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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 38 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 38 Recap By Ninja
Deciding to ignore all of the obstacles separating them... at least for the night, Hae Gang and Jin Eon leaves work while holding hands. Determined to have the stolen moment they've planned despite an unfortunate run in with President Choi, our two leads spent the rest of the night shopping and cooking dinner like an ordinary married couple.

Drinking in the sight of Jin Eon eating the food she cooked for him, Hae Gang slowly says "It's not because of you but it's because of me that I am breaking up with you. So that I can set my life on straight path even now, so that I can forgive myself. There isn't any part of me that hates you. I am being sincere so don't blame yourself."

Swallowing her own tears as she stares at Jin Eon's equally teary expression, Hae Gang continues "Our break up was entirely my fault. The moment I regained my memory was the moment I parted from you."
Fearing that if he really stayed the night it would be the end between him and Hae Gang, Jin Eon all but runs out of Hae Gang's apartment right after dinner. Stopping mid stride when he spots a plant in front of Hae Gang's door, Jin Eon is immediately concerned when he realizes the plant is poisonous and was put there as a warning to Hae Gang.

One look at Hae Gang's pale expression is enough to let Jin Eon know that it wasn't the first time someone had threaten her. Frustrated, Jin Eon warns Hae Gang that he wants to know when she is scared or in pain, because she should at least let him do that much for her.
Continuing in his search for the truth of what really happened between his and Hae Gang's father, Jin Eon meets with President Choi's doctor and quickly comes to the conclusion that his father might've used the knife Daddy Dok Go stabbed his leg with to cut the mountain climbing rope that both men were tied to.
Horrified when she gets a phone call from Baek Seok informing her that the document he was hiding behind his picture frame has been stolen, it didn't take much for Hae Gang to guess that Tae Seok has already figure out she is helping Baek Seok. Concerned for Baek Seok's safety, Hae Gang makes him promise to be careful.

By this point, Tae Seok has already found out who the stalker is and is planning to use the stalker as a way to get rid of Baek Seok and Hae Gang. 
Surprised when an angry Tae Seok informs her that Seol Ri is standing right in front of the company holding a demonstration on Pudoxin, a dismayed Hae Gang agrees to go take care of Seol Ri before the media gets the wind of it.

Smirking with satisfactions when she sees Hae Gang and the hoard of security following behind her (the security people were sent by Tae Seok), Seol Ri's smile triumphantly as reports suddenly shows up to badger Hae Gang with questions about Pudoxin's fabricated results.
Quickly tracking down Hae Gang's mysterious stalker, Jin Eon figures out that the stalker is none other than Shil Il Sang's son, Shin Kyeong Woo. Unsure what to do once he realizes he is simply dealing with a kid, Jin Eon tries to befriend Kyeong Woo but it's obvious that Kyeong Woo is quite guarded.

Parked outside of the gas station where Kyeong Woo works, Jin Eon picks up a phone call from Hyun Woo (his friend) and is stunned when he is told the name of the manger that worked at the mountain back when his father had his accident. Recognizing the name AND the face as his father's driver, Jin Eon starts to sob bitterly as he realizes what this information confirms. Noticing the sobbing Jin Eon as he rides pasts the car, Kyeong Woo stops for a moment but then eventually leaves without another glance.
Worried when he receives pictures of Seol Ri doing her one person demonstration, Baek Seok rushes to Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical but stops dead when he sees a plant with a threatening note of "I am going to kill you" sitting right by Hae Gang's car. Calling Hae Gang to come and meet him at the parking garage, Baek Seok is horrified when he sees a motorcycle heading right for Hae Gang. 

Running over to Hae Gang, Baek Seok is hit right on the head by a baseball bat. Shocked, Hae Gang holds a limp Baek Seok in her arms but quickly ends up screaming when the attacker comes back around and hits Baek Seok one more time. Bending over a bleeding Baek Seok, Hae Gang desperately calls his name. Show! Baek Seok better not die! Although amnesia might not be a bad idea...

I am guessing the attacker is not Kyeong Woo but someone sent by Tae Seok. The attacker was obviously aiming for Baek Seok the second time around and if it was really Kyeong Woo, then there is no reason for him to go after Baek Seok. 

I guess the question of the hour is "Did President Choi killed Hae Gang's father or not?" It seems like all the evidence is pointing to the fact that President Choi probably did have something to do with Daddy Dok Go's death but there are just enough little clues to make that conclusion seem uncertain. 
For our two leads' sake it would be nice if there are some giant misunderstanding concerning President Choi but of course judging by how shady Cheon Nyeon Pharaceutical is I am not sure there is much hope for President Choi's character. 
Epic battle aside, at least we have our hilarious moment between Yong Gi and Kyu Seok. 

Completely embarrassed the next morning after her drunken conversation with Kyu Seok, Yong Gi hides in her room and refuses to eat breakfast. Sitting up quickly when Kyu Seok walks in and said "If you are so disturbed by what you said, then you can can cancel what you said to me," Yong Gi nervously replies "Wha...Wh.. What did I say?" 

Displeased when Yong Gi claims to have no memory of their conversation, Kyu Seok decides to refresh her memory "You are fascinating, professor. You seem amazing. If I wasn't a mother my heart would be falling with a thud."
On a roll now that Yong Gi is hanging her head with embarrassment, Kyu Seok continues "That's why I dislike alcohol and I dislike people who can't control their alcohol even more! In conclusion, I dislike Dok Go Yong Gi. So now there is no need to cowardly avoid me, Dok Go Yong Gi." 


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