vivienne. In fact, Sheng Nan's precious memory of how Qian Yao had princess carried her after accidentally hitting her with a ball was all pre-planned by Qian Yao. 

Stunned, Sheng Nan asks "Are you really telling me the truth? If what you said is true then why didn't you tell me all this before?" 

Sighing, Vivienne replies "I was going to tell you, but you were so happy. I didn't have the heart to tell you. I thought everything would blow over and we will go back to being friends but I didn't realize you would cut off our friendship 10 years ago over Jiang Qian Yao and 10 years later it's still Jiang Qian Yao. What's even more disappointing to me is that you have never bothered to listen to my explanation before making a judgement and you have never trusted me." 

Well, we finally got Vivienne's side of story of what happened with Qian Yao. But judging by the way Qian Yao is acting there are probably some parts of the story Vivienne is not aware of. At least I am pretty sure Qian Yao actually does like Sheng Nan and maybe even had a crush on her even back in their school days. Still, there seems to be some strong evidence that Qian Yao is a jerk especially since he obviously feels no qualms in actively trying to use Vivienne to distract his creepy boss/maybe half brother right now. 

No matter what though, I am hoping that by some miracle we can save Qian Yao's character from being a jerk because I find his romance with Sheng Nan rather cute 
Judging by the previews for next week, it looks like we still have a long way to go before the two nemesis can really patch up their differences and that's disappointing because that probably means Sheng Nan has to hurt Vivienne once again when she chooses love over friendship. Part of me wants to go all out on passing judgement on Sheng Nan for abandoning her friendship over a boy but then I am forced to admit that love is a crazy thing and who really can say for certain that if we are placed in Sheng Nan's position we would do any better.
So it looks like now that our two leads have finally confirmed their feelings...again, the obstacles are going to be coming in droves. I am not excited about all the necessary conflicts but I guess the writer has been pretty creative in making the confrontations thus far amusing so I am hoping the same magic will happen again next week.     


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