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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Go Princess Go Episode 31-36 (The End)

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Go Princess Go Episode 31
Exasperated when she wakes up to realize Yang Yan has carries her off with the mistaken belief that he is "saving" her, Peng Peng hurries off to continue her mission of saving Qi Sheng. Puzzled by Peng Peng's determination to find Qi Sheng, it finally dawns on Yang Yan that Peng Peng might have fallen in love with Qi Sheng the emperor.

Determined that Qi Sheng must die in order to keep the 9th Prince safe, Yang Yan wrestles the antidote from Peng Peng's grasp and flings it into a mud hole. With complete disregard for herself, Peng Peng throws herself into the mud hole and after some frantic searching finally lets out a sigh of relief when she finds the antidote bottle.

Already disappointed with Peng Peng's "betrayal", Yang Yan becomes very concerned for the 9th Prince's safety when he sees Qi Sheng and his army out searching for his empress. Telling Peng Peng that he is going to ditch her to go save the 9th Prince, Yang Yan takes off and leaves Peng Peng to face Qi Sheng alone.
Caked in dry mud, Peng Peng reaches out with a shaking hand to touch Qi Sheng and confirms for herself that he is really unharmed. Shoving the bottle in her grasp towards Qi Sheng, Peng Peng mutters "Here is your dumb antidote" then turns to leave...
Only to faint right into Qi Sheng's waiting arms after taking a few steps.

Go Princess Go Episode 32
Staying by the unconscious Peng Peng night and day, Qi Sheng is relieved when she finally wakes up. Opening her eyes to Qi Sheng's concerned face, the very first question out of Peng Peng's lips is "Why did you trick me?"

Tearing up when Qi Sheng assures her that he has never been able to hurt her but has only ever tried to gain her heart, Peng Peng doesn't seem too convinced when Qi Sheng tells her that they should just let the past go.
Rescued by Yang Yan, the 9th Prince's is dismayed to find out from his best friend that Peng Peng has come all this way just to save a "dying" Qi Sheng. Convinced it was foolish for him to think he could gain Peng Peng's heart without the crown, the 9th Prince decides to use Qi Sheng's enemy's hand to accomplish what he failed to do before.
While Peng Peng is struggling with her own feelings towards Qi Sheng, Ying Yue has made an unexpected appearance. Captured by the enemy, Ying Yue loudly proclaims her status as the most important woman to Qi Sheng in front of the king.
Impatient when his soldiers announce yet another person from Qi Sheng's side has come to see him, the king greets the 9th Prince and Yang Yan with some suspicion. Frankly admitting that he wants the kings help to dethrone Qi Sheng, the 9th Prince informs the enemy King of Qi Sheng's military plan in exchange for his corporation.

I love how while everyone in the king's tent swoon over Ying Yue's beauty but the 9th Prince's "wind blown beauty" made an even bigger impact.  

Go Princess Go Episode 33
Surprised by the enemy army's sudden attack, Qi Sheng has no choice but go to the front line himself. Unwilling to be left behind despite Qi Sheng's expressed orders, Peng Peng makes her escape and shows up in front of a dismayed Qi Sheng. FYI, the word Qi Sheng whispers to Peng Peng before he left was "Stay alive!" 

His frustration quickly melting off as he stares at Peng Peng's pucker lips, Qi Sheng takes one look at all the snickering soldiers and shyly plants a kiss...on her forehead.
Armed with the 9th Prince's tip off and Ying Yue as the prisoner, the enemy king attacks the city wall and threatens to kill Ying Yue (who they assume is the empress) if Qi Sheng doesn't surrender.

Unwilling to see Qi Sheng caught between two difficult choices, Peng Peng jumps out to declare herself as the empress and taunts the king for being so useless as to use a fake empress as his attacking strategy.
Throwing himself at Peng Peng when the angry king order his archers to start shooting, Qi Sheng falls to the ground with an arrow in his shoulder. Despite the panic that is threatening to overwhelm her as Qi Sheng passes out from his wound, Peng Peng nonetheless has enough presence of mind to stab herself with an arrow in order to convince her own soldiers that it was her and not the emperor that has been hurt.
Sobbing as she kneels over a bleeding Qi Sheng, Peng Peng shakes her head in denial when Qi Sheng starts to tell her what to do if he doesn't survive the night. Crying and screaming as she is pulled away from Qi Sheng, Peng Peng yells "I love you!"

A tear falling as he finally hears the words he has so desperately waited for, Qi Sheng reaches out his own hand towards Peng Peng even as he orders her to be dragged away.
Jerking awake after fainting right outside of Qi Sheng's door, Peng Peng smiles with relief when a dry voice sounds "Why were you the one fainting when I was the one having the arrow being pulled out of?"

Looking into Peng Peng's smiling face, Qi Sheng continues "You yelled those three words so loudly last night, now everyone in this whole place knows that you love me."
Not shy at all, Peng Peng declares "I do want everyone to know. And you?"
Turning his head towards her, Qi Sheng replies "My heart is happy with you."
Not satisfied, Peng Peng demands "I don't want some old fuzzy language. I want you to tell me you love me."
Wisely obedient, Qi Sheng says "Peng Peng, I love you."
Thanks to the prompt return of Prince Zhao and his men, the enemy army is defeated. After strutting around a bit in his own manliness, Prince Zhao turns serious and tells Qi Sheng the unpleasant fact of the 9th Prince leaking the military secret to their enemy. Turning his stunned gaze on Prince Zhao, Qi Sheng says "For attempting to kill me...I could let him live. But this is betraying his country. How can he be so foolish?"

Probably wondering the same thing as Qi Sheng, the 9th Prince sees no way out of the mess he has landed himself in. Yelling bitterly when Yang Yan stops him from committing suicide, the 9th Prince is moved to tears when Yang Yan threatens to kill himself first if the 9th Prince really wants to die. Proving bromance triumphs over everything, the 9th Prince embraces Yang Yan and mutters "you are the only one that didn't betray me. I don't even know how to repay you now."

Amazed at how far the 9th Prince was willing to go, Peng Peng tells Lu Li "If the city was to fall into the enemy's hands then I would've been killed as well. I guess by that point, the 9th Prince has given up on me."

Nodding, Lu Li assures Peng Peng "I guess what Prince Zhao said was true. In the end, the only person you (Peng Peng) could rely on is the emperor."

Go Princess Go Episode 34
Ashamed of his son's involvement with the 9th Prince, General Yang informs Qi Sheng that Yang Yan and his brother are currently on the run and promises to catch them himself. Freely admitting that he can't decide what to do with his brother and Yang Yan, Qi Sheng tells his faithful general that since the two aren't a threat anymore then maybe letting them escape might be the best thing to do.

Unaware that Qi Sheng has decided to let them go, the 9th Prince is fed up with the life of a fugitive and decides that the manly thing to do is to turn himself in so everyone that supported him could go back to their lives.
Obviously not pleased to see his brother and Yang Yan standing in front of him, Qi Sheng remains silent even as the 9th Prince taunts "Just give your order to have me killed right now!" Forcing himself to remain standing while his brother is still yelling, Qi Sheng finally faints once his brother is dragged out.
Rushing to prison to see Yang Yan, Peng Peng can't help but feel responsible for how things has ended so badly for the 9th Prince.

Stumbling back to her palace after drinking with Yang Yan in his cell, Peng Peng assures Qi Sheng that she has no lingering feelings towards the 9th Prince. Puzzled when Peng Peng excuses herself to go to bed, Sheng asks "Aren't you going to ask me what will happen to them?"

Giving Qi Sheng a tired smile, Peng Peng replies "I know you have already decided in your mind."
The next morning, the 9th Prince stoically listens as Qi Sheng announces his decision. The 9th Prince is to be stripped of his royal status and sent on an exile, while Yang Yan will be sent into the army for five years.

Standing forlornly in what was once his palace, the 9th Prince is not surprised when Peng Peng shows up. Readily giving the 9th Prince her forgiveness when he apologizes for not thinking about her safety before he leaked the military secrets to the enemy, Peng Peng gives the jade pendent (the one he gave her before) back to him and tell him that neither of them has kept their words.
Silently wishing Peng Peng would come and see him one last time before he is sent on his exile, the 9th Prince waits stubbornly at the palace gate but finally turns away in disappointment.

Go Princess Go Episode 35
At first happy to know that Peng Peng loves him, Qi Sheng's happiness is soon dimmed when Peng Peng declares that that she can only love him with half of her heart. Not satisfied, Qi Sheng tells Peng Peng that he didn't go through everything just to get half of her heart.

Trying her best to explain her thoughts to Qi Sheng, Peng Peng replies "No one should lose control over their emotions when they are facing an emperor. There are certain things that are out of our control. You are an emperor, I am an empress and this whole palace is made up more than just the two of us."
Stunned when Lu Li storms in the very next day to tell him that Qi Sheng has sent all his other wives away, Peng Peng rushes to where Qi Sheng is to figure out why he would do such a thing. Speechless when Qi Sheng tells her that he is getting rid of the women so the whole palace would be left with just the two of them, Peng Peng explains "As long as you are the emperor, then you are my master. Love is built on an equal relationship and as long as you are the emperor we can't be equal...unless you can stop being an emperor...can you?"
Time jump to five years later. Sneaking into Peng Peng's bedroom one night, Qi Sheng kidnaps her and carries her off to a cottage he has been building for the past year. Getting over her initial shock, Peng Peng happily nestles in Qi Sheng's embrace when he informs her that after five years of preparation he could finally pass the throne to their apparently super genius son and be a husband to her instead of an emperor.
Throwing the country to their poor young son, our two leads proceed to live the life of their dream that promises to last forever...

...until it abruptly ended on the day of Peng Peng's birthday. Waking up to the birthday surprise Qi Sheng has carefully prepared for her, Peng Peng smiles as she runs to the flower heart.

Content to see Peng Peng so happy, Qi Sheng's satisfied expression suddenly turns to one of horror as a sword pierce through Peng Peng right in front of him.
Racing to Peng Peng's side, Qi Sheng shakes his head in denial as the dying Peng Peng manages to whisper "Keep living" before closing her eyes forever.

Letting out a yell of agony, Qi Sheng is lost in his memories with Peng Peng as assassins surrounds him and move in for the kill. REALLY? Really show? 
Back in the modern time, Zhang Peng wakes up from his coma and heads right back to the pool where he had his accident. Plunging into the cold water, Zhang Peng is transported back to places where Peng Peng and Qi Sheng once walked.
Zhang Peng reminisces as he walks and dances among the memories of Peng Peng and Qi Sheng... then nothing. The END!

Go Princess Go Episode 36 Alternate Ending
Qi Sheng and Peng Peng still die together ...but this time, instead of going to the pool Zhang Peng is stumbling around in the hospital calling Qi Sheng's name.

Stopping when he finally sees a familiar figure, Zhang Peng taps the man uncertainly on the shoulder and calls out "Doctor?"
The doctor turns around and judging from his eyes, it is obviously Qi Sheng. As the two men stare at each other the scene fades out and the many images of Peng Peng flashes through one? or both men's minds.

Wha...what? I am completely stunned. I wouldn't rate this ending as the most horrible one I have ever seen but it certainly is not a good one at all. I was so puzzled by the ending that I went and tracked down the novel and was VERY relieved to see that the ending there was a different one.
In the novel, Qi Sheng still got rid of all his wives but then he had a few more babies with Peng Peng. After being together for 20 years, Qi Sheng dies one day after suffering a riding accident. Two month after Qi Sheng's death, Peng Peng is still trying deal with her grief when Prince Zhao suddenly bring a mystery man to cheer her up and it's none other than Qi Sheng! There! A much better ending.

I am assuming some of you guys might be interested in the novel's ending, so I will translate the last chapter soon.
The bizarre ending aside, overall I was really happy with Go Princess Go and considering the fact that it was a web drama, I was especially impress with the show's quality.  The hilarious wardrobe, over the top jokes, and most of all, the ridiculous premise some how all came together without taking away from the great...albeit kinda unrealistic love story between our two leads. Anyhow, I probably would've been a lot more upset about the ending but after reading the "real" ending from the novel I can just toss the drama's decision up to the price one has to pay when it comes to dealing with C-dramas.

ps. Go Princess Go had gotten into some hot waters with the Chinese government due to some of its content. As it is, I think the drama writer had to change some of the story's basic premise in order for it to be okay for TV. In the novel, there was never an option for Peng Peng to go back to her old body, but due to some government rules the show had to make it into a dream...thus the whole weird ending.


  1. Thx for the recap! Another drama to watch during break! I already am loving "Bromance" after reading recaps of it on your blog. Do you happen to know where I can watch this drama? Without subs is fine too.

  2. Ninja, thank you so much. I have been dropping by here to check out your latest recap on Go Princess Go. You are an angel.

  3. Ninja - what can I say? Your recaps are like guilty pleasures (fortunately without the weight gain). I love this drama but even more so when they're written by someone who really appreciates them. Keep up the awesome work :)

  4. I just finished watching the whole drama! Then ofc I had to see your take on it. I was just as confused by the ending as you were. Thank you for offering to translate the last chp of the novel!

  5. Probably pushing my luck here but would you be interested in translating the novel? Lol...thought I would ask...

    1. Ha, I actually thought about it because the novel filled in a lot of holes the drama left.

    2. It would be awesome project if you did but I know that's a lot of work and time.

    3. Ha, I actually thought about it because the novel filled in a lot of holes the drama left.

  6. 'Really, really?!?!?!' is an apt reaction to the ending to the already hilariously ridiculous drama that was Go Princess Go. I thought the show's ending was due to the roaming rumors of a second season, but the government influence reason makes sense. SARFT already took off the drama off the website, so...there goes creativity I guess. It would be much appreciated if you can translate the novel. Thank you so much for your summaries, they have ineffably helped me through the insalubrious insanity of being obsessed with Go Princess Go.

  7. Hi! I believe in the alternate ending, Qi Sheng and Zhang Peng Peng didn't really die but did live happily. However, it flashes back to modern day making the whole series seem like a dream unlike the first one where it is actually a time-travel. Also, in the second ending, there is actually an extra scene of Zhang Peng Peng giving birth to another child.

    Thank you for your recaps though, I know it takes a lot of time to take screencaps and write up summaries!! :)

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  10. hi i am planning to watch this drama but can anybody tell me is it a love story between two guys??

    1. well both had the souls of men but one was a woman in body

  11. Both endings leave room for a sequel. People who read the original novel would know that the MC's soul travels back in time in both endings. The first ending does not follow the original book ending while the second one does until the last modern scenes.

    She lives her life happily until her final days in the past (Novel ending) and wakes up in the present life (Added scenes for sequel).

  12. I am so grateful to you Ninja for these fantastic episode summary. I now have the pleasure of watching it subbed on Dramacool.to (its April 2016 now).
    The show is hilarious yet meaningful in a weird way, I simply love the story that Zhang Peng Peng truly tries hard to allow Crown prince/emperor the freedom to enjoy all his concubines without jealously or plotting to kills off these wives allowing him to indulge in his love affair with Yin yue, all this makes the crown prince/emperor more tuned into Peng Peng and wanting her love that she is unwilling to give freely to him, the more peng peng wishes to spend nights with his other wives, the more Qi Sheng wants only her. gotta give this 5 for acting and plot, 5 for comic costume and 5 for visual beauty