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Friday, January 15, 2016

Go Princess Go Episode Summary Ep.21-30

Episode Summary 8-20:HERE

Go Princess Go Episode 21 By Ninja
Noticing the "unique" looking pouch hanging on the 9th Prince's waist right away, Qi Sheng keeps drinking without saying anything. Walking back into the dinner party after giving Prince Zhao a pep talk (to get over Ying Yue), Peng Peng notices right away the tension between the two men but gets distracted when Lu Li confesses to her that she had just beat Prince Zhao up...again.

Nervous when a furious Qi Sheng shows up and demands to know if she has sewn any other pouch for anyone else, Peng Peng replies "Yes...for someone else with the same Qi last name."

Stunned when Qi Sheng angrily throws the table between them into the water, Peng Peng quickly tells Qi Sheng she was referring to their son. Not convinced, Qi Sheng asks "Who did you meet with at the dinner party?" Unable to watch Peng Peng being interrogated by Qi Sheng anymore, Lu Li jumps out and confesses "I am so sorry, I am the one that hit Prince Zhao." Distracted by Lu Li, Qi Sheng leaves after casting an angry glance at Peng Peng.
Horrified when she is informed that Qi Sheng has ordered Lu Li to be killed, Peng Peng quickly figures out a way to save Lu Li's life. Charging into Prince Zhao's place...after pausing to be amazed by what Lu Li did to his face, Peng Peng proceeds to threaten persuade Prince Zhao to marry Lu Li.
Displeased when his servant tells him that Peng Peng was able to get the empress dowager to give Lu Li to Prince Zhao for wife, Qi Sheng mutters "Did she really think I was going to kill Lu Li? I only wanted her to come to me but she would rather run around begging everyone else instead of me." Feeling forlorn that no one understands him, Qi Sheng heads for Ying Yue's place.

Go Princess Go Episode 22
Sensing Qi Sheng's bad mood, Ying Yue wisely puts on her "I am just your faithful listener" face and assures Qi Sheng that she is truly repentant of all her past sins. Musing out loud "You are the only one that understands me after all," Qi Sheng grants Ying Yue's wish to start working as his maid...so she can be a friendly listening ear any time he needs.
Smirking when Qi Sheng makes a special trip to her place just to flaunt his visit with Ying Yue, Peng Peng laughs at Qi Sheng's childish attempt to make her jealous. Getting more angry by the second as he stares at Peng Peng's uncaring expression, Qi Sheng furiously orders her to...

Putting up a finger to cut Qi Sheng's sentence off, Peng Peng taunts him "Shh...You are going to forbid me from leaving my palace right? That's fine. It's not a difficult thing for me."
Trapped in her palace and frustrated by her increasing certainty Qi Sheng is going to get rid of her soon, Peng Peng decides to have a little play session with Qi Sheng's wives for a much needed relaxation.

Eagerly waiting as all of the wives each have their own "intimate encounter" during a game of passing paper(?), Peng Peng's turn finally comes and a kiss seems so certain... until she promptly runs off to throw up.  Oooo... Could it be that Peng Peng is actually becoming a real woman? 
Coming to the conclusion what she needs to do to snap out of her slump is to work on her "dream team", Peng Peng talks Prince Zhao into joining the alliance against Qi Sheng. Sigh...I am kinda disappointed with how skinny the 9th prince looked. 

Go Princess Go Episode 23
Convinced by Prince Zhao that she can't afford to get on Qi Sheng's bad side, Peng Peng piles on the charm and tries to play the role of a good loving wife. Amused by Peng Peng's sudden reversal of attitude, Qi Sheng asks "Did you change personality again?"
Knowing full well that Ying Yue's presence is the biggest threat to her, Peng Peng starts to show up regularly at Qi Sheng's palace with food in order to shower him with her "concern".

Maintaining his stoic face the whole time Peng Peng is there, Qi Sheng seems unimpressed with the soup she has made especially for him. However, the moment Peng Peng leaves Qi Sheng eagerly picks up the soup he had criticized as "mediocre" a short while ago and closes his eyes as he savors the dish. 
Knowing full well that Peng Peng's smiling face is all a facade, Qi Sheng complains to the empress dowager that if Peng Peng really loves him then she shouldn't be able to stand Ying Yue's presence. 

Assuring Qi Sheng that he just hasn't done enough to make Peng Peng jealous, the empress dowager decides to hold a festival in order to teach Qi Sheng how to properly make a woman jealous...and that's how we got the hilarious scene of Prince Zhao doing his disturbing group dance.  
Walking in with his brother's wife (whom has been declared dead...but of course everyone knows she is not), Qi Sheng parades Ying Yue in front of the festival and formally introduces her to the empress dowager by her new name. Seemingly not too surprised to see Ying Yue, Peng Peng greets her in a friendly manner and an unwavering smile.
Thanks to another reminder from Prince Zhao that it could only be beneficial to stay in favor with Qi Sheng, Peng Peng shows up unexpectedly at Qi Sheng's place to assert her long unused authority as Qi Sheng's empress. Surprised to see Peng Peng pointedly ordering Ying Yue to leave them alone, Qi Sheng hides his delight and ignores Ying Yue's pleading eyes.

His expression softening at the sight of a sleeping Peng Peng, Qi Sheng picks her up in his arms and lays Peng Peng softly down in his bed.
Her eyes snapping open the moment Qi Sheng lays her in his bed, it is Peng Peng's turn to look at Qi Sheng with a soften expression as she gently covers a sleeping Qi Sheng with a blanket.
The next morning, Peng Peng wakes up to find Qi Sheng gone AND the palace already swirling with the news of her spending the night at Qi Sheng's. While some welcomed the news of Peng Peng's night with the emperor gladly there are of course some who are not so happy...like the 9th Prince.

Go Princess Go Episode 24
Despite spending many nights at Qi Sheng's place, Peng Peng has only been allowed to sleep on the floor. Peng Peng tries to get Qi Sheng to let her sleep in his bed, but Qi Sheng stoically tells her that he likes the firmness of the bed when he is the ONLY one there. Ha, I totally thought he was saving himself for Peng Peng when he refused to let all the other wives on his bed...boy was I wrong.
Surprised when Qi Sheng suddenly takes her on a trip to a Taoist temple after refusing her request repeatedly before, Peng Peng's inner warning bell is ringing loudly as Qi Sheng keeps making thinly veiled remarks about the alliance. Praying silently, Peng Peng earnestly hopes that she wouldn't run into anyone that would confirm Qi Sheng's suspicion...just as Yang Yan shows up with his wife.
Ignoring Peng Peng's obvious signal that they should lay low, Peng Peng's cousin (Yang Yan's wife) jumps into the water on purpose so she could drag Peng Peng with her to change out of her wet cloth. Worried that Qi Sheng would see through their little act in no time, Peng Peng is dismayed when the 9th Prince shows up with General Yang (Yang Yan's father).

Assuring Peng Peng that everything has been planned out, the 9th Prince tells her the perfect opportunity to assassinate Qi Sheng will be soon coming their way. Muttering out loud "So soon?" Peng Peng ignores the apprehension she is feeling and pledges her loyalty to the alliance again.
Apparently knowing all along what Peng Peng has been plotting with her alliance, Qi Sheng's stoic face finally cracks a bit when General Yang (Yap, the very one that is suppose to be the vital part of Peng Peng's alliance) informs him that Peng Peng and 9th Prince is planning to assassinate him.

Clueless that her every move has been under Qi Sheng's watchful eyes all this time, a smiling Peng Peng adds fuel to the fire when she tells Qi Sheng a bunch of lies to explain why the 9th Prince and the General all happened to meet with her earlier that day.
The fury inside him refusing to be drown out by the alcohol he is pouring down his throat, Qi Sheng finally loses control and shows up in front Peng Peng with a sword in hand. Flustered as Qi Sheng advance menacingly towards her, Peng Peng's fear finally turns to anger and starts a wrestling fight with Qi Sheng.
In the midst of cursing and biting (from Peng Peng), the fierce fight suddenly undergoes a drastic change as Qi Sheng's angry kiss unexpectedly turns into something a whole lot more...

 Go Princess Go Episode 25
Waking up all smiles the next morning, Peng Peng buries her face in the blanket in embarrassment as she remembers the sizzling night she shared with Qi Sheng hours ago.
In contrast to Peng Peng's bright mood, Qi Sheng is suffering in remorse as he falsely assumes Peng Peng must be hurt and angry after he "forced" himself on her. Surprised to find Qi Sheng at her door again, Peng Peng is at first glad to hear Qi Sheng promising: 1. He won't force her to do what she doesn't want to do again. 2. He will prove to her that he is her only refuge. 3. He will do all he can to settle her doubt concerning him.

But then, Qi Sheng continues and Peng Peng is not so happy by his promise to: 1. He will keep his distance from her. 2. He will not touch her again until she is actually sincere in her feeling towards him.
Huffy with jealousy when Lu Li informs her that Qi Sheng had gone to Ying Yue's right after leaving her palace, Peng Peng rushes into Ying Yue's room only to find the place completely empty. Confused at first when the servant tells her that Qi Sheng had ordered Ying Yue to be granted a special drink (usually means poison), Peng Peng soon decides it doesn't really matter if Ying Yue is alive or dead as long as she is not a threat to her anymore.

Ying Yue is still alive but Qi Sheng had sent her away from the palace for good. 
Staring at the pimples on her face, a very frustrated Peng Peng complains to Lu Li that Qi Sheng had not shown up for a full month. Convinced the pimples were a direct sign of her lack of ...um... intimacy, Peng Peng is overjoyed when she is told of an upcoming dinner celebration that Qi Sheng will be holding.

Unable to stop staring at Qi Sheng at the celebration, Peng Peng plants herself right beside him and all but hangs on him the whole time. Seemingly ignorant of the strong signals Peng Peng is sending his way, Qi Sheng shakes her off him and is still determined to keep his distance from her.
With General Yang back from his successful conquests to expend the borders, Qi Sheng is ready to begin his plan for Peng Peng's precious alliance in earnest. Despite being warned by Peng Peng that they should all keep a low profile, Yang Yan and the 9th Prince gets into a very public fight when their carriage runs into another court official's carriage. This was all of course a set up by Qi Sheng to show Peng Peng that he is the only one she can rely on. 

Go Princess Go Episode 26
What Yang Yan thought to be a small matter of a carriage collision snowballs into something humongous as the court officials gather in front of Qi Sheng to name all the various things Yang Yan and the 9th Prince has done...like the fact a servant died from seeing the 9th Prince criminally handsome face.
Knowing full well his son had simply stepped right into the trap he and the emperor had carefully planned, General Yang nonetheless uses the opportunity to punish his son severely to teach him a lesson.

Seemingly calm in the midst of the storm that is raging around him, the 9th Prince spends his time staring at the pouch Peng Peng had made for him and assures Prince Zhao that the only thing they could do is wait and see what Qi Sheng has in store for them.
Pestered by her family to figure out a way out of the political mess that could potentially destroy them, Peng Peng resorts to using the biggest weapon she has - tears!

His attitude softening, Qi Sheng pulls Peng Peng into his arms and tells her "My purpose was only to warn them and to show you clearly who you should rely on." Smiling even as she is wailing, Peng Peng assures Qi Sheng that he is of course her only choice. Wiping her tears away once Qi Sheng promises to go easy on everyone involved, Peng Peng tells him "You said you wanted to obtain my heart but to me, as long as you are willing all of that is not important. I am always available. If you have anything you need, you can always come find me at my place."

Instead of being pleased, Qi Sheng pushes Peng Peng away "I apologize. I forgot for moment to keep my distance."
True to his words, Qi Sheng's punishment for the 9th Prince and Yang Yan was much lighter than everyone expected but instead of being relieved, the 9th Prince knew he had been thoroughly warned by the emperor.

The 9th Prince got demoted, General Yang's family lost a sizable control over the army and Pang Pang's family lost some control in the army as well...so everything that would make it harder for the 9th Prince to rebel.  
At first disappointed when Qi Sheng presents her with a bunch of books she has to study, Peng Peng is soon overjoyed once she realizes Qi Sheng is planning to teach her personally. Using every chance to be close to Qi Sheng physically, Peng Peng finds herself unable to look away from Qi Sheng's handsome face.
Peng Peng staring at the 9th Prince gift- which symbolizes one heart
As much Peng Peng's attitude towards the emperor has undergone a drastic change but Qi Sheng is obviously sharp enough to realize whatever she says to him has no semblance to what she really feels...judging by her determination to continue her alliance with the 9th Prince's.

Go Princess Go Episode 27
Oblivious to the sense of urgency Qi Sheng is feeling, Peng Peng simply can't understand why Qi Sheng is trying to teach her the skills of being an emperor. Lost in yet another day dream of kissing Qi Sheng, Peng Peng is rudely awakened to her less exciting reality when a disgruntled Qi Sheng smacks her on the forehead then continues his lecture on how to deal with court officials.
Wanting to not only train Peng Peng's mind but her body as well, Qi Sheng tries to get Peng Peng to work out with him...which of course only ended with Peng Peng ogling Qi Sheng body the whole time.
Frustrated with Peng Peng's lack of progress, Qi Sheng demands to know if there is anything she actually could do. Offended, Peng Peng challenges a confidant Qi Sheng to a round of waltz.
Hiding on the rooftop, the 9th Prince is green with jealousy as he watches Pang Pang dancing a very sexy waltz number with Qi Sheng...which is why he went home and did his own dancing with Yang Yan.
Knowing full well that Peng Peng has no clue why he is trying so hard to teach her so much in such a short time, Qi Sheng finally explains to Peng Peng "I am leaving on a military conquest soon. If something happens to me, our son will be the emperor and you will have to help him. I am trying to teach you everything so you can navigate the dangerous water of court politics or else you and our son will be left in a very desperate situation."

Looking into Peng Peng's teary eyes, Qi Sheng asks "Do you want me to come back safely?"
Nodding quickly as her answer, Peng Peng is overwhelmed with her emotions and decides it's time to take matters into her own hands. Pushing a rather surprised Qi Sheng against the wall, Peng Peng decisively leans close and...
plants a kiss on Qi Sheng before she literally carries him off to bed.
Waking up the next morning with a big grin...again, Peng Peng stares at her image in the mirror and finally admits "(In Peng Peng's male voice) I have never accepted this body...but now I realize this body and my heart can't be separated anymore. (With Peng Peng's male and female voice combined) Today, I have finally accepted this body. Looking at the image in mirror, she is me and I am her, unrepeatable. Even being a woman...as long as I am still me then living like this...it's good."

Go Princess Go Episode 28
Furious when he is informed of an attack on his army by the neighboring country, Qi Sheng immediately orders his troop to follow him out to war.

Scarcely given any time to enjoy her new found femininity, Peng Peng is immediately distressed when she is informed of Qi Sheng's war plan.
Sneaking into Peng Peng's room in the middle of the night, the 9th Prince tells her that everything has been prepared and he is going to send assassins after Qi Sheng while they are on the battlefield. Mistaking Peng Peng's look of distress as her concern over the possibility of their failure to kill Qi Sheng, the 9th Prince assures her that he had done everything to make sure she would not be suspected if their plan fails, so for now she just need to wait until they can make her son king.

Overwhelmed once again by how much the 9th Prince is sacrificing for her, Peng Peng promises him that she will stand by him. Refusing to dwell on the fact Peng Peng's words hint at her own inability to love him, the 9th Prince gives in to his desire and embraces Peng Peng. Standing still with the 9th Prince's arms around her, Peng Peng tries to return the hug but ends up just letting her arms fall to the side.
Ignoring his man's reminder that they really need to leave soon, Qi Sheng orders his army to wait while Peng Peng is siting on pins and needles in her palace trying to stop herself from running out to see Qi Sheng off.

Finally losing the fight with herself, Peng Peng runs to where Qi Sheng is and gets a grunting complaint from him for being so late. Disappointed when instead of sweet parting words all Peng Peng could talk about is nonsense, Qi Sheng asks "Will you miss me?" Disappointed once again when Peng Peng doesn't answer his question, Qi Sheng says "forget it" and leaves without another word.
The "nonsense" is actually a very quick lesson on how to avoid lightening...inspired due to the fact Qi Sheng is sitting on a horse AND wearing a pointing helmet. 

Almost losing her mind from missing Qi Sheng so much, Peng Peng spends her day practicing her penmanship by writing Qi Sheng's name and visiting the empress dowager in hopes that she might get some news of him.

Go Princess Go Episode 29
Informed by Yang Yan of his father's sudden disappearance, it took a moment for Peng Peng to realize the frightening truth that General Yang has been Qi Sheng's man all along. Feeling like a fool after figuring out Qi Sheng has known their every move the whole time, Peng Peng vows to not let her guard down ever again when it comes to him.

In spite of Peng Peng's new conviction that Qi Sheng is her enemy through and through, her heart apparently feels differently and Peng Peng finds herself breaking down right in the middle of a game. Thankfully, the long awaited news from the front line arrives while Peng Peng is sobbing and brings the happy news that the triumphant Qi Sheng will be coming home soon.
Peng Peng's happiness was short lived however. Stumbling back in shock, Peng Peng is distraught as the empress dowager tells her in a somber tone that the emperor has been hurt during an assassination attempt. Flustered to know that Qi Sheng was hurt by a poisonous sword, Peng Peng readily agrees to personally deliver the antidote to the emperor.

Walking back to her palace in a daze, Peng Peng is jerked back to the reality when the palace physician informs her of a concubine's pregnancy. Shocking even Lu Li with her fury, Peng Peng storms right into the concubine's bedroom to demand how she can possibly be two month pregnant when Qi Sheng has been gone for three.
While Peng Peng is back in the palace worrying and taking care of the mess he left behind, Qi Sheng is confusing both of his brothers by giving Prince Zhao an important responsibility that could influence the outcome of the war.

Worried about Qi Sheng's decision, General Yang is not too convinced when Qi Sheng assures him that Prince Zhao will eventually choose him over the 9th Prince. In the mean time, surprised by Qi Sheng's sudden decision to entrust him with such a big responsibility, Prince Zhao is agitated when the 9th Prince appoints him to be the one to lead a bunch of assassins to kill Qi Sheng.

Go Princess Go Episode 30
Ready to die for their master the 9th Prince, the group of assassins gather only to realize that their mission leader - Prince Zhao is no where to be found. Remembering the 9th Prince's order that their mission should not be interrupted whatever happens, the assassins decide to forge ahead.

Hiding on top of a tree, the MIA Prince Zhao is picking off the flower petals as he mumbles "I should go...I should not go...I should go...I should not go...I should go."
Seemingly not surprised at all when the assassins somehow was able to push through the army of guards into his tent (Is that General Yang really a general?), a fearless Qi Sheng holds up his sword...only to get distracted when Prince Zhao pops out of nowhere then promptly toss some sort of powder (thanks to Peng Peng via Lu Li) that quickly incapacitates all the assassins.

Sitting down for a heart to heart talk with Qi Sheng, Prince Zhao confesses that while he did hate Qi Sheng before but in the end he can't bring himself to see Qi Sheng killed. Despite being a bit peeved at Prince Zhao for waiting until the last minute to "see the error of his ways", Qi Sheng nonetheless tells his brother that all is well between them.
Facing Qi Sheng stoically after being captured, the 9th Prince bravely declares that as the loser he is willing to accept whatever Qi Sheng is going to do to him. Glaring at Qi Sheng, the 9th Prince felt the need to clarify "I didn't try to do this for myself. I did it for Zhang Peng Peng, because I could see that she is unhappy being your empresses."

Hardly able to suppress the cold fury in his voice, Qi Sheng replies "She can never be yours. She has always been destined to be my empress. If you did all this for her, then you have harmed her instead. She could've had a life of ease as the empress."

Equally angry, the 9 Prince says "Do to me whatever you will, but don't mess with other people."
Well, so much for the 9th Prince's promise to Peng Peng that he will be sure to leave her out of the whole assassination mess. Deep down the guy knows that Peng Peng is in love with Qi Sheng so even if what he said might get Peng Peng killed, the 9th Prince is going to drive a wedge between Qi Sheng and Peng Peng no matter what the cost might be. 
Knowing full well of Peng Peng's involvement in the assassination attempt, General Yang asks hesitantly "Are you going to depose the empress?"
Giving a slight snicker, Qi Sheng replies "I have wanted to depose the empress for a long time...I just can never make myself harden my heart when it comes to Zhang Peng Peng."

Handing General Yang two letters, Qi Sheng tells him that it contains news about him being poisoned and orders the letters to be sent to the palace.

Knowing that she could very well be rushing into a trap, Peng Peng nonetheless is literally riding day and night to bring the antidote to the supposedly dying Qi Sheng.


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