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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Summary Up To Episode 10

Episode 2:HERE

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 3 By Ninja 
Michio finally has her very first date with Daichi (co-worker) and everything seems to be going fabulously for our heroine. Taking note of how easy going Michio is when the server first poured a glass of water on her then brought out the wrong dish, Daichi remarks that Michio is truly a service oriented person and would make a great wife.

Flustered when Ayumu shows up right when she is bidding Daichi goodnight, a flustered Michio at first tries to pretend Ayumu is just a stranger but under the threat of "you don't want to eat meat anymore?" Michio quickly makes the proper introductions. Breathing a sigh of relief after she all but forced Daichi to leave, Michio starts her usual bantering with Ayumu and doesn't notice Daichi who is standing a short distance away watching her with a darken expression.
Thoughtful after being chastised by Ayumu for always choosing the easy way out when it comes to her work, Michio starts to rethink her philosophy of simply working more to avoid any confrontation. Realizing that Ayumu is right about the need for her to act her age...at least when it comes to her professional life, Michio gathers up her courage and finally gives her young co-worker a much needed advise instead of just doing all the work herself. 

Impressed by Michio's effort to not play the martyr anymore, Michio's co-worker Yuki stops ignoring her and actually befriends her.   
Walking home to find the restaurant filled to the brim with plants Haruko has brought over, Michio can't seem to ignore the bright tender smile on Ayumu's face as he talks to Haruko. Amazed that such a soft expression could appear on Ayumu's face, Michio can't help but become more certain that Ayumu must like Haruko.

In a flash back we see that Haruko was probably either Ayumu's brother's wife or girlfriend. Judging by the slight sadness on Ayumu's face, I wonder if Ayumu's brother is no longer living. 
Going on a second date with Daichi, Michio is once again amazed by what it feels like to go a real outing with a man who is not trying to mooch off her. 

Apparently equally impressed with Michio, Daichi confesses to her and asks "Would you date me with marriage as our goal?" 
Daichi seems perfect on the surface but the show is giving us plenty of clues that the guy is probably a jerk. Daichi had gave Michio a bottle of lotion saying that it was his favorite scent on their first day, but it looks like Daichi had also gave the same lotion to Yuki (Michio's co-worker) and probably many other female employees as well. 

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 4
Stunned yet happy when Daichi (2nd male lead) asks to date her with marriage as the end goal, Michio goes around with a silly grin thinking her spring has finally arrived...until she realizes Daichi had gave out his "special lotion" (the one he gave to her on their first date) to A LOT of other people in her company as well. 

Before Michio was able to completely write Daichi off as just another liar in her life, Yuki (co-worker) wisely reminds Michio that as a single man, there was nothing wrong for Daichi to seek out many possibilities until he settles on the one he truly wants. 
Moved by Daichi's continual pursuit, Michio decides to toss her uncertainty aside and tells an overjoyed Daichi that she wants to date him.  
After a brief horrifying moment when she thought Ayumu might be having an extramarital affairs with Yuki, Michio soon finds out that while Ayumu is indeed harboring a crush on Yuki but his love can never come to fruition because Yuki is actually his brother's widow and Ayumu can't bring himself to compete with his dead brother. 
Just when it looks like Daichi might actually be a decent guy, episode four ends with the guy creepily standing outside of Ayumu's restaurant as he stares at our two leads bickering with one another. 

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 5
Accidentally running into Haruko one day, Michio is pleasantly surprised when she realizes that Haruko is actually very nice. Staring at a completely clueless Haruko who wonders out loud why Ayumu is no married yet, Michio suddenly gains an overwhelming pity for Ayumu's fruitless one sided crush. 
Dragging Ayumu out for dinner with the sole purpose of getting him drunk, Michio tries to get the intoxicated Ayumu to admit his feelings for Haruko. Sighing with understanding when the drunk Ayumu denies that he likes Haruko, Michio mutters "Could his love radar be slow like mine? Your (Ayumu) feelings are so obvious." 
Ready to take the next big step in her relationship with Daichi, Michio invites herself to Daichi's place and makes dinner for him. Feeling guilty when Daichio asks about the Omuri Rice dinner she made, Michio admits that she learned the dish from Ayumu and that she is staying at Ayumu's place as well. Fully expecting Daichi to break up with her after listening to her confession, Michio is pleasantly surprised when Daichi not only wants to keep dating her but finally kisses her. 

Just when the night seems to be going great and Michio is starting to wonder if this is her "big night" for her newly purchased sexy underwear, Daichi gets a mysterious phone call and Michio is soon sent home by Daichi with the excuse of "I don't want your guardian (Ayumu) to worry." 
Mildly surprised when she walks into the door to find Ayumu in a cozy conversation with Haruko, Michio quickly runs to her room when she spies the Valentine chocolate sitting in front of Ayumu. Safe in her room, Michio rips open a wrapped Valentine chocolate and complains "What? Haruko had already prepared the chocolate for him. Wait?! What's this unpleasant feeling? Could this be...jealousy?" Jumping into bed, Michio shakes her head and assures herself "No! no, no. That can't be it...then what is it? Emotion from living under the same roof?" 

The next day while Michio is still trying to figure out her confusing feelings, Ayumu is thoughtful when Daichi suddenly shows up for lunch. Perhaps realizing his little "pet" belongs to another man now, the next morning, Ayumu says "It's perhaps time for you to move out" just the same exact moment Michio tries to say the same thing. 
Sitting down in front of the glorious breakfast Ayumu had prepared for her, it dawns on Michio that by moving out she is saying goodbye to the many things she has come to rely on in her life. Before Michio can get too melancholy though, she gets into yet another argument with Ayumu about her underwear choices and soon Michio can't remember why she was sad over moving out. 

Overjoyed when Michio tells him that she is planning to move out, Daichi suggests to Michio that she should just move in with him. Surprised, Michio wonders to herself "How soon can I save up enough money to buy more sexy underwear?" 

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 6

Ready to take her relationship with Daichi to the next level by moving in with him, some of Michio's excitement wanes when she realizes once again that she will soon be moving out of Ayumu's house. 
Sitting at dinner with an uncharacteristically depressed Daichi, Michio starts to wonder if she is about to get dumped and becomes even more convinced when Daichi actually starts to cry. Flustered when he realizes what Michio is thinking, Daichi quickly reassures her that he is sad because his parents are both in the hospital so not only does he have to push back their "moving in together", he will be too busy to spend a lot of time with her. 

Instead of being relieved by Daichi's assurance, Michio begins to feel a sense of déjà vu as she listens to Daichi's pitiful story about his ill parents...that sounds exactly like the story her ex-boyfriend used to swindle money from her. 
Trying to tell herself that Daichi is not lying, Michio protests loudly when Ayumu asks "Haven't you broke up with that crook yet?" 

Completely convinced that Michio has fallen for yet another man who is trying to cheat her out of her hard earned money, Ayumu doesn't hold back when Daichi shows up again for lunch. Flustered when Ayumu puts a dish of Omuri Rice with the word "Crook" written right across it in front of Daichi, Michio nervously tells a confused Daichi that the word means something else. 

Dragging Ayumu off to the side to give him a piece of her mind, Michio is too busy bickering with with him to notice her own boyfriend. Stiffening as he watches Ayumu and his girlfriend turning toward him in unison when he interrupts them with a question, Daichi hides his displeasure from Michio. 
Daichi's insecurity towards Ayumu's presence in Michio's life continues to grow even as Michio moves out of Ayumu's house. (She moved in with Ayumu ex-girlfriend. Hilariously, Michio has actually become great friends with Michio's ex-girlfriend (Akira) AND the woman he has harbored a long time crush on (Yuki)) 

Thankful when Michio rushes around tirelessly to help him when he made a potentially disastrous mistake during a work assignment, Daichi's grateful smile slips when Michio happily informs him that Ayumu had assisted her. 

I love the scene in the shopping market when Ayumu just showed up out of nowhere when Michio was desperately trying to buy a vacuum from a bunch of Chinese tourist and started to speak almost perfect Chinese. It was also awesome that in the end the way Ayumu convinced the Chinese tourists was to tell them "This girl is still single at 30 years old and in debt. She is very pitiful." 
Out on a late night date with Daichi, Michio is stunned when Daichi suddenly pulls out a ring and proposes to her. Moved by the Daichi's request to spend the rest of their lives together, Michio accepts the very first proposal she has ever received. 

Michio had picked up a phone call for Daichi and it was his sick mother calling from the hospital so that's why Michio is fully convinced now that Daichi is not a swindler anymore. 

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 7

Walking in a blissful daze after Daichi's surprising proposal, a befuddled Michio submissively follows Daichi as he enthusiastically pushes forward their wedding plan in a break neck pace. 
Simply happy that she is actually engaged to someone, Michio quickly shows up at Ayumu's cafe to share the glad tiding. Surprised that Michio's boyfriend is NOT a crook, Ayumu sincerely congratulates Michio and even tells her that she can take time off from working at his cafe in order to plan her wedding. However, instead of being too preoccupied with the wedding to show up around Ayumu, unbeknownst to even herself, Michio starts to find herself at the cafe more and more. 
Michio's upcoming wedding seems certain...until an incident that finally forces her to admit her real feelings. Trapped in a warehouse with Daichi when a factory worker accidentally locked them in, Michio tries distract Daichi by asking him to talk about some of the happy moments he had recently. Thinking about her own happy moments, Michio's thoughts immediately went to a bunch of meat dishes she ate lately...which then quickly turns to memories with Ayumu. Realizing finally of her own feelings towards Daichi, Michio finds herself standing in front of the cafe again but ends up turning away when she sees that Yuki is already there with Ayumu. 
Going home in a melancholy mood, Michio walks in the door to find a crying Akira. Unable to forget Ayumu even after their break up, Akira had finally gathered up her courage to talk to Ayumu that day but instead of getting back together Akira finally comes to accept that things are really over between them. 
Coming to the undeniable decision that she can't proceed with the wedding, Michio breaks up with a rather unsurprised Daichi. Making a confession of his own, Daichi admits that as the only son in his family he has been trying to rush Michio into marriage in order to make his parents happy. Flustered when Daichi pointedly asks "Is it because of Ayumu?" Michio assures Daichi that she is only having a one side crush on Ayumu since he already likes someone else. 

Pulling Michio into a hug, Daichi tells Michio that he is not giving up on her but they will start over as two friends. 

After a moment of shock when Michio calmly tells her that she is not getting married anymore, Akira puts on a smiling face and suggests that they should get drunk that night. Touched to have Akira being such a supportive friend, Michio nods to all of Akira's suggestions...until she says "Oh, and you need to move out." 

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 8

Stunned when Akira comforts her (for the breakup) AND boots her out of the house in the same breath, a confounded Michio rushes to Ayumu's cafe when he calls to tell her that Akira had moved all her luggage over there. Despite feeling a tad bit guilty for being a burden to Ayumu once again, Michio's little heart is soon thumping at the thought of being able to see Ayumu everyday. 

I love the scene where Ayumu is bickering with Michio and she mutters to herself "Everything he says makes me happy! Drat, I think I am done for." 
Too chicken to tell her family that she has broken up with Daichi, Michio had hoped that one of the cafe boys could pretend to be her fake fiancé but alas none of the boys could help her. Resigned, Michio goes home to the monastery with a story about her boyfriend needing to work but ends up being pleasantly surprised when Ayumu shows up. 

Surrounded by Michio's eager family, Ayumu is lost for words when he is asked "What do you like about Michio?" After some thoughts, Ayumu looks up hopefully and replies "She is very bright, and she has a good appetite." Not satisfied, Michio's family asks again "What else?" Visibly stumped now, Ayumu adds "She...can eat a lot." Ha! 
Secretly excited when her family puts her and Ayumu in the same room, Michio sits and stares at a sleeping Ayumu while sipping beer. Giving in to her impulse, Michio leans in and plants a kiss on Ayumu...only to jump back when his eyes open for a brief second. Desperately hoping that Ayumu was not aware of her stolen kiss, Michio fervently prays to her dead grandmother but unfortunately her prayer went unanswered as Ayumu dryly remarks "I guess you turn into a kissing monster when you get drunk." 
Passing the tests Michio's family throw at him with flying colors, Ayumu's little fib seems to be in no danger of being discovered...until his is "strongly" invited to joining in on the belly dancing. Horrified when Ayumu begins to unbutton his shirt, Michio jumps up and confesses the truth to her family. 

Luckily for Michio, while her monk father had a few choice words for her the rest of her family was actually not too surprised at all. 

In a moment of impulsiveness as she walks to the bus stop with Ayumu to go back to "their home", Michio suddenly starts to propose to Ayumu. However, before Michio could even finish her sentence Ayumu had already given his curt reply of "I refuse." Stunned, Michio thinks to herself "Isn't he suppose to be influenced by the mood and just say yes?" 

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 9
Completely embarrassed that her impromptu proposal was treated as a joke by Ayumu, an undaunted Michio still keeps trying to convince Ayumu that marrying her would be a good idea. Despite his quickness in refusing Michio's repeated suggestion of marriage, Ayumu nonetheless finds himself smiling as he thinks about Michio. 

Daichi does accuse Ayumu later in this episode that Ayumu is purposefully ignoring Michio's feelings.   
Unfortunately for all of Michio's grandiose plan, her pursuit of Ayumu comes to a screeching halt when Haruko's flower store is suddenly hit with a bankruptcy crisis and she faints she in front of our two leads. 

Ignoring her own breaking heart as she leaves Ayumu to comfort a sick Haruko, Michio works tirelessly to find different ways to help Haruko's flower store. Michio ended up sleeping on the sofa because Haruko is sleeping in her bed. 
Coming to the realization that she simply wants Ayumu to be happy, Michio decides it's time to pack her bags. Telling Ayumu frankly that he is being a coward, Michio encourages him to stop overthinking the issue and just confess his feelings to Haruko. 

Visibly hesitating as Michio is about to walk out of the door, Ayumu opens his mouth to say something...but of course Haruko chooses the very moment to stumble down the stairs. 

Rushing over to Haruko to help her, Ayumu turns back around when Michio says her last goodbye and walks decisively out of the door. After a brief inner struggle within himself, Ayumu calls out Michio's name and is about to chase after her...but then Haruko's hand stops him. WHAT?! Haruko?! 
Tears falling as she looks back at the closed door behind her, Michio smiles. 

ps. My absolute favorite scene is the one where a drunken Michio takes Akira's suggestion to just "eat" Ayumu and literally tries to take a bite off him. Poor Ayumu just assumes it's another one of Michio's bad drinking habit.

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 10
Heart broken after moving out of Ayumu's house believing Ayumu will soon be confessing his feelings to Haruko, Michio becomes a eager fan of a cute chef to inject some spark in her seemingly hopeless love life. 

Summoned by Ayumu with the excuse of cleaning the last of her stuff, Michio is pleasantly surprised when she arrives to find a birthday party waiting for her. Touched by Ayumu's thoughtfulness, Michio tries to valiantly act like Ayumu's friend and encourages him again to confess his feelings to Haruko. 
Coming to the realization that she needs to learn how to live by herself before she thinks about relationships, Michio apologetically refuses Daichi's request to get back together. Confused when she shows up at work to see a very flustered Daichi all but running away from her the next day, Michio finally understands Daichi's strange behavior when an embarrassed Akira confesses that "I accident ate him." 

Turns out, Daichi had run into a drunken Akira the night before and was kind enough to take her home. Her fierceness coming out in full force, a drunken Akira had thrown the poor Daichi into bed and ...well, ate him. Utterly embarrassed when he realizes Michio has heard the whole thing from Akira, Daichi shyly admits that Akira had left a very lasting impression on him. Ha! I love this pairing.  
Scared out of her mind when a pervert follows her all the way home, Michio calls Ayumu desperately on the phone. Running all the way to Michio's apartment, Ayumu let's out a breath of relief when Michio throws herself into his arms. 
Suppressing her lingering fear, Michio assures Ayumu that he can go home and reminds him that Haruko is probably waiting for him. Taking Michio's hand in his, Ayumu replies "No she won't" then slowly recounts how both Haruko and himself have come to realize that they have been so focused on the past the neither of them really know each other. 

Shaking his head when he looks over to see that Michio had somehow managed to fall asleep during his little speech, Ayumu smiles to himself. 
Trying hard to swallow the worry that is rising in him when he can't find Michio the next night, Ayumu finally loses the fight with himself and runs out to check on her. Frantic when he gets a phone call from one of his boys saying that Michio has been hurt and is back at the cafe, Ayumu races home and pulls Michio into an embrace when he sees her. 

Realizing that his boys had lied about Michio's wounds when he calms down enough to notice Michio's puzzled expression, Ayumu smiles as Michio musters up her courage to asks him "Could you please date the useless me?" 
Ignoring Michio's dumbfounded expression when he tells her "I have fallen in love with you already," Ayumu decides to prove himself by planting a kiss on her. 

Yeah!!! Happy Ending!!! 


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