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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 34-35 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 34-35 Recap By Ninja
In contrast to the hatred he has towards Hae Gang, Shil Il Sang is filled with remorse every time he encounters Jin Eon and thus loses some of his vengeful manner when Jin Eon insists on joining in on the meeting. 

Unable to swallow the anger that is bubbling up inside her when Shil Il Sang tearfully declares that he has paid his debt for killing Eun Sol (Hae Gang's daughter) by repenting everyday while he was in prison, Hae Gang forces Jin Eon to let her speak to Shil Il Sang alone. Locking Jin Eon out of her office, a bitter Hae Gang yells at Shil Il Sang that he has no right to forgive himself and demands to know why he didn't kill her instead of her innocent daughter. Overwhelmed by his resentment towards Hae Gang for taking away his company and family, Shil Il Sang screams that he is going to kill Hae Gang then himself in order to end everything for good. Perhaps hoping Shil Il Sang would actually end her life, Hae Gang doesn't struggle as Shil Il Sang's hands close around her neck. 

Thanks to Tae Seok who found a key for Hae Gang's office, a frantic Jin Eon was able to save Hae Gang in time from Shil Il Sang's deadly grasp. 
Determined to spend Christmas with Hae Gang no matter what, Jin Eon forcefully volunteers himself to be Hae Gang's driver after her near death experience. Dismayed when Jin Eon drives her to a vacation house, Hae Gang realizes that she is stuck once Jin Eon points out that the car is out of gas. (The hilarious part is that Hae Gang couldn't even complain Jin Eon is pulling the same gas trick as before, because when she muttered something about it, Jin Eon just looks at her like "Wait! I thought you didn't remember?") 

Ignoring a tense Hae Gang, Jin Eon settles the two of them in the room and goes off to take a shower. Irked when a still dripping Jin Eon sits down beside her, Hae Gang couldn't help herself and nags at Jin Eon for not drying himself properly. Reminded of the past when Jin Eon would purposefully not dry himself in order to  get her to do it for him, Hae Gang looks away awkwardly and informs Jin Eon that Baek Seok has come to pick her up. 
Casting a look of regret at the full table of dinner he has carefully prepared for Hae Gang, Baek Seok is nonetheless glad when Hae Gang finally calls to have him come pick her up. His face lighting up when he sees Hae Gang walking out of the house, Baek Seok eagerly raises his hand to greet her but ends up pausing in mid-motion as he watches Hae Gang staring at the house with desperate longing. Resigned to the knowledge of how Hae Gang really wants to spend Christmas with, Baek Seok sends Hae Gang a text telling her that something had popped up and he is unable to come get her. 
Walking back into the darken room, Hae Gang softly tells Jin Eon "It's only for today...because it's Christmas." Staring at Hae Gang intently, Jin Eon mutters "No, Christmas is every year, because it will happen every year until I die. I don't want it only for today." 

Before Jin Eon can hardly finish his sentence, Hae Gang leans in and kisses a rather stunned Jin Eon.
Quickly getting over his shock, Jin Eon kisses Hae Gang back. Cupping Hae Gang's face with his hands, Jin Eon earnestly pleads "Admit it. That you love me. All along, still...even now...isn't that right? Tell me you love me. Do Hae Gang, tell me you love me." 

Jerked back to reality by Jin Eon's words, Hae Gang attributes the whole interlude as a mistake and assures Jin Eon that she was only temporary confused because of the past. 
Officially facing each other as opposing counsels at the court over the Pudoxin case, Hae Gang and Baek Seok each steals a glance at the other with a mixed expression. 

Dazed as she walks out of the court building, Hae Gang remembers how she once stood at the same spot and watched with a stony expression as a young woman (the plaintiff that Hae Gang torn to shreds in court) falls to death right at her feet. Jerked out of her horrifying memory when Baek Seok suddenly throws himself over her to shield her from an oncoming rock, Hae Gang stares at Baek Seok's head wound and wonders "Who could it be? Who else have I made to suffer?"

I Have A Lover Episode 35
Her world shattered to know that her body is destroyed by the Pudoxin side effects, Seol Ri storms over to Hae Gang's office and slaps her across the face. Accepting Seol Ri's slap calmly, Hae Gang invites Jin Eon (who just happened to pass by right then) to listen in on the confrontation she is about to have with Seol Ri. 

Screaming her resentment that Hae Gang knew full well she was taking Pudoxin but chose not to warn her about the side effects out of spite, Seol Ri threatens to die in front of Hae Gang. Turning to Seol Ri with a mildly amused puzzled expression, Hae Gang asks "Who are you that I would care if you die in front me? I won't care one bit at all." Sitting down in her graceful manner, Hae Gang chides Seol Ri "Do you feel wronged? Then don't lay in front of me in broken bones. Stand on your feet and figure out how you can get your revenge. Your life and my life is not over. Please beat me at least once, Kang Seol Ri." 
Stunned as he listens to Seol Ri's tearful accusation about Hae Gang and the fabricated Pudoxin clinical trials, Jin Eon casts a disbelieving look at Hae Gang before he gets up to chase after Seol Ri. Letting out the breath she has been holding once Jin Eon leaves, Hae Gang mutters "Please, there isn't anyone else that could help her stand up again. My husband, let's act like adults this time, like human beings." 
Her anger snowballing when she gets into an argument with Jin Eon, Seol Ri loses control and grabs the steering wheel when Jin Eon refuses to stop the car to let her out. Her anger subsiding a bit when they barely avoided colliding into other cars, Seol Ri slowly recounts how an accidental night of finding Jin Eon sobbing in the research lab was how she had fallen in love with him. Bitterly declaring that she would've ended her one sided crush back then if it wasn't for the fact Hae Gang had angered her so much that she decided to confess her feelings, Seol Ri screams "Why am I the only one punished. Why just me? You too! You should be punished too. You both should be punished!" 
Dragging her exhausted self out to the parking lot, Hae Gang doesn't notice her deflated front tire and gets in the car to drive away. Terrified when her car swerves out of control and hits the parking lot post, Hae Gang lets out a scream when a rock smashes into her windshield. With shaking hands, Hae Gang picks up her ringing phone but is unable to bring herself to answer it when she sees that Jin Eon is the one calling. 
Standing at the spot where Yong Gi's husband (Kim Sun Yong) died, Hae Gang gasp with horror when she figures out that someone must've beaten Kim Sun Yong's hands as he desperately held onto the railing right before he fell to the train tracks below. 

Staring at the pictures of Hae Gang his minion sent him, Tae Seok frets over what possible reason would cause Hae Gang to go all the way to the spot where Kim Sun Yong died. Not assured when his assistant suggests that Hae Gang was probably just preparing for the Pudoxin case, Tae Seok mutters to himself "If I had just killed her when she was Dok Go Yong Gi. Do Hae Gang, what is your goal?" 
Anyone else hoping against hope that maybe Tae Seok's assistant is actually a good guy?
Also wondering what Hae Gang's real goal is as his mind keeps replaying Seol Ri accusation that Hae Gang knew all about the fabricated clinical trials, Jin Eon plants himself squarely in front of the company elevator to wait for Hae Gang. 

Frustrated when the first thing Jin Eon brings up when she sees him is the urgency of warning people about the dangers of Pudoxin, Hae Gang gives a long speech about how doing what Jin Eon suggests would only make sure that both of them are booted out of the company and thus left powerless to do anything more. Completely side tracked by Hae Gang's repeated use of the words of "we" and "us", Jin Eon breaks out in a smile and asks Hae Gang why she has been avoiding his phone calls. 
Amused when Hae Gang assures him "that" incident was a mistake and he should forget about it, Jin Eon playfully asks "What should I forget? That you kissed me? Or that you had to run away because you found it so hard to be in the same room with me? Or was it that you came back because you wanted to be with me, to sleep with me? Which part should I forget? Tell me precisely." 

Thoroughly embarrassed when she realized that Hyun Woo has heard everything Jin Eon said, a mortified Hae Gang walks away...then comes back to kick Jin Eon in the shin. Ha!  
Regretting bitterly when she realized that by agreeing to go to President Choi's house means seeing Tae Seok, a scared Yong Gi pleas with Mama Do to cancel the meeting. Knowing full well why Yong Gi is so reluctant, Kyu Seok volunteers to go with Yong Gi if she will pretend to be his girlfriend. Believing that Kyu Seok is only trying to use her to stop his sister-in-law from pushing any more blind dates on him, Yong Gi happily agrees to Kyu Seok's suggestion. 

Greeting Yong Gi like a long lost daughter, President Choi promises to do anything he could for her. Refusing to accept the money President Choi tries to give her, Yong Gi instead asks President Choi to find her husband's killer. 

As expected, Tae Seok was horrified to see his precious brother showing up in front of him with Yong Gi. Calmly facing his furious brother as he carefully tends to little Woo Joo's every need, Kyu Seok proves for all to see that he is indeed very serious about Yong Gi and her daughter.  
Getting more furious by the second at the mere thought of his brother paired with Yong Gi, Tae Seok warns Yong Gi to stay away from Kyu Seok. Her own anger surfacing after a brief moment of habitual fear at the sight of Tae Seok, an equally furious Yong Gi promises a stunned Tae Seok that she will stick to his precious brother's side like glue so she will have the pleasure of irking Tae Seok with her presence.  
Unable to focus on anything else but her overwhelming resentment towards Jin Eon and Hae Gang, Seol Ri meets with Tae Seok and shows him the incriminating voice recording of himself admitting to killing Hae Gang. Knowing full well that Seol Ri must have a reason of showing the recording to him instead of taking it to the police, Tae Seok simply asks Seol Ri what he could do for her. Looking at Tae Seok with determination in her eyes, Seol Ri replies "Do Hae Gang, Choi Jin Eon. Destroy them. Tear them down and trample on them. Then I will bury it. I will bury it until the day I die." 

Boy, do I feel foolish for my one second of sympathy for Seol Ri. In that messy affair, there were obviously no innocent parties all around but it is simply difficult to harness any sympathy for Seol Ri when she insists on blaming our two leads for all her suffering without a single thought of her own responsibility. 

Even Seol Ri's anger at Hae Gang's supposed refusal to tell her about Pudoxin is puzzling when she herself was willing to watch Hae Gang die right in front of her eyes not too long ago. It seems laughable that Seol Ri would see Hae Gang as the monster when she herself has done much worse over a man that she is not even married to. 

All those things aside though, I find Seol Ri's act of going to Tae Seok simply unforgivable. Seol Ri is a medical researcher who is personally suffering from the Pudoxin side effects but she is willing to let the criminal go free and destroy more countless lives just so she could get her personal revenge?? Someone needs to make the girl take a real look at herself and realize that she is the monster. 
One character that I am hoping will not be completely evil is President Choi...even if we are getting a lot of mixed signals from him. President Choi seems genuinely repentant about what he did to Daddy Do but it is hard not to suspect President Choi's true intent when he assigns all those company stocks to Hae Gang and expects her to do all the dirty work just so she could clear a path for his son. 
On a much brighter note, I wonder how long it will take our dense doctor to realize he is in love with Yong Gi?


  1. Thanks for the recaps, Ninja. A happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year to you and to your family!

  2. Thank you so much for recapping this show! I look forward to this every week since I do not have time to actually watch. Ji Jin Hee is one of my favorite actors. I think he is under rated. I also really like Lee Kyu-han and wish he'd get the break out role he really deserves.

  3. it's my first time to see visit this and thank you for translating the wonderful I HAVE A LOVER k-drama. One of the best ever in all aspects!