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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 2 Recap & 2nd Impression

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 2 Recap by Ninja
Relieved and maybe a bit disappointed to realize Ayumu has no recollection of the kiss the night before, Michio asks Ayumu who Haruko is.

Stiffening to hear the name, Ayumu insists that his drunken self must've been saying the English word Falcon not Haruko.
Haruko is actually the flower lady that has been texting Ayumu about bringing flowers by and judging by how easily influenced Ayumu is by those texts, something is definitely up. 

Thanks to Ayumu's advise to look for a company she truly loves, Michio was able to successfully find a job. Keeping his promise to reward Michio when she gets a job with a top grade (A-5) piece of steak, Ayumu holds a celebratory party for her.
In the middle of the party, the always smiling flower lady shows up and introduces herself as Haruko. Stunned to hear the flower lady's name, Michio casts a questioning look at Ayumu but he just averts his eyes.
Michio's first day at work started off really well...and gradually gets worse... and worse. Unsuspecting of her smiling co-worker, Michio readily agrees to work overtime while the rest of her departments takes off on time.

Naively tricked into working overtime for nothing, Michio buries herself in paperwork and doesn't notice the stranger she ran into before (2nd male lead) actually works in the same company as her.
Dragging her tired and hungry self home, Michio is overjoyed when Ayumu offers to cook her anything she wants. Her eyes lit up, Michio pleads for an Omurice that she is certain to be the medicine for her tired spirit.

I love this scene because Michio picks up the kitten and calls it "A-5"...which apparently is a meat grade. Looking at Michio with fear, Ayumu asks "You are even going to eat the cat?" 
Invited to a friend's wedding, Michio eagerly jumps up to catch the bride's bouquet but ends up feeling completely embarrassed when she falls down in front of everyone. In the midst of the awkward silence as she wish the earth would just swallow her up, another hand suddenly rises her own hand and declares "Save! She got it!"

Amazed when the man who saved her from such an embarrassing situation is none other than the same guy who also picked her up the last time she fell publicly, Michio is pleasantly surprised when the man introduces himself as Daichi Mogami and informs her that they are co-workers after all.
Working yet another late night by herself, Michio scrambles to her feet when Daichi suddenly shows up. Speechless when Daichi asks her to go out on a date later during the week, Michio wonders to herself "Is his mother sick as well?"

Ha! Daichi is a lot younger than Michio so she doesn't see any reason that he would be interested in her other than money. 
Not harboring any hope to be able to use the two movie tickets her friend gave her, Michio gives the tickets to Ayumu as a repayment for feeding her. Grunting a denial when Michio suggests that he should use the tickets with Haruko, Ayumu drags a somewhat reluctant Michio to the movies instead. She is reluctant because she really didn't want to have her first date with Ayumu after "wasting" her first kiss on him already. 

Sighing when Michio automatically switch on her "Sugar Mama" mode once they are at the theater, Ayumu shakes his head when Michio's first offers to buy him popcorn then tries to give him money when he tells her to go sit down.

Shaking his head once again when Michio yelps in delight over giant meat pillows, Ayumu ignores her doubtful expression and promptly gets a pillow out of the claw machine on his first try.
Caught between feeling somewhat relieved and huffy when Ayumu assures her that the two of them eating dinner can't be counted as a date but more like two friends simply sharing a meal together, Michio presses Ayumu for a reason why he is not dating Haruko.

Feeling frustrated when Ayumu keeps insisting that nothing is between him and Haruko, Michio demands "If there is nothing between you guys then why the kiss?!"
Realizing belatedly what she just said, Michio tries to take back what she said but Ayumu is having none of it. Shocked when Michio finally tells him about their drunken kiss, after a moment of silence Ayumu formally apologizes to her. Waving away Ayumu's apology, Michio easily convinces Ayumu that it would be the best if they just ignore the kiss...that is until the server puts the dessert with the word "KISS" right in front of them.
Walking home together, Ayumu breaks into a big grin when he sees Haruko waiting at the door with a potted plant.
Grumpily going back to her room after hearing a smiling Ayumu tells Haruko that he is happy about the plant she brought, Michio punches her new meat pillow and vents "I am not happy, I am not happy! This is not even a gift (the pillow), this is just him getting rid of garbage! My precious small amount of experience (the kiss) was even the result of a mistaken identity!"
Determined to get some "experience", Michio tells an elated Dalichi that she will go on a date with him. '

Second Impression
Ha! I am still not sure if this show will be addicting yet, but so far it is definitely what I have been waiting from J-drama.

I love the interplay between the two leads, with Ayumu treating our heroine like a precious...pet while Michio still can't bring herself to imagine her devilish boss as a possible romantic candidate.  Of course, judging by how how much Michio can't stop grumbling about Haruko, our naive heroine has already started to fall in love with Ayumu.
I do have to admit that I have some mixed feelings concerning the heroine's age inappropriate naivety about the world. Michio's innocence is probably precisely why Ayumu is willing to take her under his wings but then it feels kinda painful to watch Michio still struggling with lessons she really should've learned in her twenties.
Oh, well. Whatever minor heartburn issue that resulted from watching the heroine being taken advantage of by her much younger co-workers is all wiped away by my love for our hero's character. As much as I love Ayumu's character though I do hope the writer won't drag the mystery surrounding him for too long. I am betting that Haruko is actually not the mystery lady herself but someone that is tied to her...which makes me wonder if it's someone that has long since passed away.
Anyhow, I was plenty satisfied with episode two and will be putting this one on my watch list. This post was actually suppose to be a summary post but by the time I added all the "must have" scenes I realized I would be writing a recap instead.


  1. I read the manga. for me it is too long about the story between ayumu and haruko. Sigh. Even untill I read the last published chapter, Ayumu still has no moves towards Michio. And I get bored. So I hope the drama becomes more interesting

  2. Awesome recap Ninja! You've just made my day :)

  3. Awesome recap Ninja! You've just made my day :)