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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Marry Me or Not Episode 10 Recap

Marry Me or Not Episode 10 Recap by Ninja 
This episode's theme: Despite all the hard work/heartache, everyone one (specifically our heroine and Sheng Nan) give everything they've got because they know in the end "LOVE" will be a worth while prize. 

Bothered by what Vivienne said about Qian Yao, Sheng Nan tries to work through her jumbled thoughts as she stands at the bookstore reading a book titled "How To See Through The Lies of Jerks". Unprepared when Qian Yao suddenly popped out of nowhere, Sheng Nan tries to run away again...and promptly gets stopped for trying to leave the store with a book still in her hand. 

Making a quick excuse to the store clerk that Sheng Nan is his girlfriend, Qian Yao walks out of the store while holding Sheng Nan's hand. 
Unable to shake off Vivienne's words even as she sits in front of her long time crush, Sheng Nan finally asks Qian Yao "What is your relationship with Vivienne?" 

Looking completely innocent, Qian Yao assures Sheng Nan that there is absolutely nothing going on between him and Vivienne other than pure business associations. Confessing to Sheng Nan that he has always harbored an interest in her, Qian Yao asks for a chance to get to know her. Overjoyed that her crush is actually asking to be friends with her, Sheng Nan happily shakes hand with Qian Yao as a sign of a new beginning for them.  
Jumping on an opportunity to meet Justin's friends, Vivienne invites herself along and successfully gains the favor of Justin's buddies when she purposefully lets them win a game of pool. Knowing full well that Vivienne could've beaten them easily, Justin's friends give Vivienne their full approval and tell her that she is the first girlfriend Justin has introduced them to. 
Surprised by what she has been told, Vivienne asks Justin why he has dated so little in the past. Even more surprised when Justin answers in a matter of fact manner that he finds dating troublesome, Vivienne wonders out loud why Justin would date her then. 

Proving that lawyers are great with words, Justin replies "Maybe I find dating difficult but liking you...it's very easy. Perhaps I can't distinguish between when you are telling the truth or when you are lying, or even what you are thinking, but I know what I am thinking."

Walking over to Justin, Vivienne asks "And what are you thinking?"
Turning to look at Vivienne, Justin softly replies "I am always...thinking of you." 
Totally satisfied with Justin's answer, Vivienne plants a soft kiss on his cheek and tells him "I also think dating is hard...but I like you. It's that simple."

And of course we got to end that scene with a kiss. 
Sitting cozily together on Justin's sofa, Vivienne wax poetic as she tells him why she feels the need to watch documentary about the mistreatment of dogs. Astonished when she turns around to find Justin in tears, Vivienne gets in a playful wrestle with Justin when he refuses to admit that he was crying. 

A sudden knock makes our two leads freeze and they are horrified when they realize that Mama Hao is the one at the door. 
Seeing through her son's pretense that he is just home alone, Mama Hao suspects Vivienne's presence right away and goes tearing through Justin's bedroom. Narrowly missed being discovered, Vivienne wince as she listens to Mama Hao vehemently telling Justin that she could never ever accept Vivienne as her daughter-in-law. 
Sneaking Vivienne out of his house while Mama Hao is in the bathroom, Justin promises Vivienne that he will handle his own family's prejudice against her and asks that she would simply trust him. 
Going back home to figure out why his mom is insisting on a divorce after 33 years of marriage, Justin is dismayed when Mama Hao confesses that she has never wanted to marry her husband in the first place. Tearfully asking her son for understanding, Mama Hao recounts how she had to marry Daddy Hao in order to save her bankrupted family even while she was in love with another man. 

Unbeknownst to everyone involved, the man that Mama Hao loved in the past is actually Vivienne's father. 
Determined to at least get one of the two women in Justin's life to like her, Vivienne puts on a friendly smile and invites Sheng Nan to have lunch later. Completely under Qian Yao's charm, a bitter Sheng Nan turns on Vivienne and accuses her of fabricating stories about Qian Yao. Speechless that her ex-best-friend still refuses to believe her, Vivienne stares with disbelief as Sheng Nan declares that she will never allow her own brother to marry a horrible woman like her. 
To make her day even worse, Vivienne is called out by Mama Hao for a showdown. Coolly assuring Vivienne that she is not so antiquated as to insists that Vivienne breaks up with her son, Mama Hao snidely asks "Did you know that Justin doesn't want to get married? In all the times you guys have dated has he once brought up marriage or the topic of family?" 

Satisfied to see the stiff expression on Vivienne, Mama Hao makes the suggestion that Vivienne give up on her son and move on to find her wedding bliss somewhere else.   
Concerned to see his obviously dejected daughter hiding in her room, Daddy Cai tries to cheer Vivienne up by telling her the story of how he eventually ended up with her mother. Intrigued when Daddy Cai tells her that he actually had an ex-girlfriend that he was planning to run away with, Vivienne laughs when her dad recounts how Mama Cai was the one that stoped him from doing something so foolish. 

Inspired by the story of how Mama Cai had made a list of why she should and shouldn't marry Daddy Cai, Vivienne decides to make one for Justin. Her heart somewhat settled after making her list, Vivienne wakes up the next morning determined to battle on as Justin's girlfriend. 
Earnest to help her daughter get rid of Mama Hao for good, Mama Cai decides to use her "special talent" to make sure Mama Hao would be too busy with her own romance to be bothered with her son's love life. 

Mumbling a prayer that his wife's cupid plan is really going to work, Daddy Cai walks out of his house and promptly runs into his ex-girlfriend... Mama Cai. 
Feeling much hopeful about her romance with Justin after making up her mind to not give up despite the obstacles in front of them, Vivienne stops at a men's store to pick out a tie for Justin. Dismayed when another woman picks up the same tie as her, Vivienne takes an instant dislike to the stranger as the woman nonchalantly comments "I guess we have the same taste." 

Proving that a woman's six sense is alarmingly sharp, Vivienne's arrives at Justin's office and looks at the identical tie on his desk with a sinking feeling. 
Putting on her understanding smile when Justin excuses himself for an important meeting with a client, Vivienne nonetheless decides to follow him secretly. Recognition downs when the woman at the tie store brush past her, Vivienne stares as Justin warmly greets the woman while she is flooded with a foreboding. 

Dang, as if Vivienne doesn't have enough problems with Justin's family already and now we are adding another person into the mess?! 
 Things would be just peachy if our two leads could live in their own little private island but alas it looks like the things are about to get VERY messy. The mess between Daddy Cai and Mama Hao looks especially dicey. 
I also found Vivienne's list about Justin very interesting and ...confusing. 
Here is a translation of Vivienne's list. I would love to hear you guys' take on #7. 
Reasons to Let Go:
1. Justin's mother doesn't like me.
2. I am enemies with Sheng Nan. 
3. He has a strange fascination with environmental concerns.  
4. He doesn't want marriage, but I do. 
5. He has insomnia and that would influence my own quality of sleep.
6. He gets drunk easily, so that makes him an easy target for other women. 
7. If I love him, then I will have to leave Taiwan which means leaving my parents. (I am confused about this one. Why would they have to leave??)
8. If he keeps being with me...that will make him lose everything. (I don't quite get this one either. Is she talking about by being with her, he might lose his family because of their prejudice against her?)

Reasons to Keep Going:
1. I am willing to keep trying to get Justin's mother to like me.
2. I am willing to patch things up with Sheng Nan for Justin's sake.
3. I am proud of his dream to fight for environmental concerns and he will be that hero one day.
4. If he doesn't want to be married then we can just be in love for the rest of our lives.
5. I like the fact that he relies on me and can only fall asleep with me beside him. 
6. I will protect him. I will be the only bad woman that sink her claws in him.
7. He will become the most important person to me. We will be the family support for one another.
8. All the other reasons to give up I could find a way to circumvent except this one, because I love him so very much.  


  1. hi ninja, i've been waiting for your recap and keep hitting the refresh button :) and i'm getting hype for reasons why do the list being like that. i just hope the writing keeps on the right track, keeps on a reasonable way. thanks ninja

  2. I think what Vivienne meant by reason 7 is that if she loves him, they would have to leave Taiwan due to the excessive gossip and problems that Justin's side of the family will cause them because of Vivienne's previous engagement to Justin's uncle/cousin(I'm not so sure about their relation). I mean, I would want to leave the country too if my husband's family rudely kept on talking about my husband, our marriage, and my past mistakes. Plus, in Taiwan, everyone seems to know everyone, so everyone would know Justin and Vivienne's past relation. This might not be true but it's my opinion.

    1. Hmm...I haven't thought about the family being the reason but you could be right. A funny reason just came to mind though. Maybe they have to leave Taiwan because Justin can't stand Taiwan's pollution? :-)

  3. Thanks for the recap! There's only one thing I can say about her list: It is so thoughtful and sweet esp on the environmental part!😁 Vivienne is starting to fight for her love but why add another load? Then another imminent disaster will come in the form of Mama Hao and Daddy Cai's reunion! This family connections prove to be danger to our OTP.

  4. [Spoilerish]

    After having watched the later episodes, I think point #7 - the part about having to leave Taiwan - is because of something that happens later (in episode 11). The timeline might have been reshuffled somewhat.