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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Marry Me or Not Episode 11 Recap

Marry Me or Not Episode 11 Recap By Ninja
This week's pre-show bit: A much younger Vivienne dressed in her student uniform confesses to Justin (one from the current time line) that she can't forget the boy (young Justin) she met the other day and has tried to show up at the same place in hopes that she could meet him again. Disappointed that the boy hasn't show up since, Vivienne looks up hopefully as Justin assures her that she will meet that boy again.

In fact, Justin tells Vivienne that the boy has liked her for a very long time but he himself doesn't even know it. Looking at Vivienne sincerely, Justin pleads "When you meet him again, he will say a lot of hurtful things, criticize you and even tell you he doesn't like you, but all those things are not true...because he likes you, a lot."

Her womanly sixth sense alarm blaring loudly in her ears, instead of charging into the cafe to confront Justin, Vivienne chooses to simply walk away. 
Surprised to find Vivienne waiting for him in front of his house, Justin is immediately worried when he realizes Vivienne has been waiting for almost two hours in the cold just to give him a present. Not saying a word about the cafe incident at all, Vivienne showers Justin with sweet concern for how hard he must be working and even refuses to let him take her home to give him more time to rest. 

Leaving a dazed Justin, a confident Vivienne shares with the audience that the key to combating possible mistresses is to outplay the mistress. 
Skillfully getting Justin's assistant on her side, Vivienne successfully gets the contact information of the cafe girl, Jing Ru, who turns out to be a junior Justin knew from his collage days. 

Flashing a big smile when Vivienne introduces herself as Justin's girlfriend, Jing Ru assures Vivienne that nothing is between her and Justin...even if she did like him back in their days. Seeing the disbelief in Vivienne's expression, Jing Ru suggests that the easiest way to prove her words is to call Justin out to meet with them. 
Noticeably uncomfortable as he sits down beside Vivienne, Justin gets even more stiff when Jing Ru brings up the fact that she has asked Justin to go with her to Singapore to work on an environmental project. Hiding her dismay as Jing Ru goes off on a whole speech of "Really? He didn't tell his own girlfriend something so important..." Vivienne plasters a smile on her face and declares that she knows all about the Singapore invitation but as a couple they need more time to think it over. 

The universe seemingly conspiring against him, Justin is dismayed when his mother plops right down on the seat immediately after Jing Ru takes her leave. As expected, Mama Hao still dislikes Vivienne vehemently and pointedly tells her son of her plan to set up marriage meets for him. 
Fed up with the barrage of assaults from the various women in Justin's life, Vivienne storms out of the restaurant. Ignoring his mother's order to stay, Justin runs after Vivienne after making his own declaration to Mama Hao "It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't change my desire to just be with her." 

Shaking off Justin's hand when he catches up with her, Vivienne starts to cry as she vents "There are a lot of times when I am afraid. When I don't even know how we can go on. But I tell myself to be strong and hang on because I know compares to those obstacles it is more important to me to be next to you." 
Bidding a quiet goodnight after driving Vivienne home, the feeling of hopelessness overwhelms Justin. In a voice over, Justin confesses "She cried for a long time in front of me. I really wanted to comfort her. I wanted to tell her I am sorry and that it was all my fault. But in the end, I didn't say anything. I knew she would stop crying if I just say I am sorry...but not crying doesn't mean she is not sad. She would force herself to smile because she doesn't want me to feel bad or feel guilty, instead she would simply swallow all those tears that made my heart break." 

Staring at the text message Vivienne sent him, Justin doesn't seem anymore relieved to read her words "I am okay, don't worry. Get some rest." but instead vows to himself that he will do better than just simply saying "I am sorry" to make up to Vivienne for all the fear and pain he has brought her. 
Sent on a mission by her mother, Sheng Nan shows up at Justin's office to give him a long list of reasons why it would never work between him and Vivienne. Listening silently to his sister's speech, Justin is suddenly reminded of one particular client that refused to listen to his advise to get a divorce. Thoughtful, Justin says "I thought he was cray. He clearly had better choices ahead of him, but he took the more difficult route." 

Turning his eyes to his very confused sister, Justin says "Maybe you are right that Vivienne and I are not a good match with each other. Letting go might make my life easier and smoother. However, a life without Vivienne is not what I want. I might lose some of the things I wanted before by being with her, but there are also things I can only get with her by my side." 
Walking out to her balcony, Vivienne is pleasantly surprised when she sees Justin holding out two signs that reads "Hey! The weather today is great!" and "Let's go walk around!" 

Taking Vivienne to the river side where he used to play as a child, Justin slowly picks up the trash that are littered about and recounts how the pollution of his once happy retreat caused him to develop a dream of being an environmental superhero...but he failed. 

Bending down to pick up the trash as well, Vivienne declares "Who said you failed. The trash you couldn't finish picking up I will help you pick it all up. The dream that you couldn't achieve, I will achieve it with you."   
Not finished with his speech quite yet, Justin continues "I became an environmental lawyer because I wanted to protect this land...but now the one I want to protect is you." 
Stunned when Vivienne immediately replies "I don't want that," Justin is moved when Vivienne explains "The more you talk like this, the more I don't want to stop you from accomplishing your goal. So, I will go with you to Singapore." 
Pulling Vivienne into an embrace as she rattles on about how she will tie everything up in Taiwan so she could leave with him, Justin stares into Vivienne's eyes and tells her "I love you." 

Sharing a tender moment as Vivienne replies with her own "I love you", our two leads shares a kiss. 
Her jittery heart beating wildly when Qian Yao asks her out for lunch, Sheng Nan is mildly surprised when Qian Yao takes her to his house. Seeing Sheng Nan's puzzlement of how empty his house is, Qian Yao tells Sheng Nan about his difficult childhood as an illegitimate child trying to survive in his rich father's household and his subsequent habit of keeping his life to a bare minimum because of it.  
So, the jerk CEO Jin is Qian Yao's half brother.

Moved to tears by Qian Yao's story, Sheng Nan smiles and agrees to Qian Yao's proposal that if he follows her suggestion of getting a TV, she will be the one to come watch it with him.  
Confidently showing up in front of her old boss with Justin by her side, Vivienne has no doubt that Justin could easily convince her old company to drop their ridiculous lawsuit against her. Vivienne's confidence obviously not misplaced, she is soon walking out of her old company triumphantly. While not surprised by their expected win either, Justin nonetheless is puzzled by how easy it was and wonders out loud the strangeness of it. 

Staying out of sight as he watches Justin and Vivienne walk away, Qian Yao smiles. So, Qian Yao is obviously the one that got Vivienne's old company to drop their lawsuit in order to make sure nothing stood in the way of Vivienne working with his company/older brother. 
Not giving Justin time to dwell on his unusually easy win, Vivienne asks him to go on a business trip with her so he could be her model for a bridal photo shoot. Confessing his strong dislike for taking pictures, Justin refuses Vivienne's invitation...until she innocently starts to list all the intimate ways the male model will have to interact with her in order for the bridal shoot to be successful. 

Driven crazy by jealousy as his imagination goes into overdrive, Justin tries to tell Vivienne on the phone that he is rethinking his refusal but Vivienne just assures him that she completely understands why he doesn't want to go and quickly hangs up. Ha, she is such a fox sometimes. 
Filling in for an absent lawyer at the last minute to accompany Vivienne to the contract signing with Qian Yao's company, Justin silently fumes when CEO Jin takes every opportunity to touch Vivienne inappropriately. 

Totally enjoying himself thinking he is torturing Qian Yao, CEO Jin only reacts with amusement when Justin warns him about the repercussions of sexual harassment. 
Pleased to see Justin speaking up for her, Vivienne teases her still frustrated boyfriend about how jealous he is. 
Determined to keep up his pretense of being Vivienne's hopeless boyfriend, Qian Yao pleas with CEO Jin to not mess with Vivienne but CEO Jin gleefully replies "My dearest brother, did you forget what my favorite hobby is? My greatest joy is to see the hopeless and the pained expression on your face. I have finally found something you are afraid of being taken away from you again." 

Wiping away the hopeless look on his face as CEO Jin walks away, Qian Yao smirks . 


I really wanted to like Qian Yao for Sheng Nan's sake... but it is getting REALLY difficult. We did finally find out Qian Yao's back story, but while I do feel some sympathy for what he must've suffered as a child I still don't see that as an excuse for using Vivienne...especially if he knows how far his half brother would go. 

For Sheng Nan's benefit, I do hope she finds out quickly what Qian Yao is up to and maybe then we could see if there really is hope of a happy ending between them. 
Our poor two leads. There seems to be plenty of new obstacles surfacing left and right when the old problems are just snowballing as well. Problems aside though, I do really like Justin and Vivienne's interaction with each other and it certainly helps when I always melt in a puddle whenever Justin (and Vivienne for that matter) goes on one of his long voice over speeches. 

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  1. Thank you very much Ninja for your continuous recaps on this! I'm really excited for the next episode... Based on an update in facebook, Vivienne and Justin will spent a night together­čść.