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Monday, January 4, 2016

Bromance Episode 12 Recap

Bromance Episode 12 Recap By Ninja
Overwhelmed with guilt to know how much Zi Feng trusts her without any reservation, Ya Nuo confesses that she has been keeping a secret from him but she can't tell him what the secret is until after her 26th birthday. Seemingly not too surprised, Zi Feng asks "Does it really have to wait until your 26th birthday?" 

Trying to find the right way to explain a rather complicated situation, Ya Nuo tells Zi Feng "A lot of people have suffered to keep this secret. So this secret is no longer a burden to me but more like a responsibility." 
With tears in her voice, Ya Nuo pleads "When I tell you my secret one day...can you please not be angry at me? Because if you do, that would make me very very sad."
Without hesitating, Zi Feng promises "Alright. I promise you if that day comes I will not be angry with you."

Smiling when an assured Ya Nuo extends her hand towards him, Zi Feng wraps his hand around Ya Nuo's like it was the most natural thing in the world. 
Puzzled and impatient, Zi Han and Mama Du demand to know why Zi Feng has called them to his office without any apparent cause. Taking a deep breath, Zi Feng replies "Mom, Zi Han. I have already..." Interrupted by a text from Ya Nuo informing him that she is bringing Daddy Du by to check out his office, Zi Feng makes a quick decision.
Understandably flustered when he walks in to see his wife and daughter tearfully staring at him, Daddy Du greets his family as warmly as he could muster.  
Assuring Daddy Du that she already knows about his memory loss, Mama Du wisely chooses not to push her husband into coming back home and instead simply exacts a promise from him that she could visit when she misses him. 

Grasping her husband's hand that she had thought to be lost to her forever, Mama Du tells Daddy Du "You have forgotten the thirty years of marriage we shared. That's not your fault. That must mean I didn't do enough." 
Nervous yet touched at the same time, Daddy Du promises his family that he will do all he can to remember his past. 
Gladly obeying Mama Du's order to formally thank Ya Nuo for everything she has done for Daddy Du, Zi Feng takes Ya Nuo out for a candle light dinner. Smiling as he watches Ya Nuo jumping with nervous excitement for her first candle light dinner, Zi Feng presents his second surprise of the night by walking to the piano and personally playing a song for her. 
Still amazed that Zi Feng actually played the piano for her, Ya Nuo asks him "Du Zi Feng, is there anything you can't do?"
Giving Ya Nuo a slight smile, Zi Feng replies "There is one thing I am still learning...how to make you more happy."
After a short pause, Ya Nuo softly says "I am already very happy."

A bit shy and perplexed when Zi Feng reaches over and holds her hand to cross the the street, Ya Nuo looks at Zi Feng questioningly. Looking back at Ya Nuo with a matter of fact expression, Zi Feng smiles with satisfaction when Ya Nuo quickly relents that nothing is strange with their hand holding. 
Taking Ya Nuo to a bridal shop, Zi Feng informs her that he is planning to do a 30 year anniversary ceremony for his parents and wants Ya Nuo to help him pick out a bridal dress for Mama Du. Happily imagining herself in all the beautiful dresses she is surrounded with, Ya Nuo is surprised when Zi Feng makes the request that she tries on a dress..."since you (Ya Nuo) likes to cross dress anyway." Ha!
Showing the obligatory stunned expression when our heroine stands in front him in the bridal gown, Zi Feng assures an apprehensive Ya Nuo that she looks great and the gown is a great choice for the ceremony. 
Pleased that she was able to help Zi Feng out, Ya Nuo asks him about how his parents met. Laughing as Zi Feng recounts how Mama Du was the one that pursued his dad, Ya Nuo suddenly becomes shy as Zi Feng wraps his arm around her and asks "So do you like to be pursued or to be the one doing the pursuing?" Bashful, Ya Nuo replies that she think either is fine as long as two people feels the same way about each other. 
Eager to introduce Daddy Du to his old friends in hopes that the familiar faces might trigger his memory, Mama Du sets up an intimate luncheon. At first surprised that Zi Feng has really found Daddy Du, Han Sheng quickly decides that the luncheon is the perfect opportunity to find out if Daddy Du has lost his memory for real or not. 

Clueless that Han Sheng's minions are waiting at the staircase with guns drawn at the slightest sign that Daddy Du actually remembers his past, Zi Feng narrow his eyes when Daddy Du claims to remember Han Sheng but quickly laughs when his father explains that he merely saw Han Sheng at a parking lot not too long ago. 
This is the scene to show Han Sheng's men waiting at the staircase to attack Zi Feng's family on his order. I thought it was hilarious that the show felt it necessary to add "For dramatic effect only, please do not copy" on the side of the screen. 
Taking the familiar tour of the Christmas lights that she once walked with Zi Feng as Ya Qi (her pseudonym as her own non-existent twin sister), Ya Nuo jumps with surprise when Zi Feng peers at her closely and asks "You have been here before?"

Laughing nervously, Ya Nuo assures a very suspicious Zi Feng that she has only seen the lights via the pictures he sent her. 
Retaking the tour that both of them had walked before, Zi Feng takes Ya Nuo to the wishing gazebo where he first met "Ya Qi". Looking at the giant pumpkin shaped gazebo, Zi Feng asks Ya Nuo "If you were Cinderella, would you leave the prince when midnight comes?" Thoughtful, Ya Nuo replies that she would choose not to leave but instead show the prince her true self and take a chance at a life time of happiness. 

Taking hold of Ya Nuo's hand, Zi Feng declares "Pi Ya Nuo, I want to be the prince that take cares of you for life."
Flustered, Ya Nuo asks "What are you saying? Are you serious?" Not waiting for Zi Feng's answer, Ya Nuo looks down dejectedly "How could I be a fairy tale princess?"   
Not bothering with words anymore, Zi Feng hauls Ya Nuo into his arms and kisses her. 


I know I should be spazzing out about the confession and the kiss but all the aside what I really want to know is this "Does Zi Feng know about Ya Nuo's gender or not?!" Before episode 12 I was 100% certain that Zi Feng is still fully convinced of Ya Nuo being a guy but after this episode I am starting to wonder...
Back to the confession. I am assuming most of the viewers are probably not too surprised by Zi Feng's confession especially since he really hasn't bothered to hide his feelings for the last couple episodes. To quote Gong Yoo from Coffee Prince, I think Zi Feng is already at the point of "I’ll say this just once, so listen to me. I like you. Whether you’re a man, or an alien...I don’t care anymore." 

Based on Zi Feng's character set up I actually don't see him getting angry at Ya Nuo once her big secret is out. Plus he has also promised Ya Nuo not to get mad as well and I don't think Zi Feng will go back on his word. So, all things considered I am starting to wonder if Han Sheng is going to be the key that will separate our two leads in the future. 

Speaking of Han Sheng...he obviously has something to do with Daddy Du's "accident" but after Zi Feng's speech about how much Han Sheng's father supported the Du family I am wondering if maybe Han Sheng did the deed himself. 

Na Na's Story
Despite how out of place Na Na's story has been for Bromance I was actually starting to like the cute romance between her and Qing Yang, so I was really sad that her bone cancer came back. This particular scene was especially heart breaking as a frantic Daddy Nan carries Na Na on his back and is unable to even find his way out of the hospital because he is so distraught over the thought of losing his daughter. 
Willing to do anything for his dying daughter, Daddy Nan agrees to Na Na's request to keep her sickness a secret from Qing Yang. 

Shocked to see Daddy Nan crying silently outside of Na Na's room, Qing Yang assumes that Na Na was still being mean to her father and yells at her to apologize to Daddy Nan. Stunned to hear that her father was actually crying for her, Na Na obediently mumbles an apology as Daddy Nan quickly ushers a still angry Qing Yang out of Na Na's room. 
Moved to tears as she stares at the soup her father has carefully prepared for her, Na Na wipes away her tears and proceeds to eat. 

Sigh...maybe we will get a miracle?? Please?


  1. So, first time commenting here, but I just had to, because super romantic confession! I had actually hoped that Zifeng would use the couple outfit (I mean, why else would two sworn brothers go out in matching white outfits), and the handholding on the crossover as a first move, but the "I'll be your prince" was so much better.
    And I think Zifeng knows, or has a very strong suspicion, that Yano is a girl, but that he doesn't care now, because he trusts Yano. And least, I hope that's the case, because I think Zifeng is quite smart, and otherwise it wouldn't match up with his character.
    I can't wait for the next episode!

  2. Agreed with Iris, in this episode, Zi Feng seems to have an inkling about Yanuo. If I remember, Yanuo actually sent pictures of the Christmas lights to cheer him up when they were at Daddy Du's place (when she went to buy sweet potatoes). When she did that I thought Zi Feng would be alerted because he had met Ya Qi there and not Yanuo. Ya Qi had specifically mentioned that Yanuo was not available at the time.

    I'm glad that you included Nana's story because it was really heartbreaking. Her story is still disconnected but the scriptwriter seems to be determined to keep it like that. It's a waste of Bii's and the other actors' talents, hopefully they get other better roles soon.

    The editing of this show can be choppy and makes for some confused moments. But then, as Ninja knows, I'm watching for our dear Megan and Baron who are so adorable as Yanuo and Zi Feng. If you watch the BTS as well, they are also really cute in real life, LOL!

  3. This episode might as well be titled "Yanuo + Zifeng date week". Candlelite dinner, handholding across a street, bridal gown shopping, enjoying first snowfall, and night stroll around pretty christmas decorations. Its like they just went on a super sweet date. I want to say that Zifeng has an idea that Yanuo is a girl, but at the same time, this is an Taiwanese drama and plot holes that would be totally crazy in real life, gets utlized in the dramas. I mean come on, the way Yanuo acts, (super feminine) and her voice? Lets not even discuss the lack of adam's apple. I think that the way the plot had emphasize how she can't return to being a girl until her 26th birthday without there being adverse effects means the writer is setting up something dangerous to her.
    I imagine Zifeng and/or Han Sheng will find out Yanao's secret before her 26th birthday. Han Sheng will make a move against Papa Du at the moment that he regain his memory (Han Sheng was likely the one that caused the boat accident). Most likely Yanuo will try to protect Papa Du and get very injured or kidnapped. Hence the fortuneteller's prediction will come true, that her life would be in danger because people know her secret before she is 26th. What I really hope the writer won't do is as soon as her being a girl is discovered, she somehow is no longer the kick butt fighter that we met in the first episode. Because that seems to happen alot in tv dramas, as soon as the heroine falls in love, she somehow stop being the awesome character she was before the loveline kicked in. Grr. Anyways all these are merely my predictions and in no way should be considered spoilers. :)

    1. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Watch ep 13, she's still the badass character we all fell in love with.

  4. im 100% sure Zifeng already knew that Yanou is a girl! or he just love yanou so much too care about her gender! anyway zifeng confession are very romantic!! <3 this couple really suit each other

  5. I just want to call out that at the end of the episode, after he kisses her, he pulls back and said "I love you".

  6. Still, the kiss scene in the BTS section was way better than the one we watched in the episode. I thought it looked more passionate and demanding. Just my opinion though..