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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Go Princess Go Episode Summaries Up To Ep. 20

Go Princess Go Episode Summaries By Ninja

Episode 1-8 Overview: HERE

Go Princess Go Episode 9
 9th prince wakes up from his fever and is moved to see how tirelessly Peng Peng has worked through the night to take care of him. Equally impressed with the 9th prince's disregard for his own safety to protect her, Peng Peng tells the 9th prince that they both need to be careful since Qi Sheng has already shown his willingness to kill them. (The 9th prince has told Peng Peng that Qi Sheng is the one that sent the assassins after her.)

Rather stunned to find an injured Qi Sheng by the river, Peng Peng tries to play the part of a doting wife but it is obvious from the tension between the two brothers that Qi Sheng is not fooled at all. 

Feeling the urgent need to make sure the 9th prince is fully aware whose wife Peng Peng is, Qi Sheng plants a kissed on a stunned Peng Peng.

Called away suddenly when he is informed of the emperor's death, Qi Sheng leaves Peng Peng in the wilderness (with a few servants) and rushes back to the court to take his rightful place as the new emperor. ps. Qi Sheng didn't take Peng Peng with him because he was worried about the danger he is about to face. 

Go Princess Go Episode 10
Furious that Qi Sheng has abandoned her in the wilderness, Peng Peng is stunned when she is informed that Qi Sheng is the new emperor. Not sure at all if Qi Sheng would actually crown her as his new empress, Peng Peng is first pleasantly surprised when Qi Sheng tells her "Who else would be the empress?" but then quickly comes to the conclusion that Qi Sheng is only using her as a shield when he informs her that he has brought Ying Yue into the imperial palace.

Unbeknownst to Peng Peng, Qi Sheng has made it clear to Ying Yue that he has brought her to the palace simply out of concern for her safety and has no other intentions toward her. In fact, it looked like Qi Sheng is about to confess that he has fallen in love with Peng Peng, but Ying Yue cuts him off before he could finish his sentence.

Qi Sheng didn't kill Prince Zhao (Ying Yue's husband) for sending the assassins after them in the wilderness but did tell his brother that Ying Yue is "dead" from a sudden illness. Peng Peng knows that Prince Zhao was the one that sent the assassins in the wildness but she believes that the very first assassin (her escort) that tried to kill her was sent by Qi Sheng. 

Certain that Qi Sheng is only biding time before he gets rid of both the 9th prince and herself, Peng Peng confers with the 9th prince to form the necessary alliance to stand up to Qi Sheng.

Go Princess Go Episode 11
Trying in his own way to improve his relationship with Peng Peng, Qi Sheng shows up at Peng Peng's place for a round of drinks and conversation. Ignoring Peng Peng's obvious reluctance to keep the visit short, Qi Sheng tells her the story of how a childhood decision on his part to play with her ended up being the catalyst of Qi Sheng's grandfather making him the crown prince. 
 Still assuming Qi Sheng really would rather be visiting Ying Yue instead, Peng Peng cuts the conversation short and tells Qi Sheng's servant to take him to Ying Yue's place. Pausing in mid stride, Qi Sheng quietly tells his servants that he just wants to go back to his own palace.
Realizing rather quickly the privileges of an empress comes with very dreadful consequences, Peng Peng sighs with impatience as all of Qi Sheng's wives show up at her palace once again to make their daily complaints (mostly about how much time Qi Sheng is spending at Ying Yue's place).

Determined to come up with a way to keep Qi Sheng's wives occupied so they would be too busy to bother her, Peng Peng comes up with the idea to start a purchasing and delivery service.

Go Princess Go Episode 12
Peng Peng's ideas are a huge hit and not only successfully occupies Qi Sheng's wives but becomes the talk of the palace. While on a mission to procure a rare vase for the empress dowager, Peng Peng is overjoyed when she finds a statue of David. Knowing full well how much scandal the statue would cause, Peng Peng panics when Lu Li mistakenly assumes it was the empress dowager's vase and gives it to the delivery service. 

Curious about Peng Peng's new delivery service, Qi Sheng decides to try it after confirming with his personal eunuch that no one else would know what's in his package. Handing a small box to his eunuch, Qi Sheng says "send this for me and tell the person that seeing this is like seeing me." 
Accepting a letter delivery, Qi Sheng is dismayed when he realizes he has just gotten a love letter that started with "My little green apple..." from his personal eunuch. Already uncomfortable with the thought his long time servant might harbor a torch for him, Qi Sheng becomes jumpy when the eunuch starts complimenting about his naked chest... and promptly orders him to keep his distance.
The last bit of the episode with Qi Sheng and Prince Zhao on a stage having a poetry competition is just the show goofing off. 

Go Princess Go Episode 13
Pang Pang's worst fear is realized and her Michelangelo's David gets an unforgettable unveiling at the empress dowager's palace. Scrambling for an excuse, Pang Pang blames the whole thing on Qi Sheng and convinces the empress dowager that the scandalous statue is a fertility goddess of sort.   
Alarmed when Qi Sheng shows up at her place with a covered David, Peng Peng has to use all her skills to "accidentally" knock the statue over so Qi Sheng wouldn't find out what the fertility goddess really is. 

Peng Peng's Soliloquy: "Heavens! I have used up all my acting skills for the day!" 
Happy at first to receive a delivery from Qi Sheng, Ying Yue is soon filled with fury when she realizes Qi Sheng has sent a fruit to express his desire to break up. 
Determined to get a grandchild soon, the empress dowager tricks Peng Peng into wearing an outfit that she supposedly personally designed with inspiration from some foreign influence named Vic-tor-ia. 

I love how the show even included a clip of the Victoria Secret models. 

Go Princess Go Episode 14
Tricked by the empress dowager as well, Qi Sheng is rooted to the spot when he sees the stunning Peng Peng in her Victoria Secret dress. Quickly realizing that both of them has been set up by the empress dowager, Qi Sheng decides to be the obedient son and stay the night at Peng Peng's. 
Good naturally agreeing to Qi Sheng's order that she spends the night on the floor, the sleeping Pang Pang is totally unaware that Qi Sheng is lost in thought as he stares at her alluring back...that is until Peng Peng starts to fart...a lot. 
Rushing to Ying Yue's palace when he is told of her suicide attempt, Qi Sheng is stunned when a tearful Ying Yue tells him that she is three months pregnant. Stoically agreeing to Ying Yue's request that he visits her frequently, Qi Sheng promises to protect Ying Yue's unborn baby. 

Standing in front of Peng Peng's palace, Qi Sheng softly rejects his servant's offer to announce his presence because "I don't know how to explain this (the getting another woman pregnant part) to her. It will certainly hurt her so let's allow her a few more days of happiness." 

Peng Peng's days of happiness is interrupted in a rather spectacular manner when the palace phyisician declares her to be pregnant. 

Much relived when Lu Li informs her that apparently Peng Peng's family had bribed the physician in order to give her some ammunition against Ying Yue, Peng Peng is left fretting what the 9th prince would think about the news of her "pregnancy" when she has just formed an alliance with him. 
Floating in cloud nine to know that she is not pregnant, Peng Peng is all smiles when Qi Sheng shows up. Waving away Qi Sheng's concern about her "pregnancy", Peng Peng eagerly tells him that he should pay more attention to Ying Yue instead. 

His anger building as he listens to Peng Peng's endless chatter about how happy she is that Ying Yue is pregnant as well, Qi Sheng finally explodes and storms away after he swiping everything on the table to the floor. 

Go Princess Go Episode 15

Meeting at a place that holds great meaning to both of them - the bathroom (that's where Peng Peng first met him), Peng Peng eagerly assures the 9th prince that her pregnancy is fake. Brightly insisting that he has always believed in her, the 9th prince is nonetheless very happy that Peng Peng still holds onto their alliance. 

Agreeing that Ying Yue's pregnancy is a great chance for them to generate some trouble for Qi Sheng, Peng Peng and the 9th prince sincerely hope Ying Yue's baby would be born safely. 
Happily showing up at Ying Yue's place at her request, Peng Peng fawns all over Ying Yue and rattles on endlessly about her pregnancy. Sneering at Peng Peng's show of concern for her baby's well being, Ying Yue changes the subject and insists on telling Peng Peng about a very important portrait Qi Sheng painted of her. Oblivious to the stabs of jealousy Ying Yue is expecting her to feel, Peng Peng leaves without giving the "precious" painting another thought. 

Content to just spend her day praying for Ying Yue's safe pregnancy, Peng Peng shakes her head in disbelief when Ying Yue accuses her of stealing the "precious one and only painting".  Charged by Qi Sheng to personally find out who stole the painting, the 9th prince is dismayed to find the painting in Peng Peng's room and asks her if she wants him to just turned a blind eye. 
Deciding to confront the issue head on, Peng Peng tells the 9th prince to report his finding as it is. After listening to the 9th prince's damning report calmly, Qi Sheng turns his gaze on Peng Peng and is none too pleased with her attitude of "I am innocent so what are you going to do?" 

Expecting the worst when the crime involves the emperor's secret love, Peng Peng and the 9th prince are both stunned when Qi Sheng suddenly yells at his brother "I charged you with the task of finding the thief and this is how you did your job? If I hadn't had my man stationed outside of the empress' room then I would be clueless that someone had sneaked into the empress' room to hide the stolen painting just to frame her for the crime."  

Furious to realize that someone had tried to frame her, Peng Peng vehemently swears to seek revenge...until Qi Sheng tells her that Ying Yue is the one that orchestrated the whole thing. Quickly changing her tune, Peng Peng tells Qi Sheng that Ying Yue probably made a mistake and he should just forgive her. 
ps. Thanks to Qi Sheng's concubines, Peng Peng was able to see many other examples of the "precious one and only painting". Apparently, almost everyone at the palace has their own version since Qi Sheng seems to have a habit of practicing painting whenever he gets drunk. 

Go Princess Go Episode 16
Rushing to Ying Yue's place when she hears the distressing news that the empress dowager has ordered Ying Yue be given the medication to end her pregnancy, Peng Peng tries to give Ying Yue a comforting hug. Pushing Peng Peng away, Ying Yue tells her that the pregnancy was just a lie to get Qi Sheng to come back to her. 
Eager to end her own fake pregnancy, Peng Peng pushes the palace physician for some advise on how to have a believable miscarriage. Hanging his head in fear, the palace physician clarifies that while Peng Peng's family had indeed bribed him to lie about her pregnancy but she REALLY is pregnant so he didn't lie after all. 

Unable to process at all that she of all people is pregnant, Peng Peng beats up the poor palace physician then curses the heaven for doing this unthinkable thing to her. 
Walking in to see a totally depressed Peng Peng, Qi Sheng sits down and tries to personally feed Peng Peng some medicine. Turning her head away, Peng Peng tells Qi Sheng "I really can't have this baby." Perking up when Qi Sheng replies "I thought the same thing at first." Peng Peng looks at Qi Sheng with hope until he finishes his sentence with "but then I found myself happy about the baby." 

Desperate, Peng Peng tries to convince Qi Sheng that she wants to end her pregnancy out of her fear that the baby would give her family too much power...but then Qi Sheng just offers to get rid of her family for good to settle her worry. 

Frustrated with Peng Peng's insistence that she doesn't want to be pregnant, Qi Sheng orders her to take care of the baby or else. Unable to explain to Qi Sheng her inability to accept giving birth with a man's soul, Peng Peng hangs her head in hopelessness and is promptly overwhelmed with her pregnancy cravings. 
Fed up with Ying Yue's repeated attempts to harm Peng Peng and her endless lies, Qi Sheng confronts Ying Yue and finally ends things with her. 

Go Princess Go Episode 17
Horrified when the servants try to move Qi Sheng's stuff into her place and informs her of his intention to start spending the night there, Peng Peng quickly comes up with a plan to keep Qi Sheng busy by making a "work schedule" for his other wives. 

Piling on the charm as she pleads with a reluctant Qi Sheng to let his other wives take turns spending the night at his palace, Peng Peng smiles triumphantly when Qi Sheng finally agrees. 
Unfortunately for all the excitement Peng Peng's plan caused among the wives, Qi Sheng's idea of spending the night is to have the designated wive sit by his bedside while he sleeps.  
Showing up at Qi Sheng's bedroom to personally figure out why her lovely plan is not working out, a concerned Peng Peng asks Qi Sheng "Are you sick?" Offended by Peng Peng's question even when she assures him that she is totally sincere, Qi Sheng backs Peng Peng to the corner of his bed. Completely flustered, Peng Peng quickly mutters "I am sick, I am the sick one..." before she runs off. His eyes following Peng Peng as she scrambles off his bed, Qi Sheng gives the slightest smile. 
Determined to figure out what Qi Sheng's problem is, Peng Peng turns to Prince Zhao for some answers. Not surprised by Qi Sheng's avoidance of his other wives, Prince Zhao merely declares that Qi Sheng has always been very faithful towards the woman he loves. 

Convinced that the emperor must be refusing all the other women because of Peng Peng, Lu Li hesitantly suggests that maybe it's time to give Qi Sheng another chance. The memory of her assassination burned into her mind, Peng Peng vehemently promises Lu Li that Qi Sheng's attempt on her life is enough for her to destroy him- no matter how nice he is acting. 

Go Princess Go Episode 18  
Desiring to complete her vision of a perfect alliance to dethrone Qi Sheng, Peng Peng decides to introduce her cousin to Yang Yan - the only son of a general and also the 9th's prince's best friend. Falling in love with Peng Peng's cousin at first sight, the poor Yang Yan is put through the wringer to finally get his lady's approval. 
I thought this part was hilarious. Peng Peng's cousin was a bit unsure of Yang Yan at first until he starts to show up at her bedroom like the mysterious batman...in shorts. 
Smirking as Qi Sheng show her the books he expects her to read during her pregnancy to better educate her mind, Peng Peng sits up in alarm when Qi Sheng suddenly changes his mind and tells her to personally stitch a pouch for him instead. Putting on her charming act again, Peng Peng tries to get Qi Sheng to change his mind but Qi Sheng just tells her that she has five days to finish the pouch.  
Fully expecting to use up every excuse under the heaven to persuade Qi Sheng to let his general be tied to her family through marriage (this will give Peng Peng's family more power which is always dangerous to the emperor), Peng Peng is pleasantly surprised when Qi Sheng agrees without hesitation. 

Impatient that Peng Peng is still running all over the place and getting into other people's business instead of staying in her quarters to focus on her pregnancy, Qi Sheng threatens to confine Peng Peng to her palace...
And that's why we have this little silly skit where Peng Peng imagines herself trying to dig her way out of prison only to have Qi Sheng ruthlessly kick her down again. 

Go Princess Go Episode 19
Working night and day to stitch the pouch Qi Sheng had ordered her to make for him, Peng Peng finally finishes and toss it to the already waiting Qi Sheng. After a moment of stunned silence as he looks at the interesting creation in his hand, Qi Sheng quietly compliments Peng Peng on her work.  
Taking Peng Peng to a place overlooking the city, Qi Sheng suddenly wrap his arms around Peng Peng when she complains of being cold. Nervous, Peng Peng tries keep the conversation light but Qi Sheng insists on talking to her about Ying Yue. 

Explaining to Peng Peng that his feeling towards Ying Yue has always been more along the line of pity, Qi Sheng asks Peng Peng "I know you said you are from a place called the future, and that didn't really matter much to me at that time since even with a change of personality you are still my wife but now...I want to rethink our relationship."
Alarmed, Peng Peng quickly replies "It's alright if you don't rethink it."
Frustrated, Qi Sheng asks "Peng Peng, do you really not know what I am trying to say?" 
Sighing, Peng Peng answers "I understand all too well. You are simply saying everything was out of your control. You have never loved the right person at the right time."
Quietly, Qi Sheng asks "Peng Peng, Do you hate me?"
Obviously throwing caution to the wind, Peng Peng declares "Yes I did. I hate you so much. But I am over it now."
Turning to Peng Peng, Qi Sheng says "I have guessed already that you knew I was behind the assassination, but how did you get over your hatred?" 
Giving Qi Sheng a sad smile, Peng Peng replies "Hate comes from hope. And I have long since lost all my hatred towards you." 
Wow! Qi Sheng really sent the assassins?! I thought for sure the 9th prince was just lying to Peng Peng. 
Grabbing Peng Peng's hands suddenly, Qi Sheng asks "I want to make a bet with you. Do you dare?"
Egged on by Qi Sheng, Peng Peng tells him to name the bet. 
Staring at Peng Peng intently, Qi Sheng declares "If I can be your refuge for life...then you will give me your whole heart and be my empress." 
Waking up in cold sweat after a nightmare of searching everywhere for her baby, Peng Peng belatedly realizes that she has come to love her unborn child after all. 
Knowing full well that her child is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of the 9th prince's ascension to the throne, Peng Peng freely admits her selfish desire as a mom/dad and begs the 9th prince to abandon his desire for the throne. 
Dang, I am starting to feel really bad for this guy. But then, I am actually not sure if the one he loves is Peng Peng herself or the one he grew up with. 
Stunned by Peng Peng's request, the 9th prince nonetheless comes to the difficult decision of relinquishing his desire to be the emperor and asks Peng Peng instead to "promise you will never betray me." 
Laying in bed, Peng Peng's eyes snap open when she feels an arm around her stomach. Holding Peng Peng in a light embrace Qi Sheng softly says "I know you threw out all of my stuff that I tried to put here...but I am a living being and I can come whenever. Your due date is close and I worry."
Staying with her face turned away, Peng Peng assures Qi Sheng that she will make sure the baby is safe.
Not satisfied, Qi Sheng replies "I want both the mother and the baby to be safe." 

Go Princess Go Episode 20

Getting more fearful as her due date gets closer, Peng Peng can't shake her fear that the 9th Prince will become a threat to her precious child. Determined to assure Peng Peng, the 9th Prince hands her a sword and asks her to kill him if that would ease her mind. Moved that the 9th Prince is willing to die for her, Peng Peng promises again that she will not forget everything he has done for her...even if she can't promise to give him anything else in return. 
After much fretting on Qi Sheng's part and a lot of screaming from Peng Peng, the baby is finally born. Giving a tired smile when Qi Sheng tells her their son has her features, Peng Peng replies "That's good. If he looks like you then we'll have to get him plastic surgery in Korea later." Shaking his head, a somewhat exasperated Qi Sheng warns "Don't teach our son your nonsense." 

The whole birthing process seems to have had a big impact on Peng Peng and she looked a lot softer here when she was interacting with Qi Sheng. 
Wanting to reassure the 9th Prince that nothing has changed with the birth of her son, Peng Peng personally sews a pouch as a gift to give to him. 
Suspicious right away when he sees Peng Peng and her maid fumbling with an unknown object (the pouch) the second he walks in, Qi Sheng orders Lu Li to hold out her hand and show him what she is hiding. Reacting quickly, Lu Li holds out a hair comb instead and was able to successfully hide the pouch from Qi Sheng.  
Sneaking out of a family dinner when he spots Peng Peng heading for their favorite meeting spot - the bathroom, the 9th Prince orchestrates an accidentally meeting with her. Glad to have a chance to talk to the 9 Prince privately, Peng Peng jumps on the opportunity to give him her present. 

Poor 9th Prince. He wants romance but Peng Peng is obviously thinking brotherhood like friendship. 


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