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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #63

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Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up
Moorim School (Korean Drama, New)

Lots of beautiful people, plenty of young romances and tons of fighting with a touch of magic...count me in! Other than the fear that the romance plot is more like a merry-go-round, I am liking this one a lot and am tentatively putting it on my watch list. 

 A Detective Housewife (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: A housewife who loves her husband wholeheartedly, our heroine's life is turned up side down when her husband is found dead in a hotel room. Determined to find her husband's killer, our heroine decides to become a detective...if she can figure out a way to shake off our annoying hero who plants himself squarely as an obstacle in front of her. 

This show is pretty clever and I like the detective bent...but the show is not keeping my attention for some reason so I don't see myself following it. 
Naomi and Kanako (Japanese Drama, New)
Not my usual fare, but I checked this one out on a lark and the show was mesmerizing despite its dark subject matter. 

Synopsis: Living her whole life with the dark past of watching her own mother being hit by her father, Naomi is horrified when she realizes her good friend, Kanako is also being beaten by her husband. Unable to convince her terrified friend to go to the police, Naomi comes across a way to commit the perfect murder when she accidentally meets a man who looks exactly like Kanako's husband. 
Taste of Love (Taiwanese Drama)
Sigh...this one would be a winner if the story would get rid of all the side characters and just keep the two leads. The chemistry between the two leads is great and their romance is cute as well BUT thanks to the annoying second leads and various other characters I might just check back with this one when it finishes airing. 
Beautiful Secret (Chinese Drama)

This one is my current go to drama when I need something playing in the background while I am working on stuff that doesn't take my complete attention. I am still struggling with Peter Ho's eyeliner makeup but I am doing good at ignoring it since the romance between the two leads is super cute. 
Cheese in the Trap (Korean Drama) 

I am trying REALLY hard to control my urge to not go track down the webtoon for this show just so I can figure out if the hero is crazy scary or not. Wondering if the hero is insane aside, I am enjoying the show quite a bit and has placed this one on my watch list. 
Go Princess Go (Chinese Web Drama)

As you guys can tell by the episode summary, I am caught up to about ep. 20 on this one and I am glad to report the show is still hilarious and the romance is pretty good as well. 
Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai (Japanese Drama, New)
THE new romantic J-drama that I am hoping really REALLY hard is going to be my new favorite.

Episode One Recap & First Impression: HERE

Oldies but Goodies
Drama: hotaru no hikari (ホタルノヒカリ)
Alternative Name: Glow of Fireflies
Episodes: 10

Synopsis: In contrast to her image of a very capable and professional worker during the day, our heroine Hotaru is a completely different person at home. Wanting nothing else in life other then to lay around in her old sweatpants, Hotaru's greatest satisfaction in life is just to do nothing while nursing a beer in her hand. Perfectly content with the chaotic state of her rental home, Hotaru is dismayed when her landlord's son suddenly shows up...and it's none other than her boss. 
Hotaru no Hikai is one of my favorite J-drama and that' why I thought of it right after watching Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai since the leads from both shows give off a similar vibe. 

As one would expect of a J-drama, the romance between our two leads in Hotaru no Hikai progress at a snail's pace BUT that's exactly the charm of this show. As we watch the two leads get to know each other and their friendship turning into something more than they themselves are even aware of, it is easy to stop caring about silly things such as "When are we going to get a kiss! Oh, crap, I forgot I am watching a J-drama!" 
By the way, Hotaru no Hikai also has season two.

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  1. I loved Hotaru no hikari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! currently the drama that has me watching raw(good i understand quite a bit)is Cheese in the trap this is so refreshing and reminds me of how i felt watching oh my ghostess.