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Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up

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Ice and Fire of Youth (C-Drama)
Synopsis: A rich boy who cared for nothing, our hero's life takes a drastic turn when his father is sent to prison by a man who wanted revenge for the death of his father. Forced to start working from the bottom of the corporate ladder, our hero blazes a path of his own with our heroine who cheers him on all the way.

Kinda of your typical C-drama. I checked out the first few episode and it wasn't exactly bad but it wasn't exactly great either. Since there are quite a few great C-drama out right now, this one probably won't make it on my watch list.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

High Society Series Review

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High Society Series Review

After watching the first few episodes of High Society I had pretty high expectation of it, but my interest kinda waned a bit when the show slowed slightly during the mid point. Still, while High Society is not exactly crack drama material in my opinion but I still found it to be quite enjoyable.

This show really has four leads and the story centers around the romantic entanglements of the two couple.

Warning!!! This Review will go over the final episode so lots of spoilers!!!! 

Diamond Lover Episode Summary Up to Ep. 10

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Diamond Lover (克拉恋人) Episode Summary

Episode 1
A talented designer but often overlooked because of her weight, our heroine Mi Duo harbors a secret crush on Xiao Liang, CEO of a world famous diamond company.

Excited to finally see her own advertisement idea being presented to Xiao Liang, Mi Duo doesn't even mind when her team leader makes fun of her weight during the presentation.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 8 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 8 Recap
Waken up in a rather abrupt manner by You Qian, An Xi is dismayed when she finds out everyone in the B&B has been sent away (for the morning, as a favor to him) by You Qian. Trying her best to play the perfect host, but An Xi can't help but freak out whenever You Qian gets too close.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #38

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I am away on vacation this week... camping of all things. So very limited access to internet thus a forced short break away from my drama addiction. :-) 

Anyhow, as you can guess this week's Friday Drama Round Up will be on the shorter side. By the way, since I can't watch shows this week, what have you lucky people been watching?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Be With You Episode 70-72 (Final) Recap

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Be With You Episode 70-72 (Final) Recap
Daddy Zhen finds Ying Jie sitting with a drink in one hand and staring at the "surprise" Man An has gave him. With one single glance, Daddy Zhen figures out that Ying Jie is fighting with his inner fear of confronting the revelation about his birth mother. Assuring Ying Jie of his and Mama Zhen's support of him finding his birth mother, Daddy Zhen advises his son to face his own fears 

The next morning, an excited Man An takes Ying Jie to the last known address of his birth mother only to find out that the birth mother has already passed away. Leaving Man An outside of the cemetery to talk to his mother alone, Ying Jie slowly talks to his birth mother of the blissful life he has right now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Konkatsu Deka Episode 1 & 2 First Impression

Drama: Konkatsu Deka (こんかつデカ)
Episodes: 10
Airs: Sunday

Synopsis: Famous for being a criminal radar, our heroine Hanada Yoneko is a 35 year old detective who is determined to get married no matter what. Hanada's simple dream of marrying herself off only has one small problem: for some strange reason, every man Hanada falls for always ends up being a criminal.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kingone and Lorene Show Off Their Love!

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Kingone and Lorene Show Off Their Love!
 Well... at least that's what all the fans are calling it. Ever since their drama Someone Like You ended, the rumor mill has been working overtime on speculations on the two leads' possible romance in real life. Instead of avoiding each other because of the rumors though, Lorene Ren and Kingone Wang has decided to show off their friendship instead.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Be With You Episode 65-69 Summary

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Be With You Episode 65-69 Summary
Unable to stand being treated coldly by Ying Jie, Man An apologizes again for her mistakes and tells Ying Jie that she will give him a full week to be angry at her. Amused by Man An's words, Ying Jie assures her that he is not angry anymore and our couple is back giving kisses over their phones.
With their wedding plans underway, it is obvious that working together is still something of a problem for our two leads. Wanting to be perfect in keeping their personal and work life separated, Man An goes overboard in insisting that she can't interact with Ying Jie in any personal manner while they are at work. Fortunately after Ying Jie threatens to fire her, Man An promises to be more relaxed at work.
By the way, the drama gods answered my prayer and Xuan Xuan does end up meeting Xiao Bin. Looking at how well Xuan Xuan and Xiao Bin are interacting with each other, Man An exchanges a knowing look with Ying Jie.
The long awaited wedding is finally here.
Surrounded by their family's smiling faces, Ying Jie kisses the bride.

A side note is that this is also the first time Man An seems to start remembering bits of her past when she gets a sense of dejevu.
Back in Ying Jie's room after the wedding, Man An obediently opens up the gifts her sister tells her to use immediately. An awkward silence falls when Man An opens up the present to reveal a sexy black lingerie. Man An tries to quickly put the lingerie away but apparently the wolf side of Ying Jie is out now that Man An is his wife and ... the rest is left up to your imagination.
Man An's sense of deja vu happens again when she tries to stop a thieve from escaping and ends up being a hostage. Looking at the familiar scene of Ying Jie trying to calm the thief down, Man An remembers the time when Ying Jie had to rescue her the same way.
Things start to return to normal for our newly wed until Ying Jie's emotions are once again in an uproar when he meets a lady who shares the same name as his biological mother. Giving in to Man An after she convinces him to not keep secrets from her, Ying Jie confesses that he is disturbed by thoughts of his biological mother but feels that he would be hurting Mama Zhen's feelings if he starts searching for his biological mother.

In true Man An fashion, she tells Mama Zhen everything that happened with Ying Jie and is quickly convinced by Mama Zhen that she would make Ying Jie happy if she finds his biological mother for him.
Time for Man Li's romance!
Taking Li Qi out with her friend to celebrate his birthday, Man Li remembers all the sweet moments with Li Qi as he sings to her.
While Li Qi is scoring some good points with Man Li, things doesn't bode well for Shang De especially after Daddy Xia tells Man Li to encourage Shang De to accept a sponsorship from a food company to study in Japan for three years.

At first discouraged that Man Li would tell him to leave for Japan, but deciding to be optimistic anyway, Shang De tells Xuan Xuan that he is going to stay by Man Li no matter what.
Concerned that Shang De is throwing away his future on a romance that is probably not going to end well anyway, Xuan Xuan meets with Man Li and tells her of her concerns.

Not wanting Shang De to miss his big chance, Man Li tells Shang De that a man like him who has no financial and career security is not someone that would be in her marriage consideration. All of his hope dashed, Shang De breaks down in sobs as he rides away on his motorcycle. The only thing that is giving me some hope is that Man Li is obviously just as upset judging by the way she sobbed on her friend's shoulder.  
No reason to not go to Japan now that Man Li has rejected him, Shang De makes one last cake for Man Li and bids her goodbye. Noticing the weird atmosphere between the two, Li Qi chases down Shang De and is rather surprised to find out that Man Li has rejected Shang De on economical grounds.
Despite his desire to be with Man Li, Li Qi still decides to warn Man Li about her decision to send Shang De away. "I don't want you to make the same mistake as I did when I broke up with you, falsely thinking I was doing it for your benefit." 

Impressed with Li Qi's willingness to speak up for his competition, Man Li's friend tells her that in her opinion Li Qi truly loves her. 
After a brief fiasco of where Man Wu lost the ring he was planning to propose to Xi Ru with, Man Wu is overjoyed when Xi Ru actually accepts his proposal. 

Things gets even more exciting for the newly engaged couple when Xi Ru discovers that she is pregnant. While everyone is ecstatic over the news of the baby, Xi Ru herself is uneasy with the timing of this pregnancy even when Man Wu assures her that he will be a good provider for their family. 

Envious of Xi Ru, Man An decides to also start on her baby planning and shocks Ying Jie a bit when she starts pulling out her phone to chart her cycle so they can get pregnant ASAP. 
On Ying Qian's end, things are looking kind of dismal. After getting slapped twice, Ying Qian gets the hint that Yu Ching really doesn't want to date him and promises Yu Ching that he will stop showing up in front of her. 

Wanting to cheer up a depressed Ying Qian, Man Li drags him out shopping. Still mopey, Ying Qian confesses to Man Li how difficult it is to get over Yu Ching especially when he has always been able to recover easily in the past with other girls. As it happens, Yu Ching is also at the clothing store (they are actually at Xi Ru's store) and judging by the small smile she gave as she listens to Ying Qian's words out of sight, it looks like Ying Qian might still have some hope after all. 
Thanks to some tough love from Man Li, Ying Qian decides to try again and declares to Yu Ching of his intention to pursue her again. 

Ying Qian's big break comes when Yu Ching accidentally slams the door on Ying Qian's finger and gives Ying Qian the opportunity to use Yu Ching's guilt to spend time with her.  Mama Xia and Mama Zhen are having a field day as they watch (via hidden cameras) Ying Qian masterfully play the poor wounded boy to get Yu Ching's full sympathy. 

Three more episodes to go! I am dying to know who Man Li will choose. 
By this point, I am really okay with whoever Man Li chooses, but maybe I am reading too much into it, but it seems to me that Man Li is a lot more affected by Shang De departure than she was by being dumped by Li Qi. 

It's kinda strange that Man Li's story line has become so much more interesting than Man An's. In fact, I am afraid Man An's character is starting to veer off into the annoying territory. Oh, well, I am just hoping the writer won't leave us hanging on Man Li's story line.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ninja Drools #25

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I am away on vacation for the next week, so lots of eating but no cooking for me... which means no messing around with recipes for this and next week. 

Drama Food This Week

When I See You Again Ep.7
So Cute!!! I really want to try making this one... but it looks like a whole lot of work.
 I Remember You Ep. 7
 I Order You 
 Be With You
What a great apology cake!

Saturday, July 18, 2015