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Monday, January 18, 2016

Bromance Episode 14 Recap

Bromance Episode 14 Recap By Ninja
Losing control after watching the surveillance footage of Han Sheng ordering his minion to temper with the breaks in Ya Nao's van, Zi Feng finds Han Sheng and beats him up with a billiards ball. Stopping at the last minute before his delivers his last punch, Zi Feng stares at Han Sheng's defiant expression and tells him "My debt to your father is paid." (I am assuming because he didn't do much worse or kill him.)  

Feeling down as he thinks back to all the things Ya Nuo has suffered because of him, Zi Feng cheers up a bit after Ya Nuo calls and reminds him that they've already agreed their lives are one. Imagining Ya Nuo standing beside him, Zi Feng promises her "Ya Nuo, You will be everything to me. I am willing to give my all to make you happy... because you are my only truth."
Presenting Ya Nuo with matching scarfs, Zi Feng declares with determination that he will not allow Ya Nuo to leave him and that they will grow old together. Lost in their sweet moment of promising to be together for ever, neither of our leads notice a stunned and horrified Mama Du standing at the door way.

Seeing Zi Feng and an innocent looking Ya Nuo again at her son's office, a very flustered Mama Du tries to bring up the subject of Ya Qi (Ya Nuo's made up sister) but ends up get even more muddled when Zi Feng assures her that he only sees Ya Qi as a sister.
Dismayed to find out about Na Na's illness from Qing Yang, Ya Nuo and Zi Feng pretend ignorance in front of Na Na and put on their cheerful face for a dinner get together.

Green with jealousy when he sees Na Na tenderly shelling a shrimp for Qing Yang, Zi Feng smiles triumphantly at Na Na when Ya Nuo gets the hint and also peels a shrimp for him. I love Na Na's expression of "Umm...really, we are competing now?!"  
Daddy Nan's face was also hilarious. 
Her own green eye monster raising it's head when Zi Feng takes her to a "dating spot", Ya Nuo asks "How did you know this place? Did you...come here with someone else?"

Circling around Ya Nuo, Zi Feng decides the safest answer is to simply kiss her.
Holding Ya Nuo's hand, Zi Feng sighs with happiness "I never thought this day would come." Seeing Ya Nuo's puzzlement, Zi Feng explains that Ya Nuo had once accidentally pressed the intercom button and that's how he overheard her assertion to Guang Chao that she will never be more than friends with him. Playfully wincing in pain, Zi Feng complains that since that fateful day, every time the intercom rings his little heart starts to be scared of what hurtful thing he will hear again.

A quick learner, Ya Nuo decides to comfort Zi Feng's pitiful heart with a kiss.
Walking into her office to find Guang Chao smiling like a fool, Ya Nuo is amused when Guang Chao declares excitedly that Zi Han's attitude towards him has changed drastically for the better. Remembering Zi Feng's order that no office romance or intimacy is allowed, Guang Chao asks Ya Nuo with concern if he would have to quit if he and Zi Han start dating. Reminded of Zi Feng's "traumatic experience", Ya Nuo distracts Guang Chao for a moment and presses the intercom button.
Snapping to attention when he hears Ya Nuo's familiar voice through the intercom, Zi Feng smiles as Ya Nuo pretends to talk to Guang Chao and says "It's okay for me to hug Zi Feng because I need him. I need Du Zi Feng."  Not realizing that Zi Feng is listening in on their conversation nor the fact "I need you" is the code word for "I love you" between the two love birds, Guang Chao gags and tries to shake off his goosebumps. 
Despite being upset over her son's blood brother suddenly becoming his love interest, Mama Du is nonetheless willing to listen as Zi Han tries to help her get over her initial shock.

Ecstatic and nervous over Daddy Du's first visit home for a meal, Mama Du puts aside her concern for Zi Feng for the time being and focuses on cooking all of her husband's favorite dishes. Moved to tears when Daddy Du exclaims that one of the dish actually tastes familiar, Mama Du thank her husband for allowing her to have a chance to cook for him again.
His heart softening the more he realizes how much his family had struggled and soldiered on while missing him terribly for the last seven years, Daddy Du is finally taking steps to accept his own identity and asks Mama Du "Would you like me to move back home? Tell me honestly."

Looking at Daddy Du with longing in her eyes, Mama Du admits "I do want you to come back. This home will only be whole again when you are here."
Smiling with excitement when Ya Nuo informs him that Daddy Du has agreed to do a 30th year anniversary wedding shoot with his mom, Zi Feng's smile freeze in shock when Ya Nuo continues "And there is one more thing... Something that will help your body to feel much better."
His heart racing as Ya Nuo orders him to lay on the bed AND take off his clothes, Zi Feng hesitantly tells Ya Nuo "I think maybe we are moving too fast..."
Impatient, Ya Nuo simply flips Zi Feng on his stomach. Resigned to his fate, Zi Feng smiles and reach for the light switch...
only to promptly scream in pain when Ya Nuo digs her elbow into his back for her special brand of massage.
Scrambling off the bed when Mama Du suddenly comes walking in, a very awkward moment passes before a stoic Mama Du leaves .

Unsettled, Ya Nuo wonders out loud if Mama Du dislikes her but Zi Feng assures her that his mom is not someone who wound hide her opinion.
Tricked into thinking she is choosing a brides' maid dress for Zi Han to attend a friend's wedding, Mama Du is pleasantly surprised by Daddy Du's unexpected appearance. Tearing up again when she realizes Daddy Du is willing to fulfill her dream of having a 30 year wedding anniversary photo shoot, Mama Du happily agrees to change into the dress Ya Nuo picked out for her.
With her two kids and her husband around her for their family photo, Mama Du suddenly stands up and walks towards Ya Nuo. Stunned when Mama Du asks her to be in the family photo, Ya Nuo instinctively refuses "No, no. This is a family photo."
Taking Ya Nuo's hand in hers, Mama Du replies "It's a family picture and that's exactly why you have to be in it. Because you are a family member as well."
Anyone else's mind is screaming "Calm before the storm!!" Granted, I thought that like 7 episodes ago. 
Reminded of something important when he found a cuff link he accidentally brought home from the photo shoot, Daddy Du shows Zi Feng of a single cuff link that he apparently was holding in his hand when he was rescued.

Noting right away that the cuff link could not have been Daddy Du's since he never used such things, Zi Feng makes the brilliant deduction "This cuff link could have something to do with your disappearance."

Na Na's turn!
Taking note of Na Na's causal remark that she loves bunnies, Qing Yang decides to cook her a pot of rabbit stew...

Ha, just checking if anyone is actually reading this part!

Okay, fine. Na Na gasp in surprise when she walks into her room to find the world's cutest bunny. A bit concerned when the expected screams of happiness didn't come, Daddy Nan nods approvingly when Qing Yang volunteers to go check on Na Na himself.

Sneaking up on an unsuspecting Qing Yang, Na Na gives him a big hug and thank him for taking her causal remark so seriously.
Talking to her bunny, Na Na tells Qing Yang to come closer in order to listen to what their daughter (That's the bunny...which is the newest addition to the dog son (Ya Nuo and Zhe Rui's) and a cat stuffed animal daughter (Ya Nuo and Zi Feng's)) is saying. Good naturally leaning close to the bunny, Qing Yang chides Na Na shyly when she plants a kiss on his cheek and whispers "I love you."

 I got to be honest...the showdown between Zi Feng and Han Sheng was a bit of a disappointment. Zi Feng's decision to let Han Sheng go and the billiards ball was cool but still, I guess I was expecting something a bit more. At the end of the day, I am still not sure what stops Han Sheng from just taking Zi Feng out. It sure doesn't seem much would be standing in his way but maybe we need to wait until Daddy Du finally regains his memory to figure why the Du family is suppose to be the top dog.
 I was completely surprised that the writer chose to have Mama Du find out about Ya Nuo's romance with her son AND accept her all in one episode. Mama Du's character is just all around awesome so I guess it would be somewhat out of character for her to strongly oppose Ya Nuo for too long but I really thought it would at least take her another episode or two to come around...but I am plenty happy with this twist.
Soooo.... I am still expecting the other shoe to drop anytime now. Zi Feng's constant assertion that he would die for Ya Nuo is kinda making me wonder if the writer is trying to foreshadow something unpleasant in the near future. I am not too worried about either leads dying of course but let's hope we won't have to mess with amnesia.


  1. I think they are less likely to go the amnesia route with the too leads because they've already used in on Daddy Du. But all the "I would die for you" talk (which started early in the show with the blood oath) is definitely leading up to something. I think it's leading to YN getting kidnapped, ZF trying to trade his life for hers and maybe a dramatic reveal of her gender at the same time.

    1. i just hope no one dies in the end...except for the evil "cousin"...i want him to get what he deserves...on the opening queue for a sec i saw YN and ZF at the secret hill...i hope daddy du's memories comes back...i want a happy ending for the two...i don't whink there will be a problem if he discovers or if YN finally says she is a girl, bec ZF said "he does not care whether he is a male or female because the person he loves i Pi Yanuo"...i am just wondering how is it possible that ZF has not discovered it yet...i mean comm'n they hugged a couple of times, doesn't he feel anything weird on her chest...even though she is flat chested, he should still feel it...right??? (sorry just got carried away)

    2. There's a group that thinks ZF knows already, and another that thinks he doesn't. More people think he knows, but I'm in the group that thinks he doesn't. Gender bender stories require a lot of suspension of disbelief. According to the drama YN got to age 25 with almost no one finding out she was a girl. I guess she does a really good job of binding her chest.

  2. I was like "what! They ate rabbit stew!"? You had me there for a second!!! ��

  3. I'm with you, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I highly doubt they are going to go the amnesia route since they've already been there done that with Daddy Du.

    I don't want Zi Feng to be too upset with Yanuo when he finds out he is really a girl. Because it's not like Yanuo didn't already tell him she has a secret and will reveal it after she turns 26. But I can see her being kidnapped by Han sheng's thugs. I just hope whatever happens doesn't last too long and our couple aren't apart for more than one episode.

    I'm not really that disappointed that Zi Feng didn't kill Han sheng. I foresee that by the end of the drama, Han sheng will meet his fate. Since there is no way in hell he is going to still be breathing after Daddy Du remembers what happened to him and he is also the cause of Qingyang parents dying as well.

    There is no way he is going to be allowed to live. I also wonder if his father knows what he had been doing concerning the Du family? Because if he is aware he needs to go as well.

  4. The fan service really hit a high in this episode. Only a well-made bed scene will top this one!

    The writers are obviously trying to drag out the story as long as possible. With the high ratings and the PPL, they need to milk this sucker for as much money as they can. I don't blame them and am expecting the story to suffer more as we go along. Hopefully the makjang is kept to a minimum.

    Oh well, if all else fails, there's always the Dupi couple and their lovable BTS shenanigans.

    Also, Nana is cute but her character and the acting is pretty flat at this stage. Couple that with the ever-cool Bii, it's really not heating up at all. Not sure if it's even worth saving this plot line at this point.

  5. please bring on as much fan service as possible , I'm a sucker for them , this is the drama that have me screaming with glee when I watch this , I never understand before when people say they do that when they watch drama , I mean lot of them make me smile , happy , feel good but never scream out loud , this one finally push me to join the maniac club , especially when they in the bedroom and she told him "there something gonna make your body feel even better" I was like "girl , please don't say that cause in Asia drama I know you heroin ALWAYS mean something else and me and the hero ALWAYS have the dirtiest imagination" I'm ok with them dragging this drama to 30 epi as long as they keep filling it with all the cute our couple could get

    Just a side note , one epi per week is torture , so every minute of it is precious to me and after I finish I would rewatching it till the next one come out yet it still never stop me from fast forward NaNa's section if our main couple not in it , I don't get what the problem is , Nana and Bii are both beautiful , at first glance I said they even more beautiful than our main leads , and it not like they can't act , cause they both can and act really well so why did they story leave me so blah , before I can even blame the writer ( some of them can't write side characters , there are drama that beside the leads every other character or story is horrible ) but again this not the case , I love Zu Feng's sister romance with the driver , they hilarious I love his parent's story I even feel very fond YN's parent even though we don't see them much , and last but not least the cousin don't have any romance but she an interesting character , even the bad guy is not boring , so why , why did the second lead couple like that , are there 2 writers try to put together a drama or after writer finish writing the script that when they told her "well Bii is singing the song , he a good actor may as well put him in it so yeah write a story for him in there will ya , you have 2 days to finish the job"

    ok finish ranting going back to watch it for the 10 times , see ya next week , wonderful review as always and I'm glad I can join the discussion

  6. What struck me the most ,was the look on Zifeng's face when Yanuo told him that he had feelings from him from a long ,long time ago... Baron had this smile...you know, as if he was the recipient of this declaration of love and not Zifeng...hm...Are they toying with us or..