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Friday, December 25, 2015

Ninja's 2015 Drama Good & Naughty List

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Merry Christmas my friends!!! 

I considered just doing my usual Friday Round Up but it seems almost a crime to not do a year end look back so here we go:

Dramas that made year 2015 a great one for me:
 2015 was an awesome year for Taiwanese Dramas. I am really crossing my fingers that T-drama can continue to kick out the kind of quality shows they have been able to put out this year and judging by the fact I am addicted to TWO T-Dramas currently (Bromance and Marry Me or Not?) I have a lot of hope for 2016.

Someone Like You was my first indication that I should start paying more attention to T-dramas, and fortunately I was not disappointed at all.

Someone Like You Ep 1 & 2 First Impression: HERE

I usually don't have very high expectation of T-daily so it was a pleasant surprise that I actually liked Be With You enough to finish it. While I wouldn't call this show addicting material but I was plenty satisfied with it on a T-daily standard. 

Be With You Ep 1-4 First Impression: HERE
Hands down my absolute favorite C-drama this year would be My Sunshine. The show would've been perfection all around if it wasn't for the weird draggy last couple episodes where the director pretty much just had Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang reshot all the scenes their younger characters' counterparts had filmed. Still, last couple episodes aside, My Sunshine remains one of those shows I choose to rewatch on a raining day. 

My Sunshine Review: HERE
I debated if I should put Moon River on my Good list since it sort of got bogged down towards the end with all the corporate intrigue, but I figured one should always support a back side kicking heroine whenever possible so on the list it goes. 

Moon River Ep 1-4 First Impression: HERE
I had pretty high expectation for The Lady & The Liar so it was really satisfying that the show didn't disappoint me. Of course it was kinda hard to disappoint me with Hawick Lau as the hero, but all the eye candies aside, the plot was pretty good as well. 

The Lady & The Liar Ep 1-46 Summary: HERE
Surprisingly, I didn't think 2015 was the best year for K-drama. There were certainly plenty of good dramas but I had a hard time finding "ADDICTING" dramas this year. I will be honest that I am kinda unfair in that I probably judge K-drama on a higher standard compare to other Asian countries but that's understandable right? 

Kill Me, Heal Me was one of my favorite K-drama this year. I am a bit biased since I am a big Ji Sung fan and it was just a great pleasure to watch him play all those separate personalities. Mama Ninja actually preferred Hyde Jakyll and Me more than Kill Me, Heal Me but I am withholding her Christmas present until she changes her mind. 

Kill Me, Heal Me Ep 1-2 First Impression: HERE
I usually prefer my drama more heavy on the romance component so it is with some surprise that I am adding I Remember You on my Good List. For a show about psychopaths, especially one where we as the audience couldn't even be sure half of the time if the hero himself is on the sane side, I Remember You was intriguing right from the beginning and certainly had my attention right to the end. ps. The romance is there and the chemistry between the two leads are simply awesome. 

I Remember You Review: HERE

Dramas That Broke My Heart Because They Should've Been Winners:
I was really looking forward to watching Lee Si Young in My Beautiful Bride and the show certainly started off promising enough but after the nth time when I wondered "Wait, the story must get better right? When is Lee Si Young's character going to do something? Anything?" it finally dawned on me that I might be have wasted my time on a dud.  

My Beautiful Bride First Impression: HERE 
Sigh, Diamond Lover. How much I loved you...well, loved watching Rain but I am too speechless with the last couple episodes so it pains me to even think about you now. 

Diamond Lover First Impression: HERE
Diamond Lover Show Review: HERE

Wish List for 2016
  • I am craving for an addicting J-drama. I was really hoping we would get one this year, but none that I tried was in the addicting territory. 
  • K-dailies were kinda meh this year as well. I actually finished Save My Family and really followed Enchanting Neighbor for a while but neither of them were able to keep the story strong all the way the end. 
    Bromance T-Drama
  • More great and blush inducing Taiwanese dramas please!
  • C-drama had quite a few very promising dramas but of course the problem with C-dramas is that they tend to go all melo once they got your attention with the cute in the beginning. So my big wish for C-drama in 2016 is that they would finally learn to either do melo right or just let it go! 


  1. I love My Beautiful Bride, but I have to say I started loving it once I let go of the fact that Lee Si Young was billed as a lead rather than the Watson-like character to the banker's Sherlock Holmes.

  2. Oh, and Someone Like You should prove to the world once and for all that Kingone is leading man material. No more sad sack second leads for him, dramagods!

    1. I agree with you. I've always thought he was leading man material ever since Why Why Love.

  3. Ninja, is it possible for you to do recaps for Go Princess Go? The drama about the guy who woke up as a princess and getting more and higher in palace hierarchy? It is impossible to get even one subbed episode for the drama.
    I am sorry to ask this of you. Because it is hard work. Thank you for listening to my request.

    1. I have been meaning to go back and check Go Princess Go out. Seeing that the drama is already so far along I don't see myself doing recaps on it but I would probably do a 2nd impression on it (if it is REALLY good then maybe episode summary).

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  5. I love Someone Like You and Moon River. I always visit your website for update. You inspired me to make recap too. I made Someone Like You recap with Indonesian language because no one recap it in my country. Thanks..