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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 36-37 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 36
Running right into Hae Gang after she just made a deal with Tae Seok to destroy both of our two leads, Seol Ri calmly informs Hae Gang "I will become the thorn by your side this time. I have given everything up. It's not about Sunbae (Jin Eon) anymore. Let's go all the way to the end and see which one of our sins are bigger. Let's receive our punishment according to our sin." 
I guess Seol Ri is not getting the hint Hae Gang keeps trying to give her "Forget everything else! Get a life and focus on yourself instead." 

Beginning to be suspicious of Hae Gang's true intention now, Tae Seok hastens his plan to get rid of everything that stands in his way of taking over the company. 

Meeting with Shil Il Sang (the guy that killed Hae Gang's daughter), Tae Seok gives the man an offer he can't turn down in exchange for Shil Il Sang's agreement to take down both Hae Gang AND President Choi. Shocked that Tae Seok would really offer up the drug formula Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical stole from him, Shil Il Sang readily agrees to do as Tae Seok asked. 
Dazed after Tae Seok hints at President Choi's involvement in Hae Gang's father's death, Jin Eon tries to work out his jumbled thoughts as he stands in front of Hae Gang's apartment. Completely drunk after a night of binge drinking with Baek Seok, Hae Gang stumbles towards Jin Eon when she spots him watching her with a pained expression. Grimacing despite himself as Hae Gang comes closer, Jin Eon instinctively takes a step back when Hae Gang gets too close and pleads with her to not come any closer.  
Too drunk to notice how odd Jin Eon is acting, Hae Gang turns around and stumbles back to her apartment but promptly falls asleep right after she unlocks the door. Sighing when he sees the unconscious Hae Gang sitting right in front of her half opened door, Jin Eon carries Hae Gang into the house and tugs her in bed. (I love this part where he goes around turning on night lights and getting water for her night stand. All of the small things that really show how well he knows her.) 

On his way out of Hae Gang's room, Jin Eon stops suddenly when he spots the picture on Hae Gang's dressing table. Staring at the family picture that included Eun Sol in it, Jin Eon starts to sob silently. 
Baek Seok's first real battle with Hae Gang starts ...and Hae Gang wins soundly as Baek Seok gets a taste of Hae Gang's brutal lawyer skills. 

In the mean time, while Baek Seok is in court, Tae Seok's minion shows up at his office and quickly finds the evidence Baek Seok has hidden behind his picture frame...because apparently Tae Seok employs Dementors from Harry Potter to do his dirty work. 
Dismayed to realize Hae Gang must've given the incriminating evidence to Baek Seok, Tae Seok gets even more nervous when he sees pictures of Baek Seok at the train station to figure out how Kim Sun Yong (Yong Gi's husband) really died. 

Feeling immense pressure especially after an unpleasant meeting where Baek Seok comes out and declares his intention to start focusing on Sun Yong's murder, Tae Seok decides that Baek Seok is too dangerous to be allowed in court. Ahhh! Don't hurt Baek Seok! 

I Have A Lover Episode 37
Despite know full well that Hae Gang still loves him and must be pushing him away to protect him, Jin Eon's heart is filled with hopelessness as he quickly comes to realize his father might really have something to do with Daddy Dok Go's death. 

Looking at Hae Gang with desperation in his eyes, Jin Eon asks "Should we live together for just one month? I will do whatever you want for one month then I will leave your life after that. Just one month...then I'll be able to survive on those memories." 

Frustrated to see the obvious pain on Jin Eon's face, Hae Gang demands that Jin Eon tell her what's going on. Hesitantly, Jin Eon slowly tells Hae Gang about the suspicious circumstance surrounding her father's death. All the puzzles about President Choi and her father that has been hiding in her memory suddenly falling into place, Hae Gang barely has time to get herself to the bathroom before she starts throwing up. 
Her turn to hide her desperation from Jin Eon, Hae Gang comes back into the room and wraps her arms around a surprised Jin Eon. With tears in her eyes, Hae Gang repeats what Jin Eon said to her not too long ago "You don't realize it right now but it is extremely difficult for me to hold you, so stay still." 
His mask of a friendly uncle slipping a bit when Hae Gang suddenly shows up and asks to see a picture of her father, President Choi nonetheless tries to keep up his pretense. Fumbling a bit to answer Hae Gang's question of "What was my dad's last word to his family before he died?" President Choi assures Hae Gang that Daddy Do Go's last words was for him to take care of his two daughters Yong Gi and Hae Gang. Peering at President Choi closely, Hae Gang replies "My father never knew my name." 
Seething with anger as he looks over the list of the people Hae Gang wants to fire, Tae Seok angrily asks Hae Gang if she is trying to destroy him by getting rid of his people. Counting off the various ways Tae Seok's people had been stealing money from the company, Hae Gang dryly suggests that Tae Seok should just start looking for new minions. 

Unable to fathom why her own father would give Hae Gang of all people so much of the company stocks, Jin Li agrees readily when Tae Seok suggests that they need to start buying more company stocks in order to guard against the possibility of Hae Gang ever joining hands with Jin Eon (meaning combining their stocks together). Unbeknownst to Tae Seok, Hae Gang has already liquefied her assets and has poured all her money into buying Cheon Nyeon stocks. 
Digging around to find out the truth of Daddy Dok Go's death, Jin Eon meets with a retired man who was one of the first person at the accident scene. Grimacing as the man tells him the ugly truth of how President Choi's injury at the time was obviously a result of a fight, Jin Eon realizes that instead of voluntarily cutting off his own rope to save President Choi, Daddy Dok Go probably fought to stay alive. 
Mildly taken back when he walks into his office to see Hae Gang there already, Jin Eon is surprised when Hae Gang wraps her hand around his then says "Let's go. I'll make dinner for you."

Smiling through her tears as Jin Eon could only eek out "Huh?" Hae Gang continues "I will make breakfast tomorrow for you as well. Let's go." 

Epic love story finished...for now, here is the awesome fun romance for Yong Gi: 
My absolute favorite scenes in this week's episode. Showing up unannounced at Yong Gi's house to convince her how ridiculously absurd it is for a woman like Yong Gi to date Kyu Seok, Jin Li loses control when Yong Gi takes great joy in assuring Jin Li "Exactly, how wonderful it is that my Kyu Seok likes me. So how can a woman like me with a sick child possibility turn down this great opportunity. Shouldn't I grab this chance with both hands and hold on?" 

Walking into the door right as Jin Li grabs a fist full of handmade noodles to throw at Yong Gi, Kyu Seok shields Yong Gi with his body before turning his furious eyes on a flabbergasted Jin Li. 
So angry that he is actually yelling, Tae Seok demands that Jin Li starts making noodles to replace the ones she just threw at Yong Gi. Quickly getting over her initial shock of seeing Tae Seok mad, Yong Gi pouts her lips and puts her head on Tae Seok shoulder as a flustered Jin Li tries to process what her brother-in-law is making her do. 

How awesome is that Tae Seok actually sits down and stares at Jin Li to personally make sure she is making the noodles. 
Unexpectedly accepting Yong Gi's invitation to share a drink with her, Kyu Seok gobbles down the soju like it's water...because apparently soju and water are exactly the same to him. 
A bit unsettled by Yong Gi's unwavering stare, Kyu Seok asks "Why are you looking at me like that?" Cocking her head, a somewhat drunk Yong Gi answers "Because you are fascinating. Right now, you seem amazing. If I wasn't a mother my heart would be falling with a thud."

FINALLY facing up to his feelings, Kyu Seok replies "That thud thing...you could do it." 
Confused, Yong Gi looks up with a "Eh?"
Trying to get all his words out before he loses courage, Kyu Seok continues "I mean let's do it. Let's give it a try." 
Even more confused, Yong Gi asks "Why? Why someone like me?"
Proving that my bit about finally facing up to his feelings was completely wrong, Kyu Seok quickly replies "Because you are Woo Joo's mother." 

Don't tell me Kyu Seok honestly believes that he is only interested in Yong Gi because of Woo Joo?!  Oh, well, I guess asking Yong Gi to date is already a big progress for someone like Kyu Seok. 

Boy, there sure seems to be no way for our two leads to be together, especially given the fact that my hope for President Choi to be a decent guy seems to be diminishing at a lighting speed. 

One thing that didn't make into the recap that I am very curious about is the kid that has been following Hae Gang and trying to intimidate her. Is he another person that is holding a grudge against the pre-amnesia Hae Gang? There seems to be no need for the writer to be introducing a complete new side tangent so I am wondering if the kid might be an important key in Hae Gang's fight against Tae Seok. 
Murder and greed aside, one thing I am really happy about is the sisterhood developing between Hae Gang and Yong Gi. In the midst of her seemingly hopeless struggle at least Hae Gang is getting a small comfort in Yong Gi's forgiveness and understanding. 
ps. Anyone else laugh at the most inappropriate time whenever our hero does his chair staring thing? 


  1. Ninja, thanks for your recent recaps. I'm short on time to actually watch the dramas, but because of you I continue enjoying them. God bless you!

  2. I think the kid following HK around and intimidating her is Eun Sol murderer's son. The boy is doing it as revenge...

    1. That makes total sense. You are probably right!

  3. Thank you very much to take your time in recapping these episodes. I really really appreciate this!!