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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Go Princess Go- Third ending on Valentines' Day?!

So apparently the drama gods does exist OR maybe a lot of angry viewers can actually work miracles, producers of Go Princess Go has confirmed that they will be releasing a THIRD ENDING on Valentines' Day. 
Thanks to some pictures provided by sharp eyed netizens, we have what appears to be Peng Peng planting a big'o kiss on Qi Sheng in the modern time. 

According to the director and the producers, they were going with the idea of heart wrenching endings in order to leave a lasting impression on their viewers...but since neither of the endings went over too well with the viewers (you think?) they have decided that third time it's a charm. 

Yeah!!! Doing my happy dance... I wish they just did it right the first time but oh, well. Better late than never. 


  1. I know Ninja! When I was reading the news and then having it confirmed - I too was doing a happy dance.

    This is excellent!! The director is very good so I know it will be worth waiting for more kisses from main OTP :)

  2. LOL - this drama I swear...never gotten so many different endings before.

  3. Yay! Tq Ninja for this wonderful news! I hated the 1st and 2nd alternate endings. I thought he would have ended back in his body and Qi Sheng in the body of Peng Peng in the future.