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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #65

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Friday Drama Round Up #65
Witch's Castle (Korean Drama)
Well...going into episode 30, our two leads are finally interacting with each other but they have just barely moved past from their initial mutual dislike for one another. Sigh...the romance is kinda slow BUT this one is still my current K-daily that I am following. 

Moorim School (Korean Drama)
I wasn't too sure if this one would keep my interest for too long but surprisingly I am really liking the bromance, and of course the young romance in Moorim School. I am a bit worried about the conspiracy and the treasure hunting plot line taking over the fun aspects of the show...but at least for now I am watching this one faithfully. 
Local Hero (Korean Drama)
Park Si Hoo's comeback drama as an ex-secret agent with a hidden mission for revenge while working as the owner of a bar. 

I checked out the first two episodes and while I liked the secret agent vibe of Local Hero but the plot moved painfully slow. 
Madame Antoine (Korean Drama)
This one is about a battle like romance between a world famous psychologist and a fortune teller. I haven't quite made up my mind about this one yet. The battle of the wits between the two leads is very interesting but the hero is really quite unlikable at this point so it's kinda hard to stay interested. 
Taste of Love (Taiwanese Drama, Finished)
Surprising even myself, I actually stuck with this one most of the way. Taste of Love really had a lot potential going for it but in the end the show's biggest downfall was insipid secondary characters and being bogged down by the big mystery that stops being intriguing a long time ago. 
One More Happy Ending (Korean Drama)
One of my favorite K-drama right now...but what's up with the male second lead that is both perfect AND decisive?! 
Back to 1989 (Taiwanese Drama, New)
This one has an intriguing premise about a guy who suddenly finds himself back in 1989 and meeting his much younger mother. I really liked the first episode and will be putting out a first impression on this one soon.

Oldies but Goodies
Family's Honor (Korean Drama, 2008)

This 50 episode long family drama was the very first show I took notice of Park Si Hoo as a leading man. So it seems appropriate to feature Family's Honor in view of of Park Si Hoo's new drama (Local Hero). 
Synopsis: Daughter of a very traditional family, Ha Dan Ah (Yoon Jung Hee) has never been able to let go of the trauma of losing her brand new husband in a car accident. Shutting herself off emotionally, Dan Ah is content to live a quiet life as a reserved collage professor...until she meets our hero, Lee Kang Suk, a mercenary like businessman. 

I personally find Yoon Jung Hee's acting a bit stiff but since the heroine's character is suppose to be really restrained anyway, I didn't mind the actress' acting here. Park Si Hoo's character in Family's Honor is one that suits him quite well as a cold businessman that obviously is going to undergo some dramatic change once he starts to fall for our heroine. It has been a LONG time since I watched Family's Honor but it kept my attention for 50 episodes so that must meant it was fairly good. 


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