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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Make a Woman Cry Episode 3-4 Recap & 2nd Impression

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Make a Woman Cry Episode 3-4 Recap
A bit sheepish that she totally abandoned Jin Woo (hero) to a bunch of gangsters by himself the day before, Deok In (heroine) tries to act nonchalantly when Jin Woo shows up for work at the school. Admitting that it was kinda mean to leave him, Deok In offers up a month worth of meal tickets to her restaurant as an apology. Snatching the meal tickets from Deok In's hand, Jin Woo slyly tells her that he wasn't hurt at all since he was quick to tell the gangster where to find her. Dismayed, Deok In demands Jin Woo to give back the meal tickets, but Jin Woo quickly sneaks into the school. Jin Woo didn't really tell on Deok In so he smiles when Jin Woo believes his fibbing. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Be With You Episode 5-9 Summary

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Be With You (好想談戀愛 ) Episode 5-9I am really liking this show that I might even talk myself into doing a weekly summary on it... although that just might be crazy talk...
Wanting to be of help, Ying Qian (the hero's brother) unwittingly angers the professor that Ying Jie (our hero) hopes to sign a contract with when he takes the professor's daughter to a night club. Not appeased even when Ying Jie personally apologizes to him, obtaining the professor and the contract along with it seem like an impossible task.

Determined to do whatever she could to help Ying Jie, Man An meets with the professor's daughter and was able to persuade the girl to fess up the truth to her father. (The daughter had sneaked back to the dance club later by herself but chose to blame it on Ying Qian).

Impressed with Man An's ability, Ying Jie decides to reward Man An by officially offering her a job at the company. Ying Qian and Xuan Xuan both happily congratulate Man An for her new job but judging from Man An's expression she is not so sure that working for Ying Jie is such a good idea.

Man Li's (heroine's sister) romance with her boss Li Qi is going quite well... despite some minor misunderstandings and the usual uncertainties that comes from a new relationship. It is pretty obvious that Man Li is a complete newbie at this whole relationship thing, but fortunately Li Qi is ever the understanding boyfriend that can magically smooth anything over. 

Out on a romantic date, Li Qi confesses to Man Li that he always made sure to show up to their school club because she was there. Sheepishly, Man Li also admits that Li Qi was the whole reason she joined the club in the first place. While Li Qi is teaching Man Li how to play the guitar, the mood gets cozy and our couple shares a kiss. 
Before you get too assured that Man Li and Li Qi is just going to sweetly skip off to the sunset, the show introduces another man, Shang De into Man Li's life. At this point, Shang De is just an annoying young kid that causes trouble for Man Li whenever she runs into him, but it looks like maybe he will be the guy to make Li Qi truly work for his girl. 
Reasoning with herself that working in the company is not a big deal since she probably won't have the chance to see Ying Jie a lot anyway, Man An tells her ecstatic parents that she will accept the job offer. Overjoyed that his daughter can be of a help in a small way to the family he vows to serve faithfully, Daddy Xia can't stop telling Man An how proud he is of her. 

However, one close encounter with Ying Jie when she stumbles on a boat dashes all of Man An's confidence and in despair she realizes that she is still very much in love with Ying Jie. Knowing that she can't possibly keep her feelings in check while Ying Jie is parading around in the company with his fiancee, Man An makes the difficult decision to turn down the job offer. 

While surprised by Man An's declaration that she will not be working at the company, Ying Jie gives no visible reaction to how he truly feels inside. 
Seeing Daddy Xia's stunned reaction when he is informed that Man An has turn down the job offer, Ying Jie stops Daddy Xia from interrogating his daughter and volunteers to talk to Man An himself. 
Showing up at Man An's house, Ying Jie tells her that since this job is so important to Daddy Xia, he is willing to make any adjustment Man An wants so that the job would be a good one for her. Unable to hide her feelings, Man An finally blurts out "I don't need any adjustments. Can you stop being so good to me please? I am trying so hard to distance myself from you. I am working hard at letting go. I wasn't joking when I said I liked you before. I have liked you for a long long time... " 

As Man An sobs out all her sorrow for missing her chance with Ying Jie and how terrible she feels at disappointing her dad, Ying Jie can't help himself and pulls her into his arm to comfort her. 
Murmuring "Don't cry, don't cry Man An" as he pats Man An's back, Ying Jie's own eyes start to fill with tears as well. 
What an awesome scene! Great acting by Bobby Dou, he totally nailed the emotion of Ying Jie who loves Man An so much but can't say or do anything about it.   
Understanding Man An's reason for refusing the job fully now, Ying Jie tells Man An to just forget the job offer. However, Chairman Zhen (Ying Jie's dad) hears Daddy Xia's unhappiness over his daughter's refusal of the job and personally invites Man An to the house to urge her to accept the job. With no way to tell the real reason why she would turn down such a great opportunity, Man An can only look at Ying Jie hesitantly and agrees to work at the company. 
Unwilling to see Man An caught in the difficult situation she is in, Ying Jie disagrees with his dad for the very first time in his life. However, even Ying Jie himself can't come up with a believable reason why Man An shouldn't work at the company and it is quickly decided that Man An will show up at work the very next day. 

It is interesting to note that Daddy Xia is actually not happy about the sudden turn of events. Suspicious after seeing Man An sobbing in Ying Jie's arm, Daddy Xia is starting to wonder maybe there is a real reason why Man An turned down the job in the first place. I don't think Daddy Xia suspects anything is going on between Ying Jie and Man An. I think Ying Jie is probably too sacred of a person in Daddy Xia's mind for him to suspect that anything is going on between the two. 
Confessing to his pet eagle, Ying Jie tells Rafi "Did you know I opposed my father for the first time for Man An last night? What if one day I can't hide my feelings anymore?" 
At this point of the story we are given pretty obvious clues that Ying Jie is probably not his parents' biological son, so that explains why he feels the necessity to follow his parents' every wish. 

Ying Jie finds out from Mama Xia that Man An is feeling unwell and a slight freeze in his expression shows how much Ying Jie is affected by the smallest detail concerning Man An. 
Perhaps finally feeling doubt in his "arrange" engagement, Ying Jie asks Xuan Xuan "Are you happy? You know my feelings towards you... so isn't this just going to bring you more harm than happiness?" 

Admitting that she knows all along that she has no place in Ying Jie's heart yet, Xuan Xuan assures Ying Jie that she is happy as long as she is by his side. 

Standing still as Xuan Xuan cries with her arms around him, Ying Jie makes no move to hug her back but just closes his eyes in sorrow. 


I am a bit undecided when it comes to Xuan Xuan. Is seems kinda unbelievable that she would be so naive as to have no clue that Man An like Ying Jie, but if she does know then has she been just trying to befriend Man An so she could use the "we are friends so you can't touch my man" kinda of thing? I am leaning that she is probably really just that nice of a girl, but will probably turn crazy once she realizes Man An is the one Ying Jie loves. 

While this show is certainly not breaking new grounds in terms of plot developments BUT I really like the two leads and can't wait when Ying Jie is finally forced out of his hiding when someone else starts pursuing his girl. Although, I would be happy too if Man An decides to really move on from her crush and Ying Jie has to starting chasing her this time around. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 16 Recap

After the shock of overhearing Ya Ti confessing to Auntie Juan that she has Luo Han's heart and that she likes Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi gets another surprise when she turns around to find Bo Yan standing right behind her. 

Connecting the dots from Ya Ti's words, Bo Yan figures out the truth and starts to plot how he can use this information to his advantage. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ninja Drools #13 Chinese Pan Fried Beef Bun

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I was craving some beef buns this week for some reason so here they are! This dish is pretty versatile as a dinner dish or simply as a snack. The fact that the dough only needs to rest 10 minutes before you can start rolling them out makes this a great last minute recipe.  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Drama Recommendations: School Romance

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A reader asked for some drama recommendation "I've already watched Boys Over Flowers, and read the manga of Hana Yori Dango. But I'll surely try the Japanese version. However, I'm not too keen on watching It Started With a Kiss, because I was sort of disappointed with the K Version Playful Kiss. I wouldn't mind a good rom-com or maybe a cross-dressing drama either! Historical is also alright. I wouldn't mind the Chaebol-falls-in-love-with-a-poor-woman plot either. But I'm more into Dramas set in school or college where the focus is on things like bromance, friendship and love (because such kind of emotions really appeal to me). Other manga adaptations are also alright. yeah, I'm okay with the idol-boy kind of dramas (or should i say flower boys?) where the protagonist belongs to a musical band and stuff like that!

As long as the drama has substance and is addicting and juicy, I've got no problems at all!
At first I was totally drawing blank but after a few days of pondering I came up with a few ideas:

First Pick

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

This one pretty much fit the bill perfectly. Cross dressing heroine, bromance galore, and great romance. This is a historical drama of course but the plot feels modern and just a wonderful drama all around.

2nd Pick

Coffee Prince (2007)

One of the classic you just got to watch. A tomboy, our heroine ends up getting a job at a coffee shop that only hires boys. Things gets hilariously complicated when the coffee shop owner (the hero) falls in love with our heroine but has no idea she is a girl. No school here, but everyone is super young here.

3rd Pick

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (J-Drama, 2007)

This is turning into a cross dressing recommendation... Anyhow, another classic where you will find remakes by K-drama and T-Drama as well. But I think the J-version gets the bromance down the best. To help her idol, our heroine enters into a all boy school and of course the usual hijinks (and the not so usual ones since we are talking about J-drama here) ensues.

4th Pick

Answer me 1997 (2012)

This one is all about the growing up years and the confusions of first loves. Ahh... the young love. Lots of friendship, bromance and heart melting romance of course.

Fifth Pick

Secret Garden (2010)

Kinda fit the Chaebol falling in love with a poor girl category but this one gets more interesting since our two leads' actually has a soul exchange. No a school romance but a good one anyway.

Last Pick
Down With Love (T-Drama 2010)
A good old Chaebol falling in love with poor girl show. Who knew Jerry Yan does so well in comedy! 

Other worthy mentions:
 Heirs (2013)
 Shut Up Flower Boy Band (2012)
 Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (2015) This one is a classic too. 
Dream High (2011)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #25

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 The Four (C-Drama, Aired to Ep. 24)

I am only caught up to Episode 20 but the two leads are finally starting to have feelings for each other!! It is still kinda draggy but I find it a fairly easy watch. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Make a Woman Cry Episode 1-2 First Impression

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Drama: Make A Woman Cry
Episode: 40
Airs: Sat & Sun

Synopsis: A grieving mother, Jung Deok In quits her job to open up a small eatery by the school after her son's death. Through helping the students that she come in contact with, Deok In slowly works through her grief. Sounds kinda depressing, but this one is actually a lot of fun to watch so don't get scared off by the synopsis. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm Home (J-Drama) Episode 1 First Impression

Drama: I'm Home (アイムホーム) J-Drama

Synopsis: Due to a work accident a man is left without memories of the last five years. Still remembering his ex-wife and their daughter as his real family, Hisashi Ieji goes home everyday to his new wife and son with no recollection of them. In fact, try as he might Hisashi can't see past the smiling white masks his wife and son seem to have on whenever he looks at them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ninja Drools #12 Red Bean Mochi

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Red Bean Mochi

1 Cup and 1 tbs of glutinous rice flour
1 cup cold water
1/3 cup sugar
potato starch for dusting.
Mix the three ingredients and cook in rice cooker. (You could also steam this or cook in the microwave I believe. I have seen a number of recipes that includes a microwave method so just google for Mochi recipe if that would be easier.) 

A note about the glutinous rice flour and water ratio. Most of the recipes you find will call for equal parts of the flour and water but for my personal taste I like my mochi a little chewier and firmer so I add an extra tbs of flour. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

In Still Green Days (K-Daily) Episode 16-30 Second Impression

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A quick brief summary of where we are up to episode 30

Where we left at episode 15. Working as a maid at the hero's (Seo In Ho) home to support her family because she feels guilty for the fact her mistress mother stole all of her father's fortune and indirectly caused his death, our heroine, Lee Yeong Hee think it is only natural for her to be the one supporting her family. Mistress Jang who is now married to the president of a cosmetic company is on pins and needles once she discovers that the child she abandoned is working in none other than the vice president's house. Afraid all her lies will be exposed, Mistress Jang tries to fan Madam Seo's (In Ho's mom) suspicion that Yeong Hee is seducing her son.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #24

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Renai Jidai (J-Drama/New)

A story based on a Japanese novel by the same name. This is the same story that Alone In Love (K-drama, 2006) was based on.

Synopsis: Unable to stop spending time together despite having been divorced for over two years, a divorced couple decides to do the crazy thing and find a mate for the other person.

First Impression: HERE

Angry Mom Mid Series Review (Episode 9-10 Recap)

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Kang Ja goes back to Princess Han's (her friend) place all smiles after she was able to give Minister Kang a letter detailing all the wrongs Chief Do committed. Kang Ja's smile soon turns into fury though when Princess Han shows her the surveillance video of Minister Kang impatiently telling Chairman Hong that bothersome bugs such as Kang Ja should not be showing up in front of him.

It finally dawns on Kang Ja and Princess Han that perhaps they are dealing with much bigger fish than they ever thought.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Doctor Affairs (J-Drama) Episode 1 Summary & First Impression

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Drama: Doctor Affair

Synopsis: Can doctors who devote their time and energy to saving lives really have the right to fall in love? Ok, a rather weird question, but that's the issue the show is focusing on. Dr. Haruki Morita, a man who has no time for dating falls head over heels in love when he meets Dr. Chizuru Kondo, another doctor at his work and his senior. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 14 Recap

Knowing he can't hide Yu Xi's birth secret anymore now that she found out not only does Luo Han looked exactly like her but also shared the same birthday, Zhan Cheng tell Yu Xi the truth. Stunned to hear that she is adopted by her mother, Yu Xi asks Zhan Cheng to leave her alone so she can think things through.