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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 39-40 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 39 Recap By Ninja
Swallowing her panic as she sits in the ambulance with the unconscious Baek Seok, Hae Gang notices the piece of paper he is holding in his hand. Carefully extracting the paper, Hae Gang is horrified when she reads the familiar note from her stalker that reads "I Will Kill You."

Ironically meeting his father to watch a movie about mountain climbing, Jin Eon confronts President Choi about Daddy Dok Go's death. Showing no sign of feeling guilty, President Choi proudly declares that he was able to grow Daddy Dok Go's research into a company beyond his friend's wildest imagination and that his friend's death benefited the greatest number of people. Furious as he listens to President Choi's ridiculous logic, Jin Eon makes his own declaration when President Choi refuses to turn himself in "I can't kill me own father...so I will have to die instead. You hold the rope to me now. Are you going to cut it again?"
Already feeling guilty, Hae Gang is overwhelmed when Jin Eon informs her that there is a chance Baek Seok would lose the use of his right hand because of the nerve damage. Sobbing when she finally sees Baek Seok lying in the hospital bed, Hae Gang laughs through her tears once Baek Seok starts to tease her for crying too much.
Despite the brave and happy face Baek Seok puts on in front of Hae Gang, the tears that start to fall once he is alone belies the fear in his heart.
Rushing to the police station, Hae Gang breaks down in heart wrenching sobs when Kyeong Woo tells her the reason he has been attacking her was because of what she did to his father, Shil Il Sang.
Busy trying to comfort the sobbing Hae Gang, Jin Eon suddenly snaps to attention when Kyeong Woo yells that he never hit Baek Seok because at the time of the attack he was watching Jin Eon crying in his car.

Quickly realizing that there were too many clues they missed, Jin Eon and Hae Gang soon come to the conclusion that Baek Seok was the target all along. From there, it didn't take too much brain cell to figure out Tae Seok is the only one that would have it out for Baek Seok.
Strutting into Baek Seok's hospital's room with the assumption that Baek Seok would have no choice but to postpone the court date, Tae Seok is visibly flustered when Baek Seok just smiles and assures him "I have no intention of postponing the court date. Don't I still have my mouth? Don't worry, I will be there for sure."

Furious when she realized that Tae Seok was the one behind Baek Seok's attack, Seol Ri has an ugly confrontation with Taek Seok and starts to list off all his dirty deeds. Too busy yelling at one another, neither Tae Seok nor Seol Ri notice Hae Gang listening in on their conversation until Hae Gang's voice startles them. Ignoring Seol Ri's protest, Hae Gang drags her off after telling Tae Seok that she will deal with him later.

I Have A Lover Episode 40 Recap
Dragged to a cafe, Seol Ri fully expects to have a confrontation with Hae Gang about her asking Tae Seok to destroy both Jin Eon and Hae Gang. However, instead of being angry, Hae Gang pleas with a stunned Seol Ri that she wants the two of them to start over. Exposing all her vulnerability, Hae Gang apologizes to Seol Ri for everything she did before and begs Seol Ri to not end up like her.
Showing up at the police station to clear Kyeong Woo's name, Jin Eon watches with a sinking feeling as Shil Il Sang tells his rebellious son that no matter what happens in the world, the tie between a father and son can't be broken.

Pleasantly surprised when Jin Eon tells the police that Hae Gang is not going to press charges against his son, a shame faced Shil Il Sang thank Jin Eon repeatedly.
Storming into Tae Seok's office, Jin Eon throws a bat (the one that was used to attack Baek Seok) on Tae Seok's table and demands "You are so despicable that you are even framing a kid for your own purpose now?"

Picking up the bat, Tae Seok points it at Jin Eon and taunts him to back up all his accusations with some evidence. Yelling back, Jin Eon gleefully informs Tae Seok that he will find Baek Seok's real attacker soon and taunts back "So brother-in-law better send him away soon. Where are you going to send him this time?
Panicking as he listens via the wire tab of Jin Eon and Hyun Woo's (his friend) conversation, Tae Seok is dismayed to find out that his minion is really in danger of being exposed. Unbeknownst to Tae Seok, Jin Eon has actually set up the whole thing just to make him nervous enough that he will meet with Baek Seok's attacker.

As Jin Eon predicted, Tae Seok does call the attacker and Jin Eon waits with his eyes glued to the surveillance camera as the man parks his car at the company's parking garage. Unfortunately, the attacker ends up catching Hae Gang's attention and a fearless Hae Gang confronts the guy personally.
His heart in his throat as he races towards Hae Gang, Jin Eon arrives just in time to throw his own body at the attacker right as the man pulls out a knife. Leaving the attacker in the hands of the hoard of security staff that followed closely behind, Jin Eon turns angrily towards Hae Gang and yells at her for being so foolish as to confront the attacker herself.
Speechless as he watches an equally angry Hae Gang yells back at Jin Eon for daring to throw himself at the attacker, Hyun Woo tells our two leads "Are you guys really divorced? Just get married! I will be your mc at the wedding again."
After an unpleasant confrontation with Tae Seok, Hae Gang is mildly surprised to find a seething Jin Eon waiting for her right outside of Tae Seok's office. Ignoring all the staff that is standing right there, Jin Eon goes off on a rant about Hae Gang never including him when she goes off on doing dangerous things. Speechless once again as he watches Hae Gang and Jin Eon's "fight" with envy, Hyun Woo mutters "I am going to go get married and divorced too."
Meeting Hae Gang for drinks, Jin Eon's face twists with pain when Hae Gang tells him that she already guessed the truth about his father being the one that killed her father. Shaking with self disgust for living as President Choi's "hunting dog" for so many years, Hae Gang tells Jin Eon that while she will make sure President Choi pay for what he did she doesn't want Jin Eon to be involved at all.

His expression contorting with the pain, Jin Eon finally tells Hae Gang that it's an end of their relationship. Crying as she stares at Jin Eon, Hae Gang nods as Jin Eon tells her "I love you, Do Hae Gang. This is my last confession in this life. In our next life, if we meet again then let us live happily. Where ever you are, I will find you right away. At that time, let's live together for a long, long time."
Sitting down with an expression mixed with dismay and relief, Hae Gang listens as a prosecutor tells her that she is the only suspect in a case they are investigating concerning Mido Pharmaceutical. (I believe that's Shil Il Sang's company)

Taking a calming breath, Hae Gang tells the prosecutor "If you are going to investigate me then call President Choi in as well...because I have a recording that proves President Choi's involvement."

As always, Yong Gi and Kyu Seok gives us the much needed cute among the melo:
Reluctantly agreeing to learn English in preparation of moving overseas for Woo Joo's treatment, Yong Gi obediently repeats after an English movie. Melt! They are so cute together! 
Trying to force Yong Gi to learn English as soon as possible, Kyu Seok has even resorts to only speaking to her in English. Frustrated when she struggles with understanding Kyu Seok's perfect English, Yong Gi some how manages with her broken English to kick Kyu Seok out of his room in order to clean it.

Awe, Kyu Seok is so cute. From Kyu Seok's conversation with his brother, we find out that he probably approached Joo Woo and Yong Gi at first because he felt badly for what Tae Seok did to Yong Gi's husband but he obviously have developed real attachment to them since then.
One of my favorite scenes this week was the conversation between Baek Seok and Jin Eon. It seems hilarious but touching at the same time that Baek Seok and Jin Eon has gone from competitors to great friends. While it would obviously be nice if Jin Eon gets his happy ending with Hae Gang, but I am strangely satisfied with the thought if the three of them just end up being drinking buddies together... 
... that is until I see the longing expression on both of our leads' faces. 

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