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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Oh My Venus Episode 3-6: Summary & Favorite Moments

Oh My Venus Episode 3-6: Summary
Mistakenly assuming that Ji Woong (the youngest of the three guys) is the world famous John Kim, Joo Eun is overjoyed when the three boys reluctantly agrees to help her.

Giving her all as the boys put her through the wringer in the name of training, poor Joo Eun has no clue that Young Ho (the real John Kim) is only hoping that she will give up on her own.
While Joo Eun is killing herself under John Kim's "training", Gyeo Woon (heroine's ex) is finally free to date In Young even though it is obvious that Joo Eun is still an unspoken ghost between them.
Having kept the news of her breakup from her mother, Joo Eun is dismayed when she shows up at a restaurant to find her mother treating Gyeo Woon like her son-in-law. Upset when she is told of the breakup, Mama Shin first pleads with Gyeo Woon to take her daughter back then actually ends up apologizing to him when a remorseful Gyeo Woon refused her request.

Sitting not too far away on yet another marriage date set up by his family, Young Ho observed the whole scene and finally looks away when Mama Shin starts to hit her daughter in frustration for letting a man like Gyeo Woon get away.  

Noticing Young Ho's obvious distraction, his date asks "Is everything okay."
Surprisingly honest, Young Ho replies "It's uncomfortable and it's bothering me. She keeps showing up in front of my eyes."
Despite Joo Eun's hard work, her weight is not coming off but Joo Eun holds on to her belief that her will can overcome all things.

While watching a live broadcast of Joo Eun on a show about legal questions, Young Ho is stunned when Joo Eun passes out in the middle of the interview. Looking at a dejected Joo Eun on the hospital bed as she is again placed in a very embarrassing situation not only for him to see but in front of the whole world, Young Ho makes a momentous decision.
Furious when Young Ho confesses that he is the real John Kim and the training she has been breaking her back doing were designed to discourage her, Joo Eun asks "I must've really seemed like a fool to you."
Dryly, Young Ho replies "The fact you fell for it is actually quite bewildering to me, to be honest." Continuing on in an audible mutter "I don't know if you are weird or stupid."

Despite Joo Eun's initial anger, she is quickly appeased when both Ji Woon and Joon Sung (Young Ho's two friends) beg for her forgiveness.
Ready to help Joo Eun transform her body especially once he realized that Joo Eun has a thyroid condition that prevented her from losing weight, Young Ho declares to Joo Eun "From now on your body is mine. This is on my terms, so words like "no, I can't" or "I won't" will not register with me."

Proving that he is completely serious, Young Ho leads his boys on a deep cleanse of Joo Eun's kitchen and replace all the junk food with various healthy things that will help with Joo Eun's thyroid condition.
Following Young Ho's every direction, Joo Eun's daily life consists of going to work and sneaking into Young Ho's house to train under "her coach's" direction. She has to sneak so Young Ho can keep his identity as John Kim a secret from his family. Young Ho has actually told Joo Eun the truth that he is from a chaebol family but she thought he was joking. 

Ending yet another routine day of work, exercise then home, Joo Eun's night suddenly turns into a nightmare when a stalker barges into her house. Fortunately, Young Ho arrives just in the nick of time and takes down the stalker easily.

With no where to go, Joo Eun ends up moving into Young Ho's house and becomes housemates with the three boys.
Dismayed that the law seems to actually side with the creepy stalker instead of Joo Eun, Young Ho decides the best recourse is to teach Joo Eun how to protect herself by teaching her Jiu Jitsu...which promptly ended in a accidental kiss.
Bothered by the fact that Young Ho left the country without a word to her, Joo Eun is somewhat comforted when Young Ho orders her to send him regular videos of her exercising footage so he can make sure she is on target. While Joo Eun is busily complain about the fun Young Ho must be having with all his lady friends, unbeknownst to Joo Eun, Young Ho is actually going through intensive testing to make sure the cancer in his knee hasn't come back.
Fortunately, the doctor declares Young Ho to be fully recovered and he comes back to find a much slimmer Joo Eun.
To celebrate Joo Eun's great progress so far, Young Ho reluctantly agrees to live one day "Joo Eun's way". Meaning, no exercising, sleeping during the day and of course lots of yummy greasy food.
Unfortunately for what started out as a glorious day for Joo Eun soured quickly when she is called into the police station for questioning. Speechless when she is informed how Gyeo Woon had threaten the stalker for her safety, Joo Eun is even more dismayed when the police calls Young Ho as an additional witness.

Luckily, thanks to In Young's superb lawyer skills, the stalker has no choice but to drop the charges. Sheepish after being left alone with Joo Eun by a very "understanding" In Young, Gyeo Woon warns Joo Eun that Young Ho is someone greater than she would expect and that he is probably just playing with her.
With Gyeo Woon's warning fresh on her mind, Joo Eun tells Young Ho to stop playing with her when the mood between them gets suggestive. In reply to Joo Eun's warning, Young Ho pulls her to him and kisses her.

 Favorite Scenes From Episode 5-6


Taking Joo Eun home after her scary encounter with the creepy stalker, Young Ho unceremoniously gives Joo Eun a set of his bedding. Looking at a very apologetic Joo Eun, Young Ho sneers at her suggestion that he would be so nice as to give her his own bedding...which in reality is exactly what he did.  

Going crazy after munching day after day of rabbit foods Young Ho had assigned her to eat, Joo Eun starts dreaming of all the "forbidden foods" she is craving. However, Joo Eun's day dream is soon chased away when an imaginary Young Ho shows up to make her stay on the straight and narrow.

So used to the imaginary Young Ho popping up through out her day, Joo Eun pokes at the real Young Ho when he all the sudden shows up beside while she is ordering a cheater coffee treat with extra whipped cream.

When I really think about it, the romance in Oh My Venus is actually moving quite fast but that's why I love these imaginary figures because it shows how the leads have truly come to depend on one another. 


Puzzled when he notices the poinsettia at the back seat, Young Ho asks Joo Eun "Isn't that flower pot from the stalker?"
Huffy as she looks down at the bouquet of flowers Young Ho wants her to hold in her hands, Joo Eun replies "Yap. Some people get flowers from "important people", but I get a flower pot from a stalker."

Put a hand on Joo Eun's forehead, Young Ho asks "How long has it been? Now you are speaking whatever you are thinking."  Ha! I don't know why but that sentence is just so hilarious to me. 


The super sexy Jiu Jitsu lesson is of course one of my favorite scene. Anyone else thinking about taking up Jiu Jitsu lesson??
I love how later that night while Joo Eun thinks back to the kiss it's all romantic and suggestive while in Young Ho's version he is reliving how a pursed lip Joo Eun attacked him.

Coming to see Joo Eun the moment he gets back to the country, Young Ho falls to the ground as he catches a falling Joo Eun in his arms. Focusing his eyes on Joo Eun's much thinner face, Young Ho suddenly notices Joo Eun's dimples. After poking his finger into Joo Eun's dimple, Young Ho laughs "I haven't see that before."

I like this one because I would peg this scene as the real first certain sign that our hero is starting to be aware of his feelings of possessiveness towards the heroine.

His imagination going into overdrive the moment Joo Eun announces that she is going to go get a message for her aching muscles, Young Ho insists that he will be the one to do the honer. Unfortunately, for mine and I am sure Joo Eun's imagination, Young Ho's form of message is just a measly message chair.

I love how the three boys tried so hard to accommodate Joo Eun so she could have "her day." Even if it means doing silly things like taking a picture of themselves doing corpse pose.
Or the embarrassment of showing up fully dressed for a fine dinning restaurant only to realize that Joo Eun's has chosen a greasy spoon to have dinner at.

And finally, my favorite scene! Trying to calm her racing heart as she remembers Gyeo Woon's warning that Young Ho is probably just a rich boy trying to play with her emotions, Joo Eun shrinks when Young Ho touches her dimple again and declares "Don't mess around with me!"
Making a declaration of his own, Young Ho takes off Joo Eun's glasses and replies "Since your body belongs to me, you can't say no."
And leans in for a kiss. Someone scrape me off the floor. 

Second Impression
I am in love! While I was still a bit bothered by the pacing of episode 3 and 4 but I was completely satisfied with 5 & 6. I think I pretty much giggled like a lunatic through the last two episodes.

I will admit that I am a bit bored whenever the corporate intrigue part of the story comes up but fortunately at least at this point, the writer has kept that portion really small. One thing I am really excited about is the great characters in Oh My Venus. Kudos to the writer in creating not only awesome leads but also in making the second leads very intriguing as well.
On the surface it seems very easy to dislike In Young but as we get more and more of her back story I think despite how low it was for her to go after Joo Eun's boyfriend in the end Joo Eun's friendship might still be what In Young desperately needs.

On a side note, I think it is rather metaphoric that while In Young might look beautiful on the outside but right beneath her glamorous surface she is still that insecure overweight girl. In contrast, Joo Eun might have suffered a lot because of her appearance during her adult years, but deep down she still holds onto her confidence of her once bubbly shiny self.  
Gyeo Woon is also a very intriguing character as well. I keep trying to peg Gyeo Woon as either a jerky ex-boyfriend or ex-boyfriend who is trying to get back with our heroine or useless guy who is trying to get to Young Ho through his ex.

However, as the story progresses I am starting to wonder if maybe Gyeo Woon might just be a decent guy after all. We've had no indication from Gyeo Woon that he wants to get back with Joo Eun (he has even formally asked Young Ho to take care of her) but he certainly seems unable to stop caring about Joon Eun's welfare even if he has to protect her in secret. Moreover, Gyeo Woon is very aware that what he is doing is hurting In Young. 

Everything would make more sense if Gyeo Woon is just a typical ex that wants to get back with the heroine once she becomes beautiful again, but up to this point we really haven't seen jealousy from Gyeo Woon or even greed to get back with her so could it be after 15 years of dating, Gyeo Woon now sees Joo Eun more as family??
Secondary characters aside, what I am most interested in is of course our hero Young Ho. I love So Ji Sub in comedy so much but it is certainly helpful that he can do melo at the drop of the hat as well. 

I really like the fact that despite the obvious status difference between our two leads on the surface, in reality Joo Eun is a sparkling being that Young Ho hasn't dared to even imagine that he could have in his life. It was so poignant the way Young Ho looked at Joo Eun with that glimmer of hope after she gives her speech about how everyone has the right to pursue happiness. As the chaebol son with the heavy expectation placed upon him, Young Ho had only ever dared to carve out a small piece of stolen freedom under the name of John Kim, so how moving it must've been for him to hear from Joo Eun that even he has the right to be happy.

 Dang, this one has turned into one gigantic post. Oh, well. Let's blame it on my excitement to finally find another show that is addicting worthy!


  1. Thanks for this summary recap Ninja! I love this show so much. The plot has some rough patches but I don't care! SMA and SJS are so adorable that I could just watch them flirt the whole day long, who cares about the story....just let them play.....

  2. I am hooked from the very begining. I dont care about the shallow premise of fat girl turn thin girl thingy. It is one of the real potrayals of the not only in Korea, but a lot of country n the world. Looove Shin Minha since Gumiho and Arang, Looove SoJiSub since Im Sowi I Luv U and efcourse the Sun.

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