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Friday, December 18, 2015

Oh My Venus Episode 9-10 Favorite Moments

Oh My Venus Episode 9 Favorite Moments By Ninja
Moment #1
Panicking to find Young Ho suffering in pain, Joo Eun tries to call for help but Young Ho stops her and asks her to leave. Unable to fathom how she could possibly leave Young Ho alone, a crying Joo Eun is about to refuse Young Ho's request until he uses his shaking hand to tap her on the arm.

Reminded of their Jujitsu lesson where Young Ho told her that the tap signals a request to let go, Joo Eun has no choice but to leave Young Ho...
and sobs silently as Young Ho struggles in pain behind the closed door.

Moment #2
Finally coming out of of his own private hell, the first thing Young Ho says to Joo En is "I have been caught... How unsexy." Ha! That sentence is even funnier when later Joo En chides herself "I didn't know anything. I just assumed you were walking around oozing sexiness."
Sighing when Joo Eun keeps crying, Young Ho tells her "Why are you the one crying, when I am the one in pain?" 

Moment #3
I loved this conversation between our two leads:
Joo Eun "Even in this situation I look pretty to you?"
Young Ho "Ah... you still fall a little short."
Joo Eun "How could I get more prettier than this?"
Young Ho "If you are healthier you will be prettier. You will be more sexy." It always makes me heart break just a little when Young Ho says this to Joo Eun. It shows not only how much he cares about Joo Eun but also his own trauma experienced during his childhood...and I guess still experiencing even now. 
By the way, anyone else thought "Wow, very intimate hugging there!" like I did?

Moment #4
Fun sweet dating shenanigans when our two leads are still trying to keep their romance a secret. 
Sigh! I need to get myself a exercise coach...

Moment #5
I think it's hilarious that not only does Young Ho has a thing for Joo Eun's dimples but Joo Eun herself is quite willing to capitalize on the powers of her dimples.

Moment #6
Our two leads' hallucinations of each other are sure getting more and more real.
Just when Joo Eun gets ready for a kiss with her imaginary Young Ho, she is rudely interrupted by her nemesis In Young. Shaking her head in frustration after In Young leaves, Joo Eun asks her empty office "Oppa, oppa? Are you still around?"

Moment #7
Sitting around the camp fire, everyone is shocked when Young Ho nonchalantly announces "I am dating Kang Joo Eun."
I love the stunned expression on everyone's face and especially the fact Joo Eun's best friend is still under the impression Young Ho is some unemployed guy.

Oh My Venus Episode 10 Favorite Moments
Moment #1
Still on a roll to shock everyone closest to him, Young Ho pulls Joo Eun to him and declares to Chief Min "Miss Kang Joo Eun, the one I am dating."
Concerned about the complication that is sure to arise when Young Ho's grandma and father find out about Joo Eun, Chief Min asks Young Ho "If you knew it will get complicated, then why..."

Giving what I think it's the coolest answer, Young Ho replies "She is not a woman I can stop seeing just because things get tough."

Moment #2
Kicking his feet in frustration when Joo Eun rules out almost all possibilities of intimate touchings (even her dimples!), Young Ho reluctantly agrees that he will only touch her hands and feet...
Which is really not too hard since Joo Eun's idea of sleeping on the same bed is with her feet by Young Ho's head.

Moment #3
 Both of them slightly forlorn on the first day Joo Eun moved out of the house, Young Ho uses the little amount free time he has to text Joo Eun.
Glancing quickly at the back seat, Chief Min reminds Young Ho that they are almost to the company so he will need to silence his phone soon. Disgruntled, Young Ho mutters "Stop being jealous."

Moment #4
Despite being a tad bit disappointed that Young Ho isn't able to come with the boys to eat dinner at her new apartment, Joo Eun nonetheless welcomes the boys happily into her home.
Filled with jealousy as they both stare at Ji Woong slurping his jajangmyeon, Joon Sung and Joo Eun turns back to their own plate of extremely healthy looking dinner.

Moment #5
Springing into action when he hears a scream in the pool, Joon Sung quickly rescues the drowning woman. A bit surprised to see the unconscious woman is none other than Yi Jin (the actress), Joon Sung proceeds to administer mouth to mouth at Ji Woong's urging.

Jumping back when Yi Jin suddenly opens her eyes and breaks out in a huge smile, it doesn't take much for Joon Sung to figure out that he has been set up especially when the first words out Yi Jin's mouth is "We kissed!"
Yi Jin even high fives Ji Woong to thank him for helping her.
My favorite part is Yi Jin's assistant's comment to her "You acted your heart out! Why can't you act like this on TV?"

Moment #6
I like this particular scene because it probably is the first moment where it really hit home the gigantic chasm that is between our two leads. 
Following his grandmother in a grand procession as the prince of Gahong Group, Young Ho could only spare a quick glance at the bowing Joo Eun. 

Moment #7 
Overjoyed to actually fit into her dream dress, Joo Eun gets all dolled up to throw an impromptu celebration for herself. 
Completely flustered when she suddenly gets a phone call from her best friend informing her that the web is filled with scandals about Young Ho's John Kim identity, Joo Eun rushes out of the door only to see Young Ho standing right there. 
Smiling when Young Ho complains that he can't go home because of all the reporters, Joo Eun tells him "I have one room and one bathroom. Do you still want to come in? To the outside of your world."

Putting her hands on Young Ho's shoulder, Joo Eun announces "Boarding," then immediately wraps her arms around him after saying "Departure." 

This particular scene was a really nice moment to end the episode on because it reiterate one very important truth: Joo Eun might be Cinderella and Young Ho might be a prince but in this version of the story the prince charming is the one that desperately needs the maiden to save him. 

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  1. Love this show so much. The story is not extremely clever but the messages it conveys are heartfelt and not too far from the truth sometimes. Some of these were my fav moments too and also, I think you're the only one who shares my love for the cute CF stalker girl.