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Monday, January 11, 2016

Bromance Episode 13 Recap

Bromance Episode 13 Recap By Ninja
Caught off guard by Zi Feng's unexpected confession, Ya Nuo allows herself to be swept away by his kisses...until she realizes that Zi Feng has just confessed to a man.  

Pushing Zi Feng away, Ya Nuo hesitantly asks him "I am a man to you. Are you just temporarily confused?"  
Taking Ya Nuo's hand in his, Zi Feng assures her "No I am not, No matter if you are a man or a woman, the person I love is Pi Ya Nuo. So, what is your answer?" 

After a moment of silence, Ya Nuo pulls her hand out of Zi Feng's grasp and just when it seems like she is going to turn Zi Feng's confession down, Ya Nuo gently puts her head on Zi Feng's shoulder and wraps her arms around him. 
Overjoyed the next morning when Ya Nuo informs him that Mama Pi has finally gave her consent for her to come back to work, Zi Feng picks up a squealing Ya Nuo to do a happy dance. Shyly reminding Zi Feng that they are at work, Ya Nuo asks Zi Feng to keep their relationship low key ...at least for a while. 

Reluctantly agreeing to Ya Nuo's request, Zi Feng playfully asks Ya Nuo if holding hands is allowed. Receiving a coy nod from Ya Nuo, Zi Feng put his hands around Ya Nuo's shoulder and asks again if that is allowed. 
Giving a small wicked smile when Ya Nuo gives another confirmation that shoulder holding is okay as well, Zi Feng slowly lowers Ya Nuo to his desk and whispers "And how about this...?" Unfortunately just as Zi Feng has Ya Nuo squealing like a little girl when he tries to bite her, the fun little lesson on "what's allowed" is rudely interrupted by a phone call.  
Proving that carrying a low key romance is certainly challenging, our two leads try to hide their disappointment when Zi Han and Guang Chao barge into their lunch date. Completely ignoring her brother's very pointed stares, Zi Han gleefully helps herself to a taste of the the delicious lunch Zi Feng has prepared for Ya Nuo. 

Standing up in frustration when Guang Chao dares to grab a shrimp out of his "love lunchbox", Zi Feng focuses his menacing eyes on a very confused Guang Chao. Cowering under Zi Feng's stare, Guang Chao hilariously decides to simply put the offending shrimp in his pocket and runs away.  
Thinking nothing of it when he invites Ya Nuo to go to the batting cage with Qing Yang and himself, Zi Feng doesn't bother to keep his new romance "low key" anymore and leaves poor Qing Yang keenly aware of his third wheel status. 
Mindful that Ya Nuo has been worrying about Zhe Rui, Zi Feng tells a much relieved Ya Nuo that his men has informed him of Zhe Rui's return to the pet hospital. 

Arriving at the pet hospital just when Zhe Rui is showing a policeman and a customer the footage from his surveillance camera to prove that someone else stole the customer's wallet, Ya Nuo waits patiently while Zhe Rui finishes with his business. Left alone in the room while the surveillance tape is still running, Ya Nuo's attention is caught when it starts to show footage of Zhe Rui and Han Sheng arguing. 

Left when no choice but to tell the truth when Ya Nuo confronts him with the surveillance tape, Zhe Rui admits that Han Sheng had threatened to harm Ya Nuo if he didn't follow Han Sheng's orders. Angry and feeling guilty for what Zhe Rui has suffered for her, Ya Nuo promises Zhe Rui that she will make things right for him. Afraid that Ya Nuo would be hurt, Zhe Rui pleads with Ya Nuo to just stay away from Han Sheng. 
Instead of staying away from Han Sheng like she promised Zhe Rui, the first thing Ya Nuo did after leaving the pet hospital was to show up in front of Han Sheng and challenges him to a fight. 

Not surprisingly, Ya Nuo beats Han Sheng soundly and even hurts his arm as a payback for what he did to Zhe Rui's arm. 
Knowing Zi Feng still considers Han Sheng to be a childhood friend, Ya Nuo hides her confrontation with Han Sheng from him. 

Utterly moved when Ya Nuo brings out a surprise birthday cake for him, Guang Chao hugs Ya Nuo in happiness and even tries to plant a kiss on her in his excitement ...until Zi Feng warns him that "we forbid office intimacy here." I love Ya Nuo's expression of "Really? You of all people is saying that?" 
Having heard the whole story from Ya Nuo, Zi Feng meets with Zhe Rui and lets him know that he is very impressed with Zhe Rui's willingness to sacrifice for his love like a man. Freely admitting his feelings, Zhe Rui tells Zi Feng "I like Ya Nuo. Very much. So even if I know how important you are to him, I will not give up." Surprised when Zi Feng replies that he loves Ya Nuo, Zhe Rui asks "But Ya Nuo is a man...how could you?" 

Looking at Zhe Rui with a smile, Zi Feng asks "Isn't Ya Nuo a man to you too? You like him as well." With no way to argue against Zi Feng's reasoning, Zhe Rui listens with dismay as Zi Feng tells him "I have already confessed to Ya Nuo and he has accepted me." 

Instead of being dejected though, Zhe Rui decides to go back to work at the amusement park so he could compete with Zi Feng head to head for Ya Nuo's heart. 
Despite his show of confidence, Zi Feng watch with a sullen expression as Ya Nuo gingerly feeds Zhe Rui dinner out of consideration for his injured hand. 

Putting on a friendly expression, Zi Feng walks over to the duo and insists on being the one to feed Zhe Rui instead. Unable to stand the awkwardness of being fed by Zi Feng (while Ya Nuo is giggling on the side), Zhe Rui soon decides that he likes feeding himself after all.
Gladly abandoning Zhe Rui, Zi Feng skips over to Ya Nuo and pesters her in their usual intimate manner. While Ya Nuo is completely oblivious to the battle that is raging around her, Zi Feng flashes a triumphant smile at Zhe Rui. 
Amazed when her mom calls to tell her that her stolen food truck has been found, Ya Nuo eagerly shows up with Zi Feng to pick it up. 

Panicking when her realizes that the break on her newly recovered truck has stopped working, Ya Nuo has no choice but to pull the emergency break and hope for the best. 
Reacting quickly when he notices Ya Nuo's truck spinning out of control, Zi Feng decisively speeds past Ya Nuo and parks himself right in her path in order to stop the truck. 

Fortunately, Ya Nuo's car stops within inches of hitting Zi Feng and he was able to quickly get an unconscious Ya Nuo to the hospital. 
Waking up in the hospital, Ya Nuo gives Zi Feng a weak smile and tries to comfort him when she could immediately tell how much the thought of losing her had scared Zi Feng. Nestling her head in Zi Feng's embrace, Ya Nuo assures him "Don't be scared and don't be worried. I am here. I will be with you forever. You won't lose me. I promise." 

Sigh...I hate it when writers do these promises. Doesn't it always seem like a foreshadowing of the exact opposite?
Walking back into his office, Zi Feng is met with a eager Guang Chao who glowingly shows him a memory card that he extracted from the food truck's secret surveillance camera. Snatching the memory card from Guang Chao's hand, Zi Feng starts to watch it right away and is rewarded with the recording of Han Sheng ordering his man to disable the break on the food truck. 

Wow, I didn't quite expect the showdown between Zi Feng and Han Sheng to come so soon but I am actually pretty eager to see how the confrontation will happen. The show has told us repeatedly that Zi Feng is feared by the society because of his background and he is technically the leader of the "three big families"...but thus far I really haven't seen anything that shows his mighty power everyone keeps inferring to. In fact, Zi Feng's threat to Han Sheng not to touch Ya Nuo or else sounds a bit hallow to me personally, so I am hoping this will allow us to get a glimpse of what happens when you push Zi Feng too far. 
My favorite scenes this week were all the "battle" moments between Zi Feng and Zhe Rui...especially since the two men's interaction were so childish and hilarious. I do appreciate the fact that the writer has kept Zhe Rui's character so nice and hasn't turned him into some evil second lead. 

Na Na Time! 
Despite Na Na's effort to hid her illness from him, Qing Yang finds out the truth when he comes across a hospital document in Na Na's room. Coming to an understanding with Daddy Nan, Qing Yang decides the best thing to do is to let Na Na keep believing he is unaware of her illness.

Sitting Na Na on a chair, Qing Yan tells her "You wanted to know before if I like you...I am ready to tell you." 
Flustered, Na Na quickly replies "You don't have to give me an answer now if you need more time to think it over."
Squatting down in front of Na Na, Qing Yan tells her "I like you. I LIKE YOU."
Smiling through her tears, Na Na hugs Qing Yan tightly. In contrast to Na Na's smiles, a pained expression crosses Qing Yan's face as he pats Na Na's head gently. 


  1. Many thanks for the recap.
    They are really very good and always read them.

  2. The plot is still choppy but who are we kidding, ZiFeng and Yanuo are just too adorable. Hopefully the writers can get the story moving more smoothly - there was nothing on Daddy Du and also no mention of Qing Yang's parents.

  3. Okay my views on a few things here are this. I am going to re watch it cause well I love the show. The episode was done well there were a few things that I want to point out.

    1. Well a most common things I see writers do when the two leads finally get together. That's always the first sign there going to be something go down hill. I don't think its the reck my self. I think somehow Zai Feng is going to find out that she a girl before she can tell him her self. I well admit I have no clue how the mans going to react to it.

    2. I agree with Ninja I did not see the confrontation with Ya Nao and the villan happening so soon. But I can see this going to my first bit about the relationship between Ya Nao and Zia Feng. The mans pissed he lost a fight so he going to find a way to get back at Ya Nao at least that's my view.

    3. I like how Guang Chao out Zai Han relationship is going its progressing cutely. I am unsure if there going to do any bumps in the road for them.

    3. Nana and Quang Yang know I love how this went down. BUT I think that there going to be at least one more bump in the road for them. Once she finds out he knows she relapsed then confessed to her that he liked her. But I am not a hundred percent sure there going to be a fight about that.

    4. Nana and Her father love how that is coming along real well. I love the way he acts but what annoys me is he says he not a good father. But I think he had been a good father to Quang Yang and his sister for what seven years know. I kind of wished that Quang Yang could have pointed that out to the man like you done a great job with me and my sister.

    1. I think I wrote to much here sorry. I think i'll shorten my replies. Just got carried away cause I just watched the episode.

    2. Good analysis. I think the writers could either way in a some of the scenarios. It looks like they're hedging their bets with some of the plot direction depending on the show's ratings. This has cause some of the story to be ambiguous. It does make for some illogical viewing sometimes. This happens a lot in Korean dramas as well and is unfortunately something we have to live with.

  4. What days do you upload the recaps?

    1. Bromance recap goes up on Monday. No specific time though... just as soon as I can finish it.

  5. With that kiss under the twinkling lights, I believe Zifeng already somehow figured out Yanuo's a girl. With Zifeng and Zherui's conversation about liking a man, I think Zifeng probably guess Zherui also figured Yanuo's true identity.

    So when do I think Zifeng figured out Yanuo? I reckon during Zifeng sleepover at Yanuo's home, specifically when they cuddled on the sofabed, and then Zifeng confirmed his suspicions at Yanuo's wedding dress makeover.