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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh My Venus Episode 7 & 8 Favorite Scenes

Ninja's Oh My Venus Episode 7 Favorite Scenes!
Moment #1
After the surprising but very sizzling kiss,

Young Ho is taken back when Joo Eun all the sudden demands that he takes off his cloth. Looking around at the rather public setting there are at, Young Ho asks "Are you not planning to keeping going with the naive and innocent style anymore?" As it happens, Joo En just wanted Young Ho's coat so she can hide her face the whole way home.

Moment #2
Ha! I love Ji Woong's face here.
I also love Joon Sung's expression here when Yi Jin (the idol that is crushing on Joon Sung) asks "Do you want to have dinner with me or kiss me?" BTW, Young Ho made a comment later that the phrase sounded familiar which probably made all of So Ji Sub's fans squeal with happiness because that particular phrase is from So Ji Sub's drama Sorry I Love You (2004).

Moment #3
Slightly huffy to see that Young Ho has reverted back to his coaching mode, Joo Eun is resigned to her fate of running on the treadmill until she falls right into Young Ho's arms. Catching Joo Eun, Young Ho asks "Is this the famous back-hug?"
Poor Joo Eun. One minute Young Ho is insisting that she calls him coach but the next minute he is making her blush with embarrassment.

Moment #4
I am really enjoying our heroine's interaction with not just the hero but with the two other boys as well. Showing up at a kindergarten classroom as a favor to Joo Eun, Ji Woong becomes the rag doll as Joon Sung shows off his great wresting skills.
Clapping along with all the little kids and their parents, Young Ho and Joo Eun take time out of their cute bickering to encourage the two boys.

Moment #5
Ha! This scene just makes me laugh.

Moment #6
After dropping Joo Eun off to spend the night at her friend's house, Young Ho mutters "I guess this is her first night away from home." A very understated scene but probably my favorite moment because it shows that Young Ho already considers his house to be Joo Eun's home.

Moment # 7
I like this scene because of the... um... the lamp is very ... um... artistic.
Gasping with embarrassment when Young Ho texts her "Sorry, I was taking off my clothes so I couldn't answer your text immediately," Joo Eun accuses Young Ho of making things up... to which Young Ho replies "Should we do video conferencing then?"
Oh... Look! Those wall square thingy are sure ... um... artistic. Yap, I am sticking to my story.

Moment #8
The big revelation moment when Young Ho walks in as the Gahong Group's Director.
Was anyone else holding their breath until Young Ho showed up at the elevator to stop Joo Eun from leaving? It was somehow funny but touching at the same time the way Young Ho went into his doctor mode to try to keep Joo Eun from hyperventilating.

Moment #9
After confirming for himself that Joo Eun is really not in the house, Young Ho sits as he remembers all of her accusing words. Wincing as he puts a hand over his knee, Young Ho mutters "I am getting my punishment..."

Moment #10
While sitting alone at her mother's house complaining why Young Ho has only called her once, Joo Eun jumps with excitement when Young Ho calls to let her know that he has driven all the way from Seoul to her home town.
I noticed quite a bit of internet buzz about how unrealistic it was that Joo Eun would forgive Young Ho so quickly but I actually think it is quite reasonable if we think about her past record. If Joo Eun wasn't able to stay angry very long when Young Ho and the boys actively tried to deceive her about the whole John Kim thing then why would she stay angry when Young Ho really didn't lie this time. Especially considering the fact that she probably figured out from his text (sent before the big "meeting") that he was ready to confess the truth to her that very night.

Moment #11
Young Ho tells Joo Eun about his childhood and illness.
Concerned, Joo Eun asks "Are you still sick?." Smiling, Young Ho puts her hand to his ab and tells her to confirm for herself. Ha!

Moment # 12
Sigh... just holding hands... 
Turning to Joo Eun when she asks him if he really needs to be Gahong Group's Director, Young Ho teases "Is dating a prince too hard for you?" Shaking her head, Joo Eun comments that she could tell Young Ho likes working with his body more than thinking with his brain. 
Inching close to Joo Eun, Young Ho offers "Actually I am much better with my body than my brain. Should I prove it to you right now?" 

Moment #13
Completely bored without Joo Eun in the house, our three boys lie around doing their "corpse exercise" in the living room. Snapping to attention when they hear Joo Eun's voice, the boys suddenly come alive. 
Young Ho totally looks like a puppy that is waiting to be noticed. 

Moment #14
Stunned when she walks into the room to find Young Ho sitting in agony with the scar on his knee showing, Joo Eun becomes even more shocked when Young Ho looks up and yells "Don't come any closer!"
Sigh... our hero's pain is finally exposed fully for Joo Eun to see. I guess even Prince Charming has demons to deal with. 


  1. Love this show. SJS and SMN are so adorable, I can watch them doing nothing but flirt and it won't matter.

    The idol with a crush is too cute and I love Joon Sung's shell shocked expression.

    Totally squealed when the line for Misa showed up. Loved how the write paid homage to that greatest introduction to SJS and when he quipped that he had heard that before somewhere...too funny!

  2. As always your too funny Miss Ninja.�� You picked out all the best moments that I liked too, I think KJE and KYH relationship is mature and realistic. Great chemistry and this writer nim and director nim are both very good at toying with us. �� We expect sexy interludes what we get are sexy foreplay in the guise of physical exercise �� Love the boys they are soo sweet and are always on JE side. So sweet that they veg out when she's not there�� And come to life and perk up when they hear her voice. See the disappointment when she says she is moving out!!! They all consider her part of them. Wait until KYH finds out JE is leaving the safety of his home, he won't let her go. I got to say I adore sec Min he is simply the best. ��

  3. I really do love the lamp ;-) Ooh . so . artistic !