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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 1 Recap & First Impression

Drama: Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai (ダメな私に恋してください)
Country: Japan
Airs: Tuesday

Synopsis: Unemployed and with no job opportunity in sight, 30 year old Michio resorts to starving herself in order to keep supporting her much younger boyfriend. Bumping into her ex-manager Ayumu by accident, the last thing Michio wants is to start working with the man that used to give her nightmares...until Ayumu offers to feed her.

Episode 1 Recap
Suddenly unemployed when her boss disappears, a despondent Michio is left with very few prospects as a 30 year old woman with no special skills. Her saving depleting quickly, hunger becomes Michio's constant companion.  
Despite her desperate financial status, Michio nonetheless makes feeding and clothing her much younger boyfriend her priority...even if it means charging everything on her credit card. Salivating as she watches her clueless boyfriend enjoying his steak, Michio consoles herself that seeing her boyfriend's smile is enough. 
Unable to suppress her desire to eat meat after being hungry for so long (we have only seen her eat cabbage salad thus far), Michio's heart skips a beat when she spots a can of cat food laying underneath a street bench. Ashamed that she is thinking about stealing food from cats, Michio chides herself even as her hand picks up the canned food. 

Popping out of nowhere, a man greets Michio and after a glance at the canned food in her hand asks "Do you have a cat?" Freaking out when she realizes the man is none other than Ayumu Kurosawa, her devil like manager that she once worked under, Michio's first instinct is to run. 

Stopping Michio from escaping, Ayumu is speechless when he realizes that Michio is so hungry for meat that she is actually willing to eat cat food. 
Dragging Michio all the way to a small store front, Ayumu personally cooks and presents an omurice dish in front of her. Notwithstanding being impressed and hungry at the same time, Michio paused for a second to be offended by the word "Useless" Ayumu wrote on top of the omurice before she digs in. Ayumu's pet name for Michio. 

Taking pity on Michio, Ayumu tells her that since his new tea restaurant is opening soon then she might as well work for him before she finds a real job. Unable to suppress a shudder as she remembers how awful it was to work under Ayumu, Michio wants nothing less than to say no but when Ayumu promises free meals - with meat, Michio finds herself agreeing to show up bright and early the next day. 
Despite Ayumu's assurance that he is no longer the devilish boss now that he has stopped working in a profession he hates, Ayumu is still no dream boss and feels no qualms when he orders Michio to go pass out flyers in a ridiculous outfit. 

Not quite the evil boss Ayumu thought him to be, Michio continues to find out surprising things about the man that used to give her nightmares, especially when three intimidating looking men show up to be Michio's coworkers. Turns out, in direct contrast to his soft civilized look, Ayumu was actually quite good with his fist during his younger days. Earning the respect of the three intimidating looking men when he once took on a group of thugs to save them back in the days, the three men follows Ayumu's every order. 
Displeased that Ayumu would resign from his job to open a small little tea restaurant, Ayumu's girlfriend Akira shows up to raise a ruckus. Nervous when she runs into a depressed Akira, Michio tries to sneak away...until Akira offers to buy her dinner. 

Hopeless as a drunk Akira starts to crying, Michio tries to comfort her and confesses that she has very little relationship experience. Stunned to realize that Michio is still a virgin, Akira starts hollering much to Michio's embarrassment. Feeling great pity for Michio, Akira becomes friends with Michio even after she breaks up with Ayumu. 
Not doubting at all when her boyfriend gives her a sob story about his hospitalized mother, Michio resorts to working in a nightclub in order to pay back the loan she took out for her boyfriend. 

Naively following a lecherous male customer out of the club when he promises to give her some tips, Michio panics when the man starts to drag her towards a motel. Screaming for help, Michio struggles and looks around wildly hoping for someone to come to her rescue. 
Stunned when a voice actually answers her call, Michio looks up with shock as Ayumu jumps down from an impressive height and saves her.  
Frustrated when he finds out that Michio was dumb enough to get into debt for a man who is obviously lying to her, Ayumu loans Michio the money to pay off her debt AND tells her to start living at the room above the restaurant to save on rent. 
Finally getting a clue that her no good boyfriend is just using her for money, Michio agrees when Akira offers to accompany her to confront her boyfriend.

Unwilling to lose such a great money source, Michio's boyfriend insists that his sob stories were all true...until one of Ayumu's boys shows up and quickly convinces Michio's boyfriend to cough up the money. 
Out drinking with the whole crew from the restaurant, Michio is duly impressed when the three boys tell her that Ayumu rarely gets drunk and even if he does he will only end up falling asleep. Bidding one of the boys goodnight as he lays a sleeping Ayumu on the sofa, Michio gently tries to cover Ayumu with a blanket. 
Opening his eyes as Michio leans over him, Ayumu suddenly pulls Michio to him and plants a kiss on her. 
Completely stunned as Ayumu lets her go and falls right back to sleep, Michio stares at him wordlessly. 

First Impression
Dear J-drama god, THANK YOU! It has been such a long time since I have found a j-drama that I am excited about but Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai has resurrected my hope. 
One thing I wasn't able to show very well in the recap is our heroine's somewhat eccentric thought process. Almost normal to the point of being completely boring, Michio nonetheless seems to see the world just a tad bit different than everyone else around her and that "tad bit" is enough to make it difficult for Michio to stumble constantly as she tries to survive in this harsh world. 

 I am absolutely loving the hero's character...granted what girl wouldn't love a good looking man who can cook AND fight. 

Akira had told Michio that she dated Ayumu knowing full well he is hiding someone in his heart. I was hoping at first maybe the woman is Michio but then there is some sort of mystery surrounding Ayumu sending flowers on a specific date so now I am leaning more towards a secret traumatic past. Sigh...a man that cooks, good with his fist AND harboring a secret hurt... 
Thus far I like almost everything about this show except this guy. Judging by the preview for next episode, this guy is probably going to be our second male lead and I am really hoping the show is not going to force us to watch Michio falling in love with the wrong guy until the last episode where she all the sudden realizes that she loves the hero after all. That! Would be very yucky, so I am crossing my fingers Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai won't disappoint me. 


  1. where can I watch the drama? thank you!

    1. J-drama are tricky to find and almost impossible to find it subbed. Try copying the drama's Japanese name and google search it and click the video tab and hopefully you can find one that works for you. OR try Please Love the Useless Me.

    2. maplestage.com

    3. Please Love the Useless Me is the English title. You can watch it on DramaCool.One with english sub.

  2. I'm SO HAPPY that you are recapping this drama. I've been looking all over the net for the recap. Thank you so much Ninja!!!

  3. I'm SO HAPPY that you are recapping this drama. I've been looking all over the net for the recap. Thank you so much Ninja!!!

    1. This post is a new show first impression post so I can't promise that I will keep recaping it...unless it gets addicting...

    2. Awww. Let's hope that the drama will turn out to be addictive (that way I'll get to read your awesome recap. Yay!! :D) Fingers crossed...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ive read the manga and stumbled across this while looking for the new bromance episode recap and you no idea how excited i am 😆😆😆😆

  5. Ive read the manga and stumbled across this while looking for the new bromance episode recap and you no idea how excited i am 😆😆😆😆