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Monday, January 25, 2016

Bromance Episode 15 Recap

Bromance Episode 15 Recap By Ninja
Shaking both of their head as they look at the button (the one Daddy Du was holding when he was found), both Daddy Nan and Qing Yang agrees that the button is not one they recognize. Volunteering himself, Qing Yang gets Zi Feng's permission to find the button's owner.

Changing subject when he realizes there are some conflicts between Zi Feng and Han Sheng, Daddy Nan reminds Zi Feng that as the leader of their three families he needs to make sure they are united. Despite having good naturally listened to Daddy Nan's reprimands, Zi Feng nonetheless tells Ya Nuo that the moment Han Sheng ignored his warning and tried to harm her he has already gone too far to be forgiven.

Unaware that Qing Yang has already figured out the truth about her illness, Na Na is surprised when Qing Yang readily accepts her excuse of "travelling with a friend" in an attempt to cover up her upcoming absence for her operation.

Going along with Na Na's traveling story, Qi Yang was able to get her a safety charm and cram in lots of dates just in the name of "preparing" for her trip.
Mindful of Ya Nuo's passing remark during a work discussion about her love for fireworks, Zi Feng sets up a private firework show just for her.

Staring into Ya Nuo's happy face, Zi Feng tells her "This firework show is our own fountain memory. (Referring to his memory with his father concerning the water fountain. A memory that can't be forgotten even during Daddy Du's amnesia.) With this connection, I will always remember my love towards Pi Ya Nuo. Unchanging and impossible to forget."

Smiling as Ya Nuo throws herself into his arms, Zi Feng whispers "I do all these things because...I love you."
Already grumpy when Zhe Rui interrupts his breakfast date with Ya Nuo, Zi Feng winces in disgust when Zhe Rui tells Ya Nuo "Our puppy hasn't been eating because he...misses you." Displeased to see how much Zhe Rui is milking it, Zi Feng jumps up and showers the puppy with excessive attention...until the dog pees on him.

Feigning concern, Zhe Rui assures the puppy "Oh, it's okay, it's okay. How could you pee on someone? I guess that's natural when you meet someone you dislike...or unfamiliar." Zhe Rui's glee was short lived however when Ya Nuo chides the puppy and tells it "I know you like Zi Feng too just as I like him right?" I love Zi Feng's sly triumphant expression. 
Trapped by the rain while they are on a work outing, Zi Feng and Ya Nuo decides to stop at an hotel to dry off. What started out in innocence of drying one another's hair after taking their turns in the shower soon turns to a sizzling mood as the drying leads to kissing which leads to ...
more serious kissing...
Stopping Zi Feng's wondering hand right before things are about to get to the point of no return, Ya Nuo whispers "I am not prepared yet." Pausing in mid action, Zi Feng quickly sits up and apologizes to Ya Nuo for rushing things.
Snapping out of their sizzling mood, Zi Feng and Ya Nuo leave the hotel without realizing they've barely missed seeing Han Sheng with Zi Feng's secretary.

Flustered when Daddy Nan tells him about Zi Feng's plan to find the button's owner, Han Sheng makes a quick decision and calls Zi Feng's secretary (Amy) out for a rendezvous. Easily won over by Han Sheng charm despite being angry that he hasn't called her for a long time, Amy is soon telling Han Sheng about her work frustrations. Snapping to attention the moment he realizes Zi Feng is looking for a firework wholesaler, Han Sheng tells a very grateful Amy that he will use his connections to help her.
Ignorant that Han Sheng is only using her, Amy reports to Zi Feng and tells him about a firework wholesaler that could only meet with their company that very afternoon. Eager to help when she sees Zi Feng torn between going to the hospital to support Daddy Nan during Na Na's operation and meeting with the wholesaler, Ya Nuo volunteers to keep Daddy Nan company while Zi Feng is away on his meeting.

Zi Feng heads to the his business meeting and is pleasantly surprised when he bumps into a stranded Zhe Rui. Readily accepting Zi Feng's offer for a ride instead of waiting for road side assistance for his car, Zhe Rui hops in and wonders around outside while Zi Feng is in his meeting.
An unsuspecting Zi Feng sits in a waiting room and realizes belatedly as his head starts to spin that something is wrong with the water he has been slurping down. Unemotional as his men toss an unconscious Zi Feng to the ground in front him, Han Sheng bends down and mutters "Don't blame me. I thought the truth would be buried with your father in the ocean...but they found the button. You have everything I want. It's true that we are brothers that grew up together, but you are in my way...so don't blame me." 

Attracted by the explosion sounds, Zhe Rui stops his search for abandoned animals and heads back to the factory. Alarmed when he sees the unconscious Zi Feng lying in the midst of the exploding fireworks, Zhe Rui runs in to save him. 

While Zhe Rui is risking his life to save Zi Feng, Ya Nuo is celebrating at the hospital with Daddy Nan and Qing Yang after the doctor tells them that Na Na's operation was a success. Standing back as the nurses rush two unconscious men past her, Ya Nuo suddenly yells in alarm when she recognizes Zhe Rui and Zi Feng's faces. 
Trying the best she could to comfort Zhe Rui who has sustained an eye injury during the process of saving Zi Feng, Ya Nuo assures him that he would be able to see once his eyes recover. Softly informing Zhe Rui of Zi Feng's presence when he walks in the door, Ya Nuo leaves the two men to talk. 
Nowhere as optimistic as Ya Nuo, Zi Feng doesn't mince words and tells Zhe Rui as a doctor he is probably aware his eye injury could lead to blindness. Thoughtful when an obviously guilt ridden Zi Feng finishes apologizing and thanking him, Zhe Rui replies "If you are that thankful to me then there is one thing I ask in return. That is for you to give up on Ya Nuo." 

Ha! My guess is that Zhe Rui is just taking his chance to scare Zi Feng since this particular character is truly one of those "PERFECT male second lead" sort of role so I can't see him using his eyesight as a bargaining chip for love.
So...I know most of us probably agree that it seems highly unlikely the writer would use the amnesia card again ...BUT what's up with these repeatedly declarations of "I won't forget you" or words like "These connection will be what ties us even if our memory fails us." Don't they seem like really heavy headed foreshadowing?? 

ps. I didn't write a whole lot about Na Na since this hour was mostly Qing Yang doing romantic stuff for her before she had her operation but they sure look really pretty together. 


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  2. Zhe Rui is starting to get on my nerves... Using his condition to turn things over is a very cheap move. I just hope that ninja's theory of amnesia wont happen.

  3. Im still waiting for the gender slip to Zi Feng. I hope ammnesia doesnt happen too.

  4. I don't believe for one second the amnesia thing is going to happen and I wholeheartedly agree that what Zhe Rui is doing is not only cheap but a punk ass move. It also shows how selfish and desperate he is, since it's quite obvious to him now that Yanuo is in love with Zifeng. And because he is acting so pathetically and only thinking of himself, he probably believes if they are apart he will stand a chance with Yanuo. Forget that she will be not only hurt and heartbroken if Zifeng does what he wants. Thus proving his so called love for her is bogus.

    I hope Zifeng tells him where to go. I also hope the next episode will make it clear that Hansheng needs to be dealt with and dead. He has tried numerous times since the drama started to kill Zifeng, and he is the one who needs to finally be exposed and needs to die. I'm so sick of looking at his annoying and jealous face.

  5. They've dragged out the Han Sheng and triad activity for too long. This story would have been better if they had shown how difficult it is to be in that life. Refer to TVB series from 80's and 90's, it really shows strife and angst connected to triad gangs. But I suppose this is a rom-com and they are trying to keep it light. Advocating the triad life might not be helpful if you're trying to get fangirls.

    Hopefully, our OTP will be enough for us to stick around to the end.

  6. Waahhh!!! Haven't recovered yet from their kissing and hugging. Best kiss in drama history I've seen so far. The kiss all over the face sort of said, I adore you so much. And wow, Zifeng has a way of holding back and teasing to push Yanou at her wit's end to seek for a deeper kiss. It's like the romance novels. And I really love the deep blush on Yanou's checks and Zifeng too.

  7. I was hoping that her gender would be exposed when zi feng's naughty hand started to take action. lol. It's already ep 15, but still a secret. Dont tell me he will only find out she's a girl in the last 2 ep.

  8. Am I the only one who reckons Zifeng already guessed Yanuo's a girl?

    1. Yes, I think you're the only one who believes that. From what I've seen from Zifeng's character if he knew Yanuo was a girl he would have confronted her about it. He's still clueless.

    2. I think he doesn't, but lots and lots of people agree with you and think he knows already.

  9. Well my first thing I half to say and not sure if anyone agrees with me. I enjoy both romances in this story but I am really enjoying the romance between Na Na and Quing Yang more then I am the lead romance story. I loved how the Yanou and Zi Feng started there romance it was enjoyable. But its slowly just pulling away from my interest. I am hopping something well happen soon to catch my eye again with there romance.

    As the hole Triad thing I half to agree I think the writers could have written that out a bit better. I also wish they had more fight scenes in it dealing with Yanou and Zi Feng. Its the first thing I loved about them was how well they fought together. Know for me it all depends on how they deal with the Zi Feng and Han Sheng. I think even if he looking to please his father and become top dog. He starting to regret what he did thinking he killed Zi Feng.

    Know I know people are kind of not liking how Zhe Rui is doing it but actually I am simi okay with it. Cause I think it may be leading to two things either he just tells Zhi Feng when annoyed that Yanou is a girl. But there some were in me that I think its going to be a simi Hana Kimi move were Zhi Feng over hears them talking and finds out that Yanou is a girl. But keeps the secret cause he remembers how she says that the secret has been held for so long and hurt so many people along the way. But thats just hopeful dreaming on my side.

    But I am unsure how there going to resolve the hole Yanou being a girl. I actually am enjoy how there not leaning on it heavy as I have seen in a lot of Gender Benders this is a new style. But I also dont think that Zhi Feng is going to react to strongly towards being mad when he does find out. To me he shown that he more level headed and he calms down faster. I also hope that he well find out soon cause we have only I think 5 more episodes if the sourse I read was right and there only 20 episodes.

  10. I really am anxious for the gender reveal. I wish they had given us a look at her countdown calendar so we know how long we have to wait for the official reveal. I think they will likely wait for the birthday to do it since it would be really hard on her parents if it comes out early. Remember, they think she will die if it is found out early. Also I think all the foreshadowing we are seeing is a lead up to them breaking up after he finds out she is a girl and that she has lied to him for so long and they break up for a while. I think it would be a really big cheat to have a second round of amnesia. And now let me just say that was a HOT make out session and super romantic at the same time. I watch more Korean dramas than anything else and you never get this much kissing. If Zhe Rui goes through with this I am gonna be made that they turned him to the super selfish dark side.

  11. Holy mother of god!!! That kissing scene was way too intense.At that moment i really thought he is so gonna get confirmation that she's a girl. I think he knows that Yanou is a girl; The Cinderella cue was a big hint. It was like he was saying that he understands and knows her secret and she can tell him when she wants to tell him.
    QuingYang and Nana's love story is cute but i agree with most of the people they could have put some more effort into it.
    Han Sheng is so gonna get it now. I thing Zifeng knows that he was the one who poisoned him. I think he' the one who has something to do with Zifeng's father's disappearance and well as QuingYang's parents death.
    Why is it one episode per week??? WHY?????