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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #64

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Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #64
The Adventure for Love (Chinese Drama, New)

Boy, this was THE week for new dramas. There were so many out that I didn't know where to start first. Fortunately...or unfortunately, while there were many choices there were only a few that kept my interest after the first episode.

The Adventure of Love is modern romance mix with a heavy dose of mystery and fantasy. I only checked out the first episode and while the fantasy part of the story was intriguing I wasn't interested enough to keep watching. 

Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji (Chinese Drama, New)

This is a new Wuxia romance about a girl's journey to defy her family's effort to marry her off to a complete stranger but ends up meeting her "husband" without knowing it. I was a tad bit hopeful about this one until I realize this show is a lot more melo than comedy. 
Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu (Japanese Drama, New)

Sigh, this one is a dud as well. Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu is about an extremely rich girl attending a school just to pursue a boy she likes, but things gets difficult whenever her gigantic pride gets in the way and she ends up being her own biggest obstacle. 

The heroine is SO annoying that I had to force myself to finish the first episode. 
Higanbana (Japanese Drama, New) 

I was in a really strange mood for J-drama this week for some reason. I usually stay away from bloody police J-dramas, but I ended up checking out two new police shows. 

Maki Horikita plays an eccentric female detective working in an all female department. Able to hear the very last thought left at the crime scene, Maki's character is able to provide vital clues for all her other equally eccentric co-workers. 

J-drama loves their police shows and not surprisingly Hignabana has a pretty solid story. Not one for police dramas that are fairly devoid of romance, I am only a tad bit interested in this one so I might follow up on it if I get in another one of my strange moods. 
SPECIALIST (Japanese Drama, New)

This one is the other police show I checked out this week. SPECIALIST is actually on its fifth season about a detective who thanks to his years of (wrongful) incarceration has picked many skills AND thought process of criminals.  Again, good story so I might check it out again if the mood strikes. 
The Mysterious Thief Yamaneko (Japanese Drama, New)

I was pretty excited about this one since it has Kazuya Kamenashi (Kame) and Hiroki Narimiya in it. 
Yamaneko is about a mysterious thief that steals from corrupted evil corporations.  The story has a bit of Robin Hood flavor to it but Kame's version of the hero seems to have a dark side to him...which is awesome! 
Hiroki Narimiya plays an innocent reporter that ends up getting tangled up with the hero and as much as he would like to extract himself, the great mysterious thief always has someway to invite/force him to stay. 

The story is pretty dark but there are plenty of comedy in it as well so this one is definitely worth checking out. 
One More Happeny Ending/ The Rewrite (Korean Drama, New) 

I am a big fan of Jung Kyoung-Ho so I couldn't wait to check out this one. Happily, after the first two episodes I have great hope this one is going to be awesome. 

Synopsis: Members of an once wildly popular girl band, our heroine Mi Mo (Jang Na-Ra) and her other band members are each carrying their own wound after failing miserably to attain their individual happy endings. Undaunted, Mi Mo is still determined to find her true love and ends up getting tangled up with her neighbor (hero, Jung Kyoung Ho) whom she is convinced is nothing but a frog. 

Oldies but Goodies
 Fall in Love with Soon Jung (Korean Drama, 2015)

I am fairly happy with Jung Kyoung Ho's chemistry with Jang Na Ra in One More Happy Ending but it was so hard to just have Kim So Yeon show up for her cameo then disappear. Alas, for those who are Kim So Yeon's fan as well, at least we can go back and watch her drama with Jung Kyoung Ho back in 2015. 
Synopsis: A well known ruthless investor, Min Ho's (Jung Kyoung Ho) personality under goes a dramatic change after he has a heart transplant. Puzzled by all the strange emotions he is feeling with his new heart, Min Ho is flabbergasted when he realizes he is falling in love with our heroine (Kim So Yeon), a woman he had only ever had disdain for. 


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